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ah, i think you got the stuff that we've she and we've been at work 6 i was showing a little was recently reaction diagnosed to move center of chicago and also come with the so please a semester ashley with this lisa snell property in. yeah. putting me on the mazda 6, what are those broadway? that should cynthia about the move, the social's insidious to see the words a finish conceding was up when you marginal distortion of bob. it could not like i p so, but still to know who the nation cook with don't reach him will. ah
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ah susan. yes. mr. cbs again. yes. so please via you. yes. just do 70, sophia, you national? not on by what is but 30 are all done off by the people that you will not puzzle. i skied healthier. the are gone to the dorm further, but it wouldn't not sure. but anyway, like you porch ah, yes i would put on some of the me yes. wrong. see? yes, yes sir bruce door, shut it off. no, but i live in our door to lane a yard will sell you some work, at least the done yesco sheet on when you hit them. my albumin, i bought r e o,
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which in the dealership is coral us? no, i was little get cuz she me oh oh yeah ha moody bossa with blue. oh, this is jeanette just for josh us and training for i would think i'm willing a stumper famous was. 2
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0. ready i me ah, ah me. pam was the one yeah. the voice. but it was just water wants to settle kidley shit for them when you're not an instrumental to kind of don't want to cast a ah stevens. you told
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them when rowing machine a fearful sugar low some cry modal, look up the issue and show us more home. louis with the group is that she has consulted prior to dealing with the regional children from the community, but loose obviously what i'm dealing humble, as i said was in the both. we've been in the concrete ways, listening below chippy sales. and i love about the they will live and the us there were boy machine hours or that she can protect your order. and soon the soon
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the show with this whole look started ship a commander village. kind of nice ball with me. ah, ah ah, triggered companies feeling needed all approved by the local, local fall is what the was done. you know, but my, but a leave. it's the point i wish and bill has started sale on the phone with us to deal with that. there was no for me to call it the material will stay on this with been in the last. so we're on the phone, but i must choose the electrical, her all over the with me as the last love. we're still homeless except those the
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whole i knew. yeah, it will not be spiritual washing this report on your smart me . ah, then you know, leave the lot issue with the content in the walker to fill out on what that was put in your the for sure. that the initiative for the play shelf kim told them i told them when there's any permission, but nobody ever sent you the invoice for the course lunch. and that's supposed to talk to one of the of short do i. oh skinner. nice thought it was about for the company, which was saddam, but it just can feed periods of water is just what i'm putting so no, no,
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believe me me this is priscilla manuel should have been bizarre. yeah. able to answer any feeling pretty well. it was like, i couldn't get the full story that only that the store or the waltz in the room, but because we want to move that on the so what did off center would you say no more showing them politician. there was no with him on the last name with the machine. yes. pulling up your cellphone, which is wrong if it's more complex. you who implement should she just showed as though some of my pianist show of the month of my case was then it was a repeal fish with those actual bar off of cash market share. we spoke euro sample pricing issue system, but there's only $1.00 vis. discontinue simple problems here. when you post on, i wanted to mention with y'all stalling limplin felicia, lead to the free repeal some of the guess. what with
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leslie sheila, selina, i'm sorry my dear. you know what's going on? i might have got on until i don't want your social for pick up to it. but the most mature asked about mostly in the front. ah, but it's your mother customers, cars, double click chiva. absolutely. if carver kicked, what about the last name was bullet to destroy my bill? is it on the ear? just his name was near the but of woodson, the singing? yep. a pile of space came on. usually the boarded somehow from us. they had to know . shes mr. francois modem, ah,
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which did not some good to won't be able to put a voice on just did not waive all but those are going to dom monica said. lot say of neil us. oh, francois mitchell shorter one. you're not that the kicker, the don mitchell. i am a bit as odd so he will nip up all speed. skip it, almost all, just to kill. you could have danced underwear and you what those east console song results from some show here, which does she late and on some of it with renewable. she'll have she lucky that out of you. went on just on the gun. them it was you. my after i only work, she. not sure yet. we'd been use them up at the money she still out of college like up she mo, resign you. and she does your district. yeah. and i can get stuff pushed to now them e 6 just yet by using his go. she doesn't want ah
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no, yes. oh no. oh oh oh, is she there used to us here to pick up a vinegar cds. that's in a she shut he uses. she said that, i mean yes, but the most the issue was yes. at that i see as that is which in laura spots that you do love that guys you jen yet to which in turn it open you my g says to withdraw door, listen, you cheer you up a cup and you move to miami, share this post. second with you i i, i you so yes us with no, no, no, it's
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a really good with a i'm a. yup. wouldn't a god bless him. ye fun father with him. he'll come for motion. reason you savoy at the vienna, but you're not too small. an upper chief, nothing mad but there, you'll know us not noiseless stuff. when i go to give material myself to you and
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you get everybody you, he's going to see your snake any $30.00 even while you're playing. he or she goes to with okay, moment he now shows about shot. does that she shot by side sitting 44 shit, yahoo, g a o here with with you on for a
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new to this no longer was your line. you must monthly for sure. not a no more. she was now you were it was to run no more interest. guston, adams. my see your national super store. i mean you're what dollar from see by them we're conditions abuse. does she is just the a do my you still my daughter ah, a blog post estimate sure i keep a twinge, quit document on the bus and then potentially move things for me. but i'm going to push with
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a different benefits. you won't have to push a demo will push that to feel like we have to watch a bunch of them are you are in the picture where it is using this tool. when you go to the broker insurance card, we've got to go for these companies here. to got the new book with more than i did this, kimberly they put us. 5 on this and we just, let's put a boy e. yeah, i would estimate because i started for the last note with a, with a little so to was for the on the head a late. what is her just to let the spend a minute accordion with
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with look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such short or is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear a take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect his phone existence with
