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a joe biden imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there is your boomerang itself. a chip. we cannot afford pink eye, chip. opec plus the official say they're not gamblers, as they defend their decision to splash oil production, as pressure from the buying ministration fails to achieve aims of an increase with joe biden is a mock after he was caught praising himself on the same day. opec plus cut oil production with us media, branding, the move, the president's personal failure. as russia regroup, says, forces with dozens of ukrainian troops killed and vehicles destroyed and heavy
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fighting. archie speaks to people living on the very edge of the don bass frontline. they've got to move you down with you when you break issue and with europe scrambling for african oil while telling the constant edge we're doing it's carbon. the industry says it's up to the read it to decide the pace of transition as africa oil week is in full swing. it is not just good enough to blend to world what we find out. so we have to push what is enough for a century focused on our energy is on and a good group, a mosque out to the world. this is our t international. i'm rachel blevins, and these are the top. is this our opec plus members,
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including russia and saudi arabia have approved and major caught up around $2000000.00 barrels per day in their crude output. it's the biggest reduction in over 2 years designed to prop up prices on world markets. saudi arabia's energy minister explained the reasoning behind the decision. we are not in the gambling business, we have to be careful. i have had 35 years of experience in this field. i would like to challenge anybody who could come and say we'd been through a situation assimilated as it is today. and if we are not to be a tentative old ticket, likely lecture either did and look at what is happening. did backpedaling? they're trying to cut k ketchup. we cannot afford playing, catch you. so on the one hand we have the intentions of the
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e. u and the wes which are crystal clear, they want to punish russia with low oil prices by introducing a price cap. on the other hand, we have the group of all producers called opec plus, which is surely interested in higher prices for years. they have been achieving that through limiting their output. and guess who's running the show as the biggest players when it comes to opec plots, that's saudi arabia in russia. now i do want to point out that washington work hard to convince the oil which gulf countries not to agree to an output cut. so the number one question right now is what comes 1st for saudi arabia and it's opec plus allies, their own economic interests, or friendship with the us today, the answer was given. opec plus decided to go for the move that would drive the
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prices up. this is said to weaken the efforts by the west, anger the us apparently, and help russia at the end of the day. now this is what perhaps led to the following exchange between a journalist and the saudi energy minister at that press conference in vienna. the gas price is widely seen in europe and much of the western world as having been manipulated by russia, which is cut supply. people will know, see, so the arabia and the core members of opec, an opec plus, cooperating with russia and raise the oil price. it will raise the simplicity of david will be the view there. do you want to twist it to, to your and fine? it's your prerogative. it's short, right? it's with we've been collaborating with opec plus countries ever since december 2016. so it's not an accident of,
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of mutual convenience if you could call it that is not the only exchange between the saudi energy minister and the western media. the official refuse to answer questions from reuters accusing the agency of disrespecting saudi arabia and spreading inaccurate information about the countries policies. referring to an article based on anonymous sources, claiming oil price collusion by reorder and moscow. alex solo from reuters news agency. i had 2 questions to show back, lena alex, i have to talk to you about joe. yeah. got it wrong. okay. i knew you hadn't got it wrong twice. you did. i did. i did not do a proper job. you talked about that i should doing this and that and actually the day that your story came out. no one from marsha talked to me nor i talked to anybody from rush. you repeated that again with another 10 of her story. be priority to that. that saudi and rush,
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her level of la congregating at all into $100.00 price. that is not true. but if you have questions directly to others, but not me, i'm not talking to right until you would expect the shores, which is the energy minister on behalf of showed you government. for the move comes the same day, the you agree to a price cap on russian oil to start in december and a new round of sanctions that move vans. maritime transportation of russian oil sold above the cap, sat by g 7 members, hungary whose prime minister has repeatedly questioned the effectiveness of the e. u. sanctions policy stressed earlier that this moved doesn't cover pipeline oil . russia has responded with the country, his deputy prime minister warning that moscow might not sell oil to those unwilling to pay a fair market price to the managed ocean that, that sold. prices are 37 percent higher than last year. if the price kept mechanism
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is implemented, i wouldn't rule out arise in prices since there might be a deficit. we are against such an intervention and impose in prices on our production by non market means. so we'll make a decision and our company see they will not supply oil to countries imposing a price cap, former senior adviser to the saudi arabian minister of energy. doctor mohammed also says that the price capital cause russia to cut oil production, which will mean an increase in prices. dr. scab is in and says as it wouldn't wouldn't walk. it is like a dream, like i wish for thinking for the kids. but if you don't, you are according to the principal of a cannot make one or one. you will see it will not work. and i shall already
