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tv   News  RT  October 8, 2022 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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ah ah with breaking news this morning on r c, the moment a massive blast rocks, the crimea bridge is court on the tv, the russian anti terror committee says that truck exploded, causing a massive blaze. it's just the beginning of the reaction of the ukrainian president's office to the explosion on the crimea bridge give previously stating several times that the crossing is a legitimate targets. ridiculous moscow isn't flying here. the tends to retract president is events. he's called for preemptive strikes on russia by
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claiming he was actually referring to sanctions also on the program, the u. s. slums, the saudis, as royal back stabbers following the opec close decisions, a flash oil output. we have those says the u. s. is fully responsible for the energy crisis in the country with thank you for joining us this saturday morning. my name is peter scott bringing you all the latest news here on our team from our headquarters here in the russian capital. but we begin with breaking news. this our from crimea, the russian anti terror committee says that the truck has exploded on the crime. crimean bridge connecting mainland russia and crimea, causing damage to at least 2 sections, as well as a massive fire. now this is the latest video of that explosion, captured by c c t. v. cameras. the officials say a fuel tanker caught fire after the explosion with the cause of the blast currently under investigation. the lodge fires, including on a nearby train,
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have already been extinguished according to russia emergency services, but ticket sales for trains to inform crimea have been suspended until further notice. i'm joined live now in the studio by r t correspondence marina course of a marina morning c. a thanks for joining me. what do you know so far about this explosion on the coming bridge? well, locals heard an explosion at around 6 in the morning and that explosion was followed by a massive fire. and the reason why there was a fire was because apparently, according to reports were getting now the truck was loaded with explosives and there was a question that arises here. how was the truck with explosives allowed to get on the bridge? because the bridge at the entrance, they have some special equipment, apparently which tax for things like chemicals, drugs, and of course explosives. so this leads to questions to the personnel, how the day allowed this truck to get on the bridge. and of course,
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we have the head of crimea as parliament which straightaway said that ukrainian thugs are responsible for that. and this, of course, comes after we heard from the landscape advisor back in june that any pro russian region. and of course, crimea could become a targets blue and we don't care about the crime in breach. once we receive the necessary technical options, it will become a target for us. there is nothing to discuss. we don't have an opportunity yet, but once we get it, we'll target as she mentioned. and of course, it's no secret that we're all expecting, fearing and the way that any pro russian region or any of the places where there was a referendum where people voted to join. russia could become a target, crimea, of course. and of course, we heard from the us intelligence agencies recently that the said that they have
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confirmation, that parts of the ukrainian government were responsible for the car bomb that killed daddy adobe. now, the daughter of the prominence russian philosopher here in moscow, there was saying that he was the actual target. so it's not a surprise that we have something targeted to place like crimea. we're just waiting for the official confirmation, of course, from the suite that you saw from what we heard from mr. lensky advisor. they're not making it a secret that they're applying to targets anything that they deem illegal or anything that they the pro ration. so is this an example of that? we'll see what the investigation will tell us. well, thanks for me now. hope you keep us posted on any developments on that investigation and stop huge explosion on the crimea bridge. thank you very much for the incidents in crimea comes as ukraine's president is now back. tracking on his comments, urging a preemptive need to strike on russia, claiming he was misunderstood. and i said you have to do preventive kinks,
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not a dex yahoo! or just because at the shore that amber g at there as multiple and those do ab ruin excited to remedy that via that us in the term of dumont in proteins. again, gabled it for gym, overload him is zalinski insists he was simply urging the west to impose more sanctions, claiming the kremlin is preparing society for the possible use of nuclear weapons. he added that he would never call for nuclear armageddon as that's what equates him to a terrorist. the wording he used however, does translate from ukrainian literally as preemptive strikes, russian officials say they are unconvinced by zalinski is backtracking. sugar we metal moiety. what should nato do, and eliminate the possibility of russia using nuclear weapons? i once again appeal to the international community as it was before february 24th. as we need preemptive strikes, so that russia would know what awaits them. if they use nuclear weapons,
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not the other way around him to wait for rushes nuclear strikes and then say, oh no. okay, then take this young man after yesterday, zalinski called on his western masters to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on russian. with this statement, he's essentially shown the whole world more evidence of the threats emanating from the key regime, which the special operation was launched to neutralize ordered attempts by zalinski secretaries to claim that he meant something else. or ridiculous spitzer in these situations landscape like his entire regime has got a taste and is beginning to dictate his own conditions, both his nature and to the union gurgling issue of universe legal and media. unless lionel says it's incomprehensible to even discuss nuclear threats. have we as a species forgotten what nuclear conflict is? have we honestly do we need a refresher course and to what we're talking about?
