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tv   News  RT  September 30, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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and engage the trail when so many find themselves well the party, we choose to look for common ground, a key of authorities and their real masses in the west to him. so that everyone remembers that the people who live in the genetics in the game is on and so that rogia region have become us citizens, a lot of america and a gift and emotional speech during a ceremony, beginning the accession of the 2 don baths, republics, and the zap hiroshi and 1st on regions into russia, a big event is being held on red square and central moscow to mark the occasion also ahead. ukraine ask for accelerated main nato membership, but the alliance is chief, says the main goal of the body is not key as excess it all we're focus now
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is only providing the immediate support to ukraine to health care and defend itself against the russian, brutal invasion and damage to the north stream gas pipeline appeared to have been caused by direct attacks on western powers. that's the claim of the russian president to accuse the work of sabotaging europe's energy infrastructure with from mosque out to the world. this is our to international. i'm rachel blevins. and here are the top stories this hour. we begin with the latest as vladimir putin says, the west has violated security agreements by fabricating hypocritical anti democratic rules that russia will not follow. the president made the comments
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during his speech at a ceremony to start the accession of 4 new territories into the russian federation . best is to legitimate smokers in strategic security agreements. fly into the trash shall we hear is the west defends in order based on rules. where did these rules come from? who's ever seen these rules? solid deception, double already triple standards? it's easy to count on fools. russia is a 1000 year old civilization and it will not live by such false rules. the west uses suppression, exploitation, and enslavement instead of democracy. the unipolar world, it is built is anti democratic, deceitful and hypocritical, through and through by the other customer when they are g, as maria finance takes, as through the key points of the russian president, speech. julie, he story day earlier on friday like me, potent has signed the truth is that we surely make the don't boss republics of the now it's been legacy as well as the 2 regions all kits on and supper. raji,
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a part of russia are now russian regions. it's don, white recruiting has sad, and russia will never betray them. these are, is the president gave very indeed emotional speech before the signing. and he talked a lot about the people of the don bus region and all have saw and ends up a raja that they feel and they are connected to her, russia by their hearts and minds by their hold her and talked about 5 de referendums that were held in all these 4 regions that showed actually that the absolute majority of the people they are on the ground out all those who cast their ballots. and i have to say very often, risk in their lives and go in to polling stations under shall in the situation of beer is fighting one to be with russia. they were voted in favor of joining our
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world's biggest countries. and we called on to come back to a believe this upon it should still be resolved peacefully. this is what i had to say to the rain. please give me call on the key of regime to immediately cease fire. all hall, still it is the ward, on least back in 2014 and returned to the negotiating table were ready for this. it's been said more than once, but we will not discuss the choice of the people in the guns to net his own ends up rogia. it's john, russia will not betray them. why my food, he has talked a lot today and he's speech about the west, and it's a desire to rule the world. and he read to rated once again that russia will never leave according to someone else's rules. let's take a listen up and go to the west is ready to step over everything to preserve the neo colonial system that allows it to parasite eyes upon to the world with the help of
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the power of the dollar and technological dictate, listed to collect a real tribute from humanity, countries have surrendered their sovereignty in favor of the united states, as a worker responded and who has been covering the great in conflict 60013. i can tell you that caleb will hold the don mas and i witness that had been waiting for the moment that we are witnessing today for at least 8 long years. no surprise celebration are unfolding now in all of these 4 regions. and here on the red square in the heart of moscow as well, the united nations security council is holding a few urgent meanings today and back to the united states as speaking right now. so let's listen in all states and not recognize any altered state of ukraine. and it requires that russia withdraw its troops from ukraine
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immediately. we have heard from many of you over the course of the past few days that you felt the process was rushed. let me be clear what was rushed was the russian illegal act to annex ukrainian territory. as a council, we had to respond. colleagues, this is exactly what the security council was made to do. defend sovereignty, protect territorial integrity, promote peace and security. the united nations was built on an idea that never again would one country be allowed to take another's territory by force. that path we agreed leads to histories, most horrific outcomes. rushes attempted annexations are without a shadow of doubt. exactly that. we're talking about
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a you in member state a security council member attempting to annex part of another through force. the outcomes of the sham referenda. we're predetermine in moscow and everybody knows it. they were held behind the barrel of russian gun time. in time again, we have seen the ukrainian people fight for their country and their democracy. the ukrainian civilian who removed a russian land mine with his bare hands, the ukrainians abroad, who returned to fight for their country. the soldiers sacrificing their lives to stop russian advances. put miscalculated the resolve of the ukrainians. the ukrainian people have demonstrated loud and clear. they will never accept being
