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ah, i think you've got the stuff that we've seen and we've been a week since i was showing a little was reason in we only action dallas to move center of chicago and also to move the queen from pretty at the so please. so mr. ashley, with this mission of property in getting me out of madison. so what are the products that should cynthia about the move, the socials, who sees to see the way to finish conceding those up when you marginal distortion above it could not like a key. so, but still to know who that is because we don't reach and willa ah, ah susan, there you go. mr. leslie? yeah, gets louise von you? yes. just do 70 sophia, you national not on by what?
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yes. but 30 are all done a lot off. but he thought you will not argue with him. i skied wealthy. the are the gums i do further, but it wouldn't not sure of a what like you porch with munoz. i would put on some of them. it is fancy. yes. yes sir bruce door. shut it off. no, by letting our door to rainy yard. we'll sell you some work at least the done. yes . cuz she doesn't when you hit them my little beam out. i bought thought e. yeah. which in that usually a score to us? no, we wouldn't get close. she me? oh, more oh,
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really? yeah. mama moody back with me. oh, well this is jeanette just for josh us answering for i would think i'm willing a stumper famous. 2 0. ready i
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show me ah, ah, that was the one in the summer, but it's just new water and lots of settle. kidley shit, those can fill them when you're not an instrumental to kind of don't want to cast a ah stevens. you told them when growing machine a fearful sugar low some cry modal look up. shouldn't
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show us more home louis with the group isn't. she has consulted prior to dealing with the region and h, hillary and we couldn't get rid of the funds for dealing with us in the both going in the concrete ways, listening below it should be 2014. and i know that the last and that about the still live and the us bit of a boy let you know or that she is considered to order the soon the finish with the hill. i'll look skyler commander
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village. kind of nice ball with ah ah, triggered company feel and need it all approved by the local, local fall is what the was 9. yeah. my but a leave. it's the other way. i wish and bill has thought i had a cell phone on my son hill that was for me to go with the stay on the on with been in the last so i we're on the bill. i don't but i'm us. choose the electrical, her all the the with me as the slow down. we're still homeless in excess out those that a whole new. yeah. look, the spiritual washing off of the support from me
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. i mean, the lot issue with the content in the walker, just so i don't know what that was for the for sure. that the initiative for them to put a push out to kim told them until the end of november 30th invoice. and of course shibel over at the post fuck the usual scholarly of short i o, let me know what was about for the complex which was saddam, but it can be here at the water is just an inch or what on the printer. so no, no, me, there's a specific manual should have been able to answer any pretty well. it looks like
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i've got to go from there to start. i mean, that was thought of like philip was in the room, but because we want to move it on. i went to the office and said, would you say no more showing them politician? there was no, they would have put them leslie with the machine. yes. it will. it will appear on the cell phone, which it says room if it's more complex. if you're who implement, should she just shoot as a board though? some of my opinion is we're sure of the month the case was and he wasn't repeal fish with that unless you bar off of monitor share this book and you sympathize and initially assist with this all in one of his discontent. simple problems here. mr. new postal don't want to talk to me again. so with the younger stalling limping solution lead to the free repeal some of the guess. what with
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leslie sheila sahalina, i'm sorry. my name is janice. what's going from march of got on until and when you officially put baker to it. but the most mature has been about mostly in the front . oh, but it's your mother gotten worse. cars double clicked, you are a problem. if carver kicked you would have battleship was, would be to destroy my bill. is it on the ear? chest is near which near the but of woodson? the singing? yup. a pile of space came on. usually the broad summer from us. they had to know shout mr. francois modem with which did a lot, some good won't be able to put a voice on just didn't revolt. but those are covered on the most basic lot say is neela or francois initial shorter one. you're not that the kicker,
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the down that she was from a bit of thought, so you will nip up all speed. skip it. almost all just to kill. you could have danced. underwear and you what those rece console us on results from some shall i have, which does she like to non thumbnail with a level? she'll have she lucky that out of you went on just under the gun. them it was you my after i only was she? not sure yet. we've been use them up, but the money she still out of a college like them up shemelle present on you. it is your district. yeah. and i can get stuff pushed to not m e c just yet by yielding as go. she don't want. ah no,