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i mean i, i understand that we have various degrees of amnesia. tolstoy said, history would be a wonderful thing if there were only true, but i'm hearing about this and i'm hearing about warren aggression as though we're playing some kind of a game. and i, i think this is insanity even to be discussing this cabin literally, because also it's not so much that a nuclear war could be triggered it or, or actually on directed, but things could be triggered once this starts, there's no calling it back, you know, did there was yeah, okay, and enough, that was a mistake. that was a, there was a typographical mistake. i, i didn't really mean that this i, i can't believe. i'm frankly hearing what i'm hearing. the winners of this is nobel peace prize were announced on friday with ukrainian prisons absence from the list. now he was nominated for the prestigious award by the european parliament back in march during criticism from some quarters. the european parliament is proposing the
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president of ukraine as a candidate for the nobel peace prize. how is one of the actors in the war going to receive the nobel peace prize on there others who fight for peace? why not? pope francis or the un director there must be many others. the whole notion of this peace prize is fascinating. you know, mahatma gandhi never received the nobel peace prize in 1953 george marshall, who was a secretary of state of new york over the u. s. a received it and people were very critical and curious because he had been a combatant, but it was because of his post war activities. in 2009, brock obama received the peace prize after being in office barely 8 months in your something interesting. in times of your there were there were very careful as sometimes not even given that during world war one there was no peace prize from 39
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to 43. there were no peace prizes and in 1948. i believe the year that mama gandhi a died, they said no one was entitled to it. if you look at the history of it, very rarely it never has there been an actual pun baton, in what would call either a military operation or a war who received a peace prize for i think obvious reasons, broiled back stabbers. that's what some us lawmakers are now calling saudi arabia. overreacts moved to reduce oil outputs, following the opec plus decision of the u. s. officials or even calling for the president to cut off weapon supplies to the gulf kingdom. the saudis need us more for weapons than we need them. prison violence should make it clear that we will cut off weapons if upper plus doesn't traverse the decision to make drastic cost and production in congress. we should also explore waste rainy notebooks control
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over energy prices. worldwide, the white house has long praise saudi arabia as a strategic partner, selling the country, large amounts of weapons. and thus, despite joe biden, once pledging to make re add a pariah during his presidential campaign, some u. s. congress members are also calling for a re think of the country's relationship with opec plus members. the saudi arabia's actions being described as hostile to washington. meanwhile, the saudi minister of state says the us itself is to blame for rising gas prices, which have nothing to do with the crude oil supply. the idea that you do and would do this to harm the us or to be in any way politically involved this. absolutely not correct at all with due respect. the reason you have high prices in the united states is because you have a refining shortage that has been in existence for more than 20 years. you haven't built refineries in decades. lots. he's keller, more and more details on re decision on that us reaction. well,
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essentially we have opec announcing that they will be reducing the oil output by $2000000.00 barrels per day. now that is rattling the circles of power the united states. there is quite a bit of outrage of the 2 days since the announcement already. we're hearing the leaders of saudi arabia being described as back stabbers, putting a night in the back of the united states. here's what we've heard from unanswered questions about 911, the brutal murder of journalists, jamal cas shogi, and the exporting of extremism to dubious jailing of peaceful dissidence in conspiring with vladimir putin to punish the u. s. with higher oil prices. the saudi royal family has never been a trustworthy ally of our nation. it's time for our foreign policy to imagine a world without this alliance with these royal back stabbers back stabbers. that is the language being used to describe the long time ally of the united states, the kingdom of saudi arabia. and it appears that they consider this to be
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a humiliation of joe biden. they consider this to be hurting the economic interests of the united states. and apparently the united states feels that it has rights over saudi arabia's oil. you'll recall economist magazine recently. i, you know, over the summer they tweeted out, meet mohammed ben solomon, that's the count. brown, prince of saudi arabia, the millennial autocrat who controls our oil. now that tweet was deleted because it is not, they are oil, it is by right, the oil of the kingdom of saudi arabia, according to the constitution. but apparently, the united states feels it has some rights over it as do the british. now, at this point, what can the united states do, but rant and rave at the saudis for not doing what they want here. some of what we've heard, what saudi arabia did to help put and continue to wage his despicable, vicious war against ukraine will long be remembered by americans. we are looking at
