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i see so, but still no one that isn't cook with susan. you scowled mister leslie. biography. yes. resign you. yes, i do. 70 sophia, are you on national number? ah, what is far all duff formula. but he said you will not argue. i skied a are going to do a very what like you point with
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munoz? i would put on some of them. it is from see just supposed to sit it on. no, but a little dorothy rainy job will sell you some work, at least. and then yesco, she doesn't, when you hit them my adobe mom bought. yeah. which in that usually a score to us know what we'll do? we'll do it cuz she me. oh no more. oh oh, yeah. mama mooney bozza. well, because
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this isn't it just for us and train for ah, good. so famous was. 2 0. ready i me ah, me, pam was the one in the summer, but it was just snow storm water. lots of settle. kidley shit. i was waiting
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for them when you're not an instrument to kind of don't want to cast a ah muzzle . told them when now new machine us here for you know, some cry modal. reassuring is issue with the group is that she has consulted prior to the region and h hillary from we couldn't get rid of the funds for dealing with us in the end of the concrete ways, either below or should be 2014. and i
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know that the last visit about the still live in the us there were boy let you know or that she can put your order through the send the show with the look started ship a command to the village, kind of his ball with ah, ah, ah, shrinking new feeling needed all he's was 9. yeah but the his side but a leave. it's the other point. alicia bill has started sale on the phone with us to deal with that. there was no for me to call it. the material will stay on this with
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been in the last so i will double. i don't but i must choose the electrical her all over the when me as the slug down, we're still homeless. phoenix sent out those hall. i knew. yeah, it will not be a student. she's watching the support on the smart me. ah, then you know, she will have content in the walker just so i don't know what that was put in your at the for sure. that the initiative for them to push out the element of them. i told them when there's any, but there's no been ever since yet the invoice of the course, lucia it's supposed to talk to one of the of short.
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i mean a score there was a book for the company which was saddam, but it just can feed here. it's of water is just an inch or what i'm putting it so . no, no, believe me, me, this is priscilla manuel should have been bizarre. able to answer any feeling pretty well if we want to go from the store, is that only that the was thought on the walls in the room, but because we want to move it on the so what did an office and say, would you say a pneumonia complete mission. there was no, it would be hipaa, don't provide me with up a machine. yes. put me on the, on the cell phone, which is wrong. if it's more complex. you who implement should she just showed as though somebody opinion is going to show them off the case, then it wasn't repeal fish with those simple to unless you want to talk, she was still going euro sample price initial system. but there's only one of this
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description problems here. when you put down all that money and some with y'all stalling limplin solution lead to the free repeal some of the guess. what with leslie sheila sahalina, i'm sorry my dear dennis. what's going from much of got on until i'm when you're fish is politically choice. but the most that you asked about? mostly in the front. ah, but it's your mother customers, cars, double click chiva. absolutely. if carver kicked, what about the last name was bullet to destroy my bill? is it on the ear? just his name was near the but of woodson, the singing?
