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o african countries join rights to protest and demand the elimination of western interference in the continents affairs of those protesters seen in many countries. we condemn pressure on ethiopia by the west and the united states. i want to call on them to take their hands off ethiopia with which they are terrorized in our country. moscow warrants, he have maybe plumbing to use a so called dirty bomb in a full flag operation and then blending the actions on the russian military. while some western politicians say that ramping up on nuclear weapons,
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rhetoric by ukraine is being pushed from the ukrainian forces fire, at least 30 artillery shells up at city of america dar, according to local authorities home to europe's largest nuclear power plant. the barrage hits a hotel where a russian nuclear energy workers are staying with monday morning 10 am here in the russian capital. this is our team pleasure to help your company today. my name june ann o'neil. we begin in east africa where terrorists opened fire on a hotel and set off a car bomb in somalia. on sunday, 9 people were killed under further 47 wounded. security forces killed 3 all the assailants they forth died in the bomb blast, the islamic extremist grip i'll ship. bob has claimed responsibility for the attack in the what city of kiss my o in the south of the country?
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according to a recent pentagon report, africa has seen a 300 percent increase in militant attacks over the past decade. but despite u. s. military presence on the ground meant to fight terrorism, africa has seen protest. grover, long standing western interference on the continent. years ortiz, africa correspondent, horrible latasha. there's an air of change blowing through africa and one that is increasingly resistant to the power and influence of the west image. yoga this weekend, over a 100000 people, marched in support of the country's defense force, demanding an end to the interference by the west in ethiopia, in a phase island. as you can see, there are lots of residents of the city he came not to condemn the western countries lead by the united states who interfere in our affairs, our sovereignty, and unity. they want to dismantle us. i came to condemned that we are saying stop
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as you want i that's i know enough is enough. we shall not accept any interference . reecy opens. don't want to anybody's assistance work on our own and bring change to ourselves or we condemn the indirect pressure on ethiopia. by the west and the united states, i want to call on them to take their hands off ethiopia, with which they are terrorized in our country. i want to tell them we are capable of solving our own problems by ourselves in the east then, and central parts of the african continent. the old god is being challenged. shed is, but one example, since its independence in 1960 from france, whose an army generals have ruled in the bus lanes of land. and they were supported by the former colonizer thursday, was supposed to mark a day of transition from military to civilian rule. instead,
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poles of smokes billowed from the city capital and jemina, as well as other areas. as chileans of all walks joined, hands, tired of waiting to demand an end to military rule of the transitional military council, and also the end of francis interference. the security forces response was brutal. ah me with a guy with your own as a developer. ah
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. until the day that he died on the front lines in april 2021 general id. that is the b was francis man. paris supported and protected him against attempted coups and also turned a blind eye to his brutal 3 decade long rule. in turn, the b protected francis interests in the region. both military and economic. france even supported the transitional military cancel that was formed after the bees death, which is now headed by debbie son, mama de b. he without an election installed himself as leader and even pushed back the transition date by a further 2 years. a move that angered the people you see that francis could that frances withdrawing its military presence in the region because france is always at
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the side of the leaders, keeping them in power. we saw that france has done nothing about what's happening here on the internet, on the radio present, macro said that france has no connection with what's happening because it's an internal affair of chad. but i think that's not true as it was. france that help mohammed debbie to take power. we know that all the decisions come from france, france, if also implicated in another vial. and todd sport of the weeks of cooling off violence classes between the democratic republic of congo was military and the m. 23 rebels has risen again. the d r. c and rwanda have had strained relations since the 1994 genocide, which saw squaws of people cross the border into the d. r. c. all the while, the french government was supplying weapons to the region. in such countries, genocide is not too important and just to round off the wave of negative sentiments
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to what's the west in africa. and major wisdom power says that africans must be prepared to die for their democracy. democracy can only be defended by people themselves. if they are actually prepared to die for their democracy liberal a day, a good day flip in a day is part of french, national heritage and immortal the country is proud to ascribe to. but here in africa, both the action and in action of france stand against those very same values. and for a growing number of former colonies in africa, the state of war flows say, seems a more appropriate phrase, gamble is ada. for oddity in johannesburg, russian defense minister sir j a show who has warned that here may be planning to use a so named dirty bomb in a false flag operation in order to draw other countries into the ukraine conflict.
