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a almost them with the girl who's with the gambling business. i bet class officials defend the decision to slash oil output quote and get a calculated move to avoid global inflation despite cold from the us to pump out more crude. also this out with our commander said only the occupiers or their new civilians. so shoot all the buildings. cars, throw grenades into the sellers. a group of cranium soldiers accused back along as of ordering them to firewood pavilion areas inside the conflicts. plus an american ambassador to fill the dispute between india and pakistan or the
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kashmir by suggesting the territory. it's independence with a very well well commit to 7 pm here in the russian capital. and that is awesome. international with the very latest. well, news update is good to happy with us. now a walk, it's by a long mosques company space. i could have just and blasted off to the international space station with the u. s. that russian on japanese at crew on board. i believe these a live pictures were showing you now. let's take a look at these hitches as the crew dragon capsule departs from the launch facility in the south east in us day to florida. now this is the 1st space ex launch to include a russian cosmonaut keke and as part of the new agreement for shad flights to the
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orbiting the bar tree. incredible pictures less to star. enjoy the view with dynamic pressure. this period is known as the max and moving on to our breaking news, this our now the opec plus oil exporting block members, including russia and saudi arabia have approved. a major cuts in crude outputs around $2000000.00 barrels per day. now it's the biggest such reduction in over 2 years and is aimed at propping up prices on world markets. saudi arabia's energy minister explains the reasoning behind a decision. we are not in the gambling business, we have to be careful. and we have to be candid with the word we, our,
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our elderly limited abilities as human, as making it difficult for us to project and predict this cut that happened today. how much spear capacity does it free up and in the future, would you think about returning a more oil to the markets provided you know, the situation changes. i have had a 35 years of experience in this field. i would love to challenge anybody who could come and say we've been through a situation as similar as it is today. and if we are not to be a tentative or to take it lightly, like some others did when they were not attending to this quantitative easing. when they did not attend to the amount of inflation that were accumulating on good credit and look at what is happening. good. got piddling. they are trying
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to catch up. we cannot afford playing catcher. well, let's discuss this decision in more detail now with our correspondent media portray anchor earlier. thank you. thanks for coming in. and of course, this is a decision that the united states pushed against it, pushed against that opaque pluses that didn't want it to proceed with the cuts, but it has gone ahead and it's cutting output by 2000000 barrels per day. and of course, the focus for many will be why now, why are they cutting or supply when prices are already sky high? but as we heard, you know, the energy minister from saudi arabia is saying there that this is, you know, a responsible decision 5 by then they're not gamblers. so one more. can you tell us about this decision? well, the situation here isn't very complicated. on the one hand, we have the intentions by the u. s. and the which are close to clear that is to punish russia with lower oil prices by introducing an oil price cap. on the other
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hand, there's the group of all producers, opec, plus, which shirley is interested in higher oil prices. and for years, the members have been achieving that by limiting their own output. and guess who is running the show as the biggest players when it comes to opec plot, that's saudi arabia in russia. now i do want to point out that washington work hard to convince the oil which golf country's not to agree to an output cut. now the question is, what comes 1st for their own economic intro, sorry, what comes 1st for the golf countries and saudi arabia, its own economic interest, or friendship with america and allies. and today the answer was given. ria and company as well as russia chose to make a move that would drive the prices up. and this is set to weaken the efforts of the
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west anger of the u. s. apparently, and help brush up at the end of the day. and perhaps this explains the exchange that happened between one of the journalists and the saudi energy minister in that room in vienna. the gas price is widely seen in europe and much of the western world as having been manipulated by russia, which is cut supply. people will know, see, so the arabia and the core members of opec and opec plus, cooperating with russia to try and raise the oil price. it will realtor simplicity of david will be the of you there. do you went to twisted to, to your end? fine. it's your prerogative, it's your right. it's with what we've been collaborating with all of a class countries ever since december 2016. so it's not an accident of, of mutual convenience if you could,
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could. and this and decision by the autopay plan, scrapers that comes on to the hours, if not just an hour after the new batch of sanctions was announced from russia, which included that oil price cap. so talk us through how these sanctions on russia are affecting the country. well, our 1st of all, i want to tell you that 1st came a decision by at the g 7 countries on the russian or prize cap and came a month ago. and it was meant to be accepted by the ear countries. but at that was the time when moscow said loud and clear that they simply will stop selling oil altogether to the countries that sign up to that policy bill is to pull your dish in is unless it's an absolutely stupid decision through. somebody tries to implement it, it will not lead them anywhere. there are contracts obligations to ensure supplies
