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tv   News  RT  October 5, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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think of that with ah ah, okay, plans, the official said they're not gamblers, and they defend that decision to flash oil output well coating for a more responsible approach to the global energy crisis. one, west and power can look at with piddling. they are trying to catch up. we cannot afford think i chip. russia won't be my notes, pallets oil to countries that adult pay price limit on the commodity in response to the used to fish and to impose a us national debt thought to historic high as the country
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borrow more money to help. finance is budget debit i made a 40 year record inflation with very well. welcome to you. this is the international with the latest world news update. it's great to have you with now the opec class, the oil, like sporting a blog members, including russia and saudi arabia, how the proof, a major cuts in crude outputs around $2000000.00 barrels per day, is the biggest such reduction in over 2 years. anything that popping up prices on, well, markets, saudi arabia, as the energy minister explains the reasoning behind the decision. we are not in the gambling business. we have to be careful. i have had 35 years of experience in this field. i would like to challenge anybody who could come and say, we've been to
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a situation assimilated as it is today. and if we are not to be a tentative or ticket likely next. hm. either did and look at what is happening. did backpedaling? they're trying to cut k ketchup. we cannot afford paying ketchup. so on the one hand, we have the intentions of the e. u, and the wes, which are crystal clear, they want to punish russia with low oil prices by introducing a price cap. on the other hand, we have the group of all producers called opec plus, which is surely interested in higher prices for years. they have been achieving that through limiting their output. and guess who's running the show as the biggest players when it comes to opec plots, that's saudi arabia in russia. now i do want to point out that washington work hard to convince the oil which gulf countries not to agree to an output cut. so the
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number one question right now is what comes 1st for saudi arabia and it's opec plus allies, their own economic interests, or friendship with the us to day, the answer was given. opec plus decided to go for the move that would drive the prices up. this is said to weaken the efforts by the west, anger the us apparently, and help rush up at the end of the day. now this is what perhaps led to the following exchange between a journalist and the saudi energy minister at that press conference in vienna. the gas price is widely seen in europe and much of the western world as having been manipulated by russia, which has cut supply. people will know, see, so the arabia and the core members of opec, an opec plus, cooperating with russia, try and raise the oil price. it will raise the simplicity of it will be the view
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there. do you went to twisted to, to your end? fine, it's your prerogative, it's your right. it's way by the way. we've been collaborating with opec plus countries ever since december 2016. so it is not an accident of, of mutual convenience. so how far has the west done with it? sanctions against russia? well, a month ago there was the decision by the g 7 countries to impose a cap on wash and oil. now the, the european union countries were supposed to accept that decision to, but that was when moscow said loud and clear that it will simply stop supplying all to the countries that sign up to these policies to query. she needs them booklets and absolutely stupid decision. if you were, somebody tries to implemented it would not lead them anywhere. there are contracts obligations to ensure supplies, they visit. i wonder whether any political decisions contradicting those contracts
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are to be made. i sure if so, we would simply stop respecting the term security would cease to supply natural gas or oil, coal, and fuel oil usually, and we would not supply anything if it goes against our economic interests. we will fully respect our contractual obligations unless someone tries to impose their own terms honest, surely when those who are imposing their own terms on us are not currently in a position to do so good as they should think. again, debates and i'm certainly use it now going back to the efforts by the western countries, wednesday was the day for e officials to take action. and to agree on the legal basis for the oil price cap. it covers merry time trade of russian oil. and so they did, but to reach this deal wasn't smooth sailing. a number of e countries were raising serious concerns over the plans and perhaps hungry was the loudest voice as on one on because any of your frontier. com when i look at is energy sanctions. i realized that we are energy midgets, when we impose sanctions on an energy giant,
