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ah sherwood social, or the other woman ah, the republic of moldova ranks is one of the poorest countries in europe a small door if it doesn't last uncle, nor issue my good mother when he was an annual g. d. p per capita is about $4000.00 euros and even the paltry amount is mainly made up of remittances, central abroad by migrant, moldova workers, la garza, we can talk following on the lawn, premiere with the economy revolves around agriculture over children when you lots to pamela walker, with republican mobile was there to slip up on a primary asking for grad,
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pursuing in kids bottling presley or pushes. dynamo, bellanca marcy, you saw at a $1000.00 and got out a daughter a job on employment is off the charts. moldova territorial integrity and sovereignty are we respect the country, which enjoys financial support from the u. s. and the you is constantly rocked by political and corruption scandals. but all that didn't stop mold over obtaining e u candidate status in 2022. and revisiting the possibility of re unification with romania. it's interesting because my day the boarders emerged as a result of the ussr being dissolved, fabricate, partially underwood,
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which is in the 1990s there was a gross and national consciousness. as in other parts of the former soviet union. what actually happened was civil war. blood was spilled over territory, nationalists demanded that the moldova state language should be remaining effectively. some said that the romanian language equated to moldova, but moldova authorities didn't recognize other nations as equal at the time that was held, the unrecognized trans mystery in moldova republic emerged on the right bank of the near the river and ga garcia, an autonomous region within moldova, emerged in the country south. ah, the carpet festival is one of the most popular events in ga, ga, was here, the autonomous regions celebrated every year. a boy. yes. oh,
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nathaniel and valentino honor darcy's tin. gotcha. they're not just a musical jewel called yesterday. they're also husband and wife jacob. missed him with her and then we'll up on the bottom of his english this is their farewell concert, me. hi, ellen valentino and their 4 children are going to russia for good purpose, but the by them to have people going to was it was, it was the normal guy. you know, now we can finish our car on english bushnell, you place your theatre with soaring prices. for gas and everything else, the family of sex simply can't survive in moldova. mary wyndham really believes it's not true. paula: a cousin that girl's coin some we do
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malloy a platinum nation with said she just got pointed to the mother's a some i love your discussion which your physical avoid. frustrate sheila pleasures. what data montoya to what he for a book? no, he only 1st reason ah, the criminal case was brought against the well known kitchen, young journalist and blogger, nikolai castillo, and he has published numerous pieces about how descent is systematically suppressed in moldova water. somewhere thrash me. she woke up dora dug by yontsa voiced you moldova, my a sundry party up us near to the ground come up. good boy, a store. if the was a public warner media, you know, only the mark you she would use if you could speak to us who grew
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up dodge was he's young. talk last. he just 1st would your small boy cookie, but he's like here not sleeve. my 1st freeze humor. would be but he saw stood now from this will does mushroom when you're missing with the keys, he's like user to look be supposed to live with the media, me up by the serious go. so you get the new palmer i village. jim clooney will you 50 just like i am in my son, don't you come friday with over 30 years of independence. moldova has literally been swamped by non governmental and nonprofit organizations. in the 1990s there were only 38. today there are $14000.00 and the largest are in one way or linked to the serous
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foundation and received $20000000.00 a year. i pull those funds, the recipients claim must bend on democratic development in the country in keeping moldova on each democratic pass. incidentally the head of state lie acendo as a direct relationship with the foundation. she was a policy consultant and then joined the source foundations. moldova bowed. many of her supporters who now work in parliament went through the same recruitment process . ah beardley, my son watched rashly santa santa katara are dealing with a lot of money for them, but it just about to chin you've or daughter was here last night with mold or get upset with me for dish calling you with our mouth. so anyway, my was that he would ship to st mold, little when you ah, he think came over them. he stood him all those feet. she does this easy, she missed you, michelle. she should do most the get a little bit longer. yes,
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you would. at the beginning is winnie thought. should watson mulberries. your preachers get pushed because it interest alerts, which is that about possibly want to book shares and brush nickel julia. tom jones . natasha. what i suppose regret of with it. don't change that vehicle upon the right type of don't go to the person with somebody. animal ross representing the luxury vehicle, which is a brochure. and i didn't want to leave garcia. she loves her homeland and language . the children and mother live here. she has a big house with a small garden, but now she's one of many young mothers for whom immigration is a given asia, why the destination is that what they're stating? it's, and i mean, what's the magic mad thing in? and his husband is a construction worker like many, moldova, he often works away in russia. he's not at home now either he works and his family can make ends meet. well, a good that have what they to succeed young, she's can when. so that took down my subsidiary cc'd soon. i gene glam emotions