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subjugated to russian rule. and so the united states will never recognize any territory. russia attempts to seize or allegedly annex as anything other than part of ukraine. secretary general good terrace has said the same. he said yesterday again, and i quote, any decision to proceed with the annexation of don't ask lou hans, her son and zap arisia regions of ukraine would have no legal value and deserves to be condemned. let me repeat that, deserves to be condemned. the secretary general then said it would when it went against and i quote again, the purposes and principles of united nations. it is a dangerous escalation. in his words, it has no place in the modern world, it has no place in the modern world. colleagues,
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we all have an interest in defending the sacred principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity in defending peace. in our modern world, all of us understand the implications for our own borders, our own economies and our own countries. if these principles are tossed aside. this is also bigger than any one nation, large or small. it's about our collective security, our collective responsibility to maintain international peace and security. not just for ourselves, but for the world. this is what this body is here to do. we are the 1st line of defense for the un charter, and we must demonstrate that we take that defense seriously. we must show that the council can work despite the actions of one permanent member. this is not
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a moment to stand on the sidelines. this is a moment to stand up for the un charter for its values, for its principles and forrest purposes. and if russia chooses to shield itself from accountability, then we will take further steps in the general assembly to send an unmistakable message to moscow that the world is still on the side of defending sovereignty and protecting territorial integrity. earlier today we saw, couldn't celebrate this clear violation of international law. he threw a party unrest square to pat himself on the back for these illegal referenda. he's gloating and reminiscing about the soviet empire and stated that this was just the beginning. as we all set in this chamber and solemnly consider this resolution.
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putin is a stead boastfully, shoving our shared shared values in our faces. it's time we stand up to defend our collective beliefs together. in defense of these principles that we hold dear, the united states is putting forward this resolution with albania, in defense of all countries to have the right to be safe from invasion and annexation. we are voting yes. and in defense of the world's collective peace and security. weird you to vote yes to let us show putin the resolve of this council. thank you, mr. president. i'm if. and as i was the united states representative to the united nations, now we're continuing to follow this un security council meeting as it goes on and will be back when the speakers from russia and china are up. so don't go anywhere,
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but for now, let's move on to our next story. after the russian president's speech on the 4 former ukrainian regions joining russia, ukraine, president zalinski said he will not negotiate with fulton. and the g 7 countries also planned to carry out sanctions to impose cost on anyone who supports the referendums. results you know, it stays together with our allies and partners renouncing new sanctions to day to impose costs on individuals and entities. the provide political or economic support were legal attempts to change the status of ukrainian territory. and i look forward to assigning legislation from congress that provide an additional $12000000000.00 to support ukraine commenting on the latest political moves by moscow. washington promised to support any attempt by kiev to retake the break away territories. american political scientists. mark sl boda believes we will see
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a new phase of escalation escalation. that's that, that's a word that we did, that we are now entering a new, new phase of the war. all the rhetoric that's coming out of the west right now, that they would perhaps directly intervene in ukraine in the event that russia uses a tactical new trying to paint rushes position as very different from the way the russian president has presented. it makes me believe that there is at least the possibility of a false flag of it. and let's go now back to that un security council meeting, we are just watching. were rushes representative to the un is speaking samples where the security council would have ever dealt with resolutions that directly condemn. one of the members of the council would tell me, do you seriously women expect russia to consider and support such a draft with you?
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and if not, then it turns out that you are intentionally pushing us to use the rate of the veto room in order to then wax lyrical about the fact that russia abuses this. right? such openly hostile actions on the part of the west or a refusal to engage and cooperate within the council. a refusal of practices and experienced gained over many years. this is nothing more than a low grade provocation with a girl that is clear to mister president on september 27th. we already spoken detail of the reasons and the purposes for carrying out referendums in the done. and the hans for publics as well, though her son is parisha regional, on september 28th. the final votes were tallied to remove the overwhelming majority of those who voted 99 percent in the dnr at 98 percent in the eleanor with 93 percent ends of risha and 80 person language 7 percent in the her
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stunned regions the recorded the integration of these regions into russia, despite the challenging security situation and the provocations of the key of regime li, overwhelming majority of voters decided to vote in favor ranging from 76 percent in the her sound region to 97 percent in the donation people's republic. the results of the referendum speak for themselves the residents of these regions do not wanting to return to ukraine. they have made a and informed and free choice in favor of our country. the referendums were carried out in full conformity with the norms and principles of international law. no matter how our western opponents may try or the secretary general may try to prove otherwise. the secretary general accrue suddenly without having amended to do so, decided to speak on behalf of the entire united nations. more than 100 international deserves from italy, germany that as well and loc via the observed group. the referendum also recognized
