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i tried to tell us that this was savage, this was a pagan way of doing things here that's with the school. i was electrocuted twice. i was only 7 years old. first, too high for me, so somebody to put me in the chair and my feeder up can even touch the floor and they turn the power on electricity. then the cat, when the electricity goes, you can let go. because the gen, the electricity makes you tighten it,
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she can't go through you. you were torture like ah, they make a book because they want to their land. they broke their children. why did i go, did this or do anything? i was just the child. ah.
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with 30 below cold edmond, our host is the former chief of this remote community in northern ontario to fort albany with canada has more than 2000 reserves like this one they were set up in the late 19th century by the indian act. the law governing the
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indigenous population this racist bill made them 2nd citizens, separate from white people. ah, today they are known as 1st nations peoples. back then they were savages. i am designated asked the indian. oh, lives inside i reserve to separate the we are hidden. people of canada here and here the government wants to call and preserve for the i call it my grandfather's land. the indian act is still applicable to day. it was introduced in an attempt to settle and thus better control a nomadic people along with their territory. and resources
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the reserves were run by nuns and priests, and their mission was to evangelize the savages to assimilate them while we're building it. a good november the for pictures from a school. so this one is good business where the students girls been months. and these are the brothers are blade brothers, and that prisoners are here. it's hard to resist. at that time, very hard to resist. ah, ah,
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in from the age of 4 or 5 children were torn and their families and handed over to missionaries to be educated. they were sent to what were referred to as residential schools. oh, the system was mandatory under the indian any families refusing to release their children or persecuted oh and denied the meager stayed allowance because i had long hair and i put it in rate. so somebody comes behind me, cuts my rate off, my hair falls over, it looks like this. ah . as soon as the children or anything that identified them as indian
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was eliminated, their clothes were burned. they were forbidden to speak their own language. ah, they were issued with a uniform and a number is going to be the 1st day is that's right. and we ought to be ready for the aimless to make them good little white children. and good to the christians. i mean edmond and his cousin spent their childhood at saint dan's the school on their reserve, our building if they didn't leave until they were 15. i remember my 1st day. i remember looking at my mom to other were walking loan. she was very quiet. and somebody else took me by them,
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but by then i was overwhelmed with the the school i didn't see my mom living until she was gone. and then when i tried to run back or go after her, they closed the door and i you cried yellow and slow loose while losing her mom. you're losing your losing your mom. miss him on this account for ears. the 2 cousins suffered cruelty and ill treatment. it was an experience that marked them for life. even though the escape, the very worst of the abuse the rapes cost o a dead sea brother broadway can be using a child and took them from the dormitory. and the 3rd floor brought him down to the
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basement. and as where he attacked the girl yoga bathroom ethridge where they are in a rush, unity put down, i had the u. haul or look tier 2 voyager. they were like, oh butterfield i could never sleep because i always knew there was something there. somebody, i could hear somebody moving our owner who was it was the worst part for me was always waiting every night just like there was somebody there that's gonna grab you. that's no place to be for any child. ah, we all came home with a dark secret generation after generation.
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ah, well, saint downs is an infamous school. it was only one of dozens in a little over a century, 150000 children attended these institutions. ah, 4000 of them lost their lives. the last residential school closed down in 1996. i think the children can you eliminate all their knowledge of their history, their culture. then you're basically killing the people that grew up on these lamps . that knew the lab that were connected to the lab and that's what these policies were predict the indian over the bush, that the, the indian, the way from the bush milan and assimilate him indoctrinate him
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with genocide, i guess it was the way of killing a people way of killing a culture, a nation killed in a look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point obviously is too great trust, rather than fear. i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence
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. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with a show you the most all who are so full is you do with russia is the aggression no get answered much about my music. what's more due to miss dealerships. whoa, whoa, whoa. we have any quality for russians, can all we gotta do is just feed them over the head and just tell them the right way to live near is going to do. yeah, just a little bit, a boy with boy. i'm with
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a lot of nice gloves with the new sure wouldn't juniors with our season at the washer to work. so i would have to watch with with
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lou oregon trailer roughly where the scores burned down. fire took it by accident. we don't know a take me to court. i don't know. warner, the fire knows. perhaps the missionaries are gone. now we can do our own. find our own way. we don't need coupe. we don't need the pope to tell us what to do with a school. it's right here, figure 3 stories building is big enough for
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200 students with you know what we never gave missionaries. we never show them our tears. we never cried. he can be slapped around like this. bang, bang, bang, bang, bang right, right on your head and face, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, and kneel on the floor and eat your vomit electrocution. but i'm still here. i'm still standing up, but they're gone. with the last traces of the missionaries presence are to be found nearby in the reserve . okay, i just follow me. i'll make a trail here. it's an infamous spot.
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a place, nobody comes to any more. these abandoned huts with the priests, summer residences. it's too dirty. you don't want to be here. bad spirits here. father law warriors to run over here after a beer, somebody and ran here and she kept solution in no weapon south. there's a whip there. punish himself. everybody saw him running away from the school. so they said i did it again. now, i guess he was running all the time to to the cabin here, sir brittany or something i have been ah abandoned since the late 1990 s. the huts are almost intact.
