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tv   Documentary  RT  October 17, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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and even demanding to withdraw from nato as french protesters did last weekend. if the european establishment was actively trying to boost the european right wing. well, they really couldn't go about it any other way. now back to our top story, 13 people had been killed including 3 children, and 19 more injured after a fighter jet crashed air residential building and southern russia. the health ministry says several people are in a serious condition with emergency services. still working on the scene, the c, c t, v footage shows the moment the fire jet plummeted into the ground, sparking a large fire. the crash caused a fuel leak, which caused the blaze and has now been extinguished. emergency service, it say they have finished searching through the rubble and there are no more victims. a state of emergency has been declared in the surrounding area where the special commission set to assess the buildings condition and
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that's all for now. we're here to check out our t dot com for all the latest breaking news and updates. we'll see you right back here at the top of the hour. ah, a . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic or development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk
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ah, with she and what it looks like. so she's a little was recently national. i used to move center of chicago. i'm sorry, lots of them will with pretty out the. so please. some last ashley with national property in. yeah. putting me on madison. so what about broadway at the church? cynthia, are but the more socially serious to see the words finish conceding open, emotional distortion of bob, it could not be so, but still to know who the original cook with all creature will. ah
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ah susan you scowled. mister cbs, your slope is vanya! yes, do 70, sophia, you national, not on by what is a far, all dove off by the teeth that you will not puzzle i skied. the appeal are gone to the dorm further, but it wouldn't nuggets you tell me what, like you porch with munoz. i would put on some of them. it is fancy. yes, yes,
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sir. bristow said around. no, but a little door to lane, a yard will sell you some work. at least the done yesco sheet on when you hit them . my albumin, i bought r e o, which in the dealership scotto snow was one who get cuz she knew oh oh yeah. ha. goober her with laura laura i see. well good luck. oh,
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well this is jeanette just forms wash us allen training for i would think i'm willing a stumper famous was. 2 0 i. ready show me ah ah, in the was the one in the summer but it was just water. lots of settle. kidley shit, those can fill them when you're not an instrument to kind of don't want to cast
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a ah stevens. you told them when now rowing machine a fearful sugar is low. some cry modal. reassuring is issue with the group that she has consulted prior to the region and a chill area from the community. but it loose, obviously what i'm for dealing with home will i was, i was in the bus bring in the concrete ways, either below or should be 2015. and i
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know that the last and this that about the me they will live and the us there were boy let you know it's a bit off or that she's considered her daughter. and soon the soon, the show was, all look, started, ship a command to the village, kind of his ball with me ah ah, treated for a new feeling needed all approved to bundle. if was vanya but by his side. but with the other point, alicia bill has started a sale on the phone with us to deal with that. that was the form of your call with the appraisal will stay on the phone with been in the lab. so we're on the
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phone, but i must choose the electrical, her all over the with me as the but unless love, like we're still homeless and sent out those the whole idea. yeah. and a lot the student she was, you know what the support and you want me ah, then you mean she will have content in the water. i don't want them for the meal at the for sure that the initiative for the, for the play shelf came over to them. but nobody ever sent your invoice. and of course lucia that's supposed to talk to one of kamali of short. i
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mean, a go to a book for compare lunch with saddam, but it just keeping periods of water is just an inch of what you're putting it so no, no me me, this is priscilla manuel should have been a bizarre principal. sidney finney, please. you will. it was like, i want to pull a story that only that the most thought on the walls in the world. but because want to move on the what did off century would you say no more showing them politician. there was no, with him on the wrestling with the machine yet fully mobile cell phone, which is all if it's more complex. if you have to just see it as though somebody opinion is, we're sure of the month the case was and he wasn't repeal fish with those little don't let one of us monitor was still going euro sympathize him and it shows system . but the live is all in one of his disc kit, kimbrell program. so when you put down the total against him with y'all stalling,
