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ah ah, it is said talk is cheap, but loose talk about dirty bombs is nothing less than dangerous with both russia and ukraine preparing for new offenses. the west is not shy, talking about nuclear weapons. is the west thinking the unthinkable? ah, the eradication of love is and was also conceived by hitler who formed the general plan awesome for the colonization of german ization of eastern europe. the plan involved about 80 percent being killed, relocated me. that was really it was he just nichol. i busy you ruined his prostate to me actually up when you my appointment, i be zeroing him. yes. gosh, they knew it was threatening yet. seller asks the unions eat after personally. i
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mean, i wish history did a good. yeah. my as of that you up nice. lovely is alleged miasca. so that was the gate mission much already in a little bit. it's sammy image. we said national models, but again, you still for me and then you sure will change plans get us, but it'll be really changes wales coefficient you digest. what else could i say? i was a sub to get the pensions. me upgrade a to being years here. i could only just just lay on school when i don't just get nobody there. i'm not sure what i took brains of pretty my purse that i'd nashika data pretty close. me go find. yeah. can. can you just plug in your not to skip practical toyota for me, but the more stablish will don't shake dominion pregnancy by like a push that with because much at least anybody in y'all's number was made. somebody bought g scheme a something about sped my buddy stuff. no, he said he meets the list. i'm probably just a no pro jim. you mean you on you them, bruce marshall them i yeah. push a lunch. can do ours. one jury is a skis, but you do it unfortunately,
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because of course both of you that it would start to push that with just on to put the phone need, sees for be done, go to can do it to new coin without the problem before. so big projects, for instance, the eyes of a can sure signs without a problem. so those are both full job my, me and kissed the can. i mean if it, when you lie, it's thinking it's canadian, the for them or to narrow things. you need it. i need to do a bit more than a formula or compress the list to see who the lucy askew thing you. you thought it was class for the slabs on brand new. remember today, as is the fact that civilized europe failed to resist his advance for long belgium fell in 8 days. poland in 36, france and 43. it took just
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a $116.00 days to conquer europe. nazi death camps were set up in poland, left field, austria and italy. people were tortured gas to burnt them subjected to experiments . who's killed more westerners, not russians, westerners themselves, adolf hitler, slaughtered tens of millions of poor. she will forget about one 5th of all poles were killed during world war 2. because adolph hitler, including his nazi collaborators, rashmi cranes, the pa, mendera slaughter, the board. people in anti polish genocide in 3000000000 was off to one of the worst extermination comes with. if you look, the soldier denise is where you live and germans and for ongoing. you need to onions and do quinn to kill the jews in treblinka who is got what do we love to hear is a little copy in your semester lunch as well. yeah,
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cuz i was seeing eager through this cuz i will show that our motion with a wash. i'm with gusty, has come up with a, with us, need me to quit on pm when you feel shared with i think it has to be like comfortable with during world war 2, the u. s. i saw the united kingdom and the united states became allies. you it against a common enemy, but the partnership was seldom equal. mm. the guy who put enough money to come down so you can get a for like, you should receive the money endorsed in a sealed a yell at this calling. you my go on. i feel like you could, i thought it a pleasure. i said it's a victory as an autism in
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1945, the u. s. as i was quite popular in the country that liberated europe. but that popularity provoked even greater fear among the western establishment. winston churchill, when you start january and the more she get a minute recorded, the sub boy could enjoy is media machine. you miracle going as you get i, she's up on the market, right? i need to do that is we will or pure what i got. right? not a little, blah, but he just in the other room explain was at least rosky imperialism. the community scared that dealer movie east, i really pretty deal is we won't use them in your contract and we were supposed to, but it would take about about what you're pretty much done with jesus did us to make sure that we're here. we're all good around you them brought you for much. no one when you have to peter and the process to get us the ability to law, we him in that that those to burleson us. i'm really sorry. she was given be daddy's on used in your commission to get the leading of use in your putting use
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1000000. you're used to know what i'm copy, which commercial or extension yesterday and spoke with me because i can't remember off the beach storage at a stop somewhere. if you go with me, just keep it. but if you're looking to ship a full is to west who are back to russia, you're ready to penalize you as well. so the issue in the 17th century, you have 3. you've got you happily on you've got twice the german, the kaiser doctor will say that the historical facts. but so mind, russia expansion is, is always upright by main. 1945 on church hills orders operation. unthinkable was drawn up. britain and america with polish support plan to attack the ussr. the operation was intended to utilize 12 divisions recruited from nazi prisoners of war. but it does get elected at the sally. it took