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all the legislative tools to best deal with this appalling and deeply cynical action. though the no peck bill is up for discussion, this is a bill that would allow the united states to sue opec countries take them to court, possibly have you escort, seize their assets, if they don't do what the united states wants, that would allow civil actions against opec countries by the united states, in retaliation for move such as this, that bill is up for discussion. in addition to that, the military relationship between the united states and saudi arabia is being questioned. this is what's been said as well. i just don't see any good reason for us to maintain troops that are there almost solely for the purpose of protecting their oil fields and their security interests. there's no question that mohammed ben selman, the crown prince of saudi arabia, shears putin's world view more than he shares ours. doesn't appreciate american advocacy for democracy in the world. now it's been 70 years that the united states
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has been aligned with the kingdom of saudi arabia. they've been one of the most loyal allies of the united states and nato in the region. you can recall after the 1979 iranian revolution, the reagan administration saying that they would never allows that to revolution to take place in saudi arabia. that is a steadfast longtime partner of the united states. but now we're seeing the circles of power in washington, turning on them pretty rapidly in response to recent moves around opec people will recall the words of former us president george w bush, who said you're either with us or against us. and that kind of thinking seems to be prevailing in washington dc. why can't i buy good american oil companies to increase the output? they just won't do it. because american oil companies are doing is raising prices at home to make up for this slowing of demand. well, it's the same thing that the saudis and opec are doing globally, you know,
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negotiate to go on right now between us, well, companies and biden, about exporting oil from the us to europe. so, you know, that's going to cause more of a supply problem, u. s. and raise prices, even more prices are going up fast in the u. s. a. partly because the oil companies are shutting down to refineries. you know, they're not, they're having these a regular maintenance. and then there's the so called fires and everything. and the real bottleneck is that the refining capacity, and that's been manipulated, i believe has nothing really different going on, except it's a good excuse to blame of the saudis and opec instead of pointing to fleet or at the u. s. oil companies right before an election or me model energy has also been high on the agenda as an e estimates. in prod the blocks foreign policy chief, you'll set burrell said that the opec plus decision to slash oil was responds to
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the new e price cap, underlining that energy has become the main geopolitical issue. luca dale begged with their decision to decrease the supply of oil, which is a clear answer to our proposal to cap price of the means that energy is becoming the most important use strategic issue today related with the war, but also with the balance of power into whoa, dozens of you and the leaders gathered in the chat capital on thursday, the new political community format, so to discuss security and energy among other topics. however, efforts to find common ground on issues such as the price cap unfair. the anti russian sanctions appear to have failed. r t contributes at rachel marsden has more . there were 44 countries united discussing the challenge herself today, and it showed how much rushes isolated by ma'am, the new
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e u political community and invention of french president emanuel mac holds, consisting of the 27 nation block and 17 other countries most of which aspire to join the e. u has just wrapped up is inaugural p r exercise in prague. now the whole point of this event in prague, prague castle seemed to be to convince onlookers of european unity particularity in favor of ukraine and against russia. while papering over any other cracks in the solidarity facade. it. so the kind of thing that's been happening a lot lately within me, you know, we all know people like this in our own lives. they arrive at the party. it's all lovey dovey, kissy kissy and you know, darn well that in the car just before they got there. they had a huge blow up all just this week. for example, as brussels adopted 8 round with anti russian sanctions. belgium in italy sat on their hands as brussels band, semi center steel products from russia,
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despite knowing full well the hit that their own steel industries risk taking as a result. so they just kind of towed the line but likely aren't thrilled about it. so during this summit, craps did show none. the less turkish president air to one used his platform to law showed in greece over their territorial disputes in the region and accused the you of supporting illegal activities masquerading his unity or solidarity. so he didn't mince words there. the block is upset with norway for maintaining high energy prices and profits. amid the gas crunch caused by brussels auto sanctions. german economy minister robert havoc brought up the issue of so called friends like the u . s. and norway exploiting e u countries desperation through price gouging. earlier this week, french president, michael used his son that platform to repeat his opposition to building a new gas connection between spain and france, which germany really wants. because it would allow cheap gas from north africa to