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the slee shall lead to the free repeal some of the guess what with closely sheila sahalina. i'm sorry, my need to know what's going from march of cut on until everyone else wishes for pick up to it. but the most mature has been about mostly in the front. oh, but it's your mother gotten worse. cars, double click chiva. absolutely. yes. caused of a kick to what about the whole shameless bully be to destroy my bill? is it on the ear? chest is near which near the but of woodson? the singing? yup. a pile of spears came on usually the but would somehow from us they had to
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know just mr. francois modem with which did a lot some good to won't be able to put towards. just didn't leave all what was recommended the most because it lot say is neela or francois initial shorter one year? not that the kicker, the don mitchell. i am a bit as odd sir. you will nip up all speaking with almost all just to kill. you could have danced under, won't you what those rece console us on resolution soon? some shall. ah, ah, yeah. which does she like to non domino? davila found a young with him, but i'm stuff renewable. she'll have she a lucky that out of what done just on the gone them. it was you my after i only work, she not sure yet. we've been use them up,
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but the money she still out of college like up she mo, resign you and she does it, does that? yeah. and i can get stuff pushed to not m e c just yet by using his go. she doesn't want. ah no, yes. oh no. oh, oh, oh, is she due to us here to because now could do a very good cds in the desert in e was a she shut he uses. she said that, i mean yes, but the most the issue was this, that i see as that is which in laura spots i today love that guys again yet to which in turn it open you my g says to withdraw door, listen, you cheer you up. open emotional my am you said specifically
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with you? i did you i i you so yes us with. i know i so you're good with a t with a. yep. with a deal. yeah. you we splice him any funny bother with him here. come all for motion for his
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new civil war at the you know what you see small an upper chief. nothing mad, but are you all now? that's not noiseless. tough. what i gosh, give material myself to you and you get 30 per year. he's going to see your snake. any $30.00 you buy my brain. he or she goes to it? yes. you know, you know, it's got bombed e nationals about shot at there's a she shut by side. sitting a 44 shit, yahoo! and g a o here with with
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a condition on yes i'm you know about no fancy but the movie a new to this no longer he was your line. you must mother and she will not kill you. yeah, we're showing you was now you were to struggle more. yeah. which was kind of not unless see unless you're a super stool. armina latoya pharmacy. by them we're cognition, us abuse. does she just wait via doing my usual mental orga ah, ah, ah
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ah ah, ah, the
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i me i was interested personally beloved by this number. what is the, tell us what is the news that i need to know? we've been in the middle of the spot where it was, but we're still, we still personally, he speak stuck and with the, you know, leave us that awareness the much that as a, to more similar me ah,
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me start really get the most up pico carmina around this guitar player crazy with us, but we're finished. i fish there actually me wasn't sure it was dark stuff back. yeah. or really were the new part of the motion is that you might somebody, it was not to do not really a few months from through all our tourist suddenly saw with tears rolling sky and she will need to hear the mom when you start our yeah, me i'm pretty with the most short, the other for you it's me and i came across a good to you with them. is that
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a bones of women that do you dumb through the will? what do you make which peacefully good for him to be was sealed me now. vignettes, ah hell brushes to do the new still it's him. we brought up pretty horrible. unable a family, a nickel, because i got to somebody that could change it. he, they've all must have glass or some would chill steps if you that you it was that you got to look at it, but you still believe me some credit to provide some a when i thought the doorway by little story and have a set of friends and that is, you, i, it's a, it's a no, we immunized tedious, near leach misty anyway, and i just went on that. but in which the body was just basic. exactly. yes. yes. when i speak, you said that he killed me cuz i barely water me scared that i might momento get that. i split the him all at the not a teeth there. mm. from schoolstore one of these machines stores jewish has conditions. what do you do unless it is a while and knowing, don't just them,
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arthur was when you started boating. scholarly cheat is 3 cesar. to be sure i'm if job wisdom tooth a back what that lisa barley wish. if sure. he put you with me at the done the minute, you know, don't get bustle. my will. plenty more years stork arc. they upholstered the company, a garage suit, not as a building on society when done and women through body, it's the g spotswood. so thank traditionally when we're still me, i was about the just i go with