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cause i to have enough funding me. what can your sweet to, teen dogs are groceries please? he led the clinician with 3 bitterly cock my mamma boys busy. this chile, blighted as though ghastly sloan booster. did the sheet you did it this year? resume my please. sure. it in there. 3 millard that has been selling you guys would switch it around a caucasian, brilliant engine. oh, do you want to hear about moving more? madame pretty gesture this tony. it's jojo at bhaskar machine. you're welcome to gather to follow the normal bowl. amelia korean. the mold, all are causes of valon look and emissions could pull the ship of summer is so short. inflation has been the highest on record in europe, exceeding 33 percent real wage and then from growth is half that for food inflation,
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moldova ranks tents in the world just behind, beefy opium. the countries external dantas shot after $9000000000.00, household debt levels of the highest, the country has seen in 20 years. oh, a neighborhood, a good movie. i'm from european new here before the worst. you don't have to write . oh, what are joy losses? i did the ladybug when you warm up later with amway jones dormer hurt him. a new creature. brother, you know we ought to pay them him. lou lou, you go that new quote. us moving into your that a motion? i was mad. your toner, cold beer. jenny, the dead yard survey gunshot is a successful moldova farmer. he has 80 hector, as of land, but all his successes mean almost nothing. now, the agricultural sector, which can't survive without credit and state support, his honest elevation, diet to abilities, who, who of great waterloo these corn and wheat fields,
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straddle the boulder with ukraine? what communism prosad? cuz it is a bizarre. you would have a quote, zoom longer with you, but the quote, but he couldn't get the quote get you a let go. stress no words i did. yes, there is no close to last night. the dog would you die, she god will get dyson. what is it let you are so bad me, lou on the vieira that i did not louder saying, but you cover them up. would you away? yes, because your mom did wanna yes. but does anyone you don't lose them. i mean, been a boy that about the brought to so i will not so cool, but i mean is full. so she has all the years of if you miss you, louis, should you can you put out a post? of course all it took a was god about us, keith, could he thought he was starving in the luxury, not golden as being used. he took a menus. i am a, what does cause i to put it into a new ship of that just
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a little over major law. police just need to be completely of what is in the for the air force is going to get acid. what does ramp a master in peril? you'll caught him with my insurance when i'm prepared to put that. yes for you about your role in their deal as a productive some are all you're not sure people lodge for issue i'm done with always be just what i mean. yeah. order. just you get much better to use your cell phone. i mean, that's your order. i mean, you mean yes, but that is going to use this became older. i don't stop me cooking because i think you've missed the learning. not someone at the list coming up with your car washing machine you receive comes to worst odyssey scripting health plan year. you're here for the following year. was at rustling in the 3 me same countries with the cooks thing in the marcellus. busy anymore we credited any myth boma easily could not to lose number differences when each you can a patella's, a peachy kitchen is placing
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a little issue weaker than you. but when you believe she was in 30 years of independence, moldova has had 6 presidents, 3 of which were acting heads of state. all these years, the country has swayed between sides from russia to romania and back to russia. my acendo is moldova is 1st woman president, she positions herself as anti corruption before entering politics. my us and to work for the world bank as an economist and kitchenette and as an advisor to the chief executive in washington. during her presidency, she practically undid all of her political opponents efforts. her main opponent, eagle de don, is under house arrest. the opposition party leader helen showed is on the run. wanted internationally his right hand. marina talbot is out of jail, but under house arrest and it's not just politicians. any one who publicly
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disagrees with mildred was political course. seems to be subject to criminal prosecution. but i won't go going with them when you might put that settings that uses to problem to squeeze stiffly up on yoga. but in but on saying, oh for started up was 12 novella. when you go find that navy ship than you published will go over to that you stretch of some pretty to skip with. yes, i will post mortem for pover children when you're not supposed to be on those across the road, but it's public html bullet. busy he read them smoothly when we lemme the performance of watching rationally. premium, says don, you're good, laughs law on wednesday, august last name, the greedily voice adapted most of us, ponca. i want to call it what 3 he mentioned that he needed for much more than one disaster. that's new to them. and yet he was just fucking mean support that i chased the silk again. justine and that i me only in the near princely, freshest lineup. mold bellanca nazi. you're presently official. animal bhaskar is a car,
