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tv   News  RT  November 3, 2022 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, the former pakistan prime minister him run, survives, at that point on his life. reportedly shot in the meg during march to the nation's capital will have more than that in just a moment. at least 3 civilians are wounded after key force. they shall, the center of danielle city does, according to local authorities, also having the programs, the channels, the newspapers are trying to justify ukrainian ultra nationalists. nazi is a team of italian journalists, expose neo nazi terms of covering from former ukrainian military positions in
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boston. and japan's largest power supplier considered taking electricity rates for high schools for the 1st decade, coming out for the aftermath of the news just after 3 in the afternoon here in moscow. welcome to the global news, run up an rti. i'm a former pakistan prime minister, him run cut and has been shot in the leg during march. he was. busy heading to the country's capital islam about according to reports. now in these images, you can apparently see him being carried away after the attack. he and his followers had just started another leg of their long march to the capital of pakistan, islam about to demand fresh new elections that comes out to his party at one
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succeed recently in the national assembly. and just some details emerging from this, pockets on senate for 5 l. javan. also injured in the gun fire, the protest marches the most, followed at pockets on the sen on at switzer. and is another member of emma count, p t i. party and run comes manager, and rashid, seeing him run ishmael among 5 people who are believed to have been wounded. we do not know at the state of their injuries. at this moment, a local journalists can tell us more burning in the st. and our fuel memory warning, bend the long, my former prime long it i did send that off this city. there was a gun, ma'am on that is i, there are people who are covering or for me please her. and this 100 in, in right. on cons. left leg and then you mother will do the ambulance and for all
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members are not the organizer say that in a long time become back on that. he really does is a warden and he's not going to leave this place. our way of we are reading or of course we will bring you more all that say breaking you story as and when it comes in twists on the apparent shooting of former prime minister. him run can in the leg during and march in pakistan. and let's move on though to the latest developments from don bos. ukrainian artillery has struck the center of done yet city this 3rd that wounding at least 3 people, according to local officials. what else we know is that's at one of the shells landed near a civilian at shuttle bus. as you can see, it sustained heavy damage with civilians inside hit by shrapnel on shattered glass, as well are t corresponded among casa reports, not from the scene of the attack in the city ukranian nationalists continued
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shelling residential areas of the nest. this time, this struck the sensor of the city once again, there's not a single military position around here, but plenty of hospitals and shops. now, this bus was frog. this is where 3 people were wounded. he can see the blood, his still on the ground. now the victims are now in a nearby hospital where another shell had that landed as for the bus itself. well, not a single window is intact. now according to the criminalists who are working on the scene, ukrainian nationalists might have used to cluster the emission which is designed to inflict as much damage as possible. now they're saying that this could have been a 152 millimeter caliber weapon. this strike by ukrainian artillery took place just after it's an a m, right after this store opened its doors for customers. now the fragments of
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the shell flew absolutely everywhere. take a look at these holes in the walls. i miraculously no one was killed in this and sack. however, the owner of the store said that's the fragments of the shell hit his clothes. and this is his account of what had happened. bureau looked what's available. we were in the store, the 1st shell hit the building itself, and then there were 4 more explosions near by. the fragments flew towards us. you can see them everywhere. it pierced through everything while we were running a piece of shrapnel hit my jacket. it's a miracle i survived. now this is a where shall fragments struck the passenger bus. he then proceeded on another 2025 meters just rolled on, but the point of impact itself was in this apartment building. as you can see, the cars are also without windows, so that means
