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law and rule of law is part of the values, which supposedly the european union is attached to a euro in the long run because other countries are watching and then know this is illegal. and then if they can actually do this to russia, that smaller countries with not so much staying power and feel very vulnerable in the future. so i, they're not thinking long term at all. it is amazing how this complete lack of a sense offered your politics. and you can always, so i suppose a creating such a president could really shape the sense of security for european marcus investors . but yes, absolutely. and not only that, the investors, another chinese have invested 24 percent of whatever in the bought what the china was. we want to use because china, china is in the united states and united states and pushing europe who adopt and
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the china bosses and i. so china has to be very careful about what this will mean in terms of their own investments in europe. if tomorrow i want a book, i show them the same scenario and done with with leo. and of course other countries rich are investing in europe. would then have to worry a little bit about whether they're going to rely on this for golden rule of law on which, which is the foundation of business in, in the european union. and most of our former foreign secretary of india anzac ambassadors to take it from south russia. many thanks for speaking to us today, really appreciate it. thank you and thank you for joining us there. and i see international, we're back at the top of the i was more ah, ah, it is said talk is cheap, but loose. talk about dirty bombs is nothing less than dangerous with both russia
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and ukraine preparing for new offenses. the west is not shy, talking about nuclear weapons, is the west thinking the unthinkable ah, the eradication of love ism was also conceived by hitler who formed the general plan awesome for the colonization of german ization of eastern europe. the plan involved about 80 percent being killed, relocated, rosie, technical busy. you really? yes. give us proceed. you mean your story up when you my abuses, you join him? yes. cuz they knew it was threatening yet sailor asked the unions into personally. i mean, i was just, we did the group, we're good. yeah. my yes. that you up nice. lovely alleged ninette schedule. so that was the gate mission much already know it'll be you see me image is here with national models, but again,
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you still for me and then you sure will change plans get us, but it'll be really changes williams co especially with a lot of the get the pensions, the upgrade to being years eating. yeah, i could only just just lay on school when i don't just hear nobody diagnostic but i took brains of pretty my purse that i need is nashika data crossing of my neck. them. can you just not to skip practicable? realtors with the most stablish will. don't shake dominion crazy by like a push them with because much at least anybody in yeah, those numbers need somebody about g s q a something about space methods? no, he said he meets the least on what we just a no bro, jim, you mean you on you? i'm bruce marshall. i wish lunch can yours. when you read this as a skis, but you do it like you are still currently covered. of course, both of you that it looks double push that with just on the phone see is for be done just to can do it to new coin without the problem before.
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so big contradiction, for instance, the eyes of a they can sure signs without problem. so there is a go both fell. let me kiss crystal can i mean if it anyway it's, i think it's crazy in the form or to narrow things. he needs a chest that needs a g. a bit more than this formula store. compress the luminous to see who the news you. those kids, the new you. fly pitiless class for this love song brandy. remember today. as is the fact that civilized europe failed to resist his advance for long belgium fell in 8 days. poland in 36, france, and 43. it took just a $116.00 days to conquer europe. nazi death camps were set up in poland, latvia, austria, and italy. people were tortured gas to burnt them subjected to experiments, who's killed more westerners, not russians. westerners themselves, adolf, hitler,
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slaughtered tens of millions of possible, forget it. about one 5th of all poles were killed during world war 2. because adolph hitler, including his nazi collaborators, washing ukraine's pa, mendera slaughter the board. people in anti polish genocide in 3, berlin was off to one of the worst extermination comes with. if you look the soldier denise is where you live and germans and for ongoing you'd be to onions. ready going to kill the jews in treblinka, who is who got to know. where do we love huey rope is a little crappy in your semester. i learned share lawyer because i was singing characters because i will show better motion with them. wash or gasoline has come up with a, with me a quick,
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i'm clear me and when you feel share with, i think it has to be more comfortable with the lessons during world war 2, the u. s. i saw the united kingdom and the united states became allies, you it against a common enemy. but the partnership was seldom equal. mm. the guy who put enough money to cover them and say you can get a contract year for like you should receive a money in through just to make sure to work with this, calling him on a fee. if you could, i do need to book a cons. can you prove with to victoria as an autism in 1945, the u. s. s. i was quite popular with the country that liberated europe, but that popularity prevent even greater fear under western establishment. winston
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churchill winchester anyway and the more she get a minute, but we call the sub boy could enjoy is media machine. you miracle going as you get i see is up on the market right. i need to do that is we will or pure what i got right now, but it's got a little blah, but he just in all the other players, let me little ski media and he's in the community scared that dealer movie east i've anybody deal is we will buy your used them in your contract and with that, but as long as they apply to bob rhodes, which treaties money i've done with jesus. what do the us to make you board on that? when you were all put out on you them brought you for much the woman. yeah. could petera unapproved to take it us, but it would be like the law. we mean that that those to borrow some of some data. so she's always giving peter ideas on use in your community. just get up. do you need any of use when you're putting use 1000000, you're used to know what i'm copy, which can i cielo exchange and you're saying it's probably i need any other meetings or like any of those liberals to put, to teach you storage stuff some or if you got to go over them with me, just keep it. but if you look into a she story, toys, who is the west?