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flow into neighboring you countries and germany as well. but let's face it, france would lose a market in the long run for its l. n. g plans. if it supported the project, you k prime minister list trust was also in attendance and made a point of calling michael a friend. even though just weeks ago she said that the jury is out on whether he's a friend or foe for britain. but here it was, all smiles, kind of, she doth protest too much. perhaps the polish prime minister didn't miss the opportunity to pick yet another fight with germany. you showed, with a year to day, we often talked about the algorithm of germany. it clearly shows that it cannot be the case that the european unit energy policies being dictated by germany. poland also decided recently to demand reparations from germany for world war 2. and now greece is also seeking hundreds of billions of euros from germany for both world
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wars, $1.00 and $2.00 for the greek government and the greek society. this issue, reparations from germany, remains open and its resolution, which is primarily a matter of principle, i think will be beneficial for all the countries and vault and the e. u. s. such, yes, it doesn't really matter than germany has been doing the heavy lifting for both of these net recipients of you funds as the blocks primary economic engine. and now berlin, which is staring down the barrel at d industrialization and rationing from you. energy sanctions isn't exactly in the best position to be stuck with bills to right. historical ross, italy was recently chastised by none other than european commission. president ursula vander line. the almighty queen of europe, herself just before voting in a populous government. so now italy finds itself teetering on the edge of pariah status at the e. u. alongside that other perennial pariah hungry whose prime minister had this to
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say about brussels performance. russia has not been brought to it's nice at all. while european economies sa, bleeding out, it is evident that the policy of sanctions must be changed. so despite it tends to project unity in prague, there's a lot more going on beneath the smiles in the class photo from this particular summit. senior research fellow of the global policy institute of london, george some early explains the difficulties of the summit, which include, but timing and a lack of unifying faxes. aside from this stance on russia, lot of these a sessions. they have no real purpose. so the, so many of these kinds of forums and european council, the european parliament, european commission. oh, i see now that come up with a new one, the european political community and the invention of a man of well, mack wrong. and that doesn't seem to be any well other than what was the last one, the ally m declared,
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which is what we're all against russia. we will hate russia. and that's, that seems to be them mantra, they but nothing else to say, no agreement on anything. because there's no decision on what to do in the future, but we're all united in hating russia. the timing is not exactly great, particularly when who select from there. why am keeps talking about european unity and suddenly poland and greece. i'm bringing up issues from 75 years ago and of course brings us like issues. oh, i can have no on the possible positive outcome my job because germany is not going to pay anything from the list for the steps against russia. we discussed on the forum, sidelines with the suggestion coming from poland. prime minister, you claimed that was frozen assets in europe, should be divided with some of them going to walsall. i left because i am, i have pointed out one source that is relatively easy to obtain in terms of
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resources, the frozen assets of the russian, all yards and the russian federation of these assets, amount to approximately 350000000000 euros. and today, these funds can be used for the benefit of ukraine, which should be rebuilt with this money, which could also be used for the needs of you and polish residence. i don't understand how poland can justify that their enterprises that their companies get some part of that money. why then it will come up immediately from the baltic states from check republic, slovakia, hungary and the countries germany probably wouldn't dare do it, but other countries was say, one of the us. what about our companies? so this is an ill fated this request from ball. it won't work sorry, missed the prime minister. you know, i don't think it will work. it will be another bickering dispute within the $27.00 european countries to know who will get what money in the news,