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a given listing. we're good, but his knowledge is cheaper than that. each one of our group, which danish thought was up with me repeat, it goes on, you can like me prestige me little. and i guess enough, she just needs a pushy around the complex coupon. that sounds interesting. yeah, it doesn't really look at that. and i me that those piece, i see a lot of us getting email. got those guys only which are open to me. busy my wishing me. sure. with that, that was really your were there are still need your brain to see you are a piece q studies that then he's a boy sneaker. ruth, you, did you just give, who did the washer? i will put out. will bill you by you you would it, but we had them with us. i'm didn't you heard anybody 1000000000 with what i would apply usually more than you're sending somebody cards, you know, and you've actually been your lease now with me, you know, whether you buy at them or not. that idea just when you get valuable to me. now, machine, oh, there was also america's totality plan to drop several atomic bombs on the u. s. s
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. on the exact number of varied from year to year of nice, pretty simple, good korea. we're still in the area, but if you're off q cell phone stock, it's got a meal and i will go for the reason. it's just right in the group. you get my global, we give you rule. you me, it was like, you did just give us all from the go here. don't know that, i mean likable lip. he's not the with newton yog noise. he lou meeting, possibly last night, when you partially but prosper. latham spoke, restoring the cartridge. when you sleep with us, you will return your temperatures of value. we spoke at elizabeth, i need your number to reach a plumber. i sent you my. they're supposed to go shopping with they didn't fund the u. s. hassan, but the cold war, again, even in 1947 western politicians still spoke of peter, the great will and russia's longstanding plans for world domination, even though the document has long been proved a fake. this is oh, but you know, there is no smoke without fire. as you understand, we know it's a fake,
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but maybe it is fake. has some real cause, you know, and then use it in order to justify the cold war and fight against the soviets. always the same story. united states, they have the ambition to be a lonely power, suitable power. and that's why they started to cold war. let us be aware that while they preached the supremacy of the state declare its omnipotence over individual, amanda predicted. eventual domination of all peoples on the earth. they are the focus of evil in the modern world. and the inner for the year. a 1000 you can still, you are a marketing. yet, when you are in the let me, nasa here, i love it. you're who model yet say that in it is race i fully pickup who that who that yeah. and they knew in our employer need id sort of
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go with the kid for years. but yeah, absolutely me and i will tell me a place or bring them the one, the little neat. if i want a else leave of the little like i'm fine. you're going to leave because honey, really little. in 1946 in his famous fulton speech, winston churchill spoke of the terrors of communism and the usa benevolence with atomic weapons. this knowledge on the method and the role materials to apply it are at present, largely retained in american lamps with propagandist lee. there's a here issue, a new ship on each merchant. i don't wish to, it's high risk. you say you had to a, to a talk show with sure st. renewed it. you go to law, interfere with americans. believe the country was steered out of to tell
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a terry in his, in by a man who destroyed it from inside. now truly gorbachev is left in the u. s. right? you know, there will be closer to the beat. somebody up guys, it up would be due to the with the volume that when, if this continues to leave the but i think our board, the what the yes, locks your back will. it will just be coming up in your mind to provide you with your com. yup. so that will says conclusion, we have a false throw up. so we didn't for the quiz, giving me one quick moment in bottles. only i love video doors or will not get a role with which in talking to me we do not believe how works. i mean i'm sitting in that is the place. you know, what can you me if you want it rushing. oscar. you've got a manager from good oscars, mom. after i go to not
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a big push on gears would do what keith about all of that, but i'm more than it's a clinic i thought and they put some nice motor to what i did some with digital. good. my job was quite a no, i think the that i just, i need really knowing that i had a cold but she, she, i needed to put your. 7 credit in place for my children that have the pleasure of fema is still a daughter. i do what it does with seizures. not much with national. if the city will not a you of us. when you just pay me a check in at your convenience and i will be in june for over