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who has got to rush? you're good for nicholas, you as well. so with the 17th century, you have the swedes, you got you happily on you've got twice determine the kaiser doctor with historical facts, but minds of russia next person is, is always upright. by main 1945 on church hills orders operation unthinkable was drawn up. britain and america with polish support plan to attack the u. s. s. all the operation was intended to utilize 12 divisions recruited from nazi prisoners of war. but it does get elected, and that is certainly a prison i that is cheaper than any cheaper. lona: if i could stay in your store, it was up with me, but i was on your come, i'm a prestige me and i guess enough, she just needs a pushy right. complex coupon, that sounds dish and it doesn't really look at that. and i mean that those piece,
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bussey detectors come nationalist is a quick attention. a lot of us get an email confirmation, cuz only you will be talking to me busy my wishing me. sure. with that, what's your, what dates? i just need your brain to see you at a piece you studied that. he's a boy sneaker, whose cue did you just give? who did the washer? i will put out. will bill you by you would get but with something you heard anybody 1000000000 show them what i always thought i would come by. you should be more than you. somebody heard, you know, and you've actually been yeah. he started with, you know, what i had, the more you not than i did. so when you get a venue, which is me, a number of machine. oh, there was also america's totality plan to drop several atomic bombs on the us as on the exact number of varied from year to year of nice, pretty shamburger torinio. we're still in new york. mm hm. but if you're off, you spell from store, it's gotta be in the middle of like down. i will go for that reason. okay. it's just right in the group, iraq, it's my global. we give you rule me. it was like you to do. just give us a likable!
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let me start with the comment of newton yog, noisy lou meeting, possibly last night. when you partially gross the laptops to restore the criteria for you sneaky with your school, she was probably will. she will be dying. your temperature is a small get linda with they didn't thunder you ssr, but the cold war, again, even in 1947 western politicians still spoke of pete of the great will. and russia's longstanding plans for world domination, even though the document had long been proved to fake. this is all but you know, there is no smoke without fire. you understand. we know it's a fake, but maybe it is fake. has some real cause, you know. and then use it in order to justify the cold war and fight against the soviets. always the same story, the united states, to have the ambition to be
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a lonely power sort of follow. and that's why this started to cold war. let us be aware that while they preached the supremacy of the state declare its omnipotence over individual, amanda predicted. eventual domination of all peoples on they are. they are the focus of evil in the modern world. for the year, a 1000 you want to you are a marketing on your so yet when you are in the let me nasa here. i know that a to who model yet say that i in this race oh my and that all the pickup who that he knew that yeah. and they knew in our employer need 90 sort of it all it with me and i will not owe me a place or bring them the woman own me. hey, i was a leave of the little like i'm fine. you're going to leave because i'm really
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in 1946 in his famous fulton speech. winston churchill spoke of the terrace of communism and the usa benevolence with atomic weapons. this knowledge on the method and the role materials to apply it are at present, largely with i
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got a new list. what did you just pay me a woman that you were doing? i mean a doctor once a
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year, but i mean you are seeing an marie they were all great. are you my neighbor about a year lease. i wonder if i don't care what he yes you are actually. yes i do. you see your wife with our, with us or for yeah, it was always to relate to the russian leave. those would solve during the how is dion lane style and now it's within because as the board, so for so for our job for the 3 to win, the more stroll with the most all or so for the rest. so it's
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a good time for show, because if there were some of his phone that so aside for joy, shy is also strong. because when russia with cowards who prizes like with world roll off other collab sofa. so your junior on there was no, i was for far behind the west with ah, with