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let's go through the story general show. do held a series of phone calls on sunday with his counterparts from the u. s. u. k. france and turkey on the issue. some of them don't played rushes concern. sammons that accused moscow of escalating the rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons or of, or not every western politician shares such of you and have suggested that the u. s . and nato's actions are part of the problem. the very likely american sabotage of the nord stream gas pipelines has shown what nato is capable of. let's be wary. they are capable of the worst up to and including the false flag use of an atomic weapon to globalize the conflict. while former french president nicholas are because he has joined to other states, lawmakers in rejecting the mainstream interpretation of the conflict in ukraine. he questioned why the european commission is responding to it in the manner that's
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beyond its expertise, which promotes a military solution alone. mister star, cuz he said that will only result in more fatalities. additionally, norway's intelligence cheap sees russia has little interest in the conflict spreading, stating that moscow is far more rational and how it's portrayed. we perceive russia as a rational actor. we must remember that russia has a different historical understanding in a different world view. the world looks completely different from the kremlin, than from norway. paste talks need to be the priority, not, not an escalation in ward rhetoric to set our guests on the program earlier. let's hear 1st from norwegian, political scientists and professor lynn dyson. people are not allowed to suggest to sit down with russia and, and suggest that we have their work at a peace agreement. because at the moment anyone who suggests this say, well, that's what 14 months,
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which means to either you support the war or you are russian propaganda to say it's a, it's a big shame that there's no alterations out there with enough courage to say that this is this is gone way too far and we, we should sit down and find the peace agreement. wonderful. have to agree with russia. us in nation in ukraine won't care pulses, but one can still admit that need to have provoked care and contributed to this conflict. and it's both in our interest and our responsibility to sit down with russia and try to work out an agreement. instead of seeing more and more people die on the battlefield. the question is, what will be the price for the ukrainian people to pay if this war goes on and on, and it's even extended in terms of nuclear weapons. and if
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it is extended time wise, if it is extended all to other neighboring countries involving then all the european forces and ne, 2 at large, i fear there is symmetry of in the calculation of costs and benefits. also the prolongation of war. and obviously, the ukraine is losing from the 1st hour, but also germany and other parts of europe are losing, dropping further into recession that the conflict goes on there. so also the war of sanctions goes on and the united states are benefiting according to the russian defense ministry. ukraine is preparing a provocation and will target its own citizens in a bid to discredit the russian army. it said that the foreign mercenaries will
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attack civilians on monday during the distribution of humanitarian aid in the heart of region. now all that comes after local official said, ukrainian forces had launched and artillery barrage, the at russian city of an ergo dar on sunday where europe's largest nuclear power plant is located. one of the projectiles hit was a hotel where employees of russia's state, atomic energy company were staying. our t correspondence among costs rep can tell us more. the city of america dar is indeed a home to europe's largest nuclear power plant. and it's been under constant attack by ukrainian military since the start of the special military operation by a russia it's now partially. operational is not in full operation at the moment. however, attacks against the city and the nuclear power plant continue every single day. now on a sunday ukraine had the also were targeted,
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so civilians in the city of and are good are according to a local officials, a hotel was frog as at least 3 shelves. i hit the hotel which is which houses are russian, the employees of the russian atomic, an agency or so far, we do know that no one was hurt during that attack. however, an official from the russian atomic agency who is there at the moment has said that he and the employees of the company were the target of this attack. now the russians are, of course, are there and the nuclear power plant to ensure the safety of its operations. but if the nuclear power plant is struck by ukraine, it will certainly translate into a huge tragedy in the region. meanwhile, civilian infrastructure in the city of done yet standby, it's outskirts also came under attack by ukrainian forces over the weekend, reportedly using french supplied weapons, residential areas,
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and the school for him. and in the city of her san itself, official say at least one sibling was killed and 3 more people wounded in an attack by quote, terrorist forces when an improvised explosive device placed on a st. pull detonated. now that vehicle passed by the blast shattered windows and near by residential buildings. well that's insulin comes after her san authorities and nights, the closure of an entry point into the frontline region. earlier this week, the aim is to prevent civilians from traveling to areas most at risk from ukrainian attacks civilians there are being moved to safer groans. this footage shows people doing up to board a fairy as a local port. it comes amid warnings from the russian ministry of defense and local officials that he gives forces are planning to launch a major offensive on the area as a result of the security concerns, love him or couldn't last week. the 3rd marshal law in her san the 3 other
