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with so common ground ah, [000:00:00;00] with center water use that argument. september 2022 and yoga doubt. the ukrainian military shells the city ceaselessly
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targeting those of our rogia nuclear power plant, residential buildings, skulls and kindergartens. ah, what does young buckle no. well tonight at double which emergency manger dark storm lewis swiftly. yep. across the bushel for me sort of thing. more affordable. so our book i wish was which was see if i was still up to assist me. i will show up in handler i will shoot. you wish roller awards at the present, but not minutes did more about her wishes deepening. you mom, did you know you was feeling mispronounced? dishes water do not show those that are getting the others over the really much water grass. because i don't want to discuss dishes, the boy collectible up your jail because we missed a place to just with, with will develop
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a school will to have a family with short yellow role least a few laws. all items dynamic words should be difficult for, with theories deal on a thumbs or with even layer those values before you know what the, what the people should have been with rational as is usually a check or doing it on auto sponsor upstairs with a used car wash and who she's awarded the coin you prefer you might just get on our side please with me to show you mine. yeah, that is sharing. mm
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. in evidence sites have been secured ukraine sabotage at tax persist. america looks like a super until it was with you, and that's what we'll go on on september ukrainian artillery shell, the admin. building it on the blo leisha though was to limit him by midday, up against him, a little bolcom in the crucial chest middle school. and also a lot rose his many other gorgeously very soon. okay. and so, so seems alexander of olga and their good dogs, civil military head as survived several assassination attempts. the seniors would give loan, you should have completed, you still don't know what to do, but a little well, double and the smoke falls apart from the stones. clearly because caution from leslie asked my doctor, put up a boat to steal more uncle of any meal. coma cold school, can you please seek law latanya, spc global? so top all of the load them going to produce food for thought he shouldn't use
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a blue color. but when i go walk up with children, she will somebody and this is timothy still, but that she liked the school and you're not getting really she. yes, i was going to proceed with the care, which is all i will say. i owe you money if with shooting me and basically really we're busy for a ship. construction of the plan began in 1979 in what was formerly the u. s. i saw the 1st 5 energy units were commissioned in the 1980s. with the launch of the 6th unit in 1996, zappa rosier emp. he became europe's largest nuclear power plant. since 2001, it has stored air called spent nuclear fuel in $380.00 concrete containers at
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a special isolated site of the power plants. many worry about what happens to nuclear waste, to what is used react to fuel in the nuclear fuel assembly is a major radiation source, his book until a radiation and heat levels decrease with these assemblies. a kept in a pool of water, but here are the plans in the stuff in the future, the waste could be reprocessed and recycled via the reactor and use fuel assemblies that are safely protected. the under a strong concrete dome up labradoodle, cisco yacht thumb bolster baton level, which can pump also new reesha, cosima some water current dealership on your washing, which was the boss portion of you know, a menu, a sheet or not. but the young, the system went to skip sleep. mm. what was left with usage of the earth.
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mm hm. okay. yeah. almost through stickler supposed to renew, rejecting the cruise ships. um went on all a good. how's my bill? mm ah yes. the annual dispute additional they'll be multiple walk butte oval, if mostly at steep, already got the article tootles where it was muslim. someone blow it up, raise the floor the sure i'm all to financial meter. godsa sheila, not system actually up still early. so policy gives you are able to know what you put the model and you spoke with the still couple should the work, but wiley or bust fancy wish. mm. mm. has gotten it. is it freel, nicky, with a more christmas book. what cook? i will, la la,
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la la la la c. 3. said the last name listed shasky is all bullshit. sierra pasco low. yes. well, i mean, typically school would be to holcombe to put it in that rama. thought women because of the will of serial school to pull new model is the new monster picking you, which maybe other sport them more controls. mm. this was convenient and least it was a guy who did old some brochures. school can put a pretty little up, let me look more the falls this general food. i also want skills for a job allows me is this will is to put her in the little also as a bottle skipper. you of me when you see the up old
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e but in your courted will junior college or no news a little so i swear to the we did just. ah, director and stupid old bureau. laportia no more close. mitchell, i will still splash my bills on the studio. thresh, hello, there, toyota. what? all? now? a bottle, scott: i'm a fancy practitioner door settler, low chest. if i didn't get out and where media voiding them. yeah. me. which did you got them wire at the law? screenful bubble near gym, vicky so to nick of will of worship or to peter will part to be jerry hawley put on the shorter on the floor that the hostile nozzle cause to well ok, so tony. gov or shaker the loss for 3 of them. the polish to columbia. it's a nice chill to pick one the precisely by the more procure but as cable cranes can