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it's an unusual situation in history. and such action i think cannot lead to a good ending. so those sanctions do harm to us. they are bad. they are painful with costs a lot of money and threatened to swallow a great amount of our success to we achieved in the past 10 years. for now, there's no decision yet on the actual price or the price range when it comes to the a price gap that will be negotiated in the near future. and that's why i guess you have to stay tuned for the updates and also watch out for the all prizes as the effects of that old beg plus decision kick in. reacting to the latest decision by the u. rushes deputy prime minister and former energy chief as one that moscow might no longer selling soil to countries unwilling to pay a fair price. so the managed news will prices are 37 percent higher than last year . in case the price cap mechanism is implemented. i would not rule out arise in
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prices since there might be a deficit. any country that will now be buying our resources, we'll have to make a decision on whether it will pay according to the market instruments, which means making purchases on a competitive basis. if the decision is made by a company on its own, it risks not receiving the resources, since that would mean no profits for russia, and would likely lead to a decrease in the extraction and relocation of resources. that washington is not impressed as the bind in administration has slammed the opaque plath oil production cuts and this threatening to limit the blokes influence on global energy prices. the president is disappointed by the short sighted decision by opec bloss to cut production quote us, while the global economy is dealing with the continued negative impact of pollutants invasion of ukraine at the time when maintaining a global supply of energy of paramount importance. this decision will have the most negative impact on the lower and middle income countries that are already reeling from elevated energy prices. independent journalist option returns,
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they say that the country them willing to play along with washington and brussels will have to take part in a balancing act on lee 8th of march. buey and saudi arabia reportedly refused to take jo biden's phone calls in the just a few months later, the saudis refused to increase output during biden's visit to reared. then on the 4th of october, there was a campaign from the white house saying come on increase output. and then we see today's cottage at the u. e 160000000 barrels. decrease 526000000. you cuz my russia and saudi arabia each. i'm just going to tell you that the white house officials are being quoted on argue bill, actually stenographer. the u. s. media has same quote. disappointed by the short sighted decision, basically from saudi you, a rusher, other members of opec, and
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a kind of threat. some way to argue that by the administration, according to these anonymous source has been graded on us, i was we'll consult congress in addition to was already to reduce opec's control over energy prices. it is a balancing game, but then again, the international, the strategic, sorry, no international. we american strategic petroleum reserve, the united states before this decision, we're looking like they were back in the 1980s when arguably they could order the u . a in saudi arabia. more washington. good. and now i think in the past a few minutes, the u. s. is already saying they're going to have to release more from that strategic petroleum reserve. so it's a balancing act for developing well countries. but many roman j does even in the washing belt, we're having to admit it changed times and of course, looking towards it, even though not reporting on it the summer. can shang i cooperation, organization meeting, let alone what's going to be happening in brazil later this month. and the bab
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selection of lula and the expansion of bricks. the u. s. national debt sat and he won't. reco does 2031 trillion dollars. that's more than double the debt that the 2nd biggest bar was china. the us economy is facing for a year high inflation in response, the federal reserve has been increasing interest rates, which are expected to hit the highest level since 2007. the policy also led to a surge of the us dollar value, sparking a warning from the un and it fits of a global recession with the economy of developing nations to be especially vulnerable. but you and say there's more than one way to lower inflation rates. market surveillance authorities could be mandated to intervene directly in exchange trading on an occasional basis by buying or selling derivatives. contracts with you to vote in price collapses or deflating. price bubbles,
