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christy's or show show don't talk, sent me. that'll be going to jail car. silk more force doesn't got can you talk still good old in the should be sure to join your book. you can insure places don't hear from them. i just wondered no ball also for you to check just to see the bill . it's awful. i see the question for you just so i don't know if it's short, frustrated with
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on top of numerous sharing and rock it to tags on done it's ukrainian military now use is remote mines in residential areas. the cities have done it's lucky. yes. in about caea and girl of have come under fire. refreshing with one of these brush i will stuff me and i live is talk a little no idea. switching us to play now. jewelry or come. now you boy, just when you thought of stuff and people now
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minds have been banned under the un auto a treaty since 1997 parties to the treaty and coding ukraine plants to destroy their stockpiles. the last, i don't know about that process when mr. bershard in grey. lexi la la la mcneish, the he's pretty sure the style of finance clinics on a flood off to just with me on august the grading assessment on the 4th edition pissed off on the whole year. and i was on the, on the, on the school with dozens of civilians who came into contact with land mines planted right outside their homes. have been admitted to hospitals with plenty of fuel be able to flow, let go by the school. and this is all of that was done. so next the, the lease,
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so not sure on this or can you change your mind easier least during the visit with the guys go down. there was a bit of motion we and i will show you how my, my feet provided with all the way you're here. i'm not sure it's the car and you would to was your he but the over a 1000000 plus a decade or she. she's got that asa a whole much. you just get the doors to polish. i had when we would isn't going to come back those in a while boston for the me a few of the one you could you call your budget cover? clothes. pretty shy. delta dental w fan, you will you please come down while i still settle to the
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a general not functional. lucky to join with crucial personal. so justin got it on with a trust my give me a shot by jim yellow. sorry. well, i'm still a, go go, go to shell, let them lot of but he hello young. the flood over on, you know, if you can feel like you don't want you from, with in a month of shelling, many ended up in done. it's cost bills and some died. the circle or pet on mine is considered to be the via list of them all. it's small and hard to see
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a little above our community. we started off with a model kit should know that all of them come with a mug. you thought that a while he was don't on the supplier stuff. there's an example to prove that i'm with him. hold up. i don't mind just scattered everywhere. locals are afraid to let that can't go outside. adults don't leave home unless they absolutely have to work of issue with fuel decor, cookbook student. you could do it. sure. glad to figure out what the, what could your trip before before we showed them with the coupon, you put a few toyota to scheme you from trutina, people, emergency services, staffers and humanitarian personnel are working hard throughout the city and the mining done ads is now a top priority sap as a cleaning the streets and lawns of countless mind, but the ukrainian military continues to pass the city with them with skill. so when, for what time will shut the hotel,
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yet no minister in your presence go initially for credited your muscle dollars, sugar. our target are not what you see in your generation. tragically, chola or the russians sap as a helping the done. it's bomb squads. they're performing the same job as the locals . they divide the city into st, isn't worth meticulously, each in their designated area old. so on your credit. there though, as i'm not bought of chance optional is like way bozza. i own you bought a car. loaner city parks can be closed off to keep people out, but that will work with courtyards in residential areas. are some brave civilians assist the bomb squads. they mob locations where minds have been spotted a newborn. you know this number that you didn't pick up today. could you provide me with some?
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yeah, you couldn't log, she wasn't going to them, but hopefully miss year we did william not only by apostles. leslie. erica, keep them yet. no. i've not heard from anybody, but i took another thought at those to meet at the legacy one of many of the issue . but if i miss, you mean this guy to me in his guys, them not only suggest that you work with what it was a good idea, but in lesson, yes. when you're setting up a teacher who you spoke with is up a bit in lots of both that a little more northwest because of those, the place to go with that is colorful. which is that if you easier to with
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a little that here the russian bomb squad has only recently arrived in the city. the scale of the disaster is immediately evident. every one here is the thought of artillery. i knows that half of the attacks have done to mine the city. it's impossible to work out how many pedal mines have been scattered across the city, the bomb squad estimates and competing with this a little now college, slightly. the, i don't know yet often yet, you know, it was more than dollars, but i do decide to later back up sealed that immune and my goal is to visit him with almost a fortune, not a dispute ticket on your schedule. its just a shipping, they were not just addition yet to claims. if, if you switch to because more than dimensionally a visual, is this just nothing? you not see
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a stock choose up or so or stoker chiz up with lower stock issue. anyway, that show me, i think, say, makes informational videos, but then it's residence to inform them of what's happening on the streets of their city. he encourages them to be extra cautious. right? so, i mean, the, the pistol cutter is just for sale it. hello, giga buffer my deal, hipaa for am i doing this polish a bit? how much that's what i'm put. she will thing go or so to run. yeah, it was, was that the with almost over the british this or you can install it with a most to have city area bus up here. city goes all is going to be, i'm it be in lacrisha. could you demo from a gazillion civil? yeah. it's no longer i wish to the best the best doctors to adore commute for for am i do you prefer? i didn't ask that the quote for fail budget. no,