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its outcomes legitimacy to washington, which today is the loudest to criticize and to speak of the territorial integrity of ukraine. recently declared that they were willing to use force to protect, protect taiwan, which is an integral part of the people's republic of china. these, this is just another glaring example of double standard one. today, treaties were assigned on the exception of these new regions to the russian federation after their endorsement by the russian parliament and the signing of the residential degrees. the will of the residence of separation and her son to unite with russia will be realized. there will be no turning back as today's draft resolution, which try to impose your human key of which has poured the interest of its western sponsors above the interests of its own. people push these regions away from itself
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and it is to blame for this outcome. the might on authority seem not to have drawn any conclusion so far. today we are witnessing yet another atrocity carried out by the key of regime. the nazis have fired on a column of people who are waiting for permits to enter territory under our control in separation. and there are dozens of dance. and we're going to, i want to note that the council did have the opportunity to adopt a truly balanced and useful document. we constructively proposed amendments that many of those present here today would have some recorded beginning amendments on the fact that is necessary to respect both the territorial integrity of all numbers, states and the principle of the self determination of peoples. in accordance with the charter and the declaration on the principles of national laws, 1971 without the fact that pursuant to o. c documents, which should be all western states signed by the way. the security of states is indivisible, with you and no one must strengthen their own security at the expense of the
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security of others. we propose noting the objective fact that members of the council have different assessment of the outcome of the referendums. and who can argue with the fact that the free expressions of the will of the people is an essential element of a democratic society. and perhaps those for whom in the case of kosovo, no referendum was necessary with finally, we propose reflecting the council called all parties to intensify the search for a diplomatic solution to the continent improve. should this be the role of our joint efforts? it seems that our former western partners have once again demonstrated that you in reality, did you not want peace? did you create the dream of russia's defeat and in light of the rebel animosity of the west woods other girls before as you will? so when the logic of the authors of this document becomes clear,
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if we look at the non press parent method that they have chosen to negotiate through bilateral consultations, one with certain members of the council were unable to see what other members with their colleagues were thinking and proposing we are all well aware of the goal of this draft and feeds authors prepared to devalue the efforts of the counselors, the principal organ for the maintenance of peace and security, and brazenly use this forum as a dresser. her mom before their main performance in the general assembly there, the west is going to use their familiar scheme to mobilize resources, exert pressure, and with the arms of all member states, they can reach. some will falter, but we hope that many will be able to stand and pressure those who are prepared to hold and protect their own opinion. those who are prepared to pursue an independent policy and uphold the principle of a sovereign equality of states and actions. those who post the hedge money of one state and satellites could do not see other states as equal partners. we hope
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that the members of the us will be able to form their own unbiased view of disengaging situation. make the right choice. thank you very much for your opinions . and that was russia's ambassador to the us who argued back against that speech that we heard from the us ambassador, where she tried to argue that the results of the referendums were made in moscow. however, russia's ambassador noted that this was an election that went along with international rules that there were more than $100.00 international observers on the ground who testified to that. he also notably brought up taiwan. so now all eyes are going to be on what china's representative has to say, so we will come back to that meeting a little later on. for now, let's go ahead and take a look at some video footage from lou ganske, where people there were reacting with cheers and hears. as you can see there on the
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screen. as putting announce the accession of the region into russia. and people in her song also took to the streets in celebration, although not for a long due to security concerns are chief mirage gods via reports from the region. immediately after the end of his speech, during the applause that we heard, at the end of that speech, people began honking their horns and heard people shouting out of their window. certainly a lot of joy, but, but i must say, it is muted this morning. there were several rallies in support of joining russia. people waving russian flags but dispersed again. for security reasons, have san is a hot spot. there have been multiple strikes to day aimed at the city high mas missiles supplied by the united states, launched by the ukrainian military today,
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the 1st deputy of the head of ships on his he 2nd in command. mr. salvo vladimir selda saga was next to vladimir putin during that speech at the end of his deputy was here. he was killed earlier this morning by a strike, a ukrainian military strike. there is now an alert across the province. it is believed that ukraine will launch more munitions, that there will be attacks on the city vengeance perhaps. perhaps targeted strikes . and people are being warned not to congregate in big crowds to tell a void, ah, to avoid. we were told to avoid standing all working close to offices, 2 administration officers to the civil military administration that is currently in power here in care of san province. i mean, we saw what ukrainian strikes alike 1st hand just less than
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a week ago. ukrainian missile impacted our hotel. thankfully over most of the 3rd floor which we are staying on was erased. we managed to get out alive, but the strike was aimed at a civilian activist who had nothing to do with the military, with a conduct of military operations. as a former ukrainian parliamentary, who change sides and who was killed by ukraine for what he did for supporting rush, there is hope there is optimism that now that your san province is finally about to be part of russia. technically, it, it already is de facto, but technically, at lupin to the russian military might many more avenues for the defense of its people. russia has a lot more. i add in its arsenal, that the nuclear weapons, if moscow what a wish to do so to escalate the situation to lever more weaponry,