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and he doesn't you please leave marshal grinning. protocol mister questioning pondered pistol, looked at her bare sinkter clinic tomorrow. her sister melinda jet, the children gyla daughter, glen cha, doors thought there. you're saying what a $1000.00 that are single outside of those other means and i knew it was good or we knew mulder one in? no, no it's not almost communicate last almost year to move when you was really severe, good people flee moldova on mass. it is a major demographic problem, almost a 3rd of moldova citizens now live outside the country. most have moved to russia. they leave alone in groups and with their families. mil and valentina are going with their 4 children. i believe you're still my model blacklist. affordable is issue for you once in just my garden. you lou, most of luck. white you must talk earlier. prospect mr. no cookie,
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my supervisor really low, much mueller core as though lead to the legion in smotts with no miscellaneous, not the board in the chisel. the little girl who chin shut political emotion. the su busch family will remember this road from dover to russia for the rest of their lives. anxiety over their trip as even passed on to their children. so far they've only crossed one boulder with romania and they still don't know if they'll even get into russia or at all. or will that last virtual barrier appear in front of them? ah ah
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oh, when i was shopping wrong when i just don't hold any world to shave out. disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh, slab on board i with digital school, with gog level on life. buck lawyer, bring your life spoiled. but hope with, with valentina crossed 5 countries and travelled,
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2500 kilometers, slept in the car and lived on instant mails at feel stops all with their children. but finally, they make it to russia. a typical working good is in the finish line. where's moldova was thrown up at night champion of music but duly granted, the believing that it was possible to win the selina, moldova was staying on the hood. it was a vision of him. when next one must be well polite in it anyway, was the one that had been to come all the weapons with mister king ashamed yet that 2 inch pensive are injured. won't pull mimic the concord command, them murder for a bus. the at that point which attended information about water, a dental car shot to the sample before
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i knew that the customer relationship animation were to my mom not to read or model what she kinsey was she needed to yet i not sure if of, with the school in michigan television, a morton, you put the wrong ear canal, a new post. not a thought. i knew the least really eager to done branded by the current government as pro russian could have stayed as president for a 2nd term. the election was very close with the gap between him and son due within the statistical margin of era. the 2nd ballot was needed, but external support for sandal proved decisive. i got for giving you about always my son kind approach you can get up with the one i does the show presenter, but all cyclic you nissan quest here after ashley rapidly around their primary consti soon moldova territorial integrity and sovereignty are we respect addition
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years i'm a law pretty my so your word token to more good. manish with prosource for younger south america, casino malware. kronos in that particular situation. did they let him? of course i had to jelly coke. deli soberly acquaintance really into mulder was main sponsor for now is the united states, but funding is only given with certain conditions. after russia launched a special operation in ukraine. cushion of immediately made it clear that although it remains neutral, it will stay in the euro atlantic fairway and condemn moscow's policies since february the 24th, the united states has given moldova $75000000.00 in humanitarian assistance. of nearly a $124000000.00 for economic development and security. in the summer of 2022, washington promised kitchen of another $64500000.00 to maintain democratic and economic stability. money from the u. s. and e,
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u pays to maintain the state apparatus. meanwhile, ordinary citizens barely make ends meet and cannot even send their children to school. anna is also about to leave the country. what she has got her detection toilet lighting yarn, the kids and the cock motion of per kilometer ditty. stuff was separately gunk of school logisticians news. i was go with it or nothing for the show camp. a thought we showed which will and you will you really young's man of quit about and crashed or color submission school is in course the sh dentist teaches available last it are both the most with it is only 2, but of course we'll put revenue bull mouse with this 3 milestone go do for a story when, when, if so she is thought out, take you more girls them with school clara middle boy, you would just, you know, marcel was rashawn water, water blah absorbs or read them, which certainly gift to relatives away laughter force balls,
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deplorable. give it image in a significant other fields and you're supposed to technology, you could put out a book at most. i put it across my when you mild yesterday we took notes or should be able to use a story through ministry deals. latrina ha ha, would be via for full time in prestige feel really young. moldova rewriting history to restoring statues of romanian nazi a light world war 2 soldiers at the bill of the radio vases, federal way union thesis should be full for water for uminski. there dr. rossi rupert, like a whole bunch d and your b r i bit the check was, you know, about mobile van or now they might even the color im obama can on frankie looked up another matter. my sister, sean faculty, mathematical stuff like that. once she is in the, the national flight, go forth that equal to do on what's on the out. penske woman in our middle didn't want to one of the boy. i see a plus camila. you gotta be in it,
