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tv   News  RT  October 25, 2022 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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ah mm with 5 people are reportedly injured in a car bomb outside the t. v station in the region. local officials say an improvised device. of course the explosion also on the program move russian found on the very border with ukraine is now a frontline town. that lives in constant is the patient of yet another ukrainian strike akin to the one that destroyed this shopping move all the witnesses 1st hand, the damage in rushes, be all good region caused by p of shelling. also this our free trade agreement
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between india and the u. k. stalls after anti migrant remarks made by a british minister and get new delhi and egypt plans to unpack is national pounds from the u. s. dollar and rely on golden other currencies with the alive from our studio. here in moscow, you're watching aussie international. i'm peter scott's here with all the latest this tuesday afternoon. welcome to the programmer. and we start this out with the latest news from this upper osha beach in house where 5 people have been injured in an attack on a local t v station in the city of mel. it's hopeful. now this 4th, it shows the aftermath of the explosion outside the building which occurred, stuffed, were arriving at work. the local administration says that the power of the car bomb was the equivalent of roughly 2 kilos of dynamite. the blast damage the building facade, and some of its offices were heavily damaged with broken windows and damaged furniture
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. emergency services are working at the scene, and the attack was in addition to at least 7 overnight strikes on the melody all suburbs. here's what local residents have to say. yes, now was i, i shall i am custody. of course, we expected provocations from ukraine every day, but this, every one was going to work and it felt like a rocket hit the house. there was such a loud rumble. you can see the results. 10 minutes later my family would have been on the street. it's a miracle that no one died. to get it all just soldier, so many of them, it's terrible, truly terrible. my grandson was so scared, the whole balcony was destroyed in the house over there. the windows were blown out, and the windows in our apartment on the side, but also brought of course, a stressful which a nightmare thing got. every one is alive, that is full now quite useless to undo the border region brianne sc. a railway line was targeted by an explosive device damaging a cargo train. and in
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a separate incidents over the weekend, 2 people were killed in an attack on a shopping mall in neighboring belgrade parties. egos donna visited the sides and sensors this report. this small russian town on the very border with ukraine has now a frontline town that lives in constant anticipation over yet another ukrainian strike akin to the one that destroyed this shopping mood. all that remains of it is its charred skeleton. you can still though, make out and tell wood shorter shops used to be hail egg judging by the carcasses, where the burn carcass is here. this used to be some sort of a tech supermarket. and if you look in the corner over there, there used to be a pet store, but given enough money is spent, all of this can be rebuilt, a new of course, but people's lives, those who were killed in the strike. well, they can't be brought back. ukrainian shells had 2 moves and
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a discount stool at noon this saturday, a fireworks shop and one of them worsened both the blaze and the panic among victims and bystanders alike. so socially, when we heard the whistle for the 1st time in the distance, we left the building. as soon as we did it, a shell immediately landed. a girl was sitting here, her leg was covered in blood near the market stole a man's leg, was blown off the blue boot i was inside the store when the shell landed, i saw through the windows that it came from all there, whistling and there. and there was a hit, the building immediately caught fire. then i heard pops, fly walked started, exploding glass fell down, the people was screaming and running away with sheila. before official rescue crews had a chance to arrive, 1st responders who witnessed the attack helped the wounded, evacuate away from the scene. here
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these 2 civilians have in killed more than a dozen needed medical treatment. it all started as a regular weekly shopping trip for this family. as the parents left the vehicle to go to the shopping mall, their teenage son stayed inside. he died on this very spot. the shell landed just about 3 meters away from the car. it's been weeks since ukraine stepped up its attacks on the region on this tiny town alone, cave forces of indiscriminately dropped dozens of bombs. but despite the threat, the streets, he is still bustle with life. oh should i am pretty what we are getting used to the whistling because they were near by and were shelling regularly when there was a big bang. i came out of the garage and saw that the explosions were somewhere in the city. then there was another shot, a screech and