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. i wonder whether any political decisions contradicting those contracts ought to be made. i feel if so, we would simply stop respecting the terms. she would cease to supply natural gas, crude, oil, coal, and fuel oil. we would not supply anything if it goes against our economic interests. we will fully respect our contractual obligations unless someone tries to impose their own terms on us. those who are imposing their own terms on us are not currently in a position to do so. they should think again about the dates, and i'm certainly use it now going back to the efforts by the western countries, wednesday was the day for e officials to take action and to agree on the legal basis for the oil price cap. it covers maritime trade of russian oil and so that they did, but it wasn't smooth sailing to reach this deal. a number of you members were raising serious concerns over the plans during the past few months. and hungary was perhaps the loudest voice was on one because any of your songs feel like when i
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look at these energy sanctions, i realize that we are energy midgets. when we impose sanctions on an energy giant, it's an unusual situation in history and such action. i think cannot lead to a good ending. so those sanctions do harm to us. they are bad. they are painful, it costs a lot of money and threatened to swallow a great amount of our success the we achieved in the past 10 years. for now, there's no decision yet on the actual price or the price range when it comes to the price gap that will be negotiated in the near future. and that's why i guess you have to stay tuned for the updates and also watch out for the all prices as the effects of that old beg plus decision kick in. and they, we will, they keep an eye on those thanks alias coming in 80 percent of the details. thanks . ok. let's find out the latest from the ground in the russia,
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ukraine conflicts. now russia, defense ministry safety army is holding its positions a constant to me forever. in the southern part of the front line, having repelled attacks by large an enemy forces, heavy artillery fire is continuing to be exchanged, the russian military things throughout the conflict zone about 700 ukrainian soldiers have been killed of the past 24 hours. meanwhile on the other side of the francis video was emerged on line, apparently recorded by ukrainian soldiers have accused the commanders of giving criminal orders and abusing my regiment. our commander said only the occupiers are there no civilians. so shoot all the buildings. cars throw grenades into the sellers. when we went there we lost our signal and we decided to wait until the morning. when the morning came, people began to come out of the sellers. among them was a young woman with a 3 month old child. to this we were told, well, this also happens,
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this is war. i consider that to have been a criminal order. an unconfirmed video emerged on line proposing to show one of the units, one of the ukrainian units that are engaged in ukraine's counter offensive on the territory of what is formerly known now as the le ganske republic. now 1st part of russia and basically yeah, this is what they're saying. they have accused their command of giving criminal orders in general. they have gone into detail, into the level of anarchy and well lawlessness that is wide spread between their commanders. probably the most outrageous and concerning claim that they made was that their command, their superiors, that they made them and try to make them mass kill civilians in one of the villages in one of the towns that the ukrainian forces had previously retaken from russian soldiers among other allegations that there made was the fact that they, for example, didn't have enough nutrition,
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enough rations. so they had to split whatever little food they had between everybody within their unit and well basically into tiny portions. they also talked about how they did not have sleeping bags or matt, so they had to rest on cold ground. so many of them fell sick. some fell ill or with such diseases as tuberculosis, for instance. so there is that also they talked about how the command did not provide them with the, basically with our fire power, with enough heavy weapons to fulfill to basically, to fulfill their objectives to complete their missions. they also talked about how there were at least 3 units like that, including theirs. and as was the smallest one when it comes to man power. so they talked, or the whole video is just short of 15 minutes long. and they are basically going into much detail as to how they were treated. and they're saying that this video, the fact that they've recorded it,
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is basically their attempt to get some justice and to get the word out so that their commanders who gave criminal orders who basically treated them like cannon fodder. because this was something that they did hear from them that we didn't do not care how you complete the mission. you just have to do it and we do not care if you die. this was a one of the quotes that they gave in that video. so that was their attempt to a justice and basically at a holding of ukrainian command accountable for giving and dishing out criminal orders. and now an eyebrow raising revelation as can't form human rights. chiefly demila, dennis of a has admitted that ukraine and intelligence agency. i asked her to push fake news about the conflict. she was loaded scenic in that confession during the quarter, arranged by well known russian pranksters van and lex as with one of them posing as a renowned american diplomat. you know, i'm what they told me, can you write that there is a prison at those oper, rogia nuclear plant,
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because official media sources are supposed to say this. all, but the ombudsman didn't want to say it to. he only says what the president's office tells him to be in baltimore. but i'm being asked to say this by the authorities, by intelligence service. it was a very interesting confession from your grade, former onwards man and a conversation with to russian frank or is the denise of apparently to for act you as some bass added to russia. michael mac, full. this. how the prank or is introduced themselves. the woman admitted that it was intelligence that had asked her to spin numerous fakes about the russian army. 5 at the time of the bloody conflict unfolding between the 2 countries, she said that her fictional stories about the alleged atrocities committed by the russian army. how per be heard at the european parliament and at the end of the day, boosted military a to key if we can about what kind of storage she was making up. we all remember how denise of was particularly focused on describing,