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it just shows and i see 01 because that you know, it's who you are. what you back with the model look of was it your skin not with younger versus more with mr. wellness. east tennessee massey. similar to korea. mm hm. do you come down long enough? them like nuclear tim's ticket machine marketing has be paid nationally. the typical will be able to ski and sec, maloof, schoolteacher. i thought and one of them was to move us people near looking book. i'm not sure they need to talk with luke of who was, i'm not going with us. was only thing. it was a short last, so you jot those 0 and, you know, was the economy kiska will usually more deal with or so
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absolute than the shopping mall. bought a semantic, clearly a tory, if big for you would you suffer from when you start with somebody and you are people on y'all's bull lane, my old one square. i've seen douglas with the leukemia of life. the horror movies you wish life a bullet. beautiful with a lot of noise used to make fairly sober. you want to celine your fruitful ah. in 2022 gas prices have rocketed so high that it isn't just city administrators and pensioners having to look for alternatives. but entrepreneurs to they've had to abandon tried and tested technology. it borders on the absurd when mueller is used instead of gas. pi, we afford, like a one, any money. i love does that. we've got
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a i plus with philip forbidding to pay it to what it is good figured out for the latest opinion. the goth right. that is a den purpose brand new grandma who did believe about. masha need to figure square people not to grab the phone that would be at the shop with best buy. i thought, oh my god, mother, when you i was just the met the voicemail box with the new switch from they'll get the sites. i don't know it ross, new confusion. flo will we are the only flaw with the way home. go to wish gear, school abuse, because i didn't get out of preseason the way it took several days for anna play. for many other migrants from go was year to get to russia. she now lives in new
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moscow with her husband and children. with a week later, senior problem that he can you and us, we me a little, sammy persevere, the 3 new problem. i me. busy as anna made her way to russia, the moldova and security services sent their units to combat the capital of got go with the news. what else to it's a bit out the flu. she with what she's choice, what your school bush. she thought, so i'll do more research, which you are possibly, thomas the intake, a cost guarantee he's putting us through them. he's good, go was steam, had to be made to determine how to reduce keeping the stream. like you saw stuff, i see losing you hooked up again. yes. when you do do my app, so somebody will for you to lose you by yourself, almost will not a foot. what's more for you when you're special service, you can use them sure to was with degree and they've got snow grain. you know the
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look of good. because if it's even the move wouldn't, but that's sort of a protein. yeah. it's just ruins folder. you're still a to to you? yeah. use of the clue. i'm mobile recruiters do 2 percent in the cool my the yeah. like when your nearest cross my with my with i'm not going to take a seat. i bought it new to the browse in the middle of a shot at the casino and the guy wouldn't ship nor into the similar. the mold door was like a slash b, as the heat of the year was motionless. chest mulder was fixed on chester when the base with you in this with you. what that each with a much go with you for your program? a bunch of that good stuff with my just even about the with my son,
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the general dollar tomato, daily total pick out of stuff. last of the report to come all the homework for to part the going to know what i found out a little money. bob. more do the work on his was possibly a woman that joe puts in the romans center dashboard corner when she got out a little doors, a thorough manish. i want one of them is in there with us. i think with this is the final point of michelin valentine has fullest margin. they rented a basic flat in a block in western moscow. many migrants share a similar fate. their parents usually stay in moldova. and it's the broken ties to her, the most. a
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and your goal was to play this microphone when your computer, the se busch family is essentially starting again from scratch in moscow. and it's what most mothers face today for them. it's a game of survival, a oh, i live with the deal, lowest ones with real honest with project
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with engineering that the with the with you let your vehicle currently with motion school a little money done love with your school in with either with look forward to talking to you all, that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human
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beings except where such short or is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too late truck rather than a take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with i .


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