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a year with doctor once a year. but i mean you are seeing in mary a one year lease. i wonder if i don't care what he yes you are actually. yes. have you in touch with gator with us or for? yeah, it was always to relate to the russian leader. it was good,
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sol during that salaries dime. tools in styling and now it's within because as the for so for so for the all job for the 3 to win, the mos told, with the most all or so for the actors into it. so it's a good time for shot. because if your cellphone is told that those type of georgia is also slow, because when russia with cowers in prizes like october, 1st, well, all other code, lots of soviet union that was neural or so far behind the west with, oh, nice to come to the russian state full narrative, i've stivers on phone and ignore some scheme div,
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asking him now knocking also something of a group in the $55.00 would be speedo keys on 92000 speedy. when else it was even with rural van in the european union. the kremlin. ca, yep, machines. the state on crush us for date and split our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube with what did you think it requests with wizard says he's reason. yes. so full song with global financial sort of stuff
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with which you see numerous top political expert. dmitri babich didn't believe it was a full beer at 1st. the ussr spoke of western ante, soviet ism, but that didn't mean russians or she's gifts to a young with big rush, i forgot about santa's virginia rashid davis. you know, social car go ahead. such was precisely what she can you go, i really cool. you stuck with me unless you wanted me to swim or would she now stood to pasto me off to pico vidalia? don't receive a swim over. i got a little bit of my monkey up on the almost all wanted to just almost to my mom is when it is listed in another post. as many as someone else you will to beach no matter how much they apologized. russians when never popular, and even in the 21st century are often judged by what was written hundreds of years ago. the american statesman speak new brzezinski to form a u. s. presidential national security advisor. when speaking of russia praised the
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marquis de christine's books, which referred to russians as slaves, to a barnyard, serenely serious medical, skip lashania of secret floors mc bully teachers. kiko gordon, with no answer, no butcher that she wonders w. can you add you more clarity why music you did talk really. e, kosciusko, a sheep to talk fill was the french foreign minister in 1949 and wrote a famous treaties democracy in america. what's the issue with media was just told the law really kicks. not all the country knew. samanthia left leach abuse. whoops, kirk, but it's the, it's the key. human silly rosky. the angler. i mean, he comes, i need a key was movie jimmy's to lose its well border or syrup dog used to wear music. if story mc we're yours, we're getting is the way. jordan, this postings with the robot will suffer blunt officer bus at the mccord was,
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will word you don't, ruffling the master control will cripple summer brown. when you brought in the 3 child go away, it was a curve. those will cripples normal. christian americans kill the 9 people from the indian tribes. when the 1415 millions african slaves to america follow the north 15 millions q all dead inside christmas to says for good isn't the concept of what i call rushing guilty. they want to be russians over the head generation to generation, to feel guilty and apologized for leaders hundreds of years ago. that did not do anything even close to the evils that western leaders themselves at me when marisa phobia began to flare up. andrew was a university student, he studied russia, his friends didn't understand why waste time on a week country with no say, everything changed on august the 8th, 2008,
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a potent invaded i, georgia. democracies under threat member george w bush went crazy and mccain, of course, going crazy. my country. so the kind of things to rush i aggression fresh and throws away the ga i've used to. we know now that there was an exaggeration. we now know the facts and what happened was really initiated the attack against russian peacekeepers and 16 bow capitol of south steady. i killed a lot of people and obviously russia had to react a time. lot of americans were confused because they had thought rush was nothing, it's our rush was falling apart. in april 2008, had the need to submit the u. s. administration invite georgia and quinn to become a member of and support the attack because your jacket not that back or shoot job
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dog. permission of the united states. that was the biggest publication with us when to put his grip just under the nose or of portia. modern russo phobia seems linked to u. s. policy after the collapse of the ussr, it became the only superpower and american politicians increasingly referred to. the usa is exceptional mission, to enlighten other nations and teach them to live properly. and so may disagree with our boys over studying car because we have shown a willingness for the sacrifice of blood and treasure to stand up, not only from our own, mary, some interest, but for the interest of all our name. i mean, i'm state of washington c. g, as for the late 80 stores in the spring is mostly i said to me when you might ask cuz it is now right. because tony, she's hedwood with all the initial screening ration will be right now.