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sometimes in groom details raping of children and sexually motivated crimes committed by the russian army in the territories controlled by russian and joined forces. when it was discovered that these were all lies, she was immediately fired. and even her number of you for any m. p. 's and some policies here were furious because a spoil ukraine's reputation. interesting that and we hear that in the conversation with a prank or is again the denise of it is now not happy with ukraine's current human rights chief, apparently because he refuses to do the job that she was so good at spread. lie the us ambassador to pakistan don't blow me in hot water. tweet about visiting kashmir and disputed territory between pakistan and neighboring india, the american embassy and islamic disquiet. the region with the abbreviation a, j. k, which is used by a local independence movement. for many years,
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the united states has been committed to strengthening educational opportunities for residents of assad, chombo and kashmir. u. s embassy in islamabad. once again acknowledges pakistan occupied kashmir as a j. k. as i, gino and kashmir, a mistake repeated more than once as a decision, and in this case signal to india. multiple statements using a j k by a serving ambassador, especially that of a friendly country is a serious issue. and definitely one that warns a response or at the very least to call to clarify for assisting and calling it a j. k. india has repeatedly said p, okay, is indian territory and we have her c, p, c because it violates our sovereignty. the u. s. is aware visit could have been quiet without publicity. is the ambassador ill briefed, or is this to convey the u. s. no longer considers it disputed territory cushioning you is a sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with sensitively. us double speak english.
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we're certainly are said indian, but it's also making ex, analyze whether you f, v shaping is policy when it comes to south asia. we've seen ever since the vitamin stations taken off. there's been a realignment of thought between the relations of the 2 countries focus on. i'm think you ask all this in the bathroom or 15. do you focus on on the chief general thoughts was, was it to the bent again and that tweet i the u. s. and thought you or somebody don't to focus on learn with the, to focus on occupied kasheila. that wasn't enough. the us on the scene barcas on lisa dogs calling eat e g, which is all john when, kashmir, our thoughts on these 2 independent terminology. we should only use 5 thought on here with the you, with on where to focus on. also creates the u. s. government for providing
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financial assistance to the store, certain heritage sites in that particular region. now this comes back to all the f. 16 deal. wish remember dr. su shanker was external. the 1st minister of india slammed the biden administration proposal providing $415000000.00 wall, or there's an military assistance to barker fun. nevertheless, it's far as a visit to all the u. s. envoy to be. okay. i'm calling it ag all saw john. wish me could said it has upset indians. they've taken twitter by straw. let's go back now to our top story, this our, the opec plus oil exporting block, which includes russia and saudi arabia has approved a major cut crude outputs my round $2000000.00 barrels per day. now i promise we're
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bringing in plenty of guess to discuss this. and right now we have independent janice asked him because before you asked and love to see you as always, now understand that right now you are in the you a that's one of the opaque plus nations that had to prove this significant oil output cause was the main reason for this move and then was the response been like the main reason that good thing to the re energy minister is that this is a technical issue. but of course, it should be noted that it was, let's see, the time table on the 8th of march, the u. s. a. and sadly ravia reportedly refused to take jo biden's phone calls in the just a few months later, the saudis refused to increase output. joining brightens visit to re add. then on the 4th of october, there was a campaign from the white house saying come on increase output. and then we see today's cut to say the you
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a 160000000 barrels. decrease 526000000 you cuz by russia and saudi arabia each, i'm just going to tell you the white house officials are being quoted on argue bill . actually st in order for us media has same quotes, disappointed by the short sighted decision, basically from saudi you a rush, your other members of opec and that kind of threat. some way, argue biden administration, according to these anonymous sources being graded on us, was, will consult congress additional to $43.00, you know, big girl over energy prices. how are they going to do that? i don't know. yeah, i mean, lots of people are going to be looking at the timing and say, just how urgent is this step. i mean, the door ready? an energy crisis, people already suffering from the high prices. so how has the u. a e leadership explains this? well, of course, i think the signals here that people should know that 600000000 in africa have no
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access to these sorts of resources. look at parts of the global south that it have been hammered by a you. ready us sanctions on fertilizer, as they refuse exports of fertilize a in their war with russia through ukraine. and the u. e is calling on consumers in the united states and the u. it appears that progress conference in vienna calling on those consumers to ask their government to why they tax their petroleum so much. but i should say, in mainstream media, in your countries, they're not even showing the pictures are well exam, their novak, the deputy russian. and the minister arriving at the vienna talks at all. they can have a real problem, the western media. so no gra, for media which doesn't allow any dissenting opinions to be able to cover why saudi arabia and russia uniting at
