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tv   News  RT  November 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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ah ah, with our top headlines right now and off into national, the russian mission to the united nations presents an odd t documentary about russian war john listed on the challenges they face reporting from conflict. so just a moment, a live report is up in the company. also, japan retains its stake in a russian lead energy project is it deals with heavy inflation. it also defacto becomes a 1st g step and member state to jump off the antique roger sanctions. soviet president puts the entire country on high alert off that identify, drove and proportionately entered the country's aerospace and passed over military base. is nick, kosovo,
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and in the program opposition leaders denouncing 10 years recently elected president based embracing of genetically modified crops. so despite the opposition naturally endorsing that plan in the past with all top stories from moscow, it's off the international was always a great pleasure to have you with us. the russian mission to the united nations has presented, and r t documentary about russian war journalists and the challenges they face reporting for various conflicts on this sill. ah journalist under fire will be shown on the big screens at the end of the year. at this point. the r t creative team is working on it. the film speaks about the work of warfare correspondence in this special military operation zone in dumbass. among the film protagonists are not only the correspondence of the central russian channels,
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but also independent reporters and bloggers. are i'm crossing lighted on yet canal . it's are patched through to one of our top wall correspondence areas were artes, roman quarter of a very good evening to you, sir, is just off at 10 pm where you are now. it's just after 3 pm in new york, where the u. n. is highlighting this r t documentary. i need you to give us a details though roma. what was the meeting of the un all about? and what's been the reaction so far to this r t documentary about correspondence reporting from the front line? or so far only a fragment offer this documentary has been presented at the un headquarters and the rest of the film. i will air by the end of the year, according to the creators of the film. well, in shorts of those people have no idea what's been happening here in don boss for the last 8 years. it will certainly be a revelation if that particular the commentary manages to reach the viewers
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all over the world. well, there's been decided this is a lot of fun. hoshal put it information warfare, taking place right now all over the world, mostly taking place against a rush. there are plenty of for war correspondence working here at the moment. so however, all the reports about daily tragedies that that had been happening here of last 8 years have been neutralized simply because of the, the facts have been twisted, the facts have been disturbed. and that was said by the representative to the un from a rush of a silly events that was in his a preview to the film. his said that said there are quite a lot of fakes taking place in terms of a russian action in this a special military operation. a lot of facts have been twisted. there's quite
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a lot of a full flag operations that have taken place in the ukraine. a war crimes committed by the ukrainian military that had been attributed to the russian forces . now i see that in events that talked about all of that. now, as for the documentary itself, it showed the stories also for war correspondence by including our very own murat guys. d of now we've seen a clip there where his crew were narrowly escaped. that's when the natal maida. hi marce, iraq. it's targeted their hold cell where only civilians lived at that point and showed their truly heroic nature. they showed the objectivity of a russian correspondence their reality on the ground as something that's well that's rarely a scene in the western media. well being here for the last 8 and
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a half years myself. i rarely see foreign journalists and those that i do see they do manage to help put out the objective information out there. but once again, that happens very rarely despite the fact that so all for media are always invited here. now, one of the other heroes, all of that, said the commentary is a give guinea, a duplicate from a russia's that channel to. now, he said there are, there are rewards put out by ukrainian political parties, ukrainian military rewards for the lives of russia, that journalists who are reporting the facts from the grounds objectively. and they present a real threat in ukraine by showing this set truthful and objective information. of course, that doesn't fall in line with everything that said be that has been said in the west and in ukraine as well. now there was a, a panel discussion following the presentation of this fragments of the film. a
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questions were being asked on the creator of the film from us, from the journalist that were filmed in this documentary now. all the questions were asked and answered from our foreign media. i heard in italian journalist to local american journalist, asking questions, of course, but the nature of the questions. i also showed that said many people still have no idea about. so what's going on here in don boss and in ukraine, what's been happening here over the last 8 years old, the manor, all for their questions when they were asking about internal laws in russia. that's asking me about that sermon. knology whether we called is a special military operation or war. some somebody even said that a foreign media doesn't work in russia because they can not call the special military operation a war, something that was well, kind of a laugh side, but by the journalist stand by the russian representative. nevertheless,
