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well, mr was, are you let me you got there, hold on for me. i'm pretty ellen there we use that in the fit. in the one i've been going to probably call it double block that you feel in the midst of which in law and go when will do me in the room when, when mr. bishop rachel's got on back. it is really pissed because the model is rich with mattress thought saying you lost your music capture. well, i seen you missed me. when i knew it didn't go. i was blown, of course, but when you were listening notes, we just didn't put it as the was a little to do what you mean me put on time when you not look for some reason you removed, annoyed ah,
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being able to catch you up. it was in yet golf over to jeff miller roster for one of them. usually he came into the yeah, got over. let's try and get a job gets but because when we, when you get away side by side it will still go on. it does not cry and you go to the media because i'm sure you have to 3. i was just on a cruise, i just went down to get the one that is the only for the history. are you watching it out? the more live on the move us, we think to the motto of knowing that the extra minute that's why
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you venue, you will need to show the sale should also have the release soon. this is virginia martinez rama she had a question on the chrome. you're supposed to go see every bit of your credential screen la la, la, la approval. it's through to chest know of their live only will it of it the christy i'm through. so i think that the smartest and i didn't order from a good level of our ownership ramp up ship, we're getting the to get into the, from us or below the ridge harder on time. little diversity design almost not from slower slash or number. final buddhist or other fashionable
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center, your wellness roof, the when do you know what the booklet but the local the mark will be listening and should look them up for both the national lead in system we've seen years of you know what, what are the
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that will guns, students don't go to local venue for, for the total progression of form. a couple children, nico, can you just, i cannot pull up the time. you just said that you had to do it, then you really do not go to work right now. going to pick your sub watched, you know, the between you can speak to a question. what is a 3 miss? green is a estimate. you were sure costello,
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for those 2 ones. campbell, with a, a la economical by a fellow who would like a summer school just call us up is pretty ideal for what we do with spirit leadership up here. but thank you. have still with us,
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mr. bless. while it was due to the solar with somebody at lucere, you slab with didn't what? lucille just picked up still good luck to love when you stop st. louis ac, usually the with which has been deleted. not a standing cheated of kilometer height. so that sound yeah. so then you know, it's pretty good. it pops 3 of the bill out by the 3rd year when i start with them will that could center only sort a little like to know what the partially so dark or non so sunny. i'm still a bully, just a little shoes position or you're going to turn it in years, much robin. a provincial shumate researcher from some 0 function. you're a new movie, music transfer. i would personally need your merchant. remember for a marker between romesha and emotional support on the beach by you,
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it's our biggest outpost on our customer. probably probably probably on a scale and miss issa, altera, both of them will be sort of stylist facility. so if i deal with like the workflow 1st of soon i'm on the shelf or more than that, i am so, but i was looking at the water clipper yesterday when you put up with that i knew i knew from your level it's mark or after school had it took up when you're ready to have it. if it is a war that when you ask, i was, was more that i thought back. oh
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gosh, with what to move or could you come to the doctors and you have to when you put in your mind, you know what we personally it's that she can to patch website if that's waves and just wash ratio because it's a blue one. you would, you have israel and you have it so i don't know what see about it. so to, so that i keep it, that may be needed. that would be for me to start it. and you just, what's begin with sweet ludy poignant store. keith, just somewhere i need to. kimberly reading human an appraisal. when you get a 2nd is debbie simon. you said to me and we have a couple that received. i keep it in your couple study libra. no grocery see it. i see a couple promo will not some on fidelity bidding study up, which is a, b, c, e r t fronts was a for the kid and one. yep. and we had a kid authority bollicheck as to what is the new plan, but it is what the disco colleague,
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pastoral dollar naturally if you get to the lesson huddled the thing senior paralogistic. yep. so what only pushed along with so the toast which has been put on line. what on the arena bus stop killing? it will drain. first, the guns kit is again, no dust or congestion is asians. and you doesn't need to look at exactly performing conclude zappa with the show. so green, if sure to pidmoore is enough to sketch. russell is up on the balloon ticket is up on the way and they picked us up a new milestone claim. and anthony vicki schanzer enable of there's a position to just finish romanian yogurt. ideally, it appeared, she'll get poor, let the worst of the bus lead you to wolves beats as soon as can to peterson's okay, ah ah, but she's a bit frequent. little bowling in your appearance,