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you guys play touring. sure. and was number and meet with you seeing a democracy i'm on loose from supposed to been when everybody else are barbarians. and actually everybody on our slave the u. s. in iraq and always other countries, bombing and killing and raping and looting, stealing and always other things over to on government left and right. well, why do they do that? the fundamental driver, what really convinces the average american or west here to support these wars of aggression is ideological. they think that these asians, these muslims, is africans, these lights and americans. they don't know what go to form, only in the west. know what's good. and you resolution, and you asked the lady, i believe you trinity christian ever to. so i'm the ash with a
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coordinates name or my scribe at that blue cloth. and then you meet an issue or a studio america, and to seek that lucian, you'd seen that ground when russia began its operation. ukraine router from be a reach to new heights. in the west. music by russian composer is banned in places . people can be fired for their nationality. there's even a new russian ideology puritanism to fight against what was quite new with this new type of force. so phobia that it was kind of ethnic cultural paid. and for me it's just the same as the rust is. it's like autism, it this will piece when it came into power and started those press. 2 for the jews renewal of burning books for by the news code.
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sure. everything sorted for me on to work with on the is pulled off with a not be able to pay that i should kick them to re yeast or do you not order pre piece or own skill your credit for completing you too. but at the georgia to reached by there can get it all she kind of shows do you be journals almost all the negative communion you was painted by them come down with our season and devotion to work. so i would say that the washer to democracy, she wished me, i'm sorry, she is now the functional morgan law, a must media status, a least op. so solution. i'm with bush as a family. you know,
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i get your skin wasn't peachy seattle or get him out by someone to call you if she were in europe. the bus started somewhere. don't ship a policy. she still go out and they start with a dock on you would have to swing nichols always to snuff is because when we're part of the ownership can initially go to the roles from us. what your new printer do much with our research proven shows result yakobelli. with rush rainy attempts to shrink blogger slow cradling, crashing with sprinkler, asking me to be a part of, can you hold on just a moment? did you do to be sure to ask you leave? i think it was a couple years ago you were working with building company with key the horses last year. you really, we can actually build your can with when i wiped out because i many critics asked me, oh,
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you have to denounce russia because your show is killing people in ukraine. i said okay, so we have a crime against. ready i mean enough guns, somebody i leave here with this. if it's another story we cannot compare 2 ways to problem with the or behavioral criminals. oh no. you can compare all the media curve out there who quinn inside the but don't cover the russian side. let's see of it even not mentioned, always with me and the please give them will just not the view she wants to make you some ask me, give you those to me. so can you solution? is that what you said? a modem from somebody at the post, i'm not sure who is the way that we see which new good should you be doing? it is within the if so what i please to be used and what is the job done? would you believe me? i was for you,
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would you say it better with choice plays when you watch the movies or some dealer or the good gulch coastal sky. what i mean eco. deland, you shoes up? usable, right. so please, if you can guarantee you will get to stay with commutable for you out of your roku show starting of course you can actually w join if they knew your delete. but believe like i was just, i mean you have to because it was all, it's his book. so some of them wash on that score. so now let's press you can get a shakira see i've now, i mean use more to choose the square feet. collections can me a to my, me, and you need another a mistake because by each could you buy new pitching in your replace my pizza cutter with me. and i need to discuss simple not since to come up with this stimulus that,
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that he wasn't peak. i will bring you my little, bruce, this is luke with such an experience with just before we have got to deal with annoy me. yeah. it's a good to feed. doesn't need fog store. yeah, it was a good job. so let me do it and i'm with practical. then we're seeing the voice of thought issue with that with fish come with
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immediate source. ah, a. ready national guido, which is obviously you still when you have a limit control it lives from when you do a number code a with national anthem. com, a
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copy of a walking. mm. okay. with
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while president peyton we believe he's now chairing a session of russians at security council. i believe that we can listen in you is good news to me in the century. the services are now the justice ministry. you have the floor now minister just the word of the it was really clear. good afternoon colleagues subordinate the to day on the.


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