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you have to eventually agree to some sort of a land for peace deal will a we will regard the use of the dirty ball by the keith regime as an act of nuclear terrorist. russia calls for a un security council meeting to discuss a pressing radioactive issue. also, the smooth russian found on the very border with ukraine is now a frontline to out that lives in constant the dissipation over yet another ukrainian strike akin to the one that destroyed this shopping move our teeth 1st hand the damage in russia. the dr region caused by he had shelling a free trade agreement between india and the u. k. stalls after anti migrant
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remarks made by a british minister, anger, new delhi and egypt as plans to mpeg its national currency from the us dollar with from moscow to the world. this is our international. i'm radio blevins, and these are the top stories this our russia has called for a un security council meeting on tuesday to voice is concerned that he may use a dirty bomb as part of a false fog operation. russia hazard the un chief antonio gutierrez to do everything possible to prevent such a scenario. 2 saying moscow will consider any such action as an active nuclear terrorism. the russian defense ministry has said he could launch such an attack with hell from its western allies, claiming he had requested help with nuclear weapons technology from the u. k.
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meanwhile, russia's foreign minister survey lab, ralph has dismiss claims by some western states that it was actually moscow planning to use a dirty bomb, a little noon for a month so, so consumer to detail information indicating the institution that can do this was transmitted through the minister and to friends with his colleagues from the united states. great britain, france and turkey, the unfounded claims for western colleagues. that this is all fiction and russia itself, plans to do something like that to blame these zalinski regime later. it's not a serious conversation. some of our interlock has suggested discussing information we have at a professional military levels of this is an approach that we've supported foreign minister, a lover of sad that russia is eager to do whatever possible to bring a cranes western partners into the discussions about the potentially very dangerous, if not epic, elliptic consequences of such
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a false flag attack if it indeed is carried out and some of the lover of school it's, for example, the year secretary of state anthony blinking dismiss those allegations asked, quote, transparent with false. foreign minister also indicated that such allegations were met with some professional interests and some of the colleagues he didn't specify who as far as we know, russia has reached out front of the united states, the united kingdom and turkey. some of those countries have expressed an interest in discussing the evidence that russia has in the professional form that is among the intelligence officers and military experts. this is essentially the way that russia has learned to counteract them to, to try to be preemptive whenever it has any intelligence on the potential acquisition of dangerous materials. it tries to bring attention of their world wide audience to it. and i have to say that it is pretty understandable that they're,
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westwood tried to exonerate ukraine and accused rational of all the possible crimes . but there is already a track record, an official track record of the ukrainian officials expressing direct interest in acquiring nuclear weapons. for example, president landscape one, speaking of the munich security conference earlier this year, he expressly sad that ukraine was looking into that possibility. and what a surprise russia at that point is that despite the fact that nonproliferation is a stated policy in the world, it's stated goal, nonetheless, nono ukraine's western partners said anything against that possibility. that's why russia is indeed taking it seriously. former us marine and geopolitical analysts, john mark to get fairs. kiev is trying to escalate the war to draw nato deeper into the conflict we've seen. would they have been doing up to now their acts of
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terrorism, starting with the bombing of dory dugeon and boring up the bridges. and they are escalating things in tell the point of no return they want. and i can understand why they want west to be involved in meeting their war. they have that much hatred towards russia. the west has been engaging in a lot of very dirty tactics lately and everything that they've been engaging like the pipeline. the tax on this app rose and the nuclear power plant. everything they've been engaging in then they have been pointing the finger is blaming on russia when we all know that it's, it's not russia. i mean, everybody with half a brain understands this. and they're going to do the same thing with this. so the, the question is, is the west going to help them in the russian region abriana, squid borders, ukraine. an explosive device has detonated on a railway, targeting,