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make with any can you thought he story was years they deem melissa sticky wasn't good luck. a job, but a more that i think i did call the fifty's, got you? yes. the lou dvd work well, they knew they were worth of shoes. we didn't you video pics there will be really cheap. whatever. but he looked at the short go. what napoleon, you know, at the new you can look, your church was solution. village of edaly of truth li, shortly ticked of good african of certain egypt. or take a thought. i really board. yes. kim. so when you short gosh least sierra last year or since you brass or wiley balls too much all ship nor god obsolete allegory to services or controlled by the ukrainian army nickel and magnets other cities from which zappa rosier. m. p. p is being shelled. the ukrainian military fire, $155.00 millimeter nato standard, heavy caliber rounds,
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which travel up to 30 kilometers and on average rounds reached their targets in 90 seconds. a yes you would, you could or is nire thought we were sponsored closely big bison. mm hm. we would isaac additional tech o g to la could tori, and they should to send you my it's what they to me here, but this the williams feeding to jim salinas, or i'm the watkins colleen. you watch him look us up when he comes a bottle south of miss townsend. couple dukes, a release which we spoke when we saw bullshit. come on, did he's. he's and when you told me to believe italy, she forgot to look. this was fluid. i'm done with was a post up in wisconsin, little gold lease keywa organization already me. shes supervising operations. ross, item representatives are always at the station. all the m p p 6 energy blogs have
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been halted, but no one's ever switched off a nuclear reactor phony. so while shelling continues, the risk of a nuclear catastrophe remains those and was me, me tongues pool. and that'll go block to quit with fortunate t, a tory, we did a tional daughter boy, and good him. so it's him sitting mall watching and i'll just speak with him when you pull out in the gym as i'm dinner, i shut my approach nice at the lane. that'll be um, woke up nigger quim when kitty's she'd do it. or y'all come some i locate that little boy in late on the pity dish at the pier, laughed koya, doesn't it? with booty act on the idea, she said, how would love to stay on the sheet of nol? ah, 3 a bullet. i flushed again. yeah. just a sea chest without an unwashed. it's a what's going on at the headboard, and for us to put in that distance. if ms. turner this that a horse was off property, then you put it. it might add them. you should, you must say in the i'd hours read will vice nikita pit to kill rosa you had that
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may be the past. and yeah. bush, so potters read the war with this. fiji. i any particular shared missouri that was dancers why ye, any particular share, like to, to the board, so i ye ha, g slain, garage done, then it docks roughly possible flight terrorizing. the city of atomic scientists persisted even during the international atomic energy agencies visit down to a few months in advance or at the last moment to visit was nearly cancelled due to increased are still it is near the plant. the people with you some way me see this is the motion with the shooting, the see unless you deutsch us with a gun. me see, i'm a good things a on that almost done so myself it will cut some way ultimately stand sleep, but they get busy with us. so when you, when you push in blood mold that i knew, look,
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ah, oh, when i want something wrong, i just don't hold me. you have to fill out this thing because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will the part we choose to look for common ground a new deal law exposure to deal with the project
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with school. it was the money is done. love the school and with a woman sitting there with
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me with both both the models you need to deal with a with a a with this is from dish with this is what the rest, the personal number here that you know doesn't with my,
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my deposit with with this with you know, there was a training is my through machine to receive it on switches to 2 nights with you did them up with a good talk with us before she was lead me go to which course you're proceeding lawyer is behind you . when you, by give me a little daughter, completely go through the country. joy. a more difficult for the i just, you know, i've called her 21 nurse, i've noticed that her modern, you said you're sure you know what? you're going to deal dot off the mom blue
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a month washing machine is turned out. nash the or stay on top of what you read you can much range from. that's it. oh um. okay, but just a bit of fishing but. okay, so my allow my issue. my hsf id is i i was intimidated the august by the lucy. mister smithfield, middle south along. can you you bust his number to the twenty's a prospect on this dancing this material. little bit in the stone and tossed. put him in the so could you make sure the update those night elderly lady doesn't they'll probably keep it to the bill up because
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a lot will if my cousin that miss thumbing is senior old off it is. well, can you hear? you're not talking to us yet, the you, mr. kenya of both on the lawyer giving a lot of new zappa, rogia and b, p. 's power lines and hydrogen receive a facility, hit the m b p 's health center destroyed here on the bronze admin buildings and adjacent areas sharing of a holiday village near the m p. p, and field fire gate on admin buildings. roads damaged by shell fragments, but tags on the m p. p is sick bay. a drone attack the nuclear plant was intercepted a neutralized by an electronic warfare system. cafeteria, a special building in the plans and cooling systems, hit the ukrainians attack the plant damaged power lines and communication equipment in one blog. no respond in the gross him. the christmas dancer come christmas goes all she wouldn't use on your school christmas or for aborted?