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selected that if there is any ceiling, then definitely that's where the hell bratia to block or so to use its own supplies by 1000000 or 2000000 by block or to euro. so they need to think twice before taking any such. nicholas decision by you, but they've got to this. i don't think there would be consensus among the member by the way your members live in and they tell they don't know what to do. they are not calculating the cost and benefit of many decisions that they have been taken as far as the economic sanctions. again, russia, morgan stanley indicated that if this was taken, then definitely rochelle would reduce production by one or 2000000. additionally,
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and that would get price a little bit better. but the white house has reacted angrily to the plan for production, cause calling it short sighted. but some media outlets have labeled to move a personal failure of u. s. president joe biden, as it may push gas prices up a month before the country's mid term elections. the production cuts were agreed upon despite the buying administration, reportedly making last minute efforts to convince of gold states to abandon the plans and adding insult to injury joe biden, himself as being mocked over the opec production cars after he was cut on mike. during his trip to florida. okay, president says no one with a bite and good and here's opec plus has done just that. i mean, other than opec bicycles, china stairs, russia,
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et cetera. joe biden, no one the biden. opec. when you start begging, you know, the gulf states, when you start beg, middle eastern countries have changed their already declared policies. it's an act of desperation. it's an act of short sighted foolishness. when the solution is literally right in your hand, the relationship in the us and gulf states has not been particularly good at any point in recent memory. we have regimes that are propped up by the united states, but still resent the united states for their infiltration and meddling. so it's not that the that the relation has gotten considerably worse. they just weren't very good to begin with with bite and try to convince them to change their mind. it's really showing that he himself is unwilling to change his mind. all that would need to happen to end the fuel shortage is to get rid of all the sanctions that prevent american companies, individuals from buying fuel. if biden was simply changing his mind,
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then he wouldn't have to beg saudi arabia to change their minds to the russia ukraine conflict now, where over 90 ukranian troops were killed and multiple military vehicles destroyed in the cross nearly mon area on wednesday. according to the russian defense ministry, russia withdrew its troops from the strategic city and the don ethical public last week to stop us forces from being encircled by the ukrainian military. the head of the don us republic now says the situation around crosby lehman is stabilizing. our keys eagle, are you on this one town located on the dawn bath front line, these rushes new defensive lines on the very edge of the former la guns public before ukraine's counter offensive. this town and far off from combat, was in the midst of revitalizing its is full, mundane life. now, all these efforts have been uprooted. herman ny is once again
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a franklin cow. this is where russian proved fell, free coder offensive on this front. they are trying to learn by their mistakes and they are building up their fortifications wide hastily. but what is staggering to see here is that logos, they are going about their daily lives. there are just, well they go to supermarket, the life just goes on for them as if nothing has changed since the ukrainians captured more territory and well came closer to their homes. many ran to safety as ukraine's troops approached, but many stayed to and often not out of desperation, but with a clear intention and principle at the foundation of this heart wrenching choice. elijah didn't as long as 3rd nath, i'm sure that the russian trips will not live. i want to believe in the past due until february, the 24th. i do not one war. and now i do not want to leave ukraine because it's
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scarce right here. now if it's carry, many people are leaving in a panel key, which is hubert, or many had latched the neighboring street is empty or you go to bed and he don't know if you wake up though. yeah. how long will it be the hood? after all, we are human beings, and we all have one lies is you've got to harden the locals here are defying the threats of inevitable persecution and even torture of the pro russian population. if the town fools, amid shillings, they go about their daily routine. the towns, tiny mark had shrunk to a fraction of its former size for one merchant here, a personal, devastating tragedy conclusively sold the state all leave dilemma. we'll walk more tropical era every year for good. oh, i'm still here to you. when you mentioned russia is busy amassing troops on this
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part of the front. the garrison is partly made up of volunteer veterans who have been repelling caves outnumbering forces for weeks until receiving an order to retreat. reinforcements are being drawn here to learn. so you're from susan, we are trying to hold the territory and russian help is coming. every one, support and fighting spirit is already rising. national still far to the. our troops are advancing. the artillery is firing accurately. the infantry are at their posters in our support, that the fighting spirit is excellent. every one is ready to fight for their land boiler, the rushes lost control over large swathes of land over the past 30 days. now it's carrying out a total realignment of forces aiming to curb you cranes advance stop it and restart the offensive. i'm a gosh darn of reporting from the don bass archie with africa oil week in full swing industry representatives,