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and nearby cargo train. no injuries were reported in the incident and his upper talk over the weekend 2 people were killed in an attack on a shopping mall in the belgrade region. archie's eager should not visited the site of the latest shelling. this small russian town on the very border with ukraine has now a frontline town that lives in constant anticipation of. yet another ukrainian strike akin to the one that destroyed this shopping mood. all that remains of it is its charred skeleton. you can still though, make out and tell wood shorter shops used to be here, like judging by the carcasses, where the burn carcass is here. this used to be some sort of a tech supermarket. and if you look in the corner over there, there used to be a pet store, but given enough money is spent, all of this can be rebuilt, a new of course, but people's lives, those who were killed in the strike. well,
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they can't be brought back. ukrainian shells had 2 moves and a discount steward noon. this saturday, a fireworks shop, and one of them worse and both the blaze and the panic among victims and bystanders alike. so socially, when we heard the whistle for the 1st time in the distance, we left the building. as soon as we did it, a shell immediately landed a girl sitting here. her leg was covered in blood near the market stole a man's leg, was blown off. the blue book i was inside the store when the shell landed, i saw through the windows that it came from all their whistling, and then there was a hit. the building immediately caught fire, then i heard pops fy walked started. exploding grass fell down. people was screaming and running away before official rescue crews had a chance to arrive. first responders who witnessed the attack helped the wounded, evacuate away from the scene. here
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these 2 civilians have been killed. more than a dozen needed medical treatment. it all started as a regular weekly shopping trip for this family. as the parents left the vehicle to go to the shopping mall, their teenage son stayed inside. he died on this very spot. the shell landed just about 3 meters away from the car. it's been weeks since ukraine stepped up its attacks from the region on this tiny town alone, key forces of indiscriminately dropped dozens of bombs. but despite the threat, the streets, he is still bustle with life. on what should i put it? we are getting used to the whistling because they were nearby and were shilling regularly when there was a big bang. i came out of the garage and saw that the explosions were somewhere in
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the city. then there was another shot. a screech and a shell fell again. i'm already used to counting seconds. it's only been 5. so the distance was very small, because disk i see no point and leaving the town. where would we go and why? we're not planning to leave. i'm a get done of reporting from the russia ukraine border r t and news. just in a loud glass has been heard and mallet hubble and his opera, she region has a car, reportedly exploded near the building of a local t v company that's according to the local administration. now we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you more updates in the next hour as they become available. and the vibe in is being pushed to change his approach to the premium conflict by his own party. more than 2 dozen congress democrats have signed a letter of calling on the president to push key to agree with the fire andy
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negotiated solution that's coming up later in the program. egypt is set to move as national currency away from the us dollar. instead developing a new currency indicator, according to the central banks, governor, the country plans, filling its currency to a basket of gold, as well as other currencies. the u. s. is not our major trading partner. i don't know why people are always fixated on the dollar. part of our success will be and changing the culture and idea that we are pegged. the decision follows the gyptian pounds sharp drop this year after the start of the war and ukraine with about $25000000000.00 being wiped off the markets. in the course of several weeks, kyra central bank had to do value the currency with a pound today. only worth 80 percent of its former value against the us dollar. egypt is the latest country in the global south to take similar measures. india and iran have already did the dollar and bilateral trade with moscow,
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with saudi arabia, considering switching to the chinese, you want an oil sales to china. we discuss the issue with our med, most often the director of the asia center for studies and translation. he shared his vision on the motives behind cairo's decision. once we correlates with japan pounds with a dollar since 2016 according to the recommendations of the at one bank and international. the just to satisfy the creditors. for deletion made on a substitute in the markets, the dollar is inflated with a washer again, a 3rd of compound and now even the body of the national banks reached about quentin egyptian pounds and it has a very negative impact also concerning the inflation. also we have international fact concerning or the wising and the so that made on or the yeah. interest rate,
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the federal reserve is fine, put fees. the rates are the 2. i extract a lot of money on a lot of funds from one with white county to they're not to states i for the, for such a way to and now we have another problem. the interest is that belongs to our indigenous to their credit, to international creditors. via the wallet frank and the new national one. if, if i'm, i'm serving the interest is off. so be the embedded nest or all of such factors altogether. i. 3 was the reason why are we, why are we have to shift to be a result? i mean, the gold or the gold bullion and huge. it became one of the biggest buyers of the old boy orleans. and the, and the vision on may be in the wall. it will be a safe guard at that and a center for us. oh, for a future. the asian american journalist association has called on