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the panel discussion lasted longer than it was scheduled to. and if you are interested to watch this said documentary, it should come out by the end of this year. all right, rama, we appreciate this report regarding this, you know, obviously the great saying is the 1st casualty of war is truth. and, and frankly it's, it's just really, really good that the united nations is highlighting this off auto documentary about correspondence. a doing that job from the front lines a rama. you've been on a number of front lines a since your career in journalism 1st began. i've seen seen you on the front lines reporting among very difficult situation. so i just want to say from me to you appreciate your hard work. we look forward to seeing you in the future. at the western world, real also made a sanctions induce energy crisis. japan has decided to retain its 30 percent stake in a major russian oil and gas project you may have heard of. it's
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a cycling one. japan's economic and trade minister said the operation is extremely important for us countries, energy security. however, the move does fly right in the face of an earlier commitment by the g 7 members states to entirely ban russian oil. now the decision commerce, as japan's consumer inflation rate has risen to an 8 year high, have a look at the numbers. electricity is up by more than 21 percent. you see the gas prices and the cost of food as well as get the thoughts and opinions. now avante contributor is rachel marston. up until now, japan is pretty much just fall in line with the russ the west and to russian sanctions. and as part of the western lead g 7 ok was expected to participate in the russian oil price cap. that washington is ginning up in an attempt to limit russian oil revenues. now, because an oil buyers cartels in only really work if in the country sign on. well, this could be a problem. so washington figured out that the very least they could call the shots
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for all of its g 7 allies. now, earlier this year, the group even pledged to phase out russian oil imports. it's not like 7 countries are going to be able to control the global market for oil or for anything else, but it's maybe enough to get some decent virtue signaling going and maybe keep gra ukrainian present. ramirez zalinski off their backs for a few minutes, but now tokyo has ruined about whole spectacle of unity by announcing that it would stick with russia's sahalina, one oil and gas project, which american multinational exxon mobil pulled out of earlier this year. japan, government, and oil executives are explaining that the country needs russian energy to survive . unlike europe or the u. s. japan depends on overseas for almost all of its energy needs. so it's not possible to cut off ties with russia because of the sanctions. in reality, we cannot survive unless we continue to import from russia even if the volumes are
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smaller. so this is the 1st time that a major us ally has decided that the interests of its own economy and citizens are more important than complying with washington's demands. in its effort to contain russia, it's no wonder since japan's inflation rate for electricity as at 21.5 percent. and at 19.4 percent or gas. so i guess japanese leaders are just going to pretend that something like short showers or turtlenecks can fix problems like this unless your opinion leaders. so speaking of which the big question now is, what is the us going to do about it? punish japan or just let it slide. and this is a really interesting litmus tests for all western allies. we're really feeling the pressure to sell out their own interests, just to keep up appearances with respect to unity and ukraine. the european union
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in particular, must be watching this and thinking what you mean. we could have just said no and drawing a red line, sanctioning our own russian gas supply. because well, that's pretty much exactly what japan is just done. and so far, crickets, washington spoke earlier with a senior lecturer at the university of bar, who says japan really needs as g 7 partners to understand its current domestic situation. japan has to make the teeth of an all, i understand. your position is very different from other european and also western powers. it is important to note making yourself having a bad relationship with all these major nuclear powers next to you. and so this is, this is reasonable that the japanese, the tissue took up and decided that, that they need to at these mitigated relationship with one of them. given the fact that japan has already alive with the u. s. and the wisdom power to contain men to
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criticize and sanction russia. today they meet this new turn. a simple trying to slow down the town. what spyro off the relationship with russia. meanwhile, the german chancellor show, so it's actually lamented the current state of inflation in his country. happiness . him october, the talk to infant son and daughter in october, the inflation in germany reached more than 10 percent unimaginably high. and that is why it is right that our efforts are centered on measures, so that citizens and companies can cope with the consequences of very high inflation, resulting from the russian war against ukraine. so as you just heard, mr. sholtes blaming the main reason for the storing inflation on russia. launching a war and ukraine. however, global inflation started to grow rapidly. only after sweeping sanctions were imposed on moscow by many western countries, of course,
