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a, jamie, you should receive a nationalist, but then you still plan, you will change plans, correct, but it'll be really changes wales care especially that just what else correction i wasn't warrants. i don't get the pensions me upgrade to being years here. i go only just just lay on school and don't just get nobody there. i'm not sure what i do. grades of premier post. i need nashika data. please close me. go find them. can you just a new one that says keep practicable with the most diverse or don't shake dominion great and see by like a push the with let sure. at least anybody in yeah, i was number was laid somebody about g scheme or something about spread methods? no. history beat of the list. i'm probably just an apology, jim, you menu them, bruce marshall them i yeah. push lunch from yours. when do you feel like you are from currently a little stubborn school push that they with just on to party for need see, use for be done. just you can do it to new coin without problem for so
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decomposition, for instance, the eyes of a can sure signs without problem. disorders or double dog. i mean, pick, kiss, test or can i mean if it, when you lie, it's thinking it's crazy in the form with skinny, it should i need to give me a form. you can press on the list to see luthey luthey, those kids the new year for shift fly. interest plans for this labs are brand new. remember today as is the fact that civilized europe failed to resist his bonds for long belgium fell in 8 days. poland in 36, france, and 43. it took just a $116.00 days to conquer europe. nazi death camps were set up in poland, left field, austria and italy, people with tortured gas to burned and subject to experiments who's killed more
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westerners, not russians. westerners themselves, adolph, hitler slaughtered tens of millions. of course you will forget that about one 5th of all poles were killed during world war 2. because adolf hitler, including his nazi collaborators, western ukraine's department era slaughter, the board, people in anti polish genocide in 3000000000. got was off to one of the worst extermination comes with. if you look the soldier denise is where you live in germans and for ongoing you'd be to onions and going to kill the jews in treblinka who is got to know what do you well who your role is a little cupcakes in your semester and lunch? yeah, well yeah, because i was seeing eager to there's cuz i will show that our motion with the wash or with got food from a pleasure with
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a with us need me a quick, i'm clear. mean when you, for your share with i think it has to be live comfortable with during world war 2, the u. s. i saw the united kingdom and the united states became allies united against a common enemy. but the partnership was seldom equal. mm. did i get my music up number so you can get a good idea for like you should receive the money and brought in a sheila a him to and each yell at this, calling him on the one they see. if you could, i put it a block, i thought it, but is lashania said you get settled out to send me to cars, deeper with the victory of an autism. in 1945, the usaa was quite popular. is the country that liberated europe, but that popularity promot
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it is janita pushy wayne complex people not sound this is diane doesn't really look at that. and then me, does that, does the i see a just a quick update or skip the email confirmation, cuz only when we get you over to me busy my wishing me shoot it with that that would be your day. it's alecia. brad, to see you at a piece you studied that. then he's a boy sneaker. ruth, you did you just give, who did the washer? i will put out. will bill you, but if you would it but. but it would cause i'm giving you who did it, but i didn't want to show them to put. i always thought i would apply usually more than you're sending somebody credit. no, any vaccine, any of these? now, with me, you know, everyone, by, at the more you not, and i did just when you get a venue, which is me numb machine, you know, there was also america's totality plan to drop several atomic bombs on the us as on the exact number very from year to year of nice, pretty soon purgatory. yeah, we're still in the area, but if you're off here, so i'm stuck. i got a meal of a download for that reason. okay. it's just right in the group. you don't get my
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global with you. you ruled me because i'd you tom, did you just give us away from the go here? don't know about that, but let me start with the comment of newton yog noise he lou media produced possibly us partially because now thanks to restore me for just when you sleep, if you will, for people you with us will be done. your temperature was a small get not double any with triple glove. with anybody goes on for you manage that was going to show you what they didn't bond the ussr, but the cold war again, even in 1947 western politicians still spoke of peter, the great will and russia's longstanding plans for world domination, even though the document had long been proved to fake oh, but you know, there is no smoke without fire. you understand. we know it's a fake, but maybe it is fake. has some real cause you can use it in order to justify the cold war and against the soviets. always the same story,
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the united states, the ambition to be a lonely power, so called follow. and that's why this started through cold war. let us be aware that while they preached the supremacy of the state declare its omnipotence over individual, amanda predicted. eventual domination of all peoples on the earth. they are the focus of evil in the modern world. and that year for the year, a 1000 you on through yearly marketing. if you're from when you're in the let me nasa here i did 8 yahoo model. you had said that in it is race. oh i pull it up that he knew that. yeah. and they knew in our employer really id sort it all it with me and i will call me for sort of bring them the woman who me i was
