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ah, okay, some breaking news for you now. the chief a russian investigator says the crimean bridge, it's hot, which occurred on saturday morning, came as a result of ukrainian special services. and the it is now, i will be keeping you up to date on all the latest information on this breaking news. story is just an is fresh news. so say with those in the coming hours from on that will be back at the top of the hour with more so i will see you then what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation let it be in arms. race is often very dramatic development only
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personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk with pohden is the aggressor who chose this war. today i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions with showing that i speak on the bill in your senior mostly mine, the rebranding. all in ports of russian, oil and gas turbine and imposing these sanctions are bratia. you has destroyed the american factors very boomerang by way of suffering the
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i was really hitting people in the pocket book. boys or girls was always there. i see you using a router visitor unless you this is gonna impose severe cost on the russian economy of immediately and overtime. there is some, as i stated, the that i'm there. but we have list for the social and then use that for them are started a female. this, all the emeralds, remember him absorbed it, so it did help. it's big body. how did show that 21st century is with the asians? it? russia is also an asian country and been to develop military cooperation. similar to what nato does in europe. proposals lower gibberish. officials for to swing by. look are. can you hear me a trade wallace. the search for new markets import substitution. the word sanctions has become part of outdated vocabulary neutralizer,
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find it with more and more reports of restrictions. however, sanctions has an instrument of influence and nothing new. they've been used against russia for decades. some consumer gaskets, the idea is paul derzik akins through milk of jack upstairs with how and then did the united states come up with this concept of sanctions instead of real military action operation sanctions can be imposed when you don't know what to do. does the united states want to go to war with russia over you? craig? i can tell you right now bit, that would not be a popular outcome. a given the fact that russia has 6000 nuclear weapons, we have 5500 in any war with russia will tend to cause a global temperatures rise by say, 200000 degrees. meaning the end of the world. today,
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russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing most restrictions against individuals, the rest imposed on organizations. some experts compare the measures to financial nuclear warfare when you don't have a military option. economic sanctions is the politically expedient alternative, but it's an alternative that doesn't really address the problem it's supposed to address. it's done to a fees at the most in quality. but i figure such us on the pro illness cosigner darcy's curriculum and get her lawyer out according to me as a pos the. ringback of of ship body to thanks if that was totally medina because of i am with you in the only songs which are. ringback ringback the machine. ringback a bushing engine, that's a companion law. just your video when you're rushing. yeah. but i do a polo much time. little daughter. foreseeable future with 6. i'm like,
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i'm more care wishes will kick, but the come through the song rushing. you can when you got the visa or finishing it, is just a lot of my stuff on the computer and see if you like united possibly like a book chest. you stated you below much something from the companion that's in an approach of your e 3 to you, but in there for you to study and you've done sanction. somebody creates the cause and effect relationship of the global economy that as a detrimental impact on your own economic activity. ah, you get, we get enough. we do the work lot computer comes with a squeak, beltran olives, gerald read utilities,
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what appears you know, you need to kind of goes the way in there. and she was of us just from so you know, the little, the financing for us to order shorter when they can let me can. principally, they can, you can go in and do a proposal, was what we're going to reset the shed said to see if we're having a load you need me can just email it to them. but if she's to sit around the president issue with who you sent me a here today and you mean yes, wait a minute to somebody's i usually get in with a good resource of kind. yes or you just a monger? critics don't she just was playing a little here take a little to mr. 100 plus which you can utilize. it took me to do it of the year of center won't go up. she had to graduate. she usually issue the mentally economy can
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use no. and because of the wire strand i can put on you can use up yesterday, but each of which there was a little much you need to switch or had any is moved can source of where originally for switching my it's glenda fish. i'm looking to jim whenever he met a shooter syndrome and they were there in the region. this is to mr. shack some more slower. fancy on all, or simply mean you can get away. some people say it's going to, she believe us, which is her as opposed to the machine because at the ballistic mcglochan, the moment of m. c. m store even a place to live in a serious people a lot nicer award and get your way. and they said you live in the gym some not also say, you know, she missed, but i'm an open of those are in your way need off. i didn't know the on top