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including germany. meanwhile, the e. u is also calling for a price cap on russian gas or the much of the union remains divided over that prospect. so guys, you can join us for this program from moscow, serbia's president, now he's put his country, the entire country on a state of high alert. he's even ordered the shooting down of any drones seen over the territory. it's off the reports of a number of unmanned aircraft were entering his countries as space reportedly flying over a military basis, nic, kosovo. and we got details from arte contributor on this, nicola guilford chapel. this as we found out today, around coff bus for several. i mean them to fight flying golf jackson for potentially drones were seen a entering girl. there been air space near the administrative border with so called muscle, and filming sodium bases that are there and our troops were on the move. the
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president teach announced that he gave orders for serbian plains meek for the 9th to follow these objects and potentially destroy them if they don't remove from the set up in their space. but they did, and they returned as it is said to the territory. of course, when the thought here from which they came 1st to feel the serbian basis. and that is due to the fact that the seminar remove the day in the direction of the administrative order and the security line that is near the more than posted it on here. because the british the know said that starting off the from 1st november it will start implementing it's a station place for vehicles because in order to possible service are still refusing to re register their cars to close weights and continue to use their grades with the serbian registration marks with you ends at climate
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change conference due to start next week. some african nations are actually sounding the alarm over a lack of financial support from the rich countries to help tackle climate challenges. for example, gallons environment minister complained that developed countries of actually failed to deliver on that promise. over and over again, developed nations have committed and not delivered. they've committed to reduce emissions and they're not delivering sufficiently, they've committed to funding. and that funding doesn't ever seem to materialize. we didn't create the problem. and so you would expect a more sincere engagement from developed nations and you would expect them to respect their word and their engagements. meanwhile, the decision of a new british prime minister not to attend the meeting in egypt is certainly being seen as something of a snub, particularly off of the countries environment. minister said, quote, it was just a gathering which doesn't have the same level of heads of state and prime ministers attending. well, cairo says 90 heads of state are attending and governments have confirmed their
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attendance. i spoke with investigative journalist and co found all the inside facts of mr. madiba madiba. he believes our forces at play that don't want africa to be either developed all prosperous. he goes beds. when we sold you the, the cupboard 19 pandemic. you know how the exits are big scenes. we're, we're, we're, we're, we're, we're, we're key issue, you know, i mean, african countries a shot to get things while the world reflection today. and so i think this is an imbalance when it comes to, to, to, to, to door, to the way, develop nations view and the develop mission. i think the way the waste is perceived as dina. somehow to keep it and the developed, you know, because i think it developed africa, it's going to cause many problems for the risk and the waste, or one that you know, think applicant contributed to that belief meant to the party of most of the powerful nation that simple, everything we contribute to the economies of countries like france, like with,
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you know, at the expense of our own african countries. so i think the waste would love to see africa and the developed and like china and russia. mean, if you look at the growing presence of russia and china on the continent, it's one of brother would, is one of helping each other out is why don't finding projects that benefit both parties. you know, i think the ways or the fund budget that they're going to benefit from that can crunch that and then we make african leaders say, 1999. you use this for them to own those resources for example. and from my job to nairobi, my political tensions are on the rising, kenya, opposition leaders have been denouncing, recently elected president william a router for his embrace of genetically modified crops summit, fears of mass hunger and lifting the ban on jama crops, which actually stood in place for 10 years was one of the very 1st moves by the new administration. it does open the door for the cultivation and import of the scientifically engineered seeds, including the countries staple crop corn. now according to the un,