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a shell fell again. i'm already used to counting seconds. it's only been 5. so the distance was very small. well, does this, can i see no point in leaving the town? where would we go and why? we're not planning to leave. i'm again done of reporting from the russia ukraine border r t. we go reaction from the chief dots in the hospital where the victims are being taken care of. and he says, the bystanders save the lives of those caught up in a blast. was a little bit of a pastor that shake the condition of all patients the staple, the prognosis is get people are getting all the necessary medical help. the main injuries are sharp. no wounds of the upper and lower extremities, abdomen and chest cavity was 3 people were operated on right away as they were brought to earth. i think that basically the 1st victims who came to our hospital were brought in by passers by, who just happened to be nearby gunners. people applied sufficient medical assistance and stop the blood. this helped us
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a lot and no one was abandoned even when the showing continued and the emergency services could not approach people who were on the streets provided help. and now to the annual meeting of the vault i discussion club which enters its 2nd day to day tuesday in moscow with more panel discussions on the schedule. earlier we spoke to the host of world politics on a boycott on the main agenda of the meeting. and here's what she had to say. they to over the whole discussion club could be summarized by that old bill. clinton's phrase, it's all about the economy, stupid. and the word stupid is very appropriate here because many of the participants have been analyzing and talking about not very smart, economic decisions, that economic powers that be took over the last couple of years and how it's affecting the rest of the world. now there's been a lot of discussion about how globalization western lab globalization that is underwritten by the western financial system by the dollar and the euro has been
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disintegrating. and it's not only because of their recent events, but that whole process started during the call at $900.00 conducted well, some of the leading countries in the world demonstrated very, very selfish. and somebody would say, cruel behavior, hoarding supplies for themselves, and leaving the rest of the world exposed and really puting in view, the very pressing necessity for many countries to rely on themselves on themselves to be self sufficient, at least when it comes to the why those supplies and vital services, but that process in and of itself was exacerbated by the balance of 2022 with the financial and economic sanctions that the west tried to introduce against russia. and i stress here the word tried because the effects of those sanctions berg very mixed. they didn't hurt the russia as much as it was intended by there
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was, but they really heard the rest of their world, particularly developing countries in the global south. many a representative of which are present here at the val di, forum and that creates a major necessity of for the world to restructure the way the economy is being functioning. and russia found itself right in the center of this new forming economic system. again, it's not i geared against the united states or the west as such, but it's almost as if the actions of some of the western powers, i forcing our countries to find a more risk grown ways of dealing with one another that would be trading in local currency is trying to create alternative systems, self settling accounts are warranted. trade. what have you, but this is something that is in the center of many of the, of the discussions here at, you know,
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versus cold for your insecurity council meeting on tuesday. it's a voice ex, concerns that kia may use, a dirty bomb as part of a false flag operation. moscow condemned any such attack. we will regard the use of the dirty bomb by the key if regime as an act of nuclear terrorism. the russian defense ministry has claimed the key of could launch an attack to undermine moscow's global image. rushes also informed several nato defense ministers about in a legit nuclear provocation from keith. but they have dismissed the claims as no evidence was provided. kia has also vehemently denied the allegations saying it doesn't have and will not use such weapons. but earlier this year, president zalinski spoke of possibly restoring ukraine's nuclear states us. we will use all the resources we have, including to create effective weapons, dirty or clean. this is a separate checking, a logical issue. ukraine has no other choice. either. we are part of in the lines
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such as nato and do our part to make europe stronger. or we have the only option which is the on, by ourselves and may be think about nuclear status. again. i'm over western officials. how said that moscow itself is going to use such weapons, or claim referred to as frivolous and fiction by russian foreign minister said again, love rav former us marine jamal duke and physically of could try to escalate the war. we've seen what they have been doing up to now their acts of terrorism, starting with the bombing of dory dugeon and boring up the bridges. and they are escalating things in tell the point of no return they want. and i can understand why they want west to be involved in making their war. they have that much hatred towards russia. the west has been engaging in a lot of very dirty tactics lately and everything that they've been engaging like