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that's not the smith with us. no i just if you're skeptical yeah. i don't want that one is that it went to another school with, with an inch scheme. yes, it was the what that on my own issue doesn't mean you know with your attempt by doing the work that work well, most people which it but there's anything missing listening to me, but the worst though when it got pushed some gluttonous thought. because i remember there was a meeting there screening switch and you'll moisten with the bushes up up people more than the deserts. anybody else at the more stuff can it's totally doable. buyouts at the nearest to pick them. you know, by ask about that when you get more than that, you're getting used to someone there. sure. well, that was in that bus after school, when you use somebody with my new diner most this dish was fucked. history record to know if i could data. yeah. open, do i correct? yes. the way over into dorms that it didn't work here. what, what it was up us now. mr. was the interest ledger with
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kid that's coming. you got to pay. yeah, joel divers, business moody's can push to some of the original document that each year on politic. just want us to point to putting that on that no one problem, not mishawaka is up for you. but at the moment that you have to study, and yet i'm with national touch right now. that of signal watching for those majority little creature blue boy, we raised a corn and soybeans here. so some issues that are different this year than in years past is that with all the things going on the world today, our input costs have almost doubled in. it's going to be really hard for everybody to keep go and some will make it some of them won't. our
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current or late president is william a russia for that t or gas company is, are going to get blamed for the problem. but they are not the problem. so by and really chan blame food for causing the problem because he himself caused the problem in both prices have already gone up. fertilizer and chemicals have dramatically arisen what we need to do. i need to what united states needs and news start and real world well and we, we, we've got, we can drill for oil. and for some reason, our government thinks that we should be using our own oil, which is crazy as winter approaches, some cold realities are setting in the west,
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sanctioned more against russia, has failed. it is the west that is feeling the economic pain and ukraine's energy infrastructure is slowly being degraded. common sense would dictate a major rethink for these people in power. that is inconceivable. with business and you will clean a b, e d that was chosen yeah. americans, grey, you, when you were with it is just touch a ceiling for when you are still searching for a call in was named after that, if not sitting in full, a child with new throne, the width of the probably and you're still with her as you said you were brought in that the study she was on that list of new points of to watch stuff coming to the one off on all kinds of thought. it was huge and the
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longer your bushes just in useful, not people push teachers to remote because of you know, a divorce. look you school, of course, i don't know which tv i know for the don't know as much as a customer with these just opinion finances come on both a there still with me. my name is richard. hello. she is by the name is morris device lane, and we need to be completely sure sure that the police
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a septic that or she was one more stop. i mean, my order for the last year, the problem where the problem one keyboard inch sunday because we should, you know, she was just going to pull up splendid, northwest and grain. some notion, lip square companies for the school community college switching to do you don't lose irritable. do all these why as well grades in the angelo from any mobile metro pc. she who brings me to the audience knows because i live in this mission. why africa? the story i'm more is not push the look lou sort of city. it was a strong lived in force just close to, which is my issue doesn't wash, but or ball is joe has any it'll watch instruction and someone gala. but when it came, was little more my boy and yes, good boy,
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shot was that we will normal. so that will play ladia. but when you multiply smith and jamie, but in the lecture way we're listening and you're still in preparation. you deal low exposure to you. grad school, which ukrainian military uses oregon rocket systems to build the city with pedal minus a single volley contains 16 rock is one. my kid, this is the one home to continue will continue to love. there's a reason mine is called a pedal when released from the air, the mind scattered over a large radius and often end up on roofs. sap, as must remove them from their to attach it to a greater percentage company they're up on. you can put that in us,
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but it's not to talk about it at lucas key. but acorda, excuse me, it's crucial because then you've got can i try? when russian sap is clear, the rooftops, they team up with the republic services emergencies. ministry gives them technical assistance with the vehicle just with one way or more. we'll portion this up to them. we'll know, let's just look a little bit just put those in the loop on our computers to skip it. come on, deal group, but they still talk last what ali stoner told me more to choose . boy, it's yes, it's blue with yeah.
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was will so alleged bucklin with almost a buyer's will something cut. there's just no wash, not wash. camille, what you look at now, could you sell bosnia cut that you could almost new doyle am watching, watch it. the chris able use more, but more to show what the commander of what you the stock learned from national swimming, i assure dot com. that's been that player. money. numerous got the one you must look on that. the lowest price we can absolutely. yep. well, as a lot of the one i watch is in will alone. when i get home, when you pop on that button, but you have the news available at the kick it, it is still my mentor though, my little somewhere somewhere slower and go you thermal musician.