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yep. olive speaking on usually the boarded somehow from us, they had to know shout mr francois modem with which did a lot some good won't be able to put towards just did not re lot, but those are going to dom much because with lot say of minneapolis or francois initial shorter one year. not that the kicker, the don mitchell. i smoke bizarre, so he will nip up all speed. skip it almost all. just akira you could have danced. underwear and you what already? console us on results from some shall. ah. ah, yeah. which does she like to non thumbnail davila found in the yard. mm hm. but i'm stuff renewable. she'll have sheer lucky that arm you want done? yes. done with the gun. them it was you my after i only work she not sure yet. we'd
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been use them up at the money she still out of college like up. she mo, resign you. ah, she does your district. yeah. and i can get stuff pushed to not m e 6 just yet by using his go. she doesn't want. ah no, yes. oh no, oh oh, oh, is she going to i see, i think because now with vinegar cds, that's in the desert in e was a, she shut he uses. she said that, i mean yes, but the most the issue was this that i see as that is which in laura spots i to jayla that guys you jen yet to which intended open you my g says to withdraw door. listen, you cheer you up a cup and you moved to my immediate dispos that you get
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a button and you know, yeah. but you, you i, i you so yes, dos with, oh no, no, no i. so we're good with a, with a yeah. a god. bless him, ye father with him here. come all for motion for his new civil at the
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high enough what you see small, an upper chief, nothing matter. you'll know the us not noiseless stuff. what i gosh, give mental your muscles into you and you get 30 per year. he's going to see your snake any $30.00 even more your brain. he or she those to with geico formed e nationals of that shot. it does as she shut by side sitting 44, shit, yahoo and you with oh, here with
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with a condition on yes i'm you know about no problem. but the motion a new to this no longer was your line. you must money for a. yeah, we're seeing you was now you were to struggle more here which was finished and i done my c a national superstore. i mean your what follow from c plate them we're conditional abuse. does she is just he had to my, you were still my daughter. ah, ah, the united states is i certainly fighting a battle for, for i started last and it's certainly
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a battle to preserve it again. and i states has just a lease of gotten themselves married to the notion of being the world head your mom and they can not difficult for them possible for that. i think to imagine a world that's not lead by a 1960 you ssr was returning to peaceful life, but the newspapers didn't report ongoing massacres and the ukrainian ssr, according to intelligence ukrainian nationalists and the ukrainian insurgent army, led by romano. forgive each perpetrated these atrocities to huge reserve the whole but that was for what i should be self both knew why you would be wise to reveal. i pushed the rope course, we'll do a menu and i will suit a plot of it was the head of the n k v
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d sabotage department of the time he was tasked with stopping the atrocities in ukraine for a good reason. general suit of blancho was very familiar with the situation he had experienced fighting the nationalists before the war at the mill with named lovelyn chicken garcia new. it's inevitable. so no good amy, but it is black, unbroken meat. the task was tremendously difficult, but suit blanton was determined to complete it. we had personal accounts to settle with the ukrainian nationalists ah ah
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mm the i me, i didn't was interested personally beloved by this number. what is the, tell us what is the news that i need to know if we did that in the spot where
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it was, but we're still, we still personally speak stuck and we the we normally use that word is much more similar. ah me with the study live for the most up pico carmina moran. well it this guitar player crazy. she will start to finish up there. actually me wasn't sure it was dark stuff back. yeah. or who are the new party oscar here? my should isn't. you might somebody at the session and was not to do not too much
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from fuel park to rush. they've suddenly sun with all of our sky. i'm sure. well it to you mom when you start our yeah. me, i'm pretty with the oh good. sure. the other for you, it's me like one course. i go to you. we thought that it was a women that you tom, judy will. what do you make list peacefully? good for him to be was healed me now. vignettes ah brushes to do the new still. it's him we brought so the you hello board. liable the summer, a nickel because i got just on well, you could change it all my circle. i somewhat chill steps. if you that cut you it was that you put a little j e. bring you still believe me some credit to provide some a when i thought the doorway by little story and have a set of friends and that is you, i, it's a, it's a know we give me an idea. snell each may still look certain anyway,
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and i just went on the oh, but english at the body when i shall be spectacular. yes, yes. when i speak, you said that he killed me cuz i barely water me scout that i might momento get that. i split the him all at the not a teeth there. mm little from schoolstore. one of these machine was jewish has conditions. what do you do in those? it is while in knowing them just then my brother was when you started boating, scholarly cheat is 3 cesar. so be sure i'm if job with what that lisa barley wish. if sure, if you assume yet for them. i mean, you know,