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the pipeline. the tax on this app rose and the nuclear power plant. everything they've been engaging in then they have been pointing the finger is blaming on russia when we all know that it's, it's not russia. i mean, everybody would have a brain understand this. and they're going to do the same thing with this. and so the question is, is the west going to help them? the u. k. has missed mondays deadline for striking a free trade deal with india. negotiations have reportedly been in deadlock, made comments by the then the u. k. home secretary, voice concerns over an influx of indians in the country. like a migration in this country. the largest group of people who overstay our indian migraines. i have concerns about having an open borders migration policy with india because i don't think that's what people voted for with breck said, well, the free trade source between the you can india were launched earlier this year
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with great opportunities for indian students and professionals in the u k, that's a priority for modi's governments. you deli, slammed the now former home secretary's remarks as shocking and disappointing. oh, yeah, we spoke to political analysts and color miss so teen drug, who connie, who said that it shows that britain is not yet moved on from ms. emperial passed. these finance come from the leadership of or can't feed that is feeling increasingly insecure about so within the span of one year there had 3 prime ministers and you start about individuals. there is a structural problem about the politics of the united united kingdom, outgoing prime minister, did not even last 2 months, and they call themselves the mother of democracies. basically, the western economies wanted to impose an idea of globalization on their
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own terms, not on equal terms with developing countries. india was like, are they on the me who have equitable services which is what the united kingdom and several other. busy please do not one, the only ones that referred over to them. and this is not acceptable says, respecting country like india. now when it comes to well braverman herself, she is of course of indian origin. so how's the pricing? was it to hear anti migrant rhetoric from a person whose parents are migrant? she's making very controversial, in fact, racist remarks. and this only shows that britain has still not completely expressed remorse or what is on imperial past. if you look at the british attitude towards migrants in these very there is in some
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ways a racist there, someone want to keep the white domination. a life in other news, egypt set to move is national currency away from the us dollar. instead, developing a new currency indicator, according to the central banks of another country, plans to link its currency. so baskets of gold under the currencies. the u. s. is not our major trading partner. i don't know why people are always fixated on the dollar. part of our success will be and changing the culture and idea that we are pegged. the decision follows the egyptian pounds shop dropped this year because of the war in ukraine, with around $25000000000.00 been wiped off the market in several weeks. tyro central bank had to devalue the currency with the pounds a day worth only 80 percent of its previous value against the us dollar. i. egypt is just the latest config in the global south to take similar measures. india and
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iran have already ditched dollar in bilateral trade with moscow, with saudi arabia considering switching to the chinese you on, in oil sales to china. earlier, we discussed the issue with our med mustafah, who's the director of the asia center for studies and translation. and he shared with us his vision on the motives behind cairo's move once a week, correlates with compounds with a dollar since 2016 according to the recommendations of e at one bank and international on just to satisfy the creditors sold, election, made honest, facilitate in the markets, the dollar is inflated with so much sure, i can a 50 pound. and now even that by the national banks reach about 20 egyptian pounds and it has a very negative impact or so concerning the inflation. also, we have international factor concerning the wising and the search that made on
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the interest rate. the federal reserve is fine. put these the rates in order to extract a lot of money. a lot of funds from one of my kind of to, they're not to states i for the, for such a way to and now we have another partner, the interest that belongs to our indebtedness to the credit, to international creditors via their wiley, frank and international monetary fund and serving the interest of serving the embeddedness or all of such factors altogether or. 3 was the reason why or why are we have to shift to the resort? i mean, the gold or the gold bullion. and egypt became one of the biggest buyers of the gold boy orleans in the, in the vision, or maybe in the wall. it will be a safe guard at that and offender for us. oh for the future.