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territories that recently voted to join motion. i speak and applauded, we're putting, he is expected to give a speech at the annual meeting of the bow tie at discussion club this week. the 4 day event begins. this monday in the capital, more than 100 participants from 41 different countries will attend this year's meeting in moscow. justice and security for everyone in the post hedge a monic world about is the headline topic on the delegates agenda. earlier we discussed what's expected, what's going to be talked about the event with ortiz acceptable. the way the world is going to function in the post head you morning era. i know that's quite a mouthful. it's a very heavy geopolitical language, but essentially what the delegates of they've all di, forum of proposing is that the year of 2022 is of was
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a know the war the year for essentially the changing world order. this is something that many political scientists have been talking about for years, but this is the year when all of that has finally come into practice. and much of that thanks to the role of the had him on itself. by that i mean, the united states and some of its allies and the introduction of major sanctions against russia, which were intended to penalize and russia in change his behavior. but they and what they did is to have massive impact on the world which like many of the countries question, the way the world has been governed up till now. and this is the main theme for many of the panel discussions that are going to take place today and over the next couple of days. how the countries can trade with each other and deal with each other in a more balanced and fair way. how many of the inequalities that the world faces
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today could be addressed for the benefit of all how values and various developmental paths could be respected rather than trying to get everyone subscribe to one single path that's beneficial for a group of countries, but least others at the detriment, so there are many, many discussions, but what's interesting about this forum is that it's, it's actually one of the, a rare platforms in the world today where, where those issues can be discussed not for propagandistic purposes, to create a narrative, but actually to look at possible solutions to look at possible ways how the world to be shaved. this time, this year, the participation of western analyst is limited, although there are some brave people here in the attendance and i think the absence or the shortage of western voices amp. we compensated by the very wide presence
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from the rest of the world from india, from pakistan from china, from latin america, from africa. and i think that's also very characteristic and very symbolical, the changes that are happening in the world today. there is no need to subscribe to one single point of view and all the experts that eventually coming together here, again, not to impose that position on one another, but try to engage in a proper analytic exercise. yes. so should be some interesting views ahead there. we also heard today from nelson wong as evolve, di club veteran and vice chairman of a china based thing who sees the west needs to accept the new global reality. the world is absolutely changing and it's changing very files to perhaps even faster than most people have expected. but multi polar
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is definitely on its way, the multi polarity and, and the small to happen. i think. and i hope sincerely hope that friends and colleagues in the west will face the reality. and we're understand that and world leaders must sit together and to come to a consensus and a compromise. china has taken a different route in terms of its global exposure. and i think the west is, is being taken by a shock. it's not like how they look at the world because china has a different way of looking at the world. and you have to face the reality that people are facing a different country coming onto the world stage. china has never colonized in a country and it doesn't have that kind of history. so the globalization process,
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as china, has seen it, who is the belgium road initiative, is to, to expand its economic growth globally by helping those countries that needs them more pain for americans in their pockets. u. s. inflation has had a 40 year high leaving the federal reserve to raise interest rates by 75 basic points. that's the 3rd time in 2022. despite energy prices, sorry, democrat house speaker, nancy pelosi seems tired of having to hear about the criticism of her party's financial policies. when i hear people talk about inflation as a heard in there, we have to change that subject. inflation is a global phenomena phenomenon. yeah, the you, the european union that you k, the british have higher inflation rate than we do here. it's not the fight is not a bad inflation. it's about the cost of living. or stateside prices are increasing
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faster than salaries, but sky high inflation is only half the problem. reports say the personal savings rates in the u. s. has dropped by 15 percent over the last year. meaning, even if citizens managed to put away some of their paycheck, it's eclipsed by the ever rising cost of living and like that. and then you are having to take in this savings in our retirement money now. and i just don't have it, you know, without any savings and we'll be able to forward all of them being the way things are going right now with $4.00 a gallon of gasoline. obviously we old working just to survive. right now. i'm in my for one day and mom savings when i'm not happy with that. that's how bad the economy really is. when people have to start using one k savings and all the economy, it could be a lot better than what it is now because he sucks. terrible in