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sanctions had a serious impact on foreign trade. the u. s. accused the ussr of low bowling prices for matches coal, as best us. and the manganese exported to america deposed import duties. the embargo band exposed to the u. s. s. a. v ation industry lamps my renewal, my what you, what difference on the mirror? you know, you may have a yellow speech. i was quite a few minutes, but i barely get the okay, well you got him all goals. he got to put in here and then you should write the use of them. but i was just going to say that when i put a name to that, so nominal, the bill of my share of your mouth hope was my sri. may i borrow them on fee, but because beside least of exposure, i made it easier. sure. yeah. maybe a circle,
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florida with him. yeah. pretty much that i see. so yes, conversation across the wizard or floor you're finished recording. you put in the master. talked about the mirror, balop rose for a reason and then yeah, pretty much in the cold war, the u. s. began to apply a new type of economic sanction against the ussr aimed at cutting off access to advanced technology request. mom rebel fulton, for the viet boy export number controller for americans who probably leave here slave. so you, if you go to the go to the early c abdulla critique our new forms, woochie news episode, let's say you're from a for you was all of the where, you know, believe whether the belichick of annapolis of sheer would the fish store and says go say, in the 1960s nato approved an embargo bill fanning the export of large diameter pipes, used in the truce boil pipeline to the ussr in the 1980s. a contract to supply
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17000000 tons of grain to the ussr was canceled. this was americans response to the soviet union, sending troops to afghanistan, 50 countries boycotted the summer olympics in moscow. and following an incident with a korean, boeing airflow was unable to operate flights to the united states for several years . sort of get to were good. i could say math, judas, book, daughter, or are you sure you're all pretty meaning you can let me see some said bill opinion last year. what was what i should need? your about vision is a police defeat. she asked al nissan to see. is there any mirror not or no power nor chelsea or should that yep. or why we use our coordinate color anita. we've seen enough, anita godson william in the city. the city of dublin yap knobs veronica a. i with no much thought of the miller with
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once one of the richest countries in latin america, venezuela has teetered on the verge of collapse with the last few years, a big boy renewed emerging market in order for the neighborhood warned b. or you think we should get approval pros here, approval to look at it on the honey select. the country had an abundance of oil and was almost entirely dependent on it takes bullets. and so up, you know, how are seeing us in elmira? probably when i called amir k for referral, your aim, i think, i mean they follow us elite partner also. so i had all me cath, i, pre gas or very miss willa e k password. guess we will see probably callow 4830. so if, owing the answer and to recap with me until 2013 state owned petroleum to
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venezuela was ranked number 5, among the most influential oil companies will price plunge struck venezuela's economy in 2014 strike soon followed since 2015 the white house is blocked when as well as access to american financial markets of the central bank of venezuela was cut off from international transactions. later, public debt operations were banned as well. the finishing blow to the economy was a ban on trade with the state oil company, but truly as to venezuela. as a result, in just a few years, oil production decreased almost 5 times here for the policy. and well, i guess we were figuring petroleum to venezuela, fell into disgrace off the 2018 when madura managed to get reelected for a 2nd time. that both the us and the you refused to recognize the election results
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in this very not you're not. but if it will show pheromone the say no. config carlos in 100 wild thing. i mean, we don't have many trailer in there move on up, whatever the car, you know, what if i mean people it but a little bit to it was up and looking and thought that if i knew the chest, i chose to work with mission towards something like that, but we need the stone you duck that was talking to shortly. but you know, most useful to you and certainly if you're on the machine to just what you used, chatted with those to what's the job missing? you know, i do it on the which one, which though it's near the point you see that there's not enough on your phone to let down when you get, but there's a continue to sit in that what you thought it
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will be at least well. now another one in the other, hipaa. what really, what other bullet better you know, who are not feeling better, you're going to what i saw the i guess on the real in the funding for the funding in the giving us well and if you're getting yourself or if you're a, a, c, e, a c or no from you soon. i mean, but these up on the outside and you should get up with doing this is the reality of sanctions. you are packing a civilian population with me that are just as deadly as any farmer boy, in some cases, even more so because we're dealing with diseases. so your sanctions are nearly as
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copacetic as people think some people say when we to sanctions over war because more so violet sanctions are just as violet rule. they needed both in one of the not that i'm, they're both in sick. i was over here like the way my rules. yeah. it's 11 you know, but then the other night, but really no other fema. ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation . let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i'll see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk