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time had stood still. ah, the ghosts are all that remains of the trauma that haunts edmond and the 1st nations peoples every single day. ah, that's how i grew up in it is really hard to to get over that. how do you get over that? when they wake up in jail, got thank with
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them. ah, cold drives everyone from the sidewalk. they are the only ones left street indians. the image of the dying people tempted by a better life. first nations, a youth flee the poverty of the reserves, and end up here at the end of the road. in thunder bay, a daily grind of alcohol and drugs, dental life of misery, that no one pays any attention to any more. in the frozen downtown streets you survive anyway,
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you can a now 48 october is a survivor veritable miracle. like the rest of his family people. most of the last generation taught by nuns and priests with for a long time, drowned his pain in alcohol. like almost half the men in his community. for youth, this music has kept me alive, kept me alive all these years. now is 1112 years old then
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going to voice code excursions, priest the like and c name ralph roy, you know, you know, are all for took advantage of a lot of a lot of us it was the winter boys walking on the ice going to the trap line. and we couldn't go back because we're early, we crossed the lake going in the bush and night time, the police decided to come and sleep say me and why my sleeping way towards the night a wednesday may unzip my my my sleeping wake and grab the in man,
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that's the girl i can hear some of them are my relatives and didn't make it jerking themselves to death over door, says suicide manual. and i've done that before. i put a gun there before sticking neil and my arm to hoping to overdose. and i've been to jail, you know, i got drug charges, i got a domestic violence beating up my ex wife, being out my girlfriends and that's it's, it's hard for her. so the scary thing to talk. what in his plight, otto has been able to count on his hand. yeah, coffee. it,
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i know his lucky star, coffee, greedy cocker. i'm from the bare plan. or you said it was my grandmother. she always said to me, i never go to bed with dirty dishes on the table because little people walk around at night, spit on things as to why people get sick. she says, and that's what i do. i usually try and do my dishes before i go to sleep. all the time. i know suffered a lot too. when the residential schools it is a memory she still finds hard to talk about. well, i have when i had my dance a year, so i can say he's 20 here. what i had to say. so natalie say,
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now it is mad. elaina late talking about it. but yeah, it made me, it made me the person i am today because i'm afraid i don't give up with anything i know has always wanted to break the vicious circle of trauma. she remained silent on the subject to protect a grandchildren and spare them the fate that befalls most of the communities. youngsters. ah,
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unlike their loved ones, they have not experienced residential schools. ah, yet all seem to carry the burden. and 143 percent, the 1st nation youths between the ages of 12 and 24 have addiction issues. women are the biggest victims. in canada, indigenous women are 7 times more likely to die or to be killed than white women. victims of the violence inflicted by men, whether white or indigenous, broken by the inherited trauma of colonization, we are targeted as easy prey who this fam aside phenomenon was acknowledged by the state after 2 years
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nationwide study. oh i a i am a product of the residential school. i was raised by a priest when i was young on my reserve. i was raped by 2 police officers here in thunder bay, one of 20012014. i've been beaten by men by my partners. really bad where my doctor, my doctor file is about that thick with pictures of you couldn't even recognize my
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face. broken bones no more stolen sisters, no more storms. no more. it's stolen with stolen sisters. more than 4000 of them in 30 years i. it's a phenomenon rooted in the country's history. with on this addition of the program, we asked 3 questions. how is the conflict in ukraine likely to end? why does the west refuse to negotiate an end to the conflict? and how will the international order likely change as
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a result of the conflict in ukraine? ah, in the russian state, total narrative. i've stayed as i'm phoning or slam steve with 55 with ban in the european union. the kremlin media machine estate on to russia for date and c, r t spoke neck. given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube said with
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me a minute thought at home. you, i mean, you flip a coin, a border with my listen, look and you live muscles. if you look on the initial be welcome, masika you lou post on. really want to be honest, can use to put value a new would you do the origin by y'all? as to which the done a similar to like going to thought that i've done with all new buildings just to submit i, i see the steel bus is the little gear motivation. says decent it on bob.
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oh, was recently munoz carter to magna if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a couple don't put your human symbols on display a little space each night. all right, so you guys don't talk to strangers. 7 i avoid noisy gatherings with your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll, russian, a
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specific social with so abortion was illegal in the united states until the case of roe vs wade. i had an abortion. i am a mother today because i had an abortion in 2012 and that abortion saved my life. and we are here to fight for women's right with the constitution actually is no life and we weren't children are persons, they should be afforded the right to is every other person they shouldn't be murdered, just because mom thinks they can be murdered over turning abroad versus wade, well, it's a tremendous victory. it's historic victory. now we've grown. let's be very clear.
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the health life of women, this nation, now at risk with canada hasn't been very good to indigenous women and girls who have been missing or found murdered because of structural racism, history. the cloning of history that canada has with indigenous people and communities. and it's a shameful history and a history that kind of doesn't like to talk about a not until just into those election in 2015 with it to boost colonization. finally shattered a.


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