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yes. oh, no, no, no, ha. ah, ah, is she there used to us here to pick up a vinegar cds that's in a in e was a she shut he uses, she said, but i mean, yes, but the most the issue was yes. at that i see a story which in laura spots i today love that guys. you jen yet there which interested open you. my g says to withdraw dorsen, you cheer you up a cup and you move to my am you said this post 2nd with you know? yeah, i, i, i, you, so yes, i did. i know i saw a threshold
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a i'm, i'm with a god bless him. ye father with him here. come all foremost reason you civil at the vienna what you see small an opportunity, nothing mad, but are you on the us not noiseless stuff. what i gosh, what are your muscles and to you and you get everybody you, he's going niche new to the $30.00. you my, my brain. here she goes to a unit, a bombed e national about shot at there's
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a she side by side sitting a 44 shit you again with blue, with, [000:00:00;00] with you on for
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a long see. but the more a new to this no longer he was your line. you must margarita from. she will not kill you. yeah. yeah. we're seeing, you know, you were interested. i know more. yeah. which was a national super store. i'm me and your home or from feet by them we are a do my you will still my daughter. ah, i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, accept where such order conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than a very job with artificial intelligence. real,
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somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with a new deal. no exposure to deal with project. whatever with motion school,
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little bit of the money done love schooling with i there that would limit ah, with industry i'm historical. just look up, some of natalie mussels around noon noon. she doesn't being in the green shield on a nurse to me as possible. mamma cook girls goose creek to somebody. tamika, but i put his ashley uh this. it wanted to work with one of 3. instead of cool possession. did you bring out my put the key for the cima in
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metal orange arrive, something like that. we got, that was there with that. have that the i me, i didn't was interested personally beloved by this number. what is the, tell us what is the news that i need to know if we'd be back in the middle of the
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spot where it was, but we still, we still personally speak talking with the, you know, we sort of wellness the much that you say to more similar, me i really get the most up. pico carmina, moran. well, it listed play crazy. if we were finished edition there actually me wasn't sure it was dark stuff back ups are really were the new part of the rules q here.
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my should is that you might somebody at some of the flesh and was not to do not see a few months from fuel park to start. the tourist suddenly saw with all the parking scheme, i'm sure you bring them on when you start our yeah me, i'm pretty with the most short the other for you. it's me like one course. oh good to you. we thought that it was a women that you, tom, judy will. what do you make this piece video? good for him to be was sealed me now. vignettes with brushes doing did, and it's still, it's even we brought up pretty horrible. unable a family, a nickel, because i talked to somebody that could change it all my classes, somewhat chill steps. if you that you it was that you put a little j e. bring you still believe me some credit to provide them the women i thought the doorway by little story and have a set of friends that as you i, it's
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a, it's a know we give me an idea. snare legion is still really in your way, and i just went on that. but in worship the good when i shall be spectacular just yet. when i speak, you said that he only has a brilliant water meal, stout, that i buy the momento to get that. i split the him all at the not at the staff. mm hm. for most schools will start one of these machines, stores jewish has conditions. what do you do in those? it is a while and knowing them just then my work was when you start boating, scholarly cheat is 3 cesar to michelle. i'm with what that lisa, barley wish. if sure, if you all citizen yet, or the only means you know,
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don't get bustle. my will plenty more junior store clark with wellstar medical body issue, a garage suit, and that does include the dental stuff done and went through, but he had to use both food. so thank conditionally we're still in the was about the just good a move them because i spoke with jim such us because they're using i v o and so forth. was issued by the way, your secretary, if you can wear them with their believe me soon with for the boy is on the floor to coerce coin was from the a didn't like me to stay with the pretty but you my storm one the speak to a service that will thank you will slow here, so snow with me,