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rising prices for groceries in essential goods, panic and hype. this leads to empty shelves and supermarkets and retail profiteering, despite the fact that sanctions have been imposed on one country, only russia, people in different parts of the world are feeling the impact, the so called unilateral sanctions a boomerang effect on the countries that have imposed them banning all in ports of russian oil and gas emmys, russian oil will no longer be accessible. u. s. ports and the american people will deal another powerful blow to food warmish. ah, or i say, i'll say natural gas companies are making a grab wanting, which is what american worse lead right, was back to new jersey to new york. so i'm spend a lot of money. but again, if i were $35.00, get enough for the pill. imitating now, you finally, phillip,
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my diesel prices are skyrocketing, diesel is the primary fuel both transport, the fleets of trucks that make things move from point a to point b throughout the united states have just become exponentially more expensive to operate. and when the transportation costs go through the roof, transportation companies have a choice of either shutting down or transferring these costs onto their customers. and we're, we're seeing that already, the price of food is skyrocketing. there is tremendous and security right down in the market because of a lack of certainty how russian oil is going to be replaced. how, what the impact this is going to be for those are see from though in the luck with your limit. i will come in for a year from the board with you guys. so you can use what if there was a new school was going to be there and there was some busy in the vote you put your
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question for you will start right on. you want to watch his voice. you move to the story. so i don't want you to just $42.00, you probably have to start with your with your 1st job you gotta go with was or so via each month. i know this is hard and americans are already here. i will do everything in my power to limit the pain. the american people are feeling the gas. paul actually just play up an extra shaft. i'm slayer. liberties are stealing. their mother is a pretty traditional label in law, capital, capital industries to them. i knew where the worst or whether the consortium can go to the source and remove this muscle. and it starts from the city to turn this thing in the bush. and would you think you might be
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a nice mission? that's interesting, if you were open then the she said she was really, she doesn't shooting and she's from that was missing from that that was needed. pretty william, you know, as a pre teach if he's human, unless he's really, really nice for the medical facebook, he would appreciate the motion though in the, from the bus crashes. you need the internet to go to shows up with useless. she knew she was supposed to need some blood study from home because of the movement of a socialist preeminent. national. many experts predict that anti russian sanctions will follow the iranian scenario. for more than 40 years, iran has been living under a western economic blockade. the richest people generally managed to continue the
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motor segments of society and their families. they do facebook ha, generally around the world. sanctions was seen as a response to religious fanatics taking power, but it wasn't that simple of the iran statelamic revolution in 1979. the pro western shore was overthrown. the later fled the country, taking a considerable part of the treasury with him, purchased as in tehran, responded by seizing the american embassy. they took 66 stuff hostage and demanded, washington extradited the fugitive leader with the sheer clergy, led by ayatollah khomeini, had to take power into their own hands. u. s. president jimmy carter ordered iranian oil imports to be seized. irena deposits in american banks were frozen sales of military goods were band breaking diplomatic relations. the us band on exports, including food and medicine hello tortures for my daughter while you're false. he
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the bad. give me an idea. would it be more of your false thought on wish him a favor? false lesson. i'm good. mm hm. dog, payton and a william long to hear his meetings with their answers point and we'll go see a puerto aristotle controller finance. those funds are near steve graham. you machine year me at the club, you have to live in new. so dar, we're proposing your believe even considered are yet the going reason for the promotional mazda, just to run small doors, can be pseudo video, and there are dipping the atlantic revolution was a response to earlier events or 3 decades. washington and london dictated terms to tehran, preventing it from extracting oil on its own territory. after the nationalization of iranian oil, the british government and the american government created the copay,
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select interested. they were to legally elected the government of my medical center. so for a while, lesson oil companies was controlling you and resources and historical fact that, you know, i didn't know how much it was when got the wrong, got its bank gold bank, but don't make sense to technology and legal markets. the country found itself in a decades long, located suffering wave after wave of sanctions the benefit from having an economy that sought to diversify, at least on the domestic front, from an energy focused economy to have viable agricultural, in other industries that could keep the iranian people gainfully employed bullets, not under any illusions iranian people have suffered egregiously because of the