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$9.00 members of the organization of american states, which is almost one 3rd of the union, where they refused to vote for us, but resolution against russia the listing que includes countries like brazil, mexico, and argentina. the documents was aimed at condemning moscow's military operation in ukraine and was supported by 24 of the members of the american beach no block. back in april, the organisation stripped russia of its permanent observer status. and moved, there was also opposed by several members of the union. professor of latin american in car been stood is daniel shaw says that the policies of some regional states show that the error of your estimation is coming to an end. for a long time, washington has been used to seeing the organization of american states since its founding in 1948 is an instrument of their policy. to have so much rebellion within their ranks comes as a surprise for how long could they control the foreign policy,
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specifically of mexico in now brazil, argentina, and of course the boulevard and block countries have said, no, we're not going to go along with your foreign policy we can see very clearly that needle is the principal guilty party that has brought this aggression to russia's borders. the era of us, he, germany, of running roughshod over the country sovereignty across the world is coming to a screeching halt. look at the elections this year in columbia. what will this mean internally in many of these countries? these are massive confrontations within peer to within mexico. it's ongoing in brazil, so there's no easy victories. there's no promises. but certainly, every day, the foreign policy of these different countries in south america, in the caribbean, in all the 3rd world, and becoming more and more independent of washington. and finally,
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a british minister prompted laughter from the audience on a tv program after trying to play the vladimir putin card. and that's was instead of apologizing for the economic turmoil, turmoil caused by the government's $45000000000.00 pound tax cuts. what was black that the me a futon wants to do? he wants to be divided right now he's using, i think people a lot it has to do with a simple apology to either stable. he's already, i changed the policy or of course, i'm sorry with the british government's tax cuts, package triggered the pounds fall to record low as well. also pushing of inflation and interest rates. the bank of even england even implemented an emergency 65000000000 pound bond buying program to stem the crisis triggered by those decisions. in a recent interview, prime minister liz just was challenged to admit she had about start in office. so
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it, she responded by blaming putin for domestic and global problems. well, let's remember what we were facing 4 weeks ago, but you explained some we were 5 are powerless to my clan. we and how we all today . it's going to use my question was, do you accept you've had a rocky start? what i am saying is that we have acted decisively in the face of very, very difficult international 2nd. let me we're pizza has been perpetrating the warning light on the bad news doesn't. and therefore trusts who's also in hot water over warnings of potential of 3 our power coats during the approaching winter season. now she did try to downplay those 1st, but failed to give any guarantee that britain's will not be left in the dark schemes to encourage people to use electricity as of pete times are being developed . but the proposal is already been slammed by many in the media. political analysts, alexander mckay says, the britons just aren't buying the excuse for the problems are all russia's fault
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is trying the, the tax. it was pioneered by joe biden, earlier this year when he called the energy price arises in the united states. putin's price like that didn't work for joe biden. it's not working full. his trusts. if you look at the opinion polls since august of this year, they have consistently shown. busy that the british population blames the government over to 10 or over even the energy companies in britain itself. so it's clearly attaching that her spin doctors have told her to use the. nobody's buying it any more and blaming everything on the russian government is simply not going to be believed by people. if the lights go out, it's going to be trust that gets blamed. and her government is going to be pitched into an even greater crisis than it is in already. this is the end point of a 30 years of us. various failed policies and less trust is at the end of this process. and he's inheriting a 30 year long mass,
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which she is trying to turn around and failing to turn around inside free months. so this is a generational failure that has left britain exposed to the fluctuations of international energy markets. un, unable to produce so energy. the only solution in the immediate period is to end the chaos in the international energy markets. and that means ending the sanctions regime against russia. energy which is failing to do anything significant to the russian economy, but is tanking the economies of europe and increasing energy and security loss latest news from around the world. i'm peter scout from the back again in around 30 minutes time. the do feel free to had a, with our social media pages on august the channel in the meantime. ah ah, with
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ah, ah, ah, russia is the gross, no injury, but we have any quality for russians. we are actual racism, bigotry, against russians. it's now dangerous to be russian than europe, full, forceful way to reach rosa phobia and car suicide as selectively as possible. it.


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