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say it's add to the continent to decide the pace of its carbon transition. that's as africa comes under pressure to conform to the global green agenda. ortiz corrales hotline explains a brick is leading oil gas. an energy event has kicked off in, keeps out the africa oil week. bring some of the big names in the industry. and the 28th edition comes on, the bank of europe's attempt to win itself off of russian fossil fuels. alternatives are being sought and the continent has seen plenty european lead us as well as see he owes of global energy companies coming to africa to look for the same cowboy and resources that they're telling the continent to turn their back on . but africans insist that they and they alone should be the one to determine the pace and the nature of their energy transition. it is not just good enough through
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to blend the wall. what would find ourselves? we have to push forward is enough for a century, a focus on our energy news on energy group. some of you get into go about to call. that is oil, western finance institutions and climate campaigners. one the african oil and gas to stay in the ground. but africa include some of the least per capita emitters of carbon and asking them to 10 their back on these discoveries is at least hypocritical, especially at a time when the continent has been making unprecedented number of new natural resources. discoveries such as has been trying to filing oxy early seventy's, we've had 4 was lucifer, 3 of them had excellent oil in that shows in them is just a question of drilling a few more waves and hopefully making a commercial discovery. recent entrance in the oil and gas sector, ghana in namibia see their intent on developing the economies and businesses by
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supplying hydrocarbon to energy intensive global uses when and guess it's currently zoned with and it means that is more revenue for trinity's thing. lays them a very good step towards economic progress. we also want to see previous says that we are very much aware of implications of energy transfer potential. want to produce our hydrocarbon sigma iris moran mentally responsible manner. we want the pin for skills transfer integral you transferred to our people, want to develop done in businesses on a buckle foil the european scramble for african resources. it's not just a u turn on europe's own promises, but it's also behind new money coming into the sector. but there are some trust issues last year. oh, it's the korea before you were here. countries kind of reduce investment in africa
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and today because our prices are coming back for i don't know is probably better buffer go back for sure to deal can benefit from this instance how i mean is in search of new coverage out in the market. south africa, minnesota of mining and energy was coated at the conference saying that fossil fuels will remain that economic drive of african economies for many years to come fuel to says that the pressure, especially from the e u, as well as the u. s. for the continent to transform at a plus, the pace was unrealistic. this sentiment was echoed by attendees and the africa oil week in africa was begin to focus on how do you realize you could argue that harvey are respectable? the fillings are under war, 2nd, full stuff, resource or your even address or to walters in the forthcoming club. 27 climate change conference to be held in egypt in november. this year will be the litmus
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test on african solidarity on the issue of energy transition, as well as how the continent will go about it. but judging by the sentiments at the africa, oil week, africa intends to develop its economies and natural resources at its own pace. got out of tea, enjoying this survey and journalist and r. t contributor and nicholas which has been banned from entering bosnia and herzegovina while traveling to its brand mothers funeral with authorities denying him access on the border due to his pro russian views. they handed him a note claiming he poses a threat to security and public order in the country. when i tried to go to the border, when i was denied entry and i asked for emission worse as the guards police before said. busy i was forbidden entry since the 8th of september,
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so we can ro, minutes, council ministers in, sorry, i will not the care of me officially as the papers right to probably for the weekend. so we not through their international relations with their health, with their law and order and so on and so on. which is a 1st and foremost decision due to my latest were empowering stories which are not aligned with their agenda and their views on fresh off russia, depending on the sort of b and everything else. officials reportedly told the journalists that anyone connected to moscow will be refused entry earlier poland and other baltic countries banned. most russian travelers with u. v says, you know, which is known for his coverage of the don bass conflict. previously interviewing
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the head of the nest republic, the journalist says, is not the 1st time the country has refused entry to those expressing views that are opposed by the authorities. we shall similar the church in serbia years back in 2020 several serbian academics professors were denied entry in month of negro. when there was, there were, there were big protest citizens there so called the law or freedom of religion. several people. busy mostly professors in them were denied entry and the same camp. and we bought a few months ago, 7 professor from the belgrade universe, minos for which was also denied entry as, as. busy professor brockovich also his story was and then she and i think we sort of thought so and because we are right and think differently