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it's by the spiraling debt. on the homefront, washington isn't showing away from coughing up, even more cash in support for ukraine. the us has approved a total of some $54000000000.00 and military economic and humanitarian a key f so far this year on top of that job buys and has approved a new boat with another 12000000000 bucks worth of help to ukraine. geopolitical and market analysts, tom longo says there's a growing rift between the u. s. federal reserve and the white house. this is very clear that the fed and congress and the white house are odds where the fed as that is at odds with what the congress wants to do and what the white house wants to do . and i think that that's a very important points important. i've been making for about a year and a half now since last june, when the fed began. what i would call stell tightening by, by adjusting every capital re called the reverse repo rate, which when they raised the 5 basis points above the fed funds rate, the, the nominal benchmark rate lending rate that caused the tremendous drain of liquidity, or the dollar of what it around the world since then,
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the reverse repo facility had about $450000000000.00 parked in in june 2021. today . it's hit a high a but back to point $45.00 trillion dollars last week. and i think there's been a little bit of movement out of that in the last couple days, but, you know, that's it. but the, the numbers are staggering. that that's all what you would call base money for the global economy. and so. ready the fed has been actively draining the world of dollars from overseas knowing full well that it has to try and get inflation under control and, but at the same time, i also don't believe that it's, that's the, the fed only mission here. and that is actually very stealthily trying to political pressure on washington to change the way it's been operating for the last, you know, since the 2008 by enterprise the connection between washington on the big tech companies coming on the increasing scrutiny as a conservative legal group has food, the f, b i for failing to disclose the agencies ties to networks like facebook and censoring
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of some controversial content. art is caleb nope and delves into the story? well, the notion that big tack is very much colluding with the democratic party almost functioning as a wing of the democratic party has been around for quite some time. however, we now have this non profit going ahead the lawsuit against the api. i basically demanding that they make their records public disclose their relationship with the big tech companies. so the whole us public can know the truth about their relationship. the evidence is that during the 2020 presidential election campaign, the f. b, i conspired and combined with large corporations, including facebook, to sensor and suppressed the damning evidence of bite and family corruption and influence peddling, found on hunter biden's laptop. this was done to help joe biden and the democrats when the 2020 election, now arrogantly disregarding the law, the f, b i as stonewalling, america, 1st legal efforts to expose the f,
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b. i. e mails detailing the trade craft behind this collusive attack on our elections and identifying the persons inside and outside of government who were responsible for it. 2 months ago, mark zuckerberg, the ceo of facebook, admitted on a podcast that he was approached by the u. s. security agencies and asked basically to suppress the unter biden laptop story ab, because they believed it was possibly or likely to be what they called russian dis information. this was that bombshell admission from mark zuckerberg. and basically the background here is the f b i, i think basically came to us some, some folks on our team. okay. just so you know, like you should be on high alert. there was the we, we saw that there was a lot of russian propaganda in 2016 election. we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of um ah,
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that similar to that. so just be vigilant. now it's also important to note that 100 biden's former business. so see it at this point has come forward and said the f b, i really showed no interest in all the evidence he provided showing 100 biden's wrongdoing than his crimes and seems like they just weren't interested in getting the facts on 100 by here's what the former business associate had to say they were supposed to be working a follow up interview, and tim t. mo, in his last discussion with my legal counsel, was listen, we know tony's cooperating. we appreciate all the information is provided. we will follow up with you. we're definitely going to have them come in for a follow up interview or spend some more time on this. and i haven't heard from them since. now this seems to reinforce the notion that the f b, i just really had no interest in investigating the crimes of the biden family and the presidents, family members. now at this point, we're also seeing with a lawn mosque assuming leadership of twitter,