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a movie and i spoke with jim singers, convenience and neil and stores for the position. been that way. you're 2nd for me to more than we've seen right there. believe me soon when for the boy is on the floor to go with a coin and we will not sleep didn't like me to stay in the room with the cross. and when you my storm one, the speak to a solution that would think you were slow here. so snow with my probably could get you so much change in the video doc. let's change one of the visa devali synthesis. the simplest on the hood and we stop right behind that allows this what sort of sterling way of sure, the discussion of independent play here with what is simple. those are so whenever we push, pull out a little too soon, really with the spider. what the
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holdup of shore should talk with us, but still in your 100 smith, we only met the queen congestion which is somebody's cause i'm a searching for children ross has been a b s. come in. but most of the doors in this shit dollars showed us that different on prostate was this. took them, we stand up until the mushroom took them? yes. suppose it was this one. of course george, unless you can get a pin. she just the cooking, the bulk of those kit on problem. along with sugar, power and 3 mini militia, padia chosen on premier idle sama upon her thumb. uncle to sean kiddle. his body is
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some custom to keep a facility that shy and social was severe. it's a lena somewhere near snellville, amelia removable was wanted to be a which in cook with the richard bishop with the managed care status of the shop. at the con, yes, now cha jolla. d a month. and she does it in whistler recorded guardlick position law. when you come by name bella was saying usual on your yeah. if you go breasts at the new border, the phone number that says this, they get a deal as many as can see nearly happening on that. yeah. try to get a huge squash color on the get the with them. it was that is still much control. i mean, yet could you give them a call during it? couldn't yet skin radians. come with you. like somebody cher. ah,
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but i live in the. yeah, i'm a cheerless, was close to what you listen to next video. is portia, my, if that were against quite a go, she does casually private in my school, the up us, the bill must cost to mr. continue credit guy. she brought you or something more that was slid the back windshield, but she knew of high custom would surely shaquinta eve. duck, mitchell i swear at the feet. scary. ah, stock i pressure system when you see on the high did sir is dealing with ashley. i usually think of honestly, taylor caterpillar. i bought it, but i had some nights in the us for tea. a believe it was the but that was stored in. i did miss room, don't cook that. cro. it says all that much though, you know it is that it's less got out of. yes. doris crash. what says not? come with
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a bullet starts on things as his steel is used to little bit of jealousy and then all we have the pre jealous, cham with that the you had ring a bell. i was more just, even on to start on the when i see leon, you must put it was his ideal dumpsters amazingly between those and could other he's a computer. he said they do shave susie's. he made each needed aim, which is just the thought that the food that he to morning when i'm can miss summers to start bringing my should the other you can have done both because the new year's eve believe it was blazing. live late
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for sure. for that all of us potentially show will be oh the oh, okay, sure. okay. but i'd love to finish last lecture the up in the social if you are not alone and looking for a church and you
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know what? your social furniture, which you know, it shows me, but i know my name from the highest. i'm not but i'm off the phone in the abilene. we are not in the national one. 0, oh, the oh, it's a hawk only with martha. enormous show letty this month. it cut off know, financing will come. so when you were for just social with them was they move
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margaret. so those are the usual sit shows the whole schedule when you were you on the floor here. we see at the me a sale, boston louis, same still were minutes ago, would have been something we can get another kid horses daily through the summer. i lou needs to come to russian's state little narrative. i've stayed on the phone and the nurse landscaping with eclipse in 55 with her keys on that is cuz i'm speaking with van in the
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european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia for date, and c, r t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band to on you to a with the united states is i certainly fighting a battle for, for i started last dan, but it's certainly a battle to preserve richer government. and i states as just last asia lead. so i've gotten themselves married to the notion of being the world here long,
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and they cannot difficult for them impossible for them. i think to imagine a world that's not lead by the i stayed with a 13 people are killed and dozens injured as a military jack rashes near a residential building and southern russia over a 100 russian citizens. the majority of what your civilian sailors have returned home and a prisoner exchange with you praying which receives service, women in return, or on begin to refining as crude oil and venezuela. as the countries continue to exist bilateral ties amid the pressure from u. s. a. u. s. calls for international troops to deploy to pavey, which has been gripped by riots over human.


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