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than those who are in power and those who control the balls. and because when affectively we are find and then she and we are serious, there's 2 or 3 which speaks more of the country then of ourselves. ukrainian ambassador in context on who cause controversy with his remarks about the mass killings of russians will leave ones. kiev finds a replacement officials in context on branded his words and incitement of ethnic hatred, an out of wine for a diplomat. this comes after the ambassadors. inflammatory comments on the conflict in ukraine in late august we tried to kill as many as possible. the more russians were killed now. the p will, our children will have to kill. western media outlets have also appeared to endorse similar statements about killing russians. britton's newspaper of record,
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the times published an article where the headlines saying, quote, dead russian soldiers are good to see it was later dropped and replaced where the headline about having pride in serving in the ukranian army independent journalist option ritathui says the controversial headline exposes the western media narrative on the ukrainian conflict. the fact that the murdoch times has had to change its headline, which was so gruesome about the well, that most of the world might say celebrating the murder of russians shows how in a bubble journalists in the circle stenographer, media over the european union, britain, united states or did they believe that the publics out there at the lodge, sympathize with death and destruction in this war on russia through ukraine? only later, do they think? oh russians are humans, maybe our audience will be offended by this within the united states. and in nature
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countries, and of course, that was exacerbated by the fact that officially, especially in the european union in britain, any dissenting media. the dissenting media has been banned censored, and the journalists persecuted. in addition to the controversial headlines, the new york times has posted a tweet describing the ukranian neo nazi as a battalion as it celebrated. but the newspaper had earlier said that allowing the far right organisation to take part in the war effort was like sponsoring the 995, oklahoma city bombing, in which more than 100 people were killed. let's briefly take a look at the history of how the new york times opinion of the as a battalion has changed over the years. back in 2015, the newspaper described as odd as an openly neo nazi group who helped the cranium army to fight against the population of don bass in 2019, they became
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a neo nazi per military organization. and an article focused on the spread right we extremism. then in 2020 the battalion was described as having been notorious for its association with neo nazi ideology. with the newspaper, highlighting the links between as off and the killer in new zealand who murdered 51 . people in to mock attack independent journalists option retrans again says western media changes the narrative as it nato countries for money and weapons into ukraine. the family own new york times tweeted out a picture celebrating the as of italian that only recently. no, not that long ago, all mainstream media in western countries, most of it appeared to connected to nazis neo nazis the far right and fascism. i mean that there was supporting ukraine, say, don't call the as all but tell,
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you know, to call them not sees because then should everyone in the armed forces should be unfortunately, grain. he labeled his chairs. you'd have to say that if he has of italian, neo nazi linked, all manner of to see and then all manner of western media. because all of them was saying before february that there were neo nazi elements in the group. stan, i was celebrating today as an age of government for weapons and money into it to fight russia through ukraine. american business magnet you on mosque has announced he wants to go ahead with his $44000000000.00 deal to buy twitter with the tech company shares immediately rising by 22 percent. the announcement comes a week before a court case between the tesla c e o and twitter over must pull out from the purchase in july. back then the tech company sued mosque for dropping the deal,
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trying to force the billionaire to complete the acquisition mask of voice, his determination to take over twitter in april in a $44000000000.00 deal. some media outlets, however, have reacted with concern on the news of the take over. they predict hard times for the social media platform. fearing that must deal may sway the results of the upcoming mid term elections, as well as establish new rules for online speech. host of the conservative daily podcast, joe all meant, sees the situation differently. i think that what elan is going to do, what he's trying to do is just restore sensibility. so i think the 1st thing that's going to happen when he takes over twitter, if i had to guess, is that he's going to start restoring accounts that did not actually call for or incite violence. and that the bad part for the government or the establishment inside of the u. s. is that they're not gonna be able to control it. but in the united states,
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governments have long use technology companies and or social platforms, as a way to disseminate information or to stop information that they see as a risk to their establishment or their narrative. think what one's doing will restore order. and i think that twitter will become one of the mainstays for free free speech, not just in the united states, across the world. and that's all for now. be sure to check out our t v dot com for all of the latest breaking news and updates. we'll see right back here at the top of the hour. ah ah, the
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ah, lisa canter, russian state patrol narrative. i stayed on the north lansky with 55 with kids on i need to fargo speaking with ben in the european union. the kremlin. yup, machines. the state aren't russia for date and ortiz spoke. they're given our video agency roughly all band on youtube said with
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