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a shell. fragments are absolutely everywhere. now this is one of the busiest streets in damascus right in the center of the city. there's quite a lot of for transportation routes. now there are quite a lot of shops, and as i said, there are hospitals here as well. schools and kindergarten, so absolutely, purely at residential area. now, thankfully, no one was killed in this particular instance. 3 people are now in the hospitals being treated for their wounds. however, over the last 24 hours, at least 3 civilians had been killed in the nest people's republic, and multiple were wounded by ukrainian artillery. shelly roman called for of archie dun escrow public. another update on the day in the her san region officials, they're say ukrainian forces attacked an administrative building in the city of gola a, pristine. no one was wounded despite so as you can see,
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the heavy damage inflicted to the building a team of italian journalists examining positions abandoned by ukrainian military forces and dunbar say they've uncovered pieces of new nazi paraphernalia. this is some of what they found in the de nancy and lucas republics. a swastika in the middle of an unofficial. you training battle flag and a banner of the notorious as off battalion with its new nazi wolf's hook, emblem, greek and austrian flight roll. so left scattered apparently in the former ukrainian positions to latrina battalions particularly i dar on us off are officially part of the ukrainian military. the u. n. has previously accused such groups of committing torture and rape during the past 8 years of the don boss conflict. italian journalists, victoria wrung galani, says western media outlets have been glossing over neo nazi forces because they are an inconvenient truth and then establishment narrative against russia. he made
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a g state channels and newspapers are trying to justify ukrainian alter nationalists and nazi's. for example, in mar, you pull. they called the members of the age of battalion, new partisans and anti fascists. turning a blind eye to all their nazi symbolism and essentially justifying their actions the world has tried to whitewash such movements as i dar and the ease off regiment . the public knows very little about the situation that has been going on in the dawn bass for the past 8 years. they don't even know the thousands of people have died there since 2014. the real aggression when ukrainian army sought to suppress its own population and the dog bass has been hidden all this time. i believe that there should not be western propaganda seeking to hide the truth with their rhetoric about anti fascism in europe. ukraine is something quite expendable in this western lead anti russian game. few people in the west care about the fate of hundreds of thousands of ukrainians sent to be torn into pieces. the war is against
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the don bass against russia. that is the ultimate goal. japan's largest power provider is considering hiking, regulated electricity rates for high souls, for the 1st time in a decade, a surging fuel prices on a weaker yen weigh heavily on its business. the company posted a loss of almost $1000000000.00 us dollars up to september. this year or japan's 10 major electricity providers have raised their rates as much as they are allowed to on the government regulation with all but one of them reporting net losses in the past 6 months. it follows western sanctions imposed on russian energy resources. some more figures that highlight the issue, japan's consumer inflation rate has risen to an 80 or high the cost of electricity recently rose by more than 20 percent at wild gas prices. as you can see, there skyrocketed by a similar margin and the cost for other basic necessities has increased significantly. well, this week,
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japanese government officials and oil executives explained that the country needed russian energy to meet the month and thus decided to retain a 30 percent stake in the major russian oil and gas project. cycling was unlike europe or the us, japan depends on overseas suppliers for almost all of its energy needs. so it's not possible to cut off ties with russia because of the sanctions. in reality, we cannot survive unless we continue to import from russia, even if the volumes are smaller. earlier we spoke to, to move coaching research fellow in the graduate school of asia pacific studies, i was say to university in tokyo and say japan is looking a tough time to head. let's was sure that japanese citizens comes 1st and it's you're on it's, it's allies that you know, the lifeline of people. and so the bands on, in energy import your oil and gas prices are as well as it is the prices in japan.