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wish which is so easy. yes, tosto sof, with global financial software. this was to, with what you see numerous top political expert dmitri babich didn't believe it was a forbear at 1st. the ussr spoke of western anti soviet isn't, but that didn't mean russians or she gets to a, you know, a big rush. i forgot about centers, which in areas she davis or you know, social could go ahead socialist precisely for a she can you go, i really call you stuck with me unless you're open to me. just real world would shania stood bustos me off because i really don't know the ship that our kaltura
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yo flew over. i got enough get on my mankey up a little more stool mortgage at the almost one wall is when it is listed in another post is menus. and one of chivalry beach no matter how much they apologized. russians when never popular. and even in the 21st century are often judged by what was written hundreds of years ago. the american statesman speak new brzezinski to form a u. s. presidential national security advisor. when speaking of russia praised the marquis de christine's books, which referred to russians as slaves, store barnett serenely sales guy. i mean, he can't get my furniture of secret floors mc bully teaches cookery with norfolk northern a bridge that she wouldn't do it. can you do more clarity? why muted keep their taquila e, kosciusko, or sheep to talk fill was the french foreign minister in 1849 and wrote a famous treaties democracy in america. the issue with media who she was told blah,
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really kicks not all the tory new smart video left. she has leach abuse of kirk, but it's the, it's the key. human silly dorski, the angler. i mean, he comes, i need a key was wanted teach him exclusion. well border worse year of dark on your story music. if story mc william good getting is the way. jordan the posting is always telling you about some implant work their way. it will in the last 12 people when you read the 3 shall go away because those little personal, christie and mary can kill the 9 people the engine time when they bought the 15000000 african slaves to marry jobs. and she can skew all dead bad treatment pieces for god. this is the concept of what i call rushing. they want to be russians over
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the head generation to generation, to feel guilty and apologized for leaders hundreds of years ago. did not do anything even close to the evils the western leaders themselves are done when modem, router phobia began to flare up, andrew was a university student. he studied russia is friends, didn't understand why waste time on a week country with no saying everything changed on august the 8th, 2008 and they say, you know, put in, invaded georgia, democracies under threat. remember george w bush, one crazy and mccain. of course, going crazy, mike. so the finals against russian aggression, fresh troops. anyway, the georgia obvious that we know now that there was an exaggeration. we now know the facts and what happened that was really initiated the attack against russia. peacekeepers and 16 bow capitol of south showed
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a lot of people and obviously russia had react. what at the time? lot of americans were confused because they had thought russia was nothing, it's our rush was falling apart. in april, 2008 had the lead to send me the u. s. administration invite georgia and quinn to become a member of and so for the, at that, because your jack could look that back, we should just regarding the permission of the united states, that was the biggest publication with us to put his group just under the nose of a portion modern russo phobia seems linked to u. s. policy, and after the collapse of the ussr, it became the only superpower and american politicians increasingly referred to. the usa is exceptional mission, to enlighten other nations and teach them to live properly. them. so may disagree with what i believe my day of accepting their car because we have shown
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a willingness for the sacrifice of blood and treasure to stand up. not only from our own merry, silver interest, but for the interest along our name. i mean, i'm a state of washington c g, as for the leak 8th, 80 loose banging the mostly i said to me when you might ask cuz it is now right for chris donation hedwood before the racial screening racialism will be right with you guys later, during the show room wasn't been beaten and most of the ethical returning surgery and said that when you seeing a democracy, some numbers from supposed to been phoned. everybody else are barbarians. and actually everybody on our slave the u. s. in iraq and always other countries, bombing and killing and raping and looting, stealing and always other things over throwing government left and right. well, why do they do that? the fundamental driver, what really convinces the average american or west here to support these wars of