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don't good possible. my will plenty more years store clark with most of the company a garage suit and they've been also study done in women through what he had to do spotswood. so thank traditionally when we're still me, i was about the just i go with a moving company and i spoke with jim sin shall convenience and i've neil and stores for from position been that way. you're 2nd us. we can wear them right there. believe me assume where for the boy is on the floor to go if it's going was from the i didn't like me to stay in the room with the pretty but you my a storm one, the speak to a target finishing what? thank you for slow here. so snow with my probably could get your change in the
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video doc, let's check. one of them is a new value. so if, if the city is still on the hood and we stop right behind for a standard that allows this one set of steadily way of sorts. and peter scott, kevin repeated pretty here with what is some sort of more. no more tiguan push, pull out a little to assume that the spider, what's the holdup of shore shall talk with us still in your 100. so we only need to call in congestion, or if somebody's got a shirt with a fever for children ross has been abused coming but almost a $1000.00 showed us that i did that on prostate. this took them wisdom up until
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the short of the walk through them. yes. suppose i was this one of course jordan keith and get a pin. she just can't fall. can those kit on problem along with sugar power into the mini little party, a children on premier idle sama upon her thumb. uncle to sean, came on here. this body had some custom to keep a facility that shy and social was severe. it's a venue somewhere near snellville. amelia limbo was ordered, severe, which he took with richard bishop with the managed care status of the shop. at the con, yes, now cha jolla, g m, and let's see it. she does it in whistler, it a hoarded cartilage position. no, no, you couldn't bonilla aimlessly usual on yo yo if you go breasts at the new doris, the 4th of november that says this, they get
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a deal as many as can see merely happening on that. yeah, quite a graffiti squash color. i'm gonna get the, what the media was that a symbol which could though, i mean yet could easier from recording it couldn't yet skin radians come with you. like somebody cher ah, but i live in the yeah, i'm a cheerless customer. what you listen to connect stillia is portia, my, it, that we're against quite a go. casually, a private in my school. the up us the below must go school bus better. now continue . pretty good. i. she brought your something more that was cleared the back windshield virginia pride gaskin which is shaquilla, florida here. doug mitchell. i swear at discovery. ah, i stuck i pressure system when he's done i did sir. is dealing with ashley and
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usually honestly, killer caterpillar. i bought it, but they, it's nice to can us for tea. a total more believable was stopped by the story. and i did talk to someone there don't talk about claudser. says all that much. so you know, it is that it's the last quarter. yep. says doris brushwood says not. okay, come with a start. one thing since his deal is, is to little bit of jealousy and then all we have the pre jealous, cham with that that you had on your bill. i was more just even on to start on the when i see leanne was pulling, this is a hi jill dempster lisa is emily chambers with other he's
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a quarter. he said they do shave soon as you see the additional get them, which is just the thought of who 30 tomorrow. cuz know when i'm going to miss summers to start bringing my should the other you can have done both because the new year's eve believe the bus at the blazing lake you for sure for that or the bus peninsula niema so will be oh oh oh gosh,
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show the book ok, the finish roster. the show whole sure. that's what we're looking for. the rest of the church really lovely and you know what you fashion than the furniture which you only show at the bottom the light from the highest. but i'm also going to send out an initial one. 0,
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oh i oh gosh. visit your holcombe. where was mother in law michel. oh, that's my bridget, i'm all caught up. nobody had to walk in on a so when you were so were just social numbers with boys in one of those monitor with it. so though, but i'm not sure what i yeah sure. the mutual says shells. sticky. who moves cousin duck new are you in the close floor? yes. more. yes yes. to know at the mere style boston bullish jim still women is a good woman, was something with your holcomb good. another kid i shall which of daily, for most of so much. ah.
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and but the choice medical mumbo blog post mature. keep a twinge with a push with a camera. we'll push that to feel like we have to watch for smoking in this. now do a good contact group or your to your for holding the issue where she's in the store . what is going to the quicker insurance card the company was these companies who took up the new park with more than they did us can. but if they put us cause those to assist in this, let's put it boil e. yeah, i would estimated to cross casa restorative. she was the last november meet at sienna. we'll discuss it with release. good. or do you
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feel like your local so to most of the stuff that happened, you know, for a late what is her a line with l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point, obviously is to create a truck rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with
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a robot most protective phone existence with a new deal, lowest ones with project with the with motion school noted, but other was the money done. love your schooling with
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idea that would limit ah good, good, good, good, good, good cheese. the world brings. i just finished so what do you mean you you had called me when you're in.


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