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it's happening as kenya is experiencing the worst drought and 40 years ultimately putting millions of lives at risk. and while food insecurity seems to be president route hose main concern, his opponents, the largest scheme at play, they've accused a rolling government of profiting from the approval and becoming dependent on imports. but i should just point out quickly here in the program with that back in 2011. the opposition had a very different opinion on g m foods calling those who oppose the quote to conservative. the americans cannot be so negligent as to allow the american people to consume gym of food if it is harmful. let us not be too conservative because science is moving on. conservatism is not going to help this country. alarm statements are calculated to instill fear. in this scheme, the worse the pain, the bigger the gain for the shy locks in government. i spoke with a manual, a camber coordinator of an organization of working to end hunger, and kenya,
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who says that genetically modified crops will not be welcomed by many of the citizens of the country. i don't think we have a student problem in this century that we need to use. jim was, i think that, you know, there's more of a hyped and what we talk about under benefits most basically we negative jim last, that is really no, i didn't see introducing gym most. yes. so many times mentioned chevron looks like you have something in the sense that we all are people will be clear that there is no market for your most in this country. and well, i wish you would. you will definitely away. i don't think and limited to by no means that you're not going to give us you know,
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really dynamic. and these are the big blue things on the new side. so we kinda consume will actually make the final decision. great to have your company tonight. so a little more now than a week before midterm elections in america, a republican governor has lost out claiming much of the media remains fixated on the 2020 election ultimately ignoring the pressing needs of the people today. you are in a bubble if you think anybody is talking about what happened in 2020 or talking about my logo and all that. i know the press love to talk about it. just ahead of the crucial midterm was a new poll revealed around 80 percent of americans believe their nation is out of control with only a 5th thinking the opposite. well then a separate question only around a 3rd fell. things were even going well for my white house press. secretary, john saki said, democrats are worried, momentum has shifted towards that of the republicans. people are fearful about
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where the momentum is going and some of these races. yes, there are very encouraging signs, like the record early voting numbers, but numbers in some of the house races are not where they should be. i was just discussing this story with a talk show host, steve multiple g, who believes the failure to get a handle on the storing price. it is playing very badly on the reputation of the democrats. right now, inflation is out of control. prices are just about everything out of control and you have an administration that is not even admitting it not having and admitting that it's a problem in our country, but basically forming it as a worldwide problem that is out of the control of this current administration. and people, people understand, you see, what happened was, is that the democrats put all their eggs in the abortion basket. back in june, the u. s. supreme court overturn roe v wade, which had given women the right to an abortion. and now they did, the supreme court said it should be up to the states. well,
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all heck broke loose. and the democrats decided that would be what they would run on. well, abortion is pulling down the list of voter concerns, down to about 7 or 10 on the list and what's at the top, the economy, inflation crime. and i don't even think that people are honest with the posters. i think that a lot of them are afraid to answer questions and be identified as evil. republicans don't forget, joe biden classified mag, republicans as a semi fascist. so who in their right mind, wants to tell a stranger on the bone or yeah, i'm voting republican. so i don't even think that these polls are accurate, i think it's worse for the democrats than if you heard about this one. joe biden reportedly lost his temper when ukrainian of president, lindsey asked him for more military aid back in june. during a phone call. it's according to a report by the u. s. outlet, nbc. but the u. s. president allegedly told the landscape that he should be more
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thankful for the aid he's been getting. now. whitehouse sources are portly, say, biden had barely finished telling zelinski about their help coming his way. when the ukrainian leader immediately began listing what else he needed and simply wasn't getting what was said to be the moment. the biden lost his temper. the cold between the 2 ladies came as the u. s. had just approved a $1000000000.00 package of military aid and just a weeks off the biden that signed a staggering $40000000000.00 support package. nevertheless, the nbc report goes on to state their relations have since improved. when i spoke with the executive vice president of the razor center, earl rasmussen, who believes the timing of the phone call leak is highly political. this happened in june, so we're talking 1345 month later. and just the week before the election. this was, i wouldn't doubt that it may be of happened. i could picture that. and they are