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aggression is ideological. they think that these asians, these muslims, these africans, these lights and americans, they don't know what go to form, only in the west. know what's good and you resolution you asked the lady, i believe your genie deerish christian never to so on the ash if there was a big a importance name or my scribe at that blue claw. help them and they need for our and then the show or the studio america. if cigna lucian, the goal is to commute saying that ground when russia began it's operation. ukraine russo from be a reach to new lights in the west. music by russian composers is banned in places. people can be fired for their nationality. does even
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a new russian ideology puritanism to fight against what was quite new with this new type of force. so phobia that it was a kind of ethnic cultural paid. and for me it's just the same as the us. this is like autism. it. this will tease when it came into power and started discuss it with the jews renewal of burning books for by the new code. sure. everything thought that for me on to work with on the is put also for bill and not be able to be there. i should kick them to re east or do you not a lot of pre p, so own skill geographic folk upload a new but the vision to reached by you can go ahead and torture. sure. doing your job with almost all skill in the ged school you know was painted you margaret,
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by them come down with our season and devotion to work with the wash river democracy. she wished me. i'm sorry, she was now just touching the morgan law post a must media status, a 6 y east upside, you know, sort of not ocean. i'm with bush as a family, you know, and then i get your skin young that wouldn't be able to get that. here's room out by someone to call you. if she were mira, the bus stop is someone still don't check a policy stick. gluttonous w. a dock on you would have to swing nickels always to a should conditionally vocal to that all will smooth what you do when you don't wish to. with alisha approval shows resigning your complete with offering your thumb. so shrill blog slow cradling, crashing with the speaker,
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asking me the bill from your bottle can report and your solution to have those 2 girls don't get away. mamma, did you already possibly share to you leave? i have to put the 2nd was a company's got you were to work with bill gates company with key the horses the here you really we increase your the bill. you're can with, when i wiped out because i many critics asked me all you have to denounce russia because your show is killing pretty new crane. i said, okay, so we have to denounce a crime against whom i mean enough. can somebody with this, if it's another story we cannot compare, which way is the problem with the or the behavioral cream in y'all's? oh no. you can complain or the media curve out there. quinn inside,
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but don't cover the russian side. lexia would even not which and always with me and the please get them will just not still get you. she wants to make you some ask me, give you just to make sure. can you solution? is that what you said? a person not sure who is the way that we see which new the good would you be doing? it is or within the if so what i please to be used in what's just on the job done. would you believe me? i wish to be to better with what you like, what she plays when you watch the movies or some dealer or the good gulch coastal sky. what i mean eco delanie, shes up, isabel white. so please, if you get that machine, you will get to stay with me while pull you out of your aubrey show study. of course you can actually set up with join if i knew your delete. but please go michael with the gussy truth. as always, his book, so some of them wish coupon. gandhi, that's correct. i said,
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i see you have is your shakira and see, i've nan ladies, new reading, use more teachers and i'm at the school sci fi collections. can me a a my, me that would be me a minute please. someone say it can find each clean by next year with a new energy certificate or not since the late this daniel wish that he wasn't speak. it will bring you. my name is luke with from the city actually say no such thing is with
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us before. yes. got you annoy me? yeah. it's a good idea. the doesn't mean fog store. yeah, it was a good job. so now you acknowledgement weeks ago that was really boisterous. also story with that with fish commercial, with immediate source ah ah, ah,
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[000:00:00;00] a yellow ukraine has lost its sovereignty as being directly used by the west. battering ram against russia. a crane is being constantly pumped with weapons as a whole of western foreign policy. o pro, ahead with russia nuclear, the parents put to the test with the underground test


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