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probably quicker to do so much change in the video doc. let's check. one of them is a new violet. so this the service that only hold it and we stop right behind for the standard that allows this was sort of sterling way of sorts. and peter scott here, when you're pretty, pretty sure with what is some of those are sort of push, pull out a little too soon. really on with the spider at the community about the hold up of yours for us, but still in your 100 smith wanted me to put in congestion which is sabrin because i'm searching for children. ross information has been a b. s come in,
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but almost a $1000.00 short of failure. we just took them with a bump and i'm not sure what to tell them. yes. suppose it was this one of course. sure. unless you could keep the kid a pin. she just the cooking, the bulk of those kids. on the alarm, live sugar football. amy near my list of body a top premier idle sama upon rhythm. one call to sean kidmore. here this property is just to keep a facility as a child. socially. this is to do that. it's a venue somewhere near snellville. amused then we're going to pull up was wanted to be a but which in cook with the richard bishop with a bonnet cast artist of the show at the con. yes. now cha jolla, g a month if it does it in whistler hoarded cartilage position law, women. yeah. they could have been in below aimlessly neutral on your yeah it's, it's a new group, breasts. and then your daughter, the 4th of november,
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is they get a deal as many as can see nearly happening on that. yeah. quite a graffiti squish color on the get the what the middle was that is demolished though. i mean, yeah. could you give them a call during it because then you had scanned that ins come with she would like somebody to oh i linda. yeah. what shelly was christopher, what she listened to not filiette is portia, might that that will give it a go. she's casually private in my school, the up us, the bill was close to the spectrum, but in your credit, guy, she wrote your something more that was slid the back windshield, but she knew of high custom, which she shook with florida even stuck in the choice where at the city country, ah,
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i stuck a pretty system on the i did sir, is dealing with ashley and usually the phone assist with diets and i took them for tea a believe but was stopped by the store and i did to mister, so there's don't talk about crow, his own store. no, it is. it's less cut out. i mean, yup. chase doris brushwood settled. come with a bullet struck my things as his steel is too little. that actually steal them all. we have a pretty jealous watching with the doctor. you wanna blow his motions even to start on the, but i see leon,
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you must put it was his ideal dumpsters amazingly chosen with other his look of water. he what they do shows shows you see the reasoning that they am, which is just the thought of would 30 to morning cuz no one can miss summers to bring you my should the other you can have done both because the new year's eve believe it was at the blazing lake social feast for that all of us potentially. so we'll put a bundle oh oh gosh,
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i show the go for the football football initiative. last possible. sure. the whole sure. that's what i was looking for. the rest of the church actually will gladly fashion the furniture only to show the room but the light from the highest i'm off the phone. can you not? and that's what went on.
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oh oh the oh fast. is it your hawk on we're? we're smarter in i'm a sure already this month. reach it on autopay at the more can when you will. so we're just social numbers of the month or whatever. so the promo or the mutual social spec, yahoo, most cousin doug new, are you in the hospital here? more yes, yes. to know at the nearest, i'll pass them bullish. i'm still women is a good woman. was something were to work on a daily frost of some of ah,
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in the united states has always had a variety of tools to use and tax on other countries. economic sanctions are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries that you're talking about here. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. so we have a responsibility for the whole world and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be k b o
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a to fill out the scene becomes the advocate. an engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground a do you live muscles. if you look on the initial, you want to club not to get a can use to put body when you do the origin, but you also the was done those
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a what i see the skinny bus is the little gear motivation, says diesel, you don't both . ah, r t obtained confidential, se documents, apparently highlighting the missions reluctant to condemn the ukrainian army attacks on the dawn bass region. they aren't even releasing call, may be towards ukrainian army so that they don't stablish their artillery foreign positions in what is supposed to be. what was supposed to be them? 80 militarize zone, and also indirect vicinity probably over. oh, we see facilities with china discussing a new 5 year development plan,


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