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media outlets to stop using the word kamikaze when reporting on exploding drones used by both ukrainian and russian forces in their conflict. the organization claims the cupboard is inaccurate and encouraged is discrimination. and hate crimes against asian people. that the tune kamikaze german is in precise, the weapons the trust she's using in ukraine on man, serial vehicles that are remotely piloted and designed to detonate on impact. the use of the term also risks exacerbating the racism and harassment that the asian american and pacific islander community has already faced and continues to face during the current. the virus pandemic, the same and ignores the fact that he was actually the 1st to make headlines for its deployment of turkish by rector drones. in the conflict, the organization claims their report and create the negative historical image of kamikaze attacks by japanese fighter pilots in world war 2. earlier,
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we spoke to illegal and media analyst, lionel, who says he can't understand why the restriction is needed. if you want to go through and unravel all of that, be my yes. let me ask you a question. do you really think then i'm sure it's possible but, but seriously the frequency, the gent of somebody hearing quite a minute. do you hear that boy? doctor's drone attacks thought awful. no, that's not that they're comma causes that japanese there who seems like this, who would hear a story about a drone attack and work on the etymology of the term. kamikaze 1st is the idea of the during the day. so i me, i'm sorry, but these are, you know, i live in a world where we get mad at cartoons and mascots of sports teams. we live in this,
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my grew aggression, these triggered words were somebody, i mean this, this, to me look, anybody can be offended if you want. but i think the last thing in the world we should worry about is anti asian hatred. that is inspired not by the use of drone attacks or a ledger drone attacks. hope by the use of the term, comma, kazi, i mean, come on incentive people worrying about co bid about as shars covered to this severe this, this, this pandemic. do you know the amount of people who worried about whether this was an f no centric sino phobic reference to this pandemic? like, would you stop this? have you ever heard of the german measles lyme disease? did we argue about, should we, will he call this to spanish flu? i mean, let's take a vote. meanwhile, people are dying and we're worried about the etymology and the labeling of something. i mean, seriously, just what i think i think we're done with this politically correct. stuff,
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it turns out it's international. it's a new parlor game. who can be offended the most over somebody which has nothing to do with the issue. some members of your biden's own party are demanding. he changed his approach, the cranium conflict. more than 2 dozen congress democrats have signed a letter calling on the president to push key. i have to agree to a cease fire and a negotiated solution parties. caleb mop it has more. well, it's quite a development in the foreign policy conversation. here in the united states, 30 members of the us house of representatives have signed this letter to the white house, urging them to change tactics when it comes to ukraine and pursue negotiations with russia. now this is quite a development, these are members of biden's own party, the democratic party, and they in their letter, are calling for a pro act diplomatic reproach to the situation. this is some of what the letter
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says, given the destruction created by this war for ukraine in the world, as well as the risk of catastrophic escalation. we also believe it is in the interests of ukraine, the united states, and the world to avoid a prolonged conflict. for this reason, we urge you to pair the military and economic support the united states has provided to ukraine with a proactive diplomatic push redoubling efforts to seek a realistic framework for a ceasefire. now this is quite an interesting turn of events. it comes as there seem to be cracks in the european coalition around biden, and his. ready moves when it comes to ukraine as well. now, generally, any opposition to the white house's policies regarding ukraine has come from republicans. there's been approvals of up to $60000000000.00 more than $60000000000.00 approved by the u. s. congress in aid to ukraine and the opposition to it came from republicans, 57 republicans in the house of representatives, voted against it aladdin us,
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senators. but it was all republicans voted against that. this new development appears to come from democrats and democrats who signed this recent letter. now we must keep in mind, november 8th, the mid term congressional elections are coming up. americans will go to the polls and elect a new congress. and it appears that within the democratic party, there are some wish to distance themselves from biden's ukraine policy. there are democrats who don't want to be associated with the policies of the white house when it comes to ukraine. now another thing that's important to note is that another member of the us house of representatives, a republican, claudia tanny as come forward and said that biden isn't really running the country . she compared into a wax dummy. she said that his cognitive abilities are not good and that his staff is essentially running the country on his behalf, that the president of united states is not really in charge. now, that's quite a dramatic thing for a member of the federal government member, the u. s. congress to come forward and say it appears the president united states