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said that you will not de liptrot's will not go what the bureaus on prop feet. you just because all had a piazza with a feel way like we didn't last them. how do you push lease not is up on the train was done. can you play with you as somebody within your prospect? i need a solution even though what their thoughts. thank you. somebody to proceed to the look. i will not get the kids are for the lonely, a passport, so we'll see new equals proceed but you will wind up with bunk and somebody will come in and you plug few enough criteria, obsolete pro. okay. do you use that? she had them boss, do more shameka or you? i love, we always russia. yes it was it. warranty. komarovsky or how can you hear me? you are near her. i would you read sorry. she
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knew to those new digits, thought syllabus to go up, would need nibbling coupon to wash him lip. look at the slain for marcell for garcia. what is it, jim thought us, she's go figure out some nation prison. you see if there's a thing measured when you, when you said area of should deal with ashley, the deputy coroner stale, pushy, so rush with foot or the larger scale that he showed us was a little bit of touch recently. yeah. oh because it was him a guy to this who does the beauty beauty buick up but she'll go
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w w that it will it little. yeah yeah, the legit but we noted security so that they said no admin page. it's a nightmare. it's a button to bond better than with school with enough will shut down. can jody nauseous? come out of your lou who. com wish the notary doctor bristol even there gifted the enough. so you sleep be right, he's, he was in the see what you're, you're used to me hope to see parents per se, might on that to one scholarship would be daniel stillman, lowly. so we, can you, joe was really hurting the bill to put his j a. d l m is the issue you're looking at with traveling in the law. i was reading.
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i was actually that one of my associates just for now i'm going to lead and it wasn't michelle so that they may have missed a couple of perspective these meters at the united. i'm the mr. teresee as best i can. i mean, the little can keep us quite a bit with the pressure me for that with ah, ah, i will never be a victory for russia weight solution with weight unless you do a new modem. but you look at a me is a proxy one. this is a war between russia and the united states. naz on,
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on media comes to not should get done in carbon dioxide. america forces are in europe, not in europe. engage in conflict with russia for use. the american forces are here and defend nato ally. what happens if nato escalates even more than the special military operation become a war when you but they'll have so that was the show and that all of those is my dog. i see it that i see you. it was thinking possibly go to me with, so i, you sleep issue a unique and you stuff to with that are in your sewage there. i see the go the show. uh, with this, i'll be that the nato will shape or
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a water. and many of the medical also the gooey and regus in john darmesh and all those who have stated that they go, well, it's not good morning who is this kind of, but it is the show is hands against you. so this thing was coming for last with separately from group out of the dormitory. it's not that it certainly we spend off on one finding ah, a earlier still she had a surprise the floor or store back was very d skiwski or white. yeah. that was the biggest one of the story is not quizzical, but most of the matter, what's the reason for your bill?
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you got but if a call i mean, so prostate that my men for is that you're the obvious yet much him know how to do . you got the avenue you national use in waste that or i studies children's them all know them. good luck, busher. and yet assign it doesn't, i don't know tom, the bites. i tell you cook's hospital in law them to by phillip, i have a good, nice to come from florida to where you put them with layers for them done. but i was like, i put up with a bully, but they would take a lot of he should use billy bieber street, but most people shoot cash law go. a sudden the mere damn funny them naturalists, said virginia boss who was getting them bus and there was need were army a stalker. but usually use a decided for both of the initial condition that the bill for the middle. well, it was on the she was in there, but if the most of the week,
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if you did wish procedure one was to just wonder is all on him. that's out of here again, it was about him last christina did not actually know no more than a super yes. going pretty well. we have history by 2 and during most correct. it was cuz i literally just hired somebody. hold on. sure. okay, hold on. let me get some transshipment content here, but it's not coming up here by essentially a non issue by addition to the scene for the most, which i think with only little credit to do that, all it had to hotness internet, but temperature consumable. i did, i did configure commer young versus not precipitation, right? because your money back a plan with the good. what's
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ah to be a good up to meant to was really a little bit more than a month because you're not something completely emotional with nothing and then bustle, novice me. this with border with the a not a not will we're body you're doing. you know, you was other shots is $2.00. my book was not brought to me. i just brought to where you no problem, julie, should i put you more? we did a like abuse that ability to still to die with somebody at dodge. approve the what to do.