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fairly ungrateful and greedy the as far as the government. but it is, yes, highly political. i think the timing of this lee, it's there and tended to, to show that no, biden, the administration, the democratic party, they are concerned. they're watching the spending. they are trying to put limits on this. but yet we still support ukraine, so it's trying to then not say that it's just an open book and we've got 70 percent of the weapons going into on the black market. and then we have no control on that stuff like that. so it's, it's trying to counter a couple different things that the republicans have actually brought up as far as issues in the election. and, and so it's definitely, definitely politically time the anonymously to brazil, where people are divided over the weekends election results or precedent. yet both sonata lost in a very narrow contest, a rifle lily to silver. and after the final result was announced enormous protests
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arrested nationwide. a huge number of truckers supporting both and aro, blocked highway, is that more than 300 points all across the country. and people will also seen burning tires and showing projectiles onto the roads. so in some areas, police were able to disposed to demonstrate it and get the traffic moving again. though we hit the roads to get feedback from some of those who will also getting mr . it's our right to take to the streets in protest against what we don't agree with. we will be here for as many days is necessary to re establish order in the country. we don't accept criminals in command of our brazil. we know there was fraud was due, so we are eagerly awaiting a statement from both scenario. this moment is not about him, it is for brazil. it is for democracy. on monday, the mass demonstrations also so access blocked to 2 major brazilian airports
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including south paolo international airport. we understand where according to report, at least $25.00 flights were cancelled. i will look right here. people were seen carrying their luggage on foot towards the terminals as they were unable to get there by car. may you got quiet or rather a familiar scene in israel for the 5th time and well, just for years, dozens of parties are competing in the elections for the national parliament. recent poll suggests the right wing party of the former prime minister. benjamin netanyahu is a head, possibly restoring him to the premier ship, the liberal party of the current prime minister. yeah. le. pete is expected to come in 2nd, in the background to all of that though a local human rights watch. dog has res, concerns over palestinians in contested territories, not being allowed to stand as either candidates in the elections or even cost votes . whereas of course israelis living in those exact areas can. now it comes as the
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un envoy for the palestinian territories recently slammed israel for, quote, settler colonialism. these ready government for its spot has previously said such remarks have the goal of defaming and isolating israel by betraying it as a racist entity. meanwhile, amid fears of election violence, police of cold on israeli settlers who have gun licenses to bring their weapons to the polls. that's according to local media reports. israel has already deploy $200.00 extra troops to the west bank to ensure security. the palestinian officials claim israel is depriving the polish, the new people of exercising their rights does have is really lantus habit. i am the campaigning for israel's elections has led to more killing more israeli settlements and blockades against our people. we know these elections will not bring about a partnership for peace, and the world must force israel to allow our palestinian people to exercise their
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right to vote during these elections, including in the city of jerusalem. is there any state in, if you like in the 1st place, it's an apartheid ecolog nearest estate. so the violence is part of this colonial project anyway, all the time since the establishment of that was it was based on violence. and today, the violence is even more with the atrocities by these are army on the one hand and the circulars, who are protected by this army who are also by erecting the international law. and by letting the human rights for the palestinians, by all these attacks and atrocities against the palestinians in all of their life aspects, these are ily thanked to them. they provide us every day with the new evidence of these violations. but if the international community are going to stop that, i think it today it's, it's really very hard to say so or to even expect that because they are not going
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to take any action against israel unless they take action. and i think will happen on the one hand, most of the european who do know that the israel are violating the international law and viability, even the european laws and the human rights close. but at the same time, they say, or they think that their relationship as their interest with america is more important than the, the rights of the seniors which quite clear that it is a kind of, you know, hypocrisy and doubly stanton. all right. that it will just about wrap up is how it's used cars from moscow. of course it's archie international. i roll re sushi. it's so good to have your company here with us in the russian capital. all your stories, you can check up anytime you like 247, you know the website. also you don't calling with
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a, with the welcome to worlds apart. the political map of the world as it exists today is in large part of the result of the anti colonial struggle of the 20th century, which created many more states without necessarily obtaining them from economical, political dependence. national destiny, sovereign decision making farewells order, and freedom. not to be in store, but to you to somebody else's interest. those issues are as relevant today as they're worth 50 or 60 years ago. what will it take to have them mapped out once and for.


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