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advanced weapon, destructive weaponry in this conflict to now protect your soul, which is now part of the russian federation in all but name rallies and concerts are being held throughout russia in support of the accession of it's for new regions. thousands of people have been flooding onto the streets to celebrate waving national flags. the biggest event was held here in red square and central moscow were president putin address the crowds ah, woburn logan's. let me tell you of one situation that happened while voting in the guns. people were standing in the queue next to one of the polling stations to cast their ballots. when the shelling began, a shell fell next to the polling station, but not a single person left. the q is fascinating because throughout decades they tried to destroy these people's historic, conscious to destroy their traditions,
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prevent them from using their native language to basically ban their culture. but they fail to do so with these people carried love for their history and culture in their hearts. and that is why today we're saying that russia is not only opening the door of the historic motherland for brothers and sisters, but russia is opening its heart. welcome home. when i was on my way here, i really didn't expect to see so many people. this isn't even the red square. it's a bridge very close to it, but i can see, sees of people everywhere on the other side of moscow's iconic st vessels cathedral too. now, this is by all means a very special day for russia. this is a celebration. this is a day that these people with smiles on their faces will be telling their children their grandchildren about and up the people aren't celebrating because the country just got a bit bigger because it accepted new territories. these people are cheering because
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for them the hashtags, we don't let our people down isn't just empty word. this is the hash tag that you can see on billboards around moscow. and of course it's about the people zapata, georgia, harrison and god. best for the people of these regions. this is really a chance to feel much more secure, much more safe to join russia for them is a chat to feel that their culture is being respected, their right to speak, their own language is being respected. to feel that they're actually loved now are make, don't mistake. similar rallies with the same mood are happening in different parts of russia, but more importantly and the towns of cities of daunted school gods, people's republic that the regions of zapata, georgia, and hair,
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some ah, ukraine's now demanding fast track membership to nato. but shortly after making that request, the alliances chief just a couple of hours ago didn't appear so accommodating jordan green, but they is a yes today ukraine is applying to do so de jury following a procedure that suits our importance to protect our entire community in an expedited manner, the seasonal membership of course, has to be taken by all. so tell us on the we take these decisions. bought a consensus. all refocus now is on providing an immediate support to ukraine and to help ukraine defend itself against the russian, brutal innovation. the main reaction to the press conference by the nato chief is that people were expecting a clear answer from him about whether or not ukraine was going to join the nato
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alliance. now i understand that there has been an application by the ukrainian president to do so. but when asked about it nato, she said that it takes 30 members of nato to ratify a new member, gave a vague answer. didn't seem to be indicating that there was going to be an eminent joining or enlistment of ukraine into the nato alliance. now, he did also say that, wow, the nato countries are supporting ukraine and offering military support in terms of weaponry. they are not part of the conflict. there's also risk of a solution beyond ukraine evolving old. and it was also been the medical not. nathan is not talking to the conflict. we support ukraine, but that doesn't make us pointed to the conference. now, one of the reporters asked the nato chief if he was in support, and if they would be encouraging the government to attack the new russian territories, the territories that just voted in referendum to join with russia. and he did not
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give a really clear answer. he said, i will not ask him to do so, but we will encourage him to take grange territories. again, quite a vague answer. then from there, he went on to accuse russia of nuclear blackmail if we accept those. but the annexation i rush on on the nuclear sabre thing, actually the turn will strong support to ukraine. then we accept nuclear moving well. and what he's pointing to is the fact that these territories are now part of the russian federation, and russia has declared they will protect their own territories. they have the right to protect their own territory. but the way this is being presented by western media and western leaders is if russia is threatening to drop atomic bombs on the world or something like that. and simply doesn't at the situation. russia that they do maintain the right to defend their own territory with nuclear weapons if necessary. that's very different than,
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than threatening to the world. so he's just not being accurate and how to present what's going on in terms of the situation. but many were expecting that there would be a clear, nasty, direct, clear answer from the nato chief about whether or not ukraine would become a full fledged member of the nato alliance, which he didn't give a very clear answer there. i mean, he didn't really indicate that some some expedited application to join nato was on the verge of being approved. now we have heard, there have been different leaders of nato countries that are said, they support the idea of ukraine joining nato. but what many were expecting from that presser, just didn't pan out. you did look quite jittery. you looked like you didn't quite exactly know what to say. the world was waiting for him to give decisive answers and they didn't seem to get political analyst alexander patch says statements about not being a part of the conflict are the opposite of reality. they're trying to wash their hands of off.


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