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and it does not have the cognitive ability to run the country and has been affect li, removed from power. his staffers are running the country. now that's quite an accusation to be floating around mainstream us media. so these are, these are all things that should be taken into account as we see that now, it's not only republicans criticizing by for his ukraine strategy. it's now 30 democrats in the house of representatives, unanimously over the training and conflicts seems to be in question in europe as well. where does emmy pete marcel this graph is leaving his party in the european parliament over disagreement on the reasons behind the war. previously, the parties suspended him for 3 months as he lay the blame for escalation on ukraine and nato, and not on russia. on leaving the identity and democracy group in the european parliament, their attempt to silence me about nato in ukraine is unthinkable. we must disco late, the war with russia. it is not our war,
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but our people are paying the price. i want to form a new group that supports this are taken her rear rachel mars. that takes a look at how pro western has become a synonym for anti russian. and howard is safer for european politicians to stick to the mainstream agenda of condemning moscow. what's the deal with this western insecurity that demands countries to sites like you're either with teen usa or against it, like the whole world is just one big junior high school. italy has taken a pretty laid back approach and senior, so whole america, russia rivalry. and although a nato and you member italy, welcomed russian doctors to the country to help when rome was contending with the world's worst covert outbreak, former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi, whose back on the political part of the new governing coalition is so friendly with russian president vladimir putin, that audio was suspiciously lead recently in which bruce coney spoke of communicating with and even receiving a birthday gift of russian baka from the russian president. he also gave his take
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on the situation ukraine. russian ministers have said on several occasions that we are at war with them because we are providing arms and funding to ukraine. i can't personally give my opinion because if it is told to the press, it will turn out to be a disaster. but i am very, very, very worried. i re kindled relations with president putin a little bit so that they can start a song in the western anti russia quick. was whether birds, stony views, wrist, representing or influencing the latest addition to the global school yard, newly elected italian prime minister, georgia maloney. well, those conveniently lead recordings certainly make it more complicated for me alone to maintain any kind of pragmatic, neutral stance. even if you wanted to europe in commission that last week that it considers those 20 bottles of vodka gifted from clinton to bernard county, a break of sanctions on russia. spirits in the wake of that revelation,
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here's maloney making her intention emphatically clear italy as fully and with a head held high part of europe and nato. anyone who does not agree with this cornerstone can't be part of the government even if it means not forming the government with us in the government. italy will never be the weak link in the west, the unreliable name, and so dear to our many detractors. now that maloney has pledged for allegiance, all that's missing is the formal welcome from the head of the washington led western fry house. oh yeah. here it is. i congratulate georgia maloney and becoming the new prime minister of italy. italy is a vital nato ally and close partner as our nations together address shared global challenges as leaders in the g 7. i look forward to continuing to advance our support for ukraine. hold russia accountable for its aggression, ensure respect for human rights in democratic values and build sustainable economic growth. a way to make malone declaration of loyalty all about ukraine, russia and america's priorities. maloney may want to get used to that though it
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comes with the territory when being an ally of washington often means serving as a state in the promotion of its own interest. even if it ends up being a detriment to those of your own country. ah, the u. k. has miss monday's deadline for striking a free trade deal with india. negotiations of reportedly been in deb bought. i made comments by the ben u. k. home secretary voicing concern over an influx of indians into the country leg migration in this country. the largest group of people who overstay our indian migraines, i have concerns about having an open borders migration policy with india, because i don't think that's what people voted for. with breck said, the free trade talks between the u. k in india were launched earlier this year with greater opportunities for indian students and professionals in the u. k. that is a main priority by modi's government, new delhi slam the now former secretaries remarks on migration as shocking and