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some pretty blatant examples of how solidly twitter. ready in the democratic party camp, there are reports circulating about twitter employees crying out the songs. should i stay where should i go is being played in the twitter cafe. and it becomes apparent that a number of twitter employees are afraid that the company may be moving in a different direction. perhaps the algorithms are going to be a little bit different. perhaps different tweets are going to be circulating out of the way news feeds are going to be operating will be different and it won't be the standard liberal line. so when we look over all the facts here with this new law suits and other revelations that have happened, it becomes pretty clear that the stranglehold that the democratic party has over the tech giants and their control over information and discourse in the united states is becoming more and more obvious. furthermore, there is more and more outrage about the international community representative to maintain peace in both. there has fox control the theme by
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changing national voting lose following a pivotal election to they want us to you. i want to say why you went to the polling places, vote i took decisions to ensure that you are, quote, will matter and you are there, my credit bill shall be done. this is necessary. so ph can at once on its path to what's candidates to to us in the european during the high representative. kristin smith told sweeping powers in the country as part of the peace deal that ended the bosnian war. in the 19 ninety's, he set the changes to the voting. the women to target certain state is the 2 sions that he denounced as dysfunctional. the u. s. on britain supported the move, but despite claims that it would facilitate the country's future expression to the e. u. the block itself did not appear ready to support the measures. smith,
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however, has adequately stood by his opinion and has handsome, strong words against local politicians. rubbish, food, rubbish. people. i'm not sitting on standing here, i'm caring for this country. this is a town that people have lost their lives and we are not to you just to make political games. and in this country, people make positive ridiculous people. but the politicians and i am rid of this, this was the decision of the high representative alone. the executive powers of the high representative should be you solely as a measure of last resort against irreparable unlawful acts. we were astonished that on election day, the high representative for bosnia imposed significant further changes to the constitution which undermines bosnia and herzegovina, democracy, and institutions. and particularly, the will of the citizens are made use of their democratic rights. voters very clearly choose progressive over nationalistic politicians. yet schmidt provokes
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another crisis with an unnecessary move that benefits the losers of the election. is not the 1st time the international envoy to bosnia has sparks backlash. russia has objected to the appointment of christine schmidt to the post and found his decisions as illegitimate. professor are the institute of european studies in belgrade at steve and guy edge, save the international and for his actions. maint bosnia protectorate state under western control. samantha was problematic from day one because she is a high representative that was not elected by the security council since both russia and china were against him. which means that he is illegally holding this office, this office, and on the other hand, is also problematic by itself. because this makes bosnia protector at the not really a sovereign state. i think that the assessment of russia is correct. but of course,
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you know, nothing will. busy definitely change, i believe, until to some kind of a new arrangement for the country for political west was always calling the shots in the environment. busy busy of the war in the east of europe, but they are probably trying to show their i'd say foreign political muscle. busy on. busy petty issues in the larger scale and. busy they are definitely is one of those, ah, what is permanent? fil, is chassis facing record low approval ratings with some numbers of her own to a party thing. her government has at the start of any u. k. companies in history. well trade unionists accused trust of serving the rich and ignoring the needs of the people. 6 months, we've seen the decadence and the corruption of the ruling class in this country. and i use that word deliberately. these people,
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they are acting in the interest of their people. it's a simple equation. you don't have to be a marxist or radical or socialist. so understand that there are 2 elements in this society. the people that create the world through their work, they are the world creators. and the characteristic of the rich and the own in class is that they can store the wealth. i can shoot me a greater rate than we do. there would be an energy crisis. there weren't any energy. there is an abundance of energy. 50 percent of our energy is produced in our walters. the problem is, who owns the energy? the rich only energy, and we're gonna have to subsidize their profits under anyone tell you that they are subsidizing us. we pay taxes to support our people. not to subsidize the rich. i only men and women are going on.