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a time when the whole world should be not uniting against russia. and of course, china, you already mentioned the us, of course, is not the decision that the states wanted, the united states had pushed opec not to proceed with the cuts on the gulf countries afraid of potentially reputational damage in the west following this decision. well, i think everyone was surprised about the reports in abu dhabi up the road from here into by little and re add the cause when even taken by a city in u. s. president. i mean enough weapons were bought by the u. a and saudi from u. s, military companies. that's why in the us, people are saying, hang on a minute, we must tie any kind of aid and contracts to ordering saudi arabia here in the u. a about just the way that nato, the defense department, and the u. s. military industrial complex want them to act. so yeah, it is a balancing game, but then again, the international, the strategic, sorry,
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no international, the american strategic petroleum reserves with united states before this decision. we're looking like they were back in the 1980s when arguably they could order the u . a in saudi arabia. more washington. good. and now i think in the past few minutes, the u. s. is already saying they're going to have to release more from that strategic petroleum reserve. so it's a balancing act for developing world countries. but many roman j does. even in the washing belt, we're having to admit is a change times. and of course, looking towards it, even though not reporting on it, we soccer chang, i cooperation organization meeting led to learn what is going to be happening in brazil later this month. and the best selection of lula and the expansion of bricks . and of course, another big decision made today, the you agreed to impose a price cap on russian oil employ, say president payton has previously said that russia would not sell oil below market rate. so how could this price cat affects europe as well as the global
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markets? yeah, i mean, i think that's why the angry, angry questioning in vienna was received by the panel of permanent opec, lead loan opec plus members in v enter in the bus hour or so with the quizzically. and i kind of what are they talking about is that you heard in union and britain and the united states that are effectively sanctioning themselves in their war with russia through ukraine. so while most of the world and we want to remember most of the world proportionately didn't vote for the condemnation that major countries wanted at the un there at russia, moved into protect the populations of the hands and doing yes. so why are they sanctioning themselves? and of course, it's only a matter of time with the poor in the united states and the you in britain rise up
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perhaps this winter as they see the cost of living rise to the extent that they can't live at all. i've seen always a pleasure. many thanks for speaking to us today. we've been speaking to independent journalist and we're cancelling and thank you for joining if i, when i'll say international as always, plenty more updates on our website r t dot com and we'll be back in bessie minutes with ah ah ah
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ah, yes, absolutely. well, with the world, with some of the free people, when enough to check with you know sure. somebody who can watch some stuff with all the little money from your top right. we have to deal with
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with a minute to look it up here at the office. can you with a photo with
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ah, craig. well, never be a victory for russia. ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. as among armine cons to last, she kept them in common. you doin, america forces are, and you're not in europe. engage in conflict with russian forces. the american forces are heritage, defend nato allies. nato escalates even more in the special military operations become a war door when you put dell sips of girls that never show another 1000 is my idea that i see your to us. thank you. costliest. yeah, i'm here with so you sleep. he should he can,
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he stops in the bureau for the minute. physical he needs almost play with them. let's you you less a homely distort. finished telling us he wasn't there as he took the cold february 2007 that amy of hooton's munich speech is a milestone and contemporary history. many consider his famous address of the security conference to be a turning point in relations between moscow. on the west with president putin spoke about major geopolitical issues in no uncertain terms and harshly criticized the uni, polo world model u. s. foreign policy and unjustified use of force against other states that's. it's not a school shooting me. me, it nickel, what machine you're wondering you that say. so my only answer hillock of this between you is a bus missed you. are you little now about at the here, you know what i what 0 issue, fucked up. can you say she wouldn't they, even though they do you want us?
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yes. pretty video, but i will try you on this, but i see what you've got, what it's at a city and you're still still esteem is if you any me how to read though l is up a thing about ignoring it. pushed arrows postcard, but shops go on the go or rather do in georgia, the western sponsored my down to and the ambition to pull those countries into nato . it all cause a new conflicts and a profound global security crisis goes numerous attempts to negotiate the rules of the game in europe through futile human on the card. that america latoya gray like still do on my janae. they couldn't, couldn't be to school much just couldn't canada and the buck, ma'am, the truck, jim's similar to them. america can also say 3 and bullet. do you know 60 percent of a whiskey? the list that was the dean. yeah. so i see. so from the deal that would be good to control it have a bless see lot.


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