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should you too close to there? yep. start talk with him. what a lot of them has been different. you've reached la gay's laughter cost me on a fuji. i need a voice from your front e or your for the more of us to provide you. so you have on your books problems. i knew i had some questions tool. we are going to talk a social on some because i'm good with i'm good them. yeah, yeah, it is one with, with the one that is also not going to bridge to if i lose it the middle use unless throw it in luck and you're still getting, i'm sorry about the venue. so commission will be one was at your school
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start from the ah, i use. ringback gentle washing it, but actually who made it to jewish elude you can go to publish as while and i was just wanting to show you him a little. he's again, he doesn't do any colonial positive custom on the subaru november 1st, or you can do much at austin point you enough by do just wait. i'm not done custom . so my loyalty most near me to counseling nielson pushed the peculiar crane
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again below. he could vary, she went to try, deal is to, to really mental bodily with them. when she was a butcher. at 1st i need me and for ingenuity ah, living in a position to be in love, she'll let you know any more from your fill in your will always look i do here with doors and we are just so on correction the vehicle will. she said she drove the ministry shipped up to many place i said, and i thought about can learn about them. but the more little kind of which sheila wanted the union spirit, affliction, rational subject. you know, when you read you, you much as you progress. shelly with sooner she did contrary was submitted to in just a long way and nobody, mac, i national us and it was at the blue. she can get, it was, can ship a buffer, know what up, sell them on the same, you know,
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not to use any and i just to, as we just saw, bought us, i've just seen that and then okay, that was you a chance i was condone from the personally seen. awesome. get lost and we're not sure list roy i was just nice to model special. i think good wesley ah shows actually are you sure those know still cooper bus? it'll come personally package. just a way to store when you're ready for me. ah very much, it does not says almost 24 hours for the shuttle,
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but sure on from dealing. cool, thank you for your mortgage boss on her tomorrow to get cho job ordeal. foster from mr. munoz cyber. harrison and i will be worth a shot 1st before different levels anyway, so just a little higher. your. ready ready me to just to give you the new she was premier. so she had followed some years. do need him know it won't come. you know women reduce his perfect shape. but should you follow up with you? there's no reason list of what the court would will you will not let them. yeah. because of all know where some thought session. so bruce room, there is a cause or school bus i need to recently rushed into or should look at when i
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should say. so, don't know if and you say come back to you here, but what you are still not sure what to thought. i brought here today is most of what i would like to wishy washy includes. sessions is andrew session supervisor, and then we'll show you you've she had to was shipped out of him with a she was out there to learn what so most of shows the student that just got to looking so loyal. so she with little we should still do it in your home because i always thought you did them or not. didn't know what can catch up. of course we did a quick and there was a dollar m o m a. so what i'm going to want to know,
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what can you send me a quote to you. it wasn't, it wasn't, it was like, oh, she was short. it was a book with a lot more of a cut
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with this is chance food. you to this where you just needed to 0 unless you need to coordinate to somebody but he's a support ticket that just if we get all these things go very good. well, it's not that i think they have with him on the 15th. it's reasons of the way he'll get at a store where they go senior for the future. what does that mean?
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if we go with it again, we're still, we're always some lips of michelle with uprising. i should say not, but he's not gonna eat with can. other than latest, we can get it to the most. it is public you lead, so did it thought it looks i will guns deborah whiskey, you will look at the situation also with
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mr. cedars with them, but you might that are senior or for seniors of overseas if it was not a that would have to go post that over to them for us to like when jim mush with ah ah ah well oh oh oh oh
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i i ah, a no deductible plan, you probably shot a go on up with a question. get with
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a crate. well, never be a victory for russia. ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. milan are made, it comes to last. you get the nin cowboys. america forces are in europe, not in europe. engage in conflict with russian forces. the american forces are here in defend nato allies. nato escalates even more indiscretion. military operations become a war. when you put the l 6 of the rules and national and that'll the.


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