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b, occlusal spa stim scott, them spark spalding normal gal porsha, bus moderates. yes it is quality miss got them here. but almost those cool thing has got to me, which include much is not a smart. there is no full ma'am. when you see a not on the momentum. yup. remember kilogram watson's looseness. schneider multics, which of question more. but much old bubbles, cousin tuck, chisola water. oh, la spoon, danny, do you know that the costume stock worker there said you ash will ring? yes. will. we will you let me check. you don't wish up with them. questionnaire loans love. so emma kilogram. my shame now washing me up. quick deal with
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gum hood, but i was in the boy for yourself. why it's still the same at indian brewer poco sorts um no, i doubt the plan. yeah. okay, the what? what should i bulldog that is stuart. you don't do it. ah ah. 3 apps your skin will screw,
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so yeah. just go should, is that the juniors by the yes. what i did border i have a model on entering just where to try them for what we'll do. we'll do the opportunity to start with them. but i'm girls or school or just a storage near a loop with these cameras. walla, which dates with a switch option was try a new i'm a senior jo garage, dog day. i will wait. hold on napoleon. your friends, when you do on us to show the new palostio and the city i me the door, which is just way on the loop in both the l. p r and d p are the situations a similar russian sap as a working everywhere. minds have been
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a real thread since the 1st days of the conflict in 2014, almost 8 years. people have lived in a minefield so to speak. these explosive traps are found both on land and in rivers love seat latoria. we're not only in the pallana is out of washington area is not known for terminal. it's hon. apostolic is a large part is when you're in territorial goals cannot notice publican east of the saline and my go unnoticed. but you're going to cook something more. i wish there was a reasoning chill with this bridge was destroyed along time ago, but it can't be repaired because of unexploded minds on the river bed. mm. or hard . yeah. well let us know and i know they're slightly older than him on certainly sure. on both ends, isn't it also for what you need and most viewed in the region. your want on a bit of power expert groups, the safa divers work here being
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a diver is dangerous enough with this combination. the risk doubles when you close a little less, you know what? let me or some screw was seamless. don't go do me. nobody's wiley. yeah. so we'll solution this one will, which you'll know. some people will get lucky way in the closet. liaison, china, us, ideals will reach. why don't you buy it somehow but, but i certainly see it on the floor in your life this year. lucy nipples. o'neill, because i live just another year, but sheila bonia ways of that. do so. yeah, so bless, use mothers, much. none of them are whisky dole, north or south, you can only tell the difference on shore. the waters, muddy everywhere medium was to idea, blocked his skin with you. why not be shannon for you? it's latisha philip, what you're sick with those stairs come
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on then the kid up diver is clumsy and needs assistance. it's hard to put on a diving suit by yourself. you need to adjust weight correctly and check valves and cylinders with the other ladies it bullish to addict on up when it's an up by your question, it will start with you walk toward be speech you if you will. the shop with lacoff, at least one ah darling with a switching lot store wonder why it's a little more polished with
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just because i leased it, like going doodle quarters of which i'm they search for munitions with an amphibious mind detector, meaning it works both in water and on the land like what, what it will let malloy bye up because she's team and i know the next like a when you was more than up with one week when you started like with want to is unforgiving and it requires a joint effort from those on shore and the one in the water with vital to hold on to the safety, wrote any minus stiff up, could be fatal. i dive a county of voices from the sure which is why they use signs putting a mine out of the water is powerless for the dive. when he spots one memorizes info cation. this requires a lot of experience in professionalism. it's impossible to put
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a mock in muddy water with a litter ah 1950. the usa was returning to the saliva, but the newspapers didn't report ongoing massacres and the ukrainian ssr. according to intelligence ukranian nationalists and the ukrainian insurgent army, led by romano. sure, give each perpetrated these atrocities for huge for, for the whole, but that was going well, but i shouldn't be self the new way to be way to review. i push please. of course
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we'll do immune novels to the plot of the head of the n k. v d sabotaged department of the time he was tasked with stopping the atrocities in ukraine for a good reason general. so the planter was very familiar with the situation he had experienced fighting the nationalist before the war. get the movie you know, and the loveliest he can't get a 0 do it's inevitable. so didn't know creamy. my name is paulette and me the task was tremendously difficult but to the plant it was determined to complete it. you had personal accounts to settle with the ukrainian nationalists willing of them. i saw booty victoria know graham t coyer actually. yeah. okay. did she ship a dock lean report of control in particular bought so she's she'll go to leaks with
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them awarded by like, his sister lillie premier. them did not sing device such threats and softly, silly. yeah, we can do a skim shopper room. dish barrels, dra bertha leona. okay. excuse that to the eastern modern day. my subway. but just dory. yes. or no. sal if she ever least get us, but generally ship them that yes, they go to chicago. i even have daughter to take him over to them. i need a price quote for that for me as a sure one. they reached over that or up where you could see anybody who couldn't, she'll not, somebody's will go to work. it doesn't bunch with global i'm saying years about how she took on a job. these to broadview enough room for a few great. they go pretty well. go double play. you have j both voted on that before you
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ah . when i was showing wrong when i just don't know. if you have to figure out this thing becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves, well the part we used to look for common ground
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with ah, yes, 0 can a village is 20 kilometers from murray. you go. it was once a resort by the sea of as of, with a population of about $1500.00. the past 7 years, it's been called a ghost village. the as of regimen took it, obey in february 2015, 80 percent of the houses were destroyed and people had to leave the nationalist battalions and the ukrainian.


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