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relation to terrible. it's ridiculous. felicia, a vague aspen or governmental let a savage. who's in office right now, rob ellen loves cows cold, washington post journalists, quote, hypocrites. the tycoon was responding to some harsh criticism about him in the american daily. several articles, citing anonymous top u. s. government officials stated that the entrepreneur has become, quote, too powerful and increasingly reckless it followed mosques, proposing of peace talks in ukraine, and a solution to tensions in taiwan. the love her, he's been accused that business interests and china are influencing his views. what's more, the billionaires plans to revamp twitter or rules to ensure a freedom of speech is upheld. i've earned him a security risk level because
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musk has business investments in china and according to russian and other news reports said last year at a kremlin sponsored event for students that he was planning on in russia. several top u. s. government officials wonder if masks, business interests affect his views on foreign affairs. what earlier the world's richest man calls the wave of online history, when he shared views and how to solve the ukrainian crisis, he proposed that crimea be recognized as russian which had been for centuries and ensure a neutral status for ukraine in prioritizing peace, most of all though he were in scrutiny from u. s. a forest seas radio we spoke to political commentator in radio host, steve gail, who pondered the reasons why the washington post is so concerned with most, but not so much with actual scandals. i find it interesting that
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a peace proposal trying to find a, a conciliatory end to the conflict and ukraine just so controversial. i think if the mainstream media here in the u. s. and globally, were really wanting to down play the effect of you on the bus. they would ignore him. but whenever he sent out a tweet, whatever you make some comments, they hyperventilate, they pay a lot of attention to what he said. they amplify what he says. and they're the ones, frankly, giving him more political influence than if they would just ignore him. i don't think there's any question again, the washington post has not been concerned with the biden family 100 by the job, by the family. we're getting a lot of money from china, from ukraine. they're not concerned about that, but they're concerned about the influence that you on boss, who operates transparently in the business arena. may have more influence than they would like. they're not concerned about its influence and they're just concerned that its influence contradicts what they want. and again, i think the policy, the washington post the new york times on, on what causes them outrage depends on who agrees with them and who doesn't agree
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with them. and that is a far cry from journalism being fair telling both sides of the story, but they've completely abandoned that can want to turn attention. finally, back on africa were to women have been rescued by the jury and army 8 years after the terrorist organization vocal her rom abducted them along with hundreds of other school girls. the refills scores of the former students held in captivity local correspondence co root. c. beatrice has more on that these development of the rescue off to more gal sticking from chip off in the last day to use brings to targeting animal gills, rescued or followed by the nature, an army denatured. an army, autodesk said. ongoing operations to rescue more gales or did not. civilians is hampered by trout and things. forrest in the region. so it is a hit when the army attacked the camp. i ran into the forest because i was afraid
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they will come again the following day. i looked that was how the army found and rescued me and my 2 children, jo ann, since we had been abducted, they didn't let us out of the forest camp among the day the army attacked to rescue us. i was inside the house with my children. my husband wasn't at home, the army told me to follow them, and that's how i was rescued my husband to still life. i don't want to continue my education, but i had started to receive before my abduction. and i just want to support my children in it. oh, at the head of operation happening tape said the girls, rejoice sanky and yaga now pooh! aged $24.25 respectively were rescued along which they are 6 children in some be self forest by troops of 70 betia. 49 terrorists when to released and to beat more than 8 to 1000 the insurgents of surrender to the military deny insurance
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authorities clung to upon shelter. cons for the over 80000 people formerly sympathetic to the terrorist up to 70 percent of the people that have received amnesty by turning themselves in are women and children. most of their movements. now you notice is they're looking for food and actual criminality. they tried to neuropathy, individuals to get money to get food when they go to attacks, and that's what they're doing. so we're quarterly looseness to get, i would order as q g agencies. but they also said that to this crisis, like many orders in particularly west africa, will again be at the back of the line when it comes to 8 and support from western countries. i'm quality beatrice. our t news may do glory. well that's how the news is shipping up hours we enter the new week. i'll be back at the top with all of mondays up. it's for you to enjoy the life of the
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