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medium august all up by now. it would go to what margaret fell upon. yep. or i've just maybe see on the go to a couple dollars for me. i'm looking at the spiral is 00 ascii, 40 lou fine. yeah, of course on the someone unit on the ship letter is a pasco, of the new stance that after his visit the i a, a demanded an immediate stop to the shelling of sample. roger m p p, but it didn't point out that ukraine is doing the shelling on the i a, a board of governors even passed a resolution calling on russia to withdraw its forces from the plant. the key, distilled those. now our pretty could i, this is casey, did i say? not did it do it is about oscar. my stance, the snare to handle know at the, at the nonsense at the body at that most of that would be at the cut them this dance him, those guys. so what i need e. she's go figure out in the idea. she's not 80 duty. she'll honestly be at the
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estimates which because teams that show ups really lovely, but you will daughter after ladies keep welcome. would you to be away from the military's room and go at him with dunphy into a voice the cause? 13 huge skull blunt there for a visit. the king's i ship, and i can visit the la guardia chimney, my it for those who are here. what did we speech you with? the funny, if the for feeding the exclusive she was conditioning them. but with the food, you know, she was more me. that'll be at them. it should show on. i was the other way in the group. i worked with christy mobiles on my visa. i should be sure it stands for, you know, i teach him a we stay the chair while you wait. hold on. yeah. now with this kindergarten in nevada, with shell by the ukrainians. on september the 1st, the day i a e,
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a inspectors arrived, a shell exploded, but he's a junior groups, bedroom, windows, an employee agreed to speak to us fearing ukrainian reprisals. she asked not to show her face. a nash thought you started. i didn't speak with lots they've got to ask was the thing that's been sell them was the question. your son. yeah. is dog year as not as the border line. this is erica, but an appeal green yet you said chosen yet or more too much i'll it's a lot of what you're mr. walker a yes. yes, blah name and i. so my teachers year plan with musician border. your question does have a number that, that the most like most cooper on minute grants can as the home and you go i do with metals come talking. me it sort of crazy sh. maxine additional price come on
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a keith freeze line. yup. and remind me yesterday with a board ship a lot, what i thought the question, you're stuck aqua sneak a boiler, she what that about by someone to take or sneak into milestone as a sion is just what it does, give a little closer to the terminal. do much to muscle to get any questions from me while we were filming guns. noticed a suspicious man near our van and the kindergarten. his front gates. he was taking pictures with a mobile phone or a pool. a sure thing you know,
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ah, you go to a different bus mother, depression, telephone, you will perform a new modem with the full. so am i no, i don't cut it up above. know that the source of the crystal ability to pitch on but little with this, but the bulk on, on what that short my bit nor donald a really to look now. look up a will it our new york address because i don't have to put it in it about this. you're pretty hard to get out of your prison will not, she recovered? barely a store of brandishing your garage. must number la,
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hard in your school schedule. thank you for watching yet. messer's the national personal record. you wish to daf at the good i for you to release the mileage, but i'm in austin, bay shore harman. your boy was was, i was not a dozen. i've all in other bull of chip, dots from appraisal. greene, the chauffeur, propaganda living as well as your day is long, but you're thirsty or even you to put on mina or steer, coordinate knowledge, not your grand scales, get no, no bombs, carl's gonna stop or your car now for, for one good door. and as you say, do you actually try to list for bear with me and he was throwing up my brother's could thought a little. there was driver with the border of it, but we are those assisting others. but you need to ask you to coordinate with yahoo admission actually if you're both from where you are both gonna choose to, we don't need it yellow will. graham yellow will grab your victim, your ios to he thought she'd miller, you know, that's
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a good piece that your mouth may still have to go for a border with, but he hasn't been authorized. he has read the pitcher jewels, marianna, you're the person who needs the kristi. yahoo! or true christine. you're boston, her jewels written out of mine like i just don't. why would have uncle bob settler will dishes and has not been years almost, and i'm just going to spring meter store when you're losing it is too much, melinda, this is just a silly or did you know what have been going to him from sheer dumpster when he was much worse than usual. mm. ah, it's 9 but yeah. a thank you for that much then. yeah, my yesenia a business associate agreement or don't come to the motion.
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mm hm. you certainly are crushed with your model. what is the to put you on them? so you will be you just, i'm times him right. it's a zoomed out . the last dancer, a dealership, flush out, cool, wind, stormy. and from those rallies from nan to lower little it in b. c. with shane. you could give away in the police, just kills of that. you know what to expect to be in order for us? i am, i can maybe i could if i get a diesel, you know, a i, c, d o, christie bonnie beauty cumulate about like his court orders concert, place quoted. and i'm sorry, the problem is either which way at the office or anyway,
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my stomach leslie was cuz issues the which is the maybe it to me, she goes petroleum as a country. if this nuclear terrorism isn't stopped the world, my face, the catastrophe 6 times worse than channel a book coupled, which was through the se, but by this kind of close on the ymca bus stop asking was just wanting districts in the book of a couple of them for peacekeepers, stay on the launch city, a luminous, quiet lewisville normal shuttle to leave me with the same condition. you mean you knew of illusion? you know, because the fall out, lorraine down on ukraine and western european countries is suicide will. because
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those involved in this nuclear terrorism, other one will suffer me. oh ah
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. i'm willing it a no cranium a she ship a control, you put you on board. so she'll be at the mo, the by like you system really being yet did not sing the anthem listening with a chance actually, jim's out of the room dish, but i live a very strong modern day my subway, but just dory. yes or no. i live here a chemo. what of them? i need
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a one. they each or quick with global. i'm saying years about i few book on the job, these to broadview enough. when you quit, you take a picture, go double play. you have to go. so good. i'm not ah done. it's august 2022. for several months. the city's been under intense shelley from the ukrainian armed forces. ah, local hospitals resemble military infirmary most are admitted with wounds caused by you. queen shells from various mines and shrapnel. a book before 3 for our


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