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and now to the annual meeting of the vall discussion club, which answers is 2nd day to day tuesday in moscow, with more paneled discussions on the schedule. so now we can go live, i believe, to one second, b k. shaw. i'm a retired, major general and director of the united service institution of india. apologies for the confusion the welcome to the program b. k sharma. thanks for your time today. well, 1st question, how eddie, my, how would you characterize relations between india and russia? at this point in time? are india and russia gone to to, to enjoy special 3 blessed relationship which has stood but desktop dime. both counties have stood by each other during difficult time, and that is the reason, even during the euclid conflict,
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india has not warranted against russia. ah, despite precious from the abyss, india continues to take arms supplies from russia and has also been taking our natural oil and gas. the sources are from russia. in fact, during these times, our team has actually increased many ford and has it isn't to about $20000000000.00 us dollars. ah, we have a very principal position on this conflict and that we are not in favor of war. we want the cease fire to take place and are a we want her through the dialogue process of beach to return because that is fundamental for global peace and security. so i'll just pick you up on your 1st
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point, the a vacation hold off question. i do, you mentioned some of the trade corporation between russia in india. do you think there's room for growth in trade between the 2 countries? it has already grown and during these years and now we have our shared vision in regard to development of thought, east of which our prime minister movie has and inserted the policy of act parties. and under the rubric of that policy, there is a possibility of a, you know, integration of northern c routes with the north salt water door and bid bloody wasik and chin. i caught a door. and once these corridors. busy our operation lays our trade will increase further. india is also embarked upon nobody ambitious program of self reliance in india. and under that, besides the defense wall petition,
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a russian companies can participate in number of critical infrastructure projects in india. so with that, i think the, the t relations built for the dick a boost. and now you're the, the validate discussion club here in moscow. and what's the international representation like that? the forum overseer comes amid attempts by many states to isolate russia over the war. and ukraine, of course, india isn't one of them, but as a whole was international representation lighter? no. this while they club forum is represented very well. and there are represented jews from eastern europe and some people have line joined on line from even from the u. s. and latin america, but that is a significant earth representation from the globe global south. at the smaller in the middle level, countries who have a weiss of deer owns and by and large the st dementia is that these economic
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sanctions are no good. you know, economic should not be used as a weapon of war, because this is not only affecting russia, but it is given, not george, at the global economy. that is at his session. are there a high where, you know, price for prices? inflation is gaining ground. and it has very surely disrupted the supply chain, which is affecting all countries, including of rest and european countries. so we are totally against this policy of economic sanctions. b, k sharp, always a pleasure to have you on the program must be cash. i'm a retired, major general and director of the united service institution of india. thanks for your time today. the so members of jo biden's own party are demanding. he change his approach to ukrainian conflicts on to doesn't congress . democrats have signed a letter calling on the president to push keith to agree to a ceasefire,
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as well as a negotiated solution. his art is kind of morphing with more. while it's quite a development in the foreign policy conversation here in the united states, 30 members of the us house of representatives have signed this letter to the white house, urging them to change tactics when it comes to ukraine and pursue negotiations with russia. now this is quite a development, these are members of biden's own party, the democratic party, and they in their letter, are calling for a pro active diplomatic reproach to the situation. this is some of what the letter says, given the destruction created by this war for ukraine in the world, as well as the risk of catastrophic escalation. we also believe it is in the interests of ukraine, the united states, and the world to avoid a prolonged conflict. for this reason, we urge you to pair the military and economic support the united states has provided to ukraine with a proactive diplomatic push, redoubling efforts to seek
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a realistic framework for a cease fire. now this is quite an interesting turn of events. it comes as there seem to be cracks in the european coalition around biden, and his moves when it comes to ukraine as well. now, generally, any opposition to the white house's policies regarding ukraine has come from republicans. there's been approvals of up to $60000000000.00 more than $60000000000.00 approved by the us congress in aid to ukraine and the opposition to it came from republicans. 57 republicans in the house of representatives voted against it aladdin us, senators. but it was all republicans voted against that. this new development appears to come from democrats. it is democrats who signed this recent letter. now we must keep in mind, november 8th, the mid term congressional elections are coming up. americans will go to the polls and elect a new congress, and it appears that within the democratic party, there are some wish to distance themselves from biden's ukraine policy. there are democrats who don't want to be associated with the policies of the white house when