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a need or feel like i'm finally going to leave because anthony really i photo in 1946 in his famous fulton speech, winston churchill spoke of the terrors of communism and the usa benevolence with atomic weapons. this knowledge on the method and the role materials to apply it are at present to largely retained in american halves. with back i would say propagandist lee there should harrison i think yeah. by yet for isaac talk. original news. yep. i knew it wasn't. i don't wish to say this case. i use it to a, to a talk show shows for coming up with sure street i got, you know, and to share companies for a proof to fit it. americans believe the country was steered out of totality realism by a man who destroyed it from inside. naturally, gorbachev is left in the us, like, you know, that will be closer to the in
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a year but i mean, you remember your routing and memory. they were all for you and then the book about a year lease. i wonder if one, i don't care what he jesse more accurately. yes, i do. you in touch with us for a was always to relate to do russian leave. it was due to doing that. so is dion lane in styling and now it's within because as the for so for so for a job job for it to win the mos hold for show you the most all or so for
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the way. so it's a good phone porsha, because if there were so for his dog that so aside the dry shot is also slow. because when russia is more coward prizes like us, so the 1st world rule off go there, call out. so for so yet you and you on there was no, i was for far beyond the was ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order to conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with ah,
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a robot must protect its own existence with ho. is the aggressor to day? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing up in your future. when was the question, as we speak on the bill in your senior, mostly mine or will ship we're banning all imports of russian oil and gas news. i mean, i know they plenty of those with the letter from, you know, we're pretty good regarding joe biden and imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang self.
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lou needs to come to the russian state will never be outside as i'm phoning most 19 div, asking him then i'll send send up a group in the 55 when. okay, so mine is group i'm speaking with will van in the european union? the kremlin media machine, the state on to russia for date, and c, r t spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube. and pinterest with
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me, we should say so easy. yes. tosto stuff with global financial sort of stuff with which you see numerous top political expert, dimitri babich didn't believe in rosa, forbear. at 1st the ussr spoke of western ante, soviet ism, but that didn't mean russians or she gets to a young with big rush. i forgot about centers, which in years she davis, i. e o, social cargo, socialist, precise, to put a sheet and you go, i really cool stuff. we me unless you're open to meeting with shane stewart, bustos me, off the peak of idea. don't receive a swim over, i got enough. get on my monkey up. almo still wanted to just the almost to learn
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while is when it is this thing, and he is not supposed to mean you. someone else you will to beach no matter how much they apologized. russians when never popular and even in the 21st century are often judged by what was written hundreds of years ago. the american statesman speak new brzezinski to form a u. s. presidential national security advisor when speaking of russia praised the marquis de christine's books, which referred to russians as slaves. to a barnyard, serenely serious. i mean, because keep my furniture of secret floors make believe teachers kick gordon with your answer not an approach that she wonders do you can you do more clarity why music you did talk really. e, kosciusko. a heap to talk fill was the french foreign ministry in 1949 and wrote a famous treaties democracy in america. what's the issue with media for sure? stuart law really kicks, not all the country use medea love shift. leach, abuse or kirk its the lights, the key unit. silly dorski the angler. i mean you don't need
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a key rust worthy gym exclusion for border or syrup. dark on yours to wear me to give to him. it will give you the way you with jordan this boasting is the robot will certainly blunt officer bus at the marker was the word you cut off the woollen russia, trouble people snoop around. when you brought in the 3 show go away. the cause of those will cripples norquist. you. americans kill the 9 people with the indian tribes. when the default to 15, millions africans lives to america. follow the north, 50 millions cues, all dead in bad treatment pieces for growth. this is the concept of what i call brushing guilt. they want to be russians over the head generation to generation, to feel guilty and apologized for leaders hundreds of years ago that did not do
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anything even close to the evils that western leaders themselves in modern risk of phobia began to flare up. andrew was a university student, he studied russia, his friends didn't understand why waste time on a week country with no say, everything changed on august the 8th, 2008, a potent invaded i, georgia. democracies under threat member george w bush going crazy and mccain, of course, going crazy. my country, so different things to run aggression. russian troops. anyway, the georgia, i've used to, we know now that there was an exaggeration. we now know the facts and what have been that was really initiated the attack against russian peacekeepers and 16 bow capitol of south aesthetic killed a lot of people. and obviously russia had to rack, but at the time, lot of americans were confused because they had thought russia was nothing, it's our rush was falling apart. in april 2008,