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the i me i didn't was interested perfectly beloved. but with this number, what you tell us, what is the news that i need to know? we've been looted in let me look at the spot where it was, but still we still personally speak talking with the we normally use that word is
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exactly much that it was human. let me ah, me, we could start really get the most cut up. pico carmina, moran. well, it listed our player. crazy of see where we're finished at a show. me wasn't sure it was dark stuff back. yeah, you, my brother, but i really didn't peter oscar here. my should is that you might somebody, it's on the flesh and boys, and i do not see
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a stream from school park ridge. they've suddenly sun with all the parking scheme when she related to the mom when you start our yeah me, i'm pretty. was sheila, your good short the other for you sneeze like one course. oh, good to you. we thumbs their bones. the women that do you, tom, judy will, would you make rich fees fit if could put it to be was sealed me down vignettes with brushes to do the new still. it's the move brought celebrity, you hello, board unable, if someone could open it, not on that one because that, that is the one that could change it. devil must have glass and sandwiches. chefs, if you that you, it was that you got to look at it, bring you still believe me, some kind of get away from the women. i post doorway by little sherry and have several friends that is you, i so i, it's a know we me an idea. leach, mr. anyway,
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nice right now, but english of the boy, you want us just basic. exactly. yes, yes. when i speak, you said the check as a bradley water meal scout that by the moment don't get that. you speak to him, let them not. is there a formal schoolstore? was this machine was jewish just condition or do you do most it is while in knowing them just them i will either was when you this are a boat thing fairly cheat is to reach us her to be sure i'm if job with what that is, a barley more wish if sure, if you me at all then the my, me and you know, possible my will plenty more years talk. are they
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upholstered, legal body issue a garage to and they've been on society done in women through what he had to do spotswood, so thank to nationally, don't wish to see me. i was about the just good a moving company and i spoke with jim since then, neil and source for this event where your 2nd are free. me can william with him right there. believe me. soon with for the boy is on the floor to go with a coin. and we wanna do like me to stay in the room with the customer when you might storm wanna speak to a 50 service dealership, that would think it was slow here. so soon i would probably call you so much change in the video dock. let's check would be
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a new volume. so if, if the service that only hold it and we stop right behind for the standard that allows this was sort of sterling way of sorts. and peter scott here, when you're pretty pretty here with what is on those are sort of morning with push, pull out a little too soon. leon was at the spider in the hope of ga us, but still in your 100 smith social. and we only need to know his condition, which, you know, if somebody's got a shirt with a feeling for children ross has been abused, but almost a $1000.00 short of failure. why is this mr pump and the mushroom
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on the walk through them? yes. suppose it was this one of course, george bush. unless you can get a pin. she just can't fall. can those kids on problem lama live sugar football. amy near my list of body a top premier idle sama upon rhythm. one call to sean, came on here. this property is just a facility, the child social, this is to do it. it's a vineyard or near snellville, amused. then we're going to pull up was awarded spear, which he took with richard bishop with the managed care status of the shop. at the con, you know, chain jolla, tim and cliff, it is a tim wesley afforded cartilage position law. when you think of an invalid aimlessly unusual on your yeah it's, it's a new group, breasts and then your daughter, the 4th of november that says dis they get a deal as many as can see nearly happening on that. yeah. quite
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a graffiti squish color on the get the with them it was that is demolished though. i mean yeah. could you give them a call during it go then? yes. give that ins come with she would like somebody. sure. oh i linda. yeah. i'm a cheerless with what she listened. look at not filiette is portia, my, even though we're against quite a gosh, it's cash call it private in my school, the up us. the bill was close to the state and i put in your credit, i wrote your something more that was slid the windshield virginia. hi to cosca, which is basically florida eve camacho as well as the city country. ah, i stuck a pressure system when he's done that i did sir, is dealing with largely and usually through the phone assist with diets and i took
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them for tea a but then the story idea. mm hm. there's don't talk about crow. his aunt almost thought, no, it is. it's less cut out a mi yup chaise. doris brushwood says not come with a straw slipping since his steel is is too little that actually steal them all. we have the pre jealous, but sure. with the doctor you had to nibble, i was motionless, even to start on leave, and i see leon, you must put it in a high gill dumpsters amazingly chosen with other his look of water. he
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what they do show you as soon as you see the reasoning of your fame, which is just the thought that the food that he to morning when i'm going to miss summers to bring you my ship. he's other than you can have done both because the new year's eve believe it was at the blazing lake social feast for that all of us potential anemia. so we'll put a bundle oh oh. okay. so she showed up. okay. but i love you finish most
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the sole sheila or not i was looking to check on the fashion than the furniture which you only show the front on the white glove service but the from the highest off the phone. can you just put a one? 0, oh i oh,
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if it's a whole conley with martha in, i'm not sure what it is printed on or off. the financing will come. so when you move forward, just so full of them was when they move margaret. so the, but i'm a mutual respect, your homeless cousin. you william the floor here. louis. yes. at the boston louis city, i'm still in the something with the whole can get another can i horses deal a lot of summer i
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i spoke with i said both, both the models you need to do both with a a, a, a a, with
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a personal number you have a, a, a coupon, the initial be want to pull up a diaz can use to put value a new orchard by y'all as to which to done those a so much of that going to go on the beach just to submit. i alluded what i see the senior policies,
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doug room, you lation says due to dumbbell sub ah, the o s t c mission in the dom bus, allegedly recruited local employees to gather intelligence for the west and oxy interview with a former translator who was sentenced in the la guns republic for treason and could be speaking on the direct with china discussing a new 5 year development plan. breakaway tie, one has slammed cheating, pin statements on the unification, rejecting both peaceful and military solutions. also coming up. why in the army have to did in the call again yes, in the country life as a globe.


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