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i hear you subsidize, and i think the government also announced it on you and it is a subsidies to keep the cost for household not too high. but i think having said that, a significant increase in price is inevitable. think around 8 percent of boil and gas import of japan comes from russia. so if the continue, if the shade and continues, it's going to be a significant cost. and a new saleem project included him as an attempt or so for japan today was to play it's energy sources. and japan is heavily dependent on oil in board from the middle east and rachelle as an additional source. her option for japan, especially after that was shima. a cray says so,
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so the steak is quite high for japan. add to the main inertia her. however, if the straight and continues, i think the band might be are increasing the under pressure from it's going to sound allies. how to deal with russia. german chancellor left schultz is on his way to china. the 1st visit of a european leader to beijing since 2019, before the visit, he wrote an op ed in the media lang. i just want china remains an important business and trading partner for germany in europe. we don't want to decouple from it. this is a great deal of material for an inaugural visit to beijing. we will see cooperation where it lives in our mutual interest. but we will not ignore controversies either for that is part and parcel of a candid exchange between germany and china. less cross lagracia r t contributor rachel mars thing for her take on developments racial. a pretty big
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deal. i would suggest. but how is it going dawn, the german liter going to patient right now. the 1st time. any european liter for years? yeah. so it says over in china, proclaiming the importance of trade with beijing as the german army suffers from the sanctioning its own gases life, russia. but the same time just published that op ed warning against over reliance on china. so it looks like he's trying to keep business going with both china and was washington exactly the same time. good luck with that. because washington is on a full court press to convince its allies to isolate china. american officials are heading to the netherlands next week to talk about blocking the sale of micro chip making components to china. japan is also under pressure to fall in line with new u. s. export controls targeting china, and those chinese made microchips. here's a former u. s. official spinning this strong army as a wonderful opportunity the allies just couldn't possibly pass on i expect
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addressing the common concern about china, then that creates an opportunity for the japan in the u. s. government's to reduce barriers on trade between japan in the united states. this will actually result in even better cooperation between japan and the united states and fewer restrictions on joint development and production of advanced note items. so there's the care, but watch of the stick. it may be western allies asked b u k. how that promised host breads that us trade deal care is coming along is by didn't even have the new prime minister's name right yet. meanwhile, canada is a national security to dump chinese steaks and 3 lithium mines. count as foreign affairs minister, fluffy champagne. you said the country welcomes foreign direct investment, but not when it threatens quote critical minerals supply chains, which is exactly the kind of french story. reducing supply chain participation to allies only the washington conjured up and announced over the summer with the implication that countries are either on t,
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washington or there with russia. china. so, you know, pick aside citing national security gain, economic diplomacy basically last month trying to secure to stake in the court of hamburg in germany. now an american state department official is bragging to the western press that the share was reduced from 35 percent to 25 percent due to pressure from the american embassy in germany. the embassy was very clear that we strongly suggested that there'd be no controlling interest by china. and as you see, when they adjusted the deal, there isn't those sources over there in beijing meeting with the chinese. and meanwhile, we have this kind of wizard revised behind the curtain here. a subtle hints from that u. s. official as to who is running to show us allies in asia must be getting a bit nervous, particularly singapore. i was just signed a bunch of deals with china and member states including hobby ceasing,
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a po one to maintain good relations with both the u. s. and aging is for both of us and china to f overlapping circles. france, we are not interested in dividing, likes in asia, don't make us choose. we will refuse to choose well, despite being on the other side of the planet from washington, it looks like the countries in china's own backyard, like singapore, there could be the next one to get a knock on the door from team america. world police are to concrete, are rachel marston taken us through. thank you, rachel, not ukrainian. investigators have uncovered a helicopter inside a shipping container, reportedly waiting to be smuggled out of the country from the port of odessa. the discovery comes in a rising concerns about weapons porting of ukraine and into the hands of criminal
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and radical grades. just last week, finish billy said western supplied weapons that have been fined in multiple european countries. meanwhile, a senior us army official has claimed to the media that the american military personnel are now on the ground in ukraine. the reason given to keep track of the billions of dollars worth of weapons and other equipment that western powers of supply to get. well, the report comes, the u. s. government issued its 1st ever a detailed plan on country weapons smuggling from ukraine. it's mainly aimed at stopping supplies of javelin and stinger missiles ending up on the black market and in the hands of criminals. but washington has admitted it's difficult to conduct sufficient monitoring of that because of quote, the nature of combat. from a cia analyst, lori johnson, speaking to our tea suspects, alteri or motives could be at play with those u. s. weapons inspections in maybe in the next week or so we'll learn that there
