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a skit out and go home and do not. she didn't do the delete that wonderful. i was just a lot you, they've been, it's been fun theater. that layout with lisman miram dominating the world is some of the west has put at stake and its game. but this game is certainly dangerous, bloody. and i would say dirty in a wide ranging speech to the vall died discussion club, but he made putin critiques western foreign policy, blame minutes for recent global crises, including taiwan, ukraine and the global food shortage and information terrorist a u. s. senate candidate is blacklisted by key f for suggesting a diplomatic solution to the ukraine. we speak, diane say, hey, i don't think it, you know, the wisest thing to do if you're interested in security to start throwing things
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terms around information, terrorist. also on the program, new intelligence paints a very different picture of the canadian focus on the back seat mandate. protest debunking police play into they were caused by foreign or even russian interference details later in the program with you live from our headquarters in moscow, you're watching audio pizza scots and here are the top stories. this our a bloody, dangerous and dirty game. that's how vladimir putin has described, the west's current international policy. and he made those remarks the annual session of the valley international discussion club writes here in moscow, where he addressed a number of major global issues here. some of the highlights that goes away in reserve, but the so called collective west them, it's a nominal term, of course,
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since is no unity there in the past few months, it is made a number of steps towards escalation, infect listener, miram no dominating the world, is some of the west has put a stake in its game, but this game is certainly dangerous, bloody, and i would say that dirty up was in there. yet a dispute issue in losing we are, seem not a systemic, but a doctrinal crisis of the american star, neo liberal model of world order. they simply have nothing to offer the world except for their continued her gemini at the when you are selling their prayer. today's universal rule to the west is to turn everybody into instruments used to achieve its goals. yes. and if any one doesn't want to become such an instrument, yet they are targeted with sanctions, or even face organized coups. and if none of this works, the ultimate goal is to destroy them. a little bit early r t 's maria for national disgust, the key points of the russian president speech with my colleague, rachel blevins. here in the studio, it has been an almost 4 hour sasha, and
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a lot of that was warmer pollutants. merciless, harsh, critical, the west's neo colonial hatcher moni policy. this is how the russian president called it the west. why went on hays, blinded by its own superiority and its aspirations to rule and dominate the world? it imposes the rules of the game warmer, potent continued, and punishes all those disagree with that to illustrate the west common but outrageous practice to interfere in other countries affairs. why am i putting reminded about the u. s. ordered assassination off of iran in general. they killed, so the money on the territory of another state and said, yes, we killed him. why? we're pushing decried question. what's world we'll leave a nice but he said that the situation is dramatically changing right now. as the west is lose and installment and power influence and trust and is quickly becoming
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quotation and minority on the global page. and therefore it isn't very deep crisis . it is actually unable, he said, to accept or meet or adjust to this new multi polar reality, which new centers of power are quickly emerging, global, especially in asia and africa. this is what the library had to say because we could as soon as the benefit of globalization began to profit, not only western country, but also major agent states, the west immediately change or even abolish the roles that was such arrogance has been in place since colonial times when they considered all peoples 2nd cause, but themselves today new centers of power repairing. take asia, africa. yes, africa is a poor continent as of yet, but it does have great potential and look at latin america. all these countries will continue that development report and also kids the west of the lies in the global situation in many years. and in many parts of the globe here mentioned
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provocations in taiwan, gas, pipeline, destruction, food and energy crisis. that's why we put in repeatedly blames the wes for picking about conflict in ukraine. why my person called it a civil war and said that the west is actually able to ended simply by directing the ukrainian government to seek peace. but they did not do that. why report and also claim that the west should global finance system and that the dollar discredited. the world of finance reserves. trusting that if the west is selling something to other countries, it immediately requests national production to stop and that kills local national economists and local producers such the west flag report and continued does not care about that. it is only thinking about its own interest, benefits and profit, and this is why he said the use of national current should become at priority. and
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why wouldn't also said that we leave in a historic moment and the next 10 years will be the major, unpredictable dangers. but at the same time, the most important decades since world war 2. and in this literally hostile environment. why, said russia is trying to fight for its own interest and is actually getting support from around the globe. this is what he had to say rapidly, but western partners are doing everything to slander and humiliate russia, to ignore interest. and when we fight for our interest, opening and courageously, this very fact is contagious, attractive to a 1000000000 people on the planet. look, there are russian flags of many african countries now, in latin america as well as in asia. we have a lot of friends and we don't need to force anyone. it's just that many leaders and citizens, a tired of living under external dic tat. but at the same time, while my present said that russia does not fundamentally see south, has the enemy of the west,
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it opposes the west and tend to impose strange values and other countries and in russia as well. barbara said that the rock, at least to west is one the west of traditional primarily christian values. freedom, patriotism reaches culture. and this is something that russia is very close to. but there is another west aggressive personal paula to neo colonial. that is used as a tool for new liberal leads, why report and set and russia will never submit to the dominance of the 2nd west. but at the end, why sad that he hopes that pragmatism will win and the west will be able to get back to the dialogue with the rest of the world. or journalist and strategic affairs expert coming to con alma, shrieking, doubles down on how to reconcile the differences in the world. there is no doubt that the dialogue is the only solution if we on a piece in the world it eventually it comes through the dialogue and the sooner the
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better that doesn't mean like the sooner they come to the dialogue, it is better. and if we talk about the ukranian situation, the whole rest is going to suffer and suffering while on the other hand, i don't see that ratio is happy with this war. nobody should be happy. nobody. ready happy with the law. so if the solution is dialogue, then it should be the sooner the better and die has to be on the equal basis. this is not the time to impose is june electric power. it is not the time and no world is changed. the power dimension as james. now america can see there, china and jalyn do. it's a one word order. one word root module. that's the whole point. they need to understand that this is not, not the time. and this is not the right way to resolve the issues. meanwhile, over in the united states, a candidate for the senate has been blacklisted by the ukrainian government as an
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information terrorist and nots was for expressing opinions that appear to fly in the face of washington's narratives. on ukraine conflict. oh, we're concerned, i mean we're aha, okay. he wow, this is the car. i do want a better answer because the state department is funding it. i've been on the website for the center for countering disinformation, which has my name on the list. and says, i am an information terrorist who should be charged with war crimes. and that does put me in danger. people on it have been attacked and killed. i got a package to day and the mail that she had rattling noises in it. that said
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something about ukraine, and i had to call the police because i didn't know what was in it. they are killing people. the websites, the senate candidate mentioned works under the ukraine defense council. the names of people who promote so cold pro russian propaganda all published on the sites. we spoke to dionne say a herself, what to felt like to be put on a traits as list. so far as i know, knock on wood know, american has been attacked in the united states on this list, but there is only about an hour from my office, a camp for a band arest youth. so i don't think it's, you know, the wisest thing to do if you're interested in security to start throwing these terms around information, terrorist things like that. senator schumer has refused to answer inquiries both from myself and a former un weapons inspector, scott ritter,
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were both new york state residents. were both on this list and rid or raised the question. given that i'm an opponent of schumer is this some indirect way of silencing me, at least for putting me in dangerous. we have a narrative which frankly is wearing thin in the united states. and i think. busy overwhelming sentiment in the united states is that this war must be ended diplomatically with legitimate security concerns of both russia and ukraine addressed congress and the united states. frankly, as largely unaware of how overwhelmingly opposed americans are to our involvement in this conflict. and the more that we can get that message across to them, the more i think we have a chance of getting the policy changed. well, this does all coleman political consensus over 80. ukraine is increasingly coming under strain with midterm elections. fast approaching,
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democratic party members have retracted. a recent letter urging jo bought in to engage with russia indirect toward the chair of the progressive caucus of the us house of representatives called it a mistake poles do show. however, the american votes is seem to be unwilling to buy the narrative of unlimited h. ukraine, increasingly challenging politicians. the car? no man. no, that's not the nuclear war. would you vote to send on the loading dock? why you the money to ukraine? i have every right, this respect you because you're the one for you to play with 80000000 ukraine data . also a 1000000000 read your if a credit because you are funding neo nazis and ukraine, they are wearing the ukranian. they are wearing the black sun symbol. you say you want, i advance a black car, but you are funding the same people who you kill in the name of white supremacy. i
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could say not only, and we not changed our approach, the green, but we haven't seen any diminution or any, any concern expressed by our allies and partners. either the democrats, as you know, that they pull the letter back or let them speak to, to their decision making. but we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy terrific bipartisan support for our approach to ukraine. presidents not worried about that. and earlier this month, a monmouth university poll revealed that funding ukraine is not on the list of top issues in the u. s. showing that the american voters are most concerned with other issues like inflation and crime, the candidates for the u. s. and it's believe that washington is also touched with voters. we have to cut the budget, we can't afford it. that's. i would be happy for that. but i would hope that people would have a more enlightened view that perhaps the united states should consider changing its relationship to the rest of the world. other nations being independent and
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developed should not be perceived as a threat to us. why is russia an enemy? who, why is the world defined that way? i think we have to take a step back and reconsider everything. perhaps the enemy of mankind is poverty or the enemy as an asteroid, that might corinne into the earth. and we shouldn't. we should reorganize the entire thing the, the possibility of an accident when you have these nuclear drills being done by nato, and then the response from russia and the rhetoric that we see. and frankly, the what i would call a shocking lack of conscience in certain intelligence and military unclaimed, i don't know what to call them factions in the united states. i'm wondering where they say this is too much. we've gone a step too far. really. i think that they have somehow cut off from the people.
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they don't hear what people are saying and that that has to change. there is fair election, which is also a big question in the united states. i think that red su nami, is extremely likely. and unfortunately, the parties tend to be unified on matters of war. but i think there is really a faction around former president trump that wants out of this conflict. you may have seen that congressman goes star from arizona actually offered to hold peace talks. he sent a letter inviting both putin ends lensky to arizona, saying that he said, i'm not a diplomat, but i can't sit by and allow this to continue. the days after visiting russia, guinea, a south president has become the 1st african leader to visit ukraine since the start of the war with russia. both wall volume is the lead. sky welcomed his counterpart with open arms before me ukrainian diplomats prepared to play down the
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importance of such visits. on the same day as ukraine was visited by german, president, russia finally has a guest to the president of guinea bas out. and the latter looked like he wasn't sure he took the right plane. the comments were made after vladimir putin welcomed president's tomorrow, c. so and barlow to moscow, where he discussed relations, various international issues on the situation in ukraine. independence african journalists moody bay madiba says that the former diplomat remarks are prejudiced. comenius, african states have been seen as being a 2nd class citizen is being 2nd prostate, compared to those of the wasteful europe or in any other parts of the world. you know, and for me, it just shows the new and that's the problem that is facing ukraine in which is exposing its all its leaders. so things an african prisoner. very, very disgusting. i think those, those, those come into essentially another 4th colon. yes. i know the form of oppression was that can people because of this is being my keys in a jungle as it were,
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being buggy as if i not actually human you know, so i think those comments essentially, you know, and i think colony allison does not have to be killed, people doesn't have to get you to be the expectation of people. you know, colonialism can come in the form of what you say and you're thinking towards and you're thinking relations, other nations, you know. so i think the treat that the diplomats, she did so shows a form of a present and a footboard hate chose the african people. the guinea of bizarre president said he had passed on a message from vladimir putin. fizzle, unskilled calling for dialogue and said the african, ready to participate in any possible negotiations ukraine's president reviewed the offer. i talked calling, it's nothing more than rhetoric i. i've been here. busy i was in russia with president putin who asked me to forward you what we spoke about. something he thinks would be very important. he wishes and thinks that a direct dialogue should happen between your 2 countries. if the ukrainian
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president and president putin think that guinea bas south africa can bring the solution for peace, we are the 1st to campaign for that killer jewel. so far, all this is not happening. the desire of the russian president to speak. i think that this is nothing more than planned rhetoric, which should work on his internal audience and on the audience of those states that have not yet isolated politics between their country and the state called russia was in e bay, kinsey. presidents of the union of our african african diaspora in russia says that the west should pay more attention to africa's leaders and stop accusing russia in meddling in his affairs. mammogram that i am as up and if you are in favor of the atlantic opinion, who are the western countries to accuse anyone of madeline in african affairs? they have been in africa for 500 years. so new players have emerged in the international arena and they don't like it. even though we can't call russia a new player because it is a direct success to the soviet union, especially in relations with africa. but there is also china,
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which is also heavily invested in relations with africa. so speaking in intervening in african affairs, each country has its own interests. law by africa is a large continent. it possesses many resources, not only natural, but also human. the west is afraid of russia coming back to the scale of the soviet union, so they are indeed worried about this. in the news, the un security council convened a meeting at russia's request to discuss a legit u. s. bio loves in ukraine. where russia's ambassador, you'd see the un presented new evidence on the subject. but we can know that even though she could do that for a long time, russia has repeatedly expressed its concerns about biological military activities. carried out with direct assistance, some participation of the us military in the bar. trees located former soviet republics, far from the north american continent and close to the russian border. this constitutes a direct threat, the biological security of the russian federation. throughout the special military
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operation, we obtained a number of documents convincingly proving the true nature of interaction between the pentagon and ukraine and the bio military sphere. and analysis of these materials indicates noncompliance by the united states and ukraine of the biological weapons convention. the un security council was called, and russia presented all kinds of information and evidence regarding the biological weapons labs that are existing in ukraine. russia describe the activities of the ukrainian military and how there was talk of perhaps implanting diseases that could be transmitted by birds transmitted by mosquitoes and others. they went into great detail documenting the activities of these ukrainian bio labs that are done in coordination with the united states out. they are a threat to public health, how they violate international law. the representative of the united states dismissed all the evidence and all the claims put forward by russia as being untrue
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without any explanation, simply arguing that because russia said it couldn't be true. now what was even more interesting is that in her remarks before the un security council, the representative of the united states, when as far as saying that the united states has no biological weapons program, the united states does not have a biological weapons program. there are no ukrainian biological weapons laboratories supported by the united states. it is widely acknowledged by many voices in mainstream us medium that the pentagon is involved in activities concerning biological weapons. however, we heard the representative of the united states completely flat out, deny that the united states is in any way involved with biological weapons or research involving the use of biological materials and biological agents for
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military purposes. many countries spoke about why it is very, very important to make sure that biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction are not use. the representative of china emphasized that de escalation and negotiation was the best way to move toward ending the conflict in ukraine, as well as talking about the importance of opposing biological weapons from, from the organ. and she did as a country who suffered immensely from biological weapons during world war 2. in china stands for a complete prohibition of weapons of destruction including biological ones. the information on biological military activity released by russia, deserves the corresponding response by the party's concern. china's position on the conflict and ukraine is clear. we expect to see fire and colon parties for negotiation and dialogues. however, the specific words of the us seem to just dismiss everything russia raise and to claim that russia was only bringing up the very,
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very serious concerns which they backed up with evidence or only bring it up to distract from russia's own alleged crime. was a recent report claims if finland could host parts of nato's nuclear arsenal. if it joins the alliance that says russia's again accused by the organization of dangerous nuclear rhetoric . president putin is failing on the battlefield. he is responding with more indiscriminate attacks on ukrainian cities against civilians are against a critical infrastructure armed with dangers nuclear rhetoric. reports in finished newspaper, ill tell etsy states that the sources for its story work in the foreign unsecured, the policy industry. and as a new government bill will allow nato to bring nuclear weapons to the countries, territory villains remained a neutral countries since the end of world war 2 and has maintained
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a critical stance towards nuclear weapons. it was also one of the 1st countries to sign you must treaties, limiting the spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. well ag, nita norberg, director of the global network against weapons and nuclear power in space. claims that the u. s. is heavily involved in the decision has been and has always been against such weapons. i think that this mo, the is, it comes from the united states of america, or the, we were not even allowed to assign the, treating. to abolish nuclear weapons. this is horrifying. sweden has been one and even thin land have been most against nuclear weapons. i am not sure that it is sweden, actually, because this is hidden and never discussed in public. i think that
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hiding these from the public, as they do is the only way to accomplish this dangerous move. i think it is absolutely wrong to say that russia had threatened to use nuclear weapons. first, bless to rob fernand, peter scotts, and i'll be back again at the top of the hour with all the latest news and views from there on out. see out, see them. ah ah ah, ah!
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with ah lisa canter, russian state total narrative. i've stivers i phone and the most landscape div us. mm hm. then the jingles house lamps and up for a group in the 55 when. okay, so my name is barbara speaking. when else calls you back with,
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we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, estate aunt rush up to date and sports r t spoke that came in our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest. and with the question, did you think it was with me? aah! unit 73. 1. did everything from exploding bombs laced with anthrax next to prisoners who were tied to steaks in a feel like
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we have evidence that they gave disease infected chocolates to children. i plead guilty to having exercised to direct guidance of preparations for conducting biological warfare, chiefly against the soviet union. biological bombs were to be dropped on vladivostok, but a shill of about ask jetta when to plug a vision's tribunal transcript. generally amount auto commander in chief japanese quantum army, ceramic bombs containing typhoid and cholera and anthrax. what will so she will you see is brain child you may go and medical russia. no, nothing to do with it. more like it. you can build
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that up out of serial, not donia. so i mean, i could build a pitch hooked at them. bombs, packed with deadly bacteria, were meant to be dropped on soviet cities. o, on june 21st 1945, victoria soldiers marched across red square. with the many of those present with marshall vessels, ski as their leader would be redeploying to the far east. immediately after the victory for the you fling it immune and you say this to say is when kids to mystic special again my
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new circuit, i'm going to you when you're present in years but you know money issues. so young nikki, is a medical call, colonel and military historian, who researches the history development and the use of chemical and biological weapons. he's also studied the checkered history of japanese russian relations in point, you know, both. so usually you can get money. i'm just using them cervical a thing in with those the when surface is shown in yellow and give a solution solution. and i personally can use on. on august, the 6th and $9945.00 american pilots dropped atomic bombs on the civilian populations of hiroshima and nagasaki.


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