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we are in the middle of a struggle now, a since taking office a month ago, trust has thrown the british economy into turmoil by introducing tax cussing, measures that she eventually chose to forego amid outrage among the public. they may have, would have lifted a limit on bank as bonuses and introduced welfare cuts in another round of austerity. it has come to be closely associated with the prime ministers, conservative party, early this week, more than 3000 people to, to the streets and burning. am to disrupt the conservative party conference where trust and other tory leaders were expected to speak the crowd brandish the anti war banners while calling out the ridge for making people bear the brunt of the economic, french journalist and former labor party member raja mackenzie, said britain's a fed up with a government thousands and thousands of workers have had enough of being
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treated like rubbish. and being told that there's somehow an antique collision arm of against growth or against, and the economy where they stand up for their jobs. most people can't for to put bread on the table at moments they can't afford to barely keep a roof over their heads. the super rich, i'm simply look after themselves and to look after each other and expects and working people the working class just to survive. barely survive, and frankly that i didn't care whether we survive or not. sorry, kaufman felt that they could. and somehow m channel money away from working people towards towards their mates than to richard from the conservative party people and also cheap if they can see that. am they can see a government her am is not allowing protest it's,
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it's completely an array just to thank the working paper can accept the current situation and that we're in play. i can see right through this governance. and i understand, and that this government to the governments of the rich by the rich for the rich and that we need to bells and working class movements. and they can stand up to them. many thanks for keeping us company here on our tea international. as always you can find plenty more on the latest news stories on our website r t dot com and, and forget to follow us on our telegram channels. ting ah, 3 little please. okay. with a deal
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with a, a, a, a, a, a, a, with
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a, with, with to day i'm authorizing the additional strong sanction foreign companies quitting russia. design soon. thank you. this licensing atm cause of blantan banks disconnected from the international payment system is optional. hoppey jermel donna and euro exchange rates followed minneapolis sellable up or nickle go more stuff. so carbon would know what are what the committee met, that he woke up. the pillow on the cell is the current. can you see what i'm not sure. see a material with almost volume and russian business overcome this song. see, near i bought it to the nazi to handle huge, tremendously. just me don't pres, voice, bullshit, national, productive notches, steel dash
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o miracle. what i see that but themselves. when you come, when you with, before you go to the annual of mine for the student out, but i, she's appraisal id plus book, i know post cost to the group when you on yesterday with dr. newson who is a school. so hopefully we'll go through both a lucille included with a crate will never be a victory for russia. ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. as among our meeting cons to last should kick in carbon dioxide. america forces urine, you're not in your engage in conflict with russian forces. the american forces are hurt to fan nato allies. nato escalates even more in the special military
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operations become a war door when you put dell, some of the girls at the show. and that'll that notion is my idea that i see your to us thinking costliest through me live. so you sleep, he shenika, you stuff, philadelphia committee to our 1st with almost there with them lets you when you read only the story finished entering a sewage near us, he took the co who's february 2007, that amy of hooton's munich speech is a milestone in contemporary history. many consider his famous address at the security conference to be a turning point in relations between moscow. on the west with president putin spoke about major g, a political issues in no uncertain terms and harshly criticized the uni, polo world model, u. s. foreign policy,
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unjustified use of force against other states that's. it's not a scholar shooting me. me, it nickel. what machine you're wondering you that say. so my only answer filica is between bizarre bus miss you are, you are now about at the here, you know what i, what 0 issue, fucked up. he is a she wouldn't they, even though they do you want us? yes. pretty video. but our at can you in the spreadsheet or just go what if that a city and you're still still esteem is if you need me to read though, well it is up a thing about it, noting it post arrows, postcard, but shops go on the go or rather, do in ga, the western sunset, my dan crew and the ambition to pull both countries into nato. it old cause. it's a new conflicts and a profound global security crisis. goes numerous attempts to negotiate the rules of the game in europe through futile human under decoded america, latoya gray nail, much fuel door on my gym needed couldn't, couldn't be to school much just couldn't. i didn't the buck mom didn't chuck games
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nuts at them on my to put them also say 30 and bullet. do you know 60 percent of ways because the list that was thinking. yeah. so i see if i'm a big deal that would be good to control it. i didn't turn it below see why not could isn't it mute? so why should denisha g was your point, parliamentary letters and, and then what could do move back and medical assistance in the community. this is a stale of work for me. i'm in crane and they you into toria to cool way in the british competitiveness of let i see you finish the the the lights from dental cranes corners. i'm a fuel the united states ad for many years now, provided in the area between a $1300000000.00 worth of lethal and non lethal military assistance to ukraine per year. some were some misconduct case can assist in the cardoso was to run the show . okay. and the can just push this using show from the computer cannot.


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