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have been us casualties on the ground in ukraine. and that can be attributed they will say to they were doing weapons inspections. when you read some of the news reports on this, it just doesn't make sense. they said, for example, both these inspectors, they're not going to go to the front line. well, yeah, they'll go inspect time, ours and triple 7. and those are back from the front line, but that's where the russians are carrying out attacks. i think the fact that this news is coming out now is assigned sort of a desperation and panic on the part of the west. they are, the conventional approach was not working. they're trying to get more personnel and their help actually operate some of these weapons systems. the notion that these are guys with green shades walking around, just recording where the, where the javelins, the stingers, and the high mars are going is nonsense. this is, i think, really more of a cover story to explain as a,
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as it will emerge. i think in the coming days that there have been us casualties as a result of some of the russian missile strikes. the iranian foreign ministry has denied accusations. now it's preparing to attack saudi arabia. calling the reports biased and not based in reality. it all stems from a wall street journal articles based on us. so the intelligence which stated that iran may be planning and talk but gave no other specifics. other western outlets were quick to push. the claim of the us state department has not issued any alerts to americans in saudi arabia or indeed, anywhere else in the middle east. recently. it's not the 1st time the u. s. saudi coalition has accused the run back in 2019 a place the blame on the stomach republic for a major attack, an eastern saudi arabia, which have the oil rich kingdoms production. the movement in yemen, claim responsibility for that. the current accusations come amid
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a recent escalation intentions between the us on around with washington imposing yet more sanctions on their reading. and officials after 2 rounds cracked on, on demonstrations in september we heard from professor of political communication at the university of iran food as audi is a, is the idea of regime change in iran has been on the u. s. agenda for quite some time. the point came from the wall, the so you're not that is very much linked to the u. s. government. and these type of leaks. i have a purpose. yeah. i think the, the main reason the leaking that this type of news at this time is that it on, and the united states in a hybrid watt. and the us uses the these type of propaganda tools to effect or dis, the hybrid war and advance it's hybrid want goals. so you need to have some sorts
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of accusation against the law every day is so yes, so there was an issue of you, i'm attacking saudi arabia and tomorrow. i'm sure they will come up with some of the accusation against steve. and this is what they have been doing for many years . now, of course, with a serious failure in their policy because the idea of regime change in iran has been and they're us government agenda for many, many years. and they have not been able to achieve that goal. and unfortunately, the, he was fine policy establishment, repeat the past mistakes are made out any hesitation. and that that is why the u. s. foreign policy is in chaos. the state in the us damaging the standing in the world, whether it's in this part of the world doing some ashley, nar canyon has announced the it's deploying troops to the democratic republic of congo for
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a joint operation against the regional militia group. we are proud to flag off a national contingent whose readiness for mission ease at at its highest, ever. our national and regional community holds tremendous potential to unite hundreds of millions of people in quest for shad a prosperity. the d r. c has been struggling to fend off advances by insurgents in the countries east near the border with rolanda, reviving old animosities between the neighboring nations in central africa, where the 50000 civilians helping displaced by the fighting refugees of sorta find them at a local un camp with new arrivals receiving packages of food that they resort to building make shift tense from what's available or from the d. r. c has been losing
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territory and the conflict area with military from the so named m 23 group seizing 2 times over the weekend. congest accuses rwanda of blocking those fighters. i claim row one, the denies the congolese government has also expelled the rwandan ambassador and recalled it's tough envoy from the country. the un high commissioner for refugees. so spoken about the situation. seeing its being largely ignored by the global community is not only ukraine, where conflict has driven people from their homes, yet the other crises are failing to capture the same international attention. outreach resources, action. we are in the democratic republic of congo, where brutal attacks, including revolting accounts of sexual violence against women, has added more than 2 100000 people to the 5 and
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a half 1000000. already displaced in the country. while the un invoice figures very much packed up by local residents who say the world has turned a blind eye to their applied. so the little, some about the napoleon we were banned by the international community. we're showing all possible evidence to some neighboring countries are supporting this negative force. but there is no declaration. and they encourage us to move on to negotiations with that idea of what of the yearbook, how can we not be afraid will