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it comes to ukraine. now another thing that's important to note is that another member of the us house of representatives, a republican, claudia tanny as come forward and said that biden isn't really running the country . she compared him to a wax dummy. she said that his cognitive abilities are not good and that his staff is essentially running the country on his behalf, that the president of united states is not really in charge. now, that's quite a dramatic thing for a member of the federal government, a member the u. s congress to come forward and say it appears the president united states that does not have the cognitive ability to run the country and has been affect removed from power. his staffers are running the country. now that's quite an accusation to be floating around mainstream u. s. media, so these are, these are all things that should be taken into account as we see that now it's not only republicans criticizing by for his ukraine strategy. it's now 30 democrats in the house of representatives. and while congress,
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democrats are allowed to express disagreements with biden's politics, while changing, demanding change, american economist geoffrey sipes is gagged the democracy for him. when he tries to express his view, the u. s. foreign policy is non democratic. you can be democratic at home and ruthlessly imperial abroad. the most violent humphrey in the world since 1950 has been the united states in ballard are involved for you will not win. no more lead or less from jeffrey. i am the jeffrey. i'm your moderator and it's enough. okay, i'm not. it's not the 1st time sikes was robbed of his freedom to speak his mind. earlier this month, the u. s. economist suggested washington's involvements in the north stream pipeline bloss in the baltic sea, which prompted television host to pull the plug on a bloomberg t. v interview. in an
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embassy over the ukranian conflict seems to be in question in europe as well as dutch m. e. p. marcelle de graf is leaving his party in the european parliament over disagreements on the reasons behind the war. or previously the party suspended him for 3 months as he lay the blame for escalation on ukraine and nato, instead of russia. on leaving the identity and democracy group in the european parliament, their attempt to silence me about nato in ukraine is unthinkable. we must deescalate the war with russia. it is not our war, but our people are paying the price. i want to form a new group that supports this loyalty contribute to rachel marsden takes a look at how it's safer for european politicians just to stick to condemning moscow. what's the deal with this western insecurity that demands countries to sites like you're either with teen usa or against it, like the whole world has just one big junior high school. italy has taken a pretty laid back approach in years to the whole america, russia rivalry. and although in nato and you member italy,
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welcomed russian doctors to the country to help. when rome was contending with the world's worst cove it outbreak, former italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi is back on the political. part of the new governing coalition is so friendly with russian president vladimir putin. that audio was suspiciously lead recently in which bruce coney spoke of communicating with and even receiving a birthday. yes, a russian baka from the russian president. he also gave us take on the situation ukraine. russian ministers have said on several occasions that we are at war with them because we are providing arms and funding to ukraine. i can't personally give my opinion because if it is told to the press, it will turn out to be a disaster. but i am very, very, very worried. i re kindled relations with president putin a little bit so that they can start of stung in the western anti russia clique. was whether burners, stony views, wrist, representing or influencing the latest addition to the global school yard, newly elected italian prime minister, george maloney. well,
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those conveniently lead recordings certainly make it more complicated for me alone to maintain any kind of pragmatics neutral stance. even if you want to, to the european commission bed last week, that it considers those 20 bottles of vodka gifted from newton to bernard county, a break of sanctions on russia. spirits in the wake of that revelation. here's maloney, making her intention, emphatically clear italy as fully and with a head held high part of europe and nato. anyone who does not agree with this cornerstone can't be part of the government, even if it means not forming the government with us in the government. italy will never be the weak link in the west, the unreliable name, and so dear to our many detractors. now the maloney has pledged allegiance. all that's missing is the formal welcome from the head of the washington led western fry house. oh yeah. here it is. i congratulate georgia maloney on becoming the new prime minister of italy. italy is
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a vital nato ally and close partner as our nations together address shared global challenges as leaders in the g 7. i look forward to continuing to advance our support for ukraine. hold russia accountable for its aggression, ensure respect for human rights in democratic values and build sustainable economic growth. a way to make maloney declaration of loyalty all about ukraine, russia and america's priorities. money may want to get used to that though it comes with the territory. when being an ally of washington often means serving as an awful state in the promotion of its own interest. even if it ends up being a detriment to those of your own country. well, that's how the world is looking at 2 30 pm, moscow time my name is be just going to be back again with another look at today's biggest stories in around half an hour. thank you for watching the.


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