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had the need to submit the us administration, invite georgia and quinn to become a member of and support the attack. because your jack will not back, we'll shoot job dog to permission of the united states. that was the biggest publication with when to put his group just under the nose or a portion modern russo phobia seems linked to u. s. policy. after the collapse of the ussr, it became the only super american politicians increasingly referred to. the usa is exceptional mission to enlighten other nations and teach them to live properly. and so may disagree with our boys. my favorite study. hard because we have shown a willingness for the sacrifice of blood and treasure to stand up, not only from our own, no interest, but for the interest of all. i mean,
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i must hit the flashing seizures for the me. katie loose banging the motion. i said to me, when you might ask because it is now right for chris donasia subway before the racial screening racialism will be right with now you guys play during the show room was number and meet with i think will be attending because you me and said that when you see any democracy numbers from supposed to been bringing, everybody else are barbarians. and actually everybody on our slave the u. s. in iraq and always other countries, bombing and killing and raping and loading, stealing and always other things over throw on government left and right. well, why do they do that? the fundamental driver, what really convinces the average american or west here to support these wars of aggression is ideological. they think that these asians, these muslims, is africans, these lights and americans. they don't know what go to form, only in the west. know what's good. and you resolution and you asked the lady,
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i believe you trinity christian ever to so on the ash if there was a, a coordinates name or my scribe at that blew it floor and then you mean per hour. and then the show, or the studio immediately seek that lucian, you'd seen that ground when russia began its operation. ukraine russo frontier reached new heights in the west music by russian composers his band in places people could be fired for their nationality. does even a new russian ideology puritanism to fight against what was quite new with this new type of force. so phobia that it was a kind of ethnic cultural pate. and for me it's just the same as the rest
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is. it's like autism. it is good when it came into power and started those press, 2 for the jews renewal of burning books for by the new code. sure. everything thought that for me on to work with on the is pulled off work or not be able to be there or should kick them to re yeast or do you not order pre piece or own skill your credit for? got it and you do, but that the job to reached by there can get it or she can assure storing individuals with almost all skill in the gtc communion. it was painted by them. come down with our season and devotion to work with the wash river democracy. she wished me, i'm sorry, she was now just touch no longer law post
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a must media status, a 6 y east op. so solution. i'm with bush as a family is you know, nayika with seattle or get that there is room. i'll put out by someone a couple weeks. she will mirror the bus driver somewhere. still don't check a policy, she still go honest with you to possibly go green dark on. you would have to swing nichols always to snuff when will, but it should conditionally vocal to that all will smooth. what you do when you don't wish to. with alisha kaboom shows result your complete brushing you from so shrill blogger slow cry. yearly crashing with speaker asking me to bring a bottle. can you hold on just a moment? did you already possibly share to ski lead?
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i think it was a couple years. got you talk with bill gates company with key the horses last year . you really, we increased yearly bill girl with when i wiped out because i many critics asked me, oh, you have to denounce russia because russia is killing people. new crane. i civil case a. ready crime against. ready i mean enough guns from somebody i leave here with this. if it's another story we cannot compare, which way is the problem with the or behavioral criminals? oh no. you can complain or the media curve out there who quinn inside, but don't cover the russian lexia but even not mentioned always with me and the please give them will just not the vehicle she wants to make you some
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asked me give you those to me. so can you just literally she dish that when she said a, somebody at the national goes away, that was he which meant a good look. sure. if it really is, are within the ah
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i don't see this conflict as being one over values. that's not to say that there might not be differences in values between elements of the us population or elements of the u. s. leadership and elements of the russian population in russian leadership. there may well be some differences, but i don't see this conflict as having to do with that. i see this primarily as really, frankly,
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a proxy war on russia border that is being pursued by the u. s. and the neo powers . mm hm. is the aggression today, i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. a list of course. sure. as we speak on, the billing is pretty much the morning the we're we're banding all in ports of russian oil and gas, new g. i g, a with the literature from there. but if you ever heard of joe by imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang self
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with midwest and ukrainian celebrations of the deadly bombing of the crimea bridge. russia, slums, reaction is revealing what a call was, the terrorist, the key f regime, and it's nato. a leave to shell, take a school and going yes. can one of the latest ukrainian attacks on the russian city we have from some locals who are living in the line of fire? i need to take a sleeping cold because i just can't sleep anymore. ukrainian shells can hit absolutely any time. it is very scary watching our see to being shelled, but this is our life now. we are forced to see houses collapse and people die. i'm going to week talk.


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