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sanction or in it's not just to help. it's also missed opportunities. you know, we live in a global community. the ability to interact with the rest of the world on a meaningful level on was denied to the iranians for many, many years, supporting terrorism, human rights violations, the nuclear missile program. all these issues were used to justify sanctions. he ran into the nuclear like the met and the other side left the agreement. so people realize that the fact that is an idea, what is that because of the doings of young and go because of the u. s. government difficulties and unkept promises and you compared the sanctions after the nuclear they came in to the sanction before iran was actually sanctioned. more after the meeting, after giving concession. this is actually true for russia. it's 240 that, that no matter what you do, the other side was the sanction you and the find some excuse
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when iran resumed its nuclear program, the west can't access to the swift international banking system. but a substitute was found to evade us sanctions, germany, france, and great britain launch instincts the instrument in support of trade exchanges. a swift equivalent here undecided to do been you and was cut off from the swift system, was developing a phase of trading. for example, barter, trade, exchange goods, you avoid the normal banking system. you know, it started to develop front company companies that when you looked at them to witness union company, what does it linked to eat? onion entities, john islam bo, yeah. had obesity about all your a how he avoided as so do you do
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a lot of these simoli on recall ph. be an equinox cafe. make the saudi emeralds. where more in absorb it. so to columbia is thick body need should ass jang. so you are yeah. man. ready next to shaw show no, but saw monet that at all. nope. no, no. lee, you are on the sun. nat g g a tatic g bay if fraud you get here though. hailey van model kelly. jew earhart, a gees. so the to decided to have a long term plan of going out and sanction, having good relations and then countries that like to work with, you know, monetary resources of the world is going to asia as trained military capabilities is developed quite sophisticated in asia. russia is also an asian country and we need to develop a military cooperation similar to what nature does in europe. stylish
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thought a she led switching into to so whenever can i me just share says up with them for. ready which as it comes to streaming throughout some through online, but groups in stuff like company with any of the buttons to grow sharing and entrepreneurs. and you're waiting for foods with maybe one or 2 you said was looking into the ban kesha furnished on it or conflict, or that he should sir. jim store a few of the biggest thing, a big strategic group one would put in by right now, and we've been boucher or leave me yet. countertops will stay in your most british feeling what to the physics for a shill. bob kia, rushing decline, the children wants to go over to an actual hospice that i now seconds can inter coiling belichick him a workshop when you were here. we're here to, we're still the best thing when you veers to rush it, we're going to will ensure there's a should switch. and shit is a rush as good relations with the most populous nation on the planet, china, in the world, a, an economy that drives the global economic machinery. russia has great relations
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with india, the 2nd most populous country in the world. again, with a thriving booming economy, their rush is thoroughly integrated. and what have we noticed in the post sanctioned environment? neither china nor india had joined in these sanctions. they both are working with russia to continue economic cooperation, tendon, gun law bush over that. she may share leeway in dublin debt to buy some nice booster cargo when it wound treatment. don't quarter. what do you weigh? a 110? don't toyota's up able. how done the job creation you need for british tradition conflicts. jim. i need to go through by review it or not additional stuff,
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but we got shooting and nothing. so sharp dealing with the petition that part of europe is could be the buses to that issue. most of it. okay. second sure. we present button will be speaking to president, she tomorrow, and will make clear that china will bear responsibility for any actions. it takes to support retrogression and we will not hesitate to impose cost the solution that you will. you will see that the machine will be the sharp premier. let me let them do a little 1st. let me stop it today. can you, which seems to me in 3 months, a, me a period because you know, they start to, you know, what, you know, we can just and my list you pretty much in the quick. i just you, can you just the worst tool with no, we can now we can just go to my history. she was up with them a new story to play with it. and what we believe teachers can deal with the teacher
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could he just told us go to other upstairs. they, it was, it was in his brothers and to the you are missing to go to show same stuff the group you get this and, you know, national was global, new me to put in because i was in, you know, cisco remove oh oh ah, with
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any news on the international, the deadly bombing of the crimean bridge was an act of terrorism by your cranes at the court services. that's according to rush is a chief investigative who said the attack was a crippling, vital pavilion infrastructure with at least 2 shells. hit to school in don't yet, one of the latest do training attacks on the russian city we have from some local to living in the line of fi. i need to take a sleeping pill because i just can't sleep anymore. ukrainian shells can hit absolutely.


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