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disappointing. we spoke to political analysts and columnist sued andrew carney, so he says it's a rhetoric coming from u. k. officials shows that britain has not expressed remorse over its imperial passed. these opinions come from the leadership of or can't feed, that is feeling increasingly insecure about so well if you believe we have seen how in, within the span of one year, they had 3 prime ministers and you start about individuals. there is a structural from problem about the politics of the united united kingdom. the outgoing prime minister did not even last 2 months. and they call themselves the mother of democracies. basically, the western economies. they want to impose an idea of
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globalization on their own terms, not on equal terms with developing countries, india, a partial life. are they fun of me specially vested economy who have equitable services agreement, which is what the united kingdom and several other. busy lessons on please do not one the only one of them that millions of them, and this is not acceptable to accept as respecting country like india. now, when it comes to su, ella braverman herself, she is of course of indian origin. so how surprising was it to hear anti migrant rhetoric from a person whose parents are migrants? this is very bad. adoption, she's making very controversial in fact, racist remarks. and this only shows that britain has still not
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completely owned up and expressed remorse, or would have sworn imperial past when it plundered, colonized and do lower. many countries around the world, including india. if you look at the british attitude towards migrants, it is very, there is in fact in some ways a racist be somewhat want to keep the white domination alive. and the historical trend is against what they believe in and what they're practicing. ah haitian protesters are demanding the country increased cooperation with russia, china, and venezuela. as anti government rallies in the country showed no signs of abating
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doesn't stick to the streets of the haitian capital on monday, demanding the prime minister resigned. after he requested military help from the united nations to deal with the current unrest as well as the gang violence, the relentless protest or rob did about a month ago, i made a devastating economic insecurity crisis, which the government has requested international assistance to tackle this is what protesters had to say good, we are here to denounce the damage and crimes that the you and is responsible for who have gone through town you on occupations they brought cholera, rape, and bring together the armed gangs who continue to massacre the population. who killed them? the military occupation cannot help us get out of the situation. we're in. on the contrary, it will may cost situation worse. with that, we are here to say no to the behavior of the international community which is interfering in the affairs of our country to say no to the current government to
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say no to the artificial fuels causative, programmed by the government, the international monetary fund. and the world bank who impose on the country policies that kill people if you're submitted, i am in the streets to ask for co operation between russia and haiti. i want cooperation between china and haiti, and we want cooperation with all the countries of the extreme left. the activists in iran claim they have smuggled dozens of starlings receivers into a raw to bypass strict internet censorship blackouts across the country. video footage of activists allegedly unpacking the devices circulated on social media. the equipment is supposed to help bypass restrictions on internet youth. currently restricted by a ron satellite dishes are also a legal and iran with authorities claiming they bring addiction and insecurity in a society. this comes amid reports, the white house is in touch with you on mosque,
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over the possibility of setting up his satellite, internet service and iran. earlier authorities walk the billionaires official website over his initiative to provide internet your protesters seen as an attempt to undermine the country. sovereignty, however, washington, reportedly c sterling as a way to support anti government protest. we have our foot on the gas to do everything we possibly can, to support the aspirations of the iranian people. that is our policy period. at the same time, it is truly an iranian movement, led by young girls and spreading to other aspects of society. protests in iran have entered their 6 week with demonstration, spreading outside the country with rallies held in washington, berlin in tokyo. they began with anger over mandatory job coverings for women, triggered by the death of a 22 year old woman in police custody. despite ordering an investigation, the iranian president has said, deal decisively with the unrest,
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human and labor rights lawyer, dan corvalle says the u. s. is acting on his own self interest by getting involved in the iranian protest. it does seem to me that the us in the west, in general, is involved in, in provoking these protests. i don't see that is a natural occurrence. i think the us in the west is behind this because they want regime shake. they don't support women's rights. they don't support women's rights here in the united states. this doesn't look so different from the regime change. and i think that the 3, the 1st ca regime change ever, which happened to be in iran against the democratically elected prime minister, mom and most dad. and they used very similar tactics being used today. the us doesn't do things just.


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