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[000:00:00;00] hello, bob must protect its own existence with awe rushes finally allowed to examine the site of last month's explosions along the north stream. pipeline system. president vladimir putin says it was clearly a terrorist attack with russia says it's only suspending its involvement in the ukrainian grain deal reached in july and not quitting the agreement. speaking at a un security council session called by moscow, it also said any ship movements along the corridor are unacceptable from until security guarantees are reached. inflation has just
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pretty much come about from nowhere. bad of the e u central bank says all time high inflation in the euro zone has literally come out of the blue and blames the russian president for all of it, with just about 1 in the morning here in moscow. and you're watching our team international. i'm donald quarter. welcome to the program. now our top story are mania and azerbaijan will refrain from the use of force in an effort to resolve a long time, territorial conflict. that's the message declared by both countries after their leaders took part. in trilateral talks for peace hosted by russia, armenian does or by john have pledged to recognize, quote, mutual sovereignty, in an effort to resolve the simmering conflict which has lasted for decades. they have also agreed to the importance of maintaining russian peacekeeping forces in the region. a traditional ally of both countries,
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russia has vowed to do everything it can to find a comprehensive solution to the dispute. the fighting has focused on. busy control over the mountainous territory of nicole in a car buck clashes flared up last month with both sides, accusing each other of targeting civilian areas. lead the good in the after that meeting russian president vladimir putin gave a press conference in which he said the explosions on the north stream pipeline system were quote, clearly a terrorist attack. he said western powers have finally allowed russia to access the site one month after the damage was done. still existing, that's when you just problem has been allowed to examine the explosion site on the north stream pipeline system. there were 2 craters, 3 and 5 meters deep pipe 40 meters long was ripped out of place, bent the 90 degree angle and hurled 40 meter to the side in the direction of the north stream to pipeline, which was also damaged by the explosion. and fragments of that pipe. this was clearly
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a terrorist attack. it is difficult for us to maintain control over this part of the system. because it's within the territory of the special economic zone of denmark, sweden, in germany. while to get more on the story r t fear fiorella isabel is joining us here in the studio. thanks for joining us. fiorella. sure. so 1st i want to ask you about basically the importance of the fact that russia was just recently allowed to inspect the explosion sites along the north stream pipeline system about a month after these exploit explosions took place. right, this is a big deal actually because as you just mentioned, they weren't previously allowed. now this is of course they weren't allowed into the investigation by sweden. we're talking about western countries that russia was surrounded by. and so when this damage occurred and they weren't allowed, it was really frustrating. and they cited that. the reason they weren't allowed was because they were subject to a confidentiality that was directly linked to
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a matter of national security. and that's, that was their excuse. but of course, who said that the accusation by the wes that russia was involved are quote nonsense . and he specifically said that that they are sure that the u. k. is involved that they're involved in actually planning, supporting and implementing the plot to destroy the pipeline. that of course took energy and gas to europe, but mostly specifically germany, which was heavily reliant on that. and of course, this, the u. k. responded with russia peddling, accusing russia, peddling false information, and an epic scale in order to distract from their well illegal invasion of ukraine . so what we're seeing is that the tensions have gone up, and of course, since europe made it difficult for russia to to, to actually have a conversation to, to,
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to get anything done. this is why they chose turkey as a, as a set of for the brain and ports. and what are the run the russian president have to say about that ukrainian grain export deal and about moscow's decision to suspend its participation. yeah, so what am i putting basically said that the, the green is not going to where it's needed most. so the poorest countries are not getting the brain that they need. specifically, we're talking about countries in the developing, in the developing world. and the vast majority of that green is to get into these countries. this is something that he has the repeatedly talked about and he's saying, well, you know, this is an on russia, this is on this is on other countries, completely cutting off. and he's, he's saying that russia will directly supply this brand to the most needed and for the countries. and, but that will be determined when russia thinks that it should be determined. all right. are to serial isabel,
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thanks for joining us in the studio and bringing bringing us those details are just taking such a major role in resolving the decades long conflicts between armenia and dogs, or by john to get a better understanding of the reasons for this. we spoke with former pentagon security policy analyst, michael maloof, the moderating effect of russia in this, in this case, was really essential. plus, it appeared that the west might have been engaged or possibly involved in trying to create more disruption in that region as well. and i think it was in the interest of moscow to really take the initiative and oversee this thing and get commitments from, from the leadership of both countries to, to, to approach the issue and non violently try to settle whatever disagreements they
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still have with moscow being doing the overseen of the peace process and that's really going to be critical. we just don't need another hotspot at this point. we've got enough going on around the world. the russian defense ministry says moscow is not quitting the ukrainian grain deal, but only suspending it during an earlier un security council meeting. russia said ukraine's recent attacks in the black sea or what put a stop to the agreement or so also added that any movement of ships along the corridor is unacceptable until security guarantees can be reached, are to kill them up and takes us through the major points the heated discussion that the un, the meeting took place and we heard from un officials describing the grain deal, the fact that it's now suspended, the impact that'll have on the global economy on the price of grain globally cetera . then from there we did hear from the russian representative ambassador and then the took to the floor in the security council chamber,
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and just laid out the facts about why the actions of ukraine using the corridor for military purposes. the recent attack have forced russia hand and the deal is now suspended. this was not russia using, this is a response to action from ukraine that were carried out with the support of the wes . this is what he said done with the attack on the black sea fleet puts an end to the humanitarian dimension of the stem. but agreements, the black sea green initiative should not be carried out without russia's presence . we are surprised that the un did not condemn kim's attack on the ships of the black sea fleet. now there were some voices if the security council chamber who did speak in support of what russia said, referring to this attack as essentially an act of terrorism, preventing food from being distributed, violating agreements now we heard from the united states and their usual ally to ignored what russia said backs that russia presented and simply proceeded to
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demonize russia as they usually do in meetings of this type claiming that everything russia, somehow a conspiracy theory. every threat of evidence that that russia has presented is somehow all fabrication not going into any detail that we not acknowledging the fact that russia brings before the council. that's the typical actions and words of the usa and their allies before the council. however, there was a moment of optimism that we did see which was we heard un officials announcing they will be conducting an investigation of the attack on the blacks. the fleet was the president. it would indeed be a grave abuse of the see grain initiative if it were used in any way for military operational advantage. united nations has a solemn privilege of assisting the parties to implement this unique arrangement and acting as a secretary it the u. n. is ready to investigate along with member states party to the initiative. any and all evidence, if requested quite
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a day at the un headquarters in manhattan. let's remember this very building that hosts the, the un security council also hosts the world food program and all kinds of n g o, the entities that are responsible for dealing with the situation regarding world hunger. so today in that very building, we had the un security council of 15 member body that leads the united nation convene to discuss the aftermath of an attack on a humanitarian corridor and candidate for enabling food to be exported. while scout requested a un security council meeting on monday, following allegations that the ukrainian drone attack used the maritime grain corridor for cover brushes. defense ministry says the intelligence obtained from the wreckage of the drones shows a path of travel through the lanes originating from the port city of odessa, spike western countries, sounding the alarm of
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a global food crisis over 6000000 tons of ukrainian grain. whence 2 developed countries from august to october of this year. that's while nations facing extreme hunger received just over a 1000000 tons of grain and wheat. and of that number less than half a 1000000 tons even went to the poorest countries in africa. earlier my colleague union o'neill discussed the grain crisis and recent events that have been shaping the world with the head of the bricks. international forum here in the studio ford security is very important issue for the world. and recently we saw that it was a cv food crisis and ukraine and reshay's, a big lead producer and some other agriculture products, the noise for that and they are supplying too many countries. but during sanctions, this deal is already become very important because in july you do negotiation with
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united nation 30. it was decided that $218.00 ships will go to the united nations security council. and from there, little did. but now this is saying that few couple of days before they don't attack on our ship in creamier. so they suspended the dean. and it is saying that the countries are in need. they should take this need. it should not restored by united nation. we're downs. so need is important security. so i hope the nation is stake is that 8 and it shouldn't be transferred to the needy countries for people who need it the most. get it 1st. yeah. you mentioned that you could asian and african nations know clearly realizing that the importance of her
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own resources which the west has wanted for quite some time. i will this realization change international business, the global picture as a whole. just, you know, western countries utilize their natural resources in multiple force. ok, and now they're having scarcity of the natural resources like we are observing that in london, no decay if it is happening and people are not able to pay the electricity bill. so this kind of price is happening because they don't have natural resources. so they are depending on other countries like russia and so the to be in countries. this is very important that this important alliances need to work in proper shape. next to the news our we move on to the latest from the ukraine conflict, multiple residential areas across the done. yes. the people's republic have come
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under heavy ukrainian showing as, according to local authorities, at least for people injured or to roman culture. visited a building that was hit in the center of the capital. oh well we are one of the locations right now. that was a struck by the ukranian a military. now this is a residential building. you can see that some multiple apartments here have been destroyed, not people. are there work in trying to salvage show their belongings. now, according to local authorities, at least a 6 shells from multiple a rocket launch. systems have landed a here in this, a very densely populated area. take a look at these are craters. there are several craters like this everywhere. that means that the rocket exploded above ground and created all of these craters. that means, according to the criminal, this will work in here a little bit earlier. i said cluster ammunition could have been used now cluster
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ammunition is designed to inflict maximum examiners to infrastructure and to people's role. now thankfully, no one was wounded here by the way of this building. this is where my camera man lives or lives up to this point because obviously right now we're going to move away and fly into that another a place to live. perhaps you'll spend this night at my apartment, but there's quite a lot of damage. take a look at this. said tree right here. now, one sir. the rocket ah landed here. the building was caught on fire. ah, now the fire fighters have already put the blazer out. multiple districts in the nest are still under fire now as we speak. i don't know if you can hear it, but we can hear the sounds of shilling awe from from far away. we still have a very long evening ahead of us as we are going to pack up our things and moved to
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a different place. another month, another record annual inflation in europe reached a new all time high in october, nearly 11 percent across the entire european block. energy is of course, the biggest component of european inflation, but food prices are also rising fast in while the europe and central banks chief said the record breaking increases came out of nowhere. but moscow should shoulder much of the blame. inflation has just pretty much come about from nowhere. we had been fighting deflation. and then as a result of very speedy recovery, plus the energy crisis caused by mister putting who's decided in an unjustifiable way to invade another country. yes. and to put it, you know, in off kale, lost a lot of chaos. yes. yeah. and that's what he's trying to do as well as to cause kills and to destroy as much of europe as he can. no one force the union to
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sanction its own energy supply. bam. take that. remember that? well, it blew up right in their faces. the, you broke up with russia committed our curies for ukraine by jumping straight off a cliff with a citizenry strapped with back. and this is all such blatant nonsense from la gabba . it's quite frankly embarrassing for someone in her position with her background because long before christine gammon was made president of the european central bank. she was french, a connie minister under former french president equinox. and so she would have had to look no further than the website of the french central bank bank default, with which she intimately familiar, and which pointed out in october 2021. that inflation had quote, risen sharply from the start of that year. the boat this call attributed that inflation, which had already had a 13 year high a year ago to quote tensions between supply and demand following the reopening of the world economy. in other words,
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the heavy handedness of european union and world western leaders in micromanaging everything during the cold crisis. having a stimulus checks like hallow candy, it all completely deregulated their economy. now the french central bank also sites quote, energy transition policy. so basically, europe ideological push towards green energy as a factor that would cause the price of high carbon energy like gas and fuel to rise well into the future. yeah, they said that last year, but logan is now trying to absolve western leads of any responsibility for their self make crisis by blaming russian president vladimir putin. and here's how she describes him. and he had this sort of flashing freezing eyes. so that's what i'm saying. that just just terrifying aspect about him. anybody who is behaving in that way has to be driven by evil forces which is terrifying. not quite as
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terrifying as some of legalities, policies on those of her colleagues, but tries, she might log out is not likely to fool the average citizen who is well aware that their bills went off a long before the conflict in ukraine. and they still keep rising with inflation now at 10.7 percent across the u. so here are some folks from palermo, italy explaining how they're coping. they don't pay for bringing the money to leave the house with one price and returned the next day, and it's another every day changes. so if you go shopping with a plan and end up with you, or i can send you expected i only by the necessities serrano but it, it, everything seems strange to me when i see the exponential increase in prices. i realize that transport costs have risen, and as a result, prices have risen, but not to such an extent. in my opinion. neuberger miller, the blue light gas and spending all rise day by day. is there anyone who can live on the minimum pension as it is? how do you keep going like this when i miss you wonder la garza and her colleagues even here these people?
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brussels engineered this, this crisis and just keeps tinkering with it. she had interest rates 3 quarters of a percentage point yet again last week in an effort to break inflation. and that despite some block opposition concerned about the impact on growth. as long as the e u. as blindly willing to keep doing whatever the us wants, washington's own interests, 1st and foremost, while it's citizens are destined to suffer while they're elite, just keep trying to shift the blame. it looks like author and ceo of the glacier environmental fund. mitchell, fire steen gave us his take on what lies behind the crisis. you know, this goes back to to geo geo economics and geo politics. so what's going on in europe? it's this is control of the year your asian land mass. so basically the united states is going to suffocate europe and they're going to pay much higher energy prices and they're going to have to come to the u. s. to get their energy. people
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right now are very upset about it and you're seeing protests throughout different countries in europe, in the streets every weekend, and it's only going to get worse because the prices are going to go higher this winter. it's going to be a winter of discontent across europe. the u. k. and in the united states because prices have to go higher on everything. inflation is going to go higher. so the politicians need to go. we need to get politicians that listen to the people and take care of the people and bring back businesses. so that instead of build back better, how about if we bring back business and we work on doing what the people say rather than doing what the leaders are rulers want china's warning of a potential arms race after an australian t v investigation revealed us plans to deploy up to 6 nuclear capable b $52.00 bombers in northern australia. the relevant u. s. behaviors have increased regional tensions seriously undermined regional
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peace and stability and may trigger an arms race in the region. the investigation by australia's a b. c. television claims washington plans to house the bombers at the tyndall air base south of darwin, the capital city of the northern territory. it said the project will cost upwards of $100000000.00 and all that works due to be completed by the end of 2026. we reached out for comment on the reports about the deployment of the b, $52.00 bombers from the pentagon, as well as from the australian defense ministry. and we will bring you any response we get. meanwhile, in a separate military development, japan says it's considering increasing the range of its new high speed missile, which is still under development beyond 1000 kilometers. government sources said it's in order to better defend its remote islands, but the move would put the coastal areas of china and north korea within range.
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the director of the center for counter had demonic studies. tim anderson says people in australia are concerned, a conflict between the us and china could break out. it's really a terrible i'm development, which is scaring a lot of people who has tried it no matter what they political persuasion. because they know that china, which is non threatening to australia and which is the straight as largest trading partner, has been for some time, ah, it's an impossible task to step into a conflict with a pow that big and for no real reason. and unfortunately, it's being done simply because of the dependence of successive governments in australia, on the, the role to play a supporting role to the us, which the u. s. as in launched itself on to this up aggression against china because of extreme jealousy at st. so unfortunately, al dependent politics is really creating a huge dilemma instantly or at the moment that china is clearly going to defend itself. it's going to defend including
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b. what you might call an unincorporated terror korean taiwan, which had been a stable relationship. the thing that is called for the stable most people and tie one like the status quo, but the u. s. seems determined to provoke a conflict and it's going to force china to defend itself in that's going to really the threat is that the tie one is going to be used, like se a new crime as a, as a way to try and provoke a conflict with john or in the u. s. will try and use it to weaken china in some way, but it's a, it's a terrible danger. she may have been out of downing street for a week now, but liz, trus, is certainly not out of the headlines. the former u. k. prime minister has found herself embroiled in another scandal. several british media outlets have reported that her phone was hacked when she was serving as the foreign secretary under boris johnson. it's claimed that she had to change her personal phone number when she became p. m because it was compromised. the
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daily mail source even claims that the phone had to be placed in a locked safe inside a secure government location. and the messages that were obtained by hackers reportedly included trust, as discussions with senior international foreign ministers about the war and ukraine. while many other details of the hack remain unclear, it's already been blamed on russia by the media and less trust became the shortest serving british prime minister in history. after she resigned from the post, just $44.00 days into the job journalist option rotten z outlined more details in the story. i should say the british government in response to lee newspaper report in the if i can't rather me as a daily mail newspaper already opposition m p. 's asking why was it leak to the daily mail at this particular time? when within the story, it says it was covered up by senior civil service and former is graced by minister boris johnson. british government says you the u. k. as robust systems in place to
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protect against cyber threats, including regular security briefings for ministers. this comes as the follow up to the story suggesting that liz trust was using an unsecure line and i found some would sympathize with our given as i say, the g. c h q phones apparently rubbish. and she likes to instagram a lot of varies a bombshell. speculation about kim dot com, the legendary security analyst, who has a 1000000 followers on twitter who claims that it was not a phone that was hacked. it was being backed up on to the icloud, and there are suggestions completely unconfirmed. i've tried to reach out to him for further confirmation that she texted or messaged anthony, blinking jo biden's, a hapless secretary of state, saying it's done shortly after the worst environmental catastrophe of the century. the terror attack on the north st pipeline,
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supplying energy to much needed energy to germany. that's the news for this. our thanks for watching our to international, and we hope you have a great day. ah, the vulcan complex been simmering for some time or so as not? she was a sub scott whirlpool cleaner. quick reynold no, no, no signing up, albanians demanded the cause of a subs changed car license plates. in other words, made recognized counselor. if you thought the hell he forth worth fell grade with of a is serbia. so discriminating against serves is a slap in the face. a report from a friend your post or go off your bill or set up a gordon. it really doesn't it all by sima dom or i should all be open on me.
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oliver's will be in president alexander gucci. hasn't ruled out the possibility that the west is waiting for the right moment to strike the republic with georgia tech. your with madison. both, both the models you need to do. both nelson's deals with a, with a lot of them bought
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a they need a new that the guy was 20 years normally with us. the personal number here. we're here with, with a
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ah, north atlantic alliance, recognizance aircraft, and wolf shipped, cruising close to russia's borders, have become commonplace. along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders. ah ah, every year a russian backed resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of not system the outcome is always the same, few as votes against it. and in recent years with ukrainian backing with typically the u. abstains. ah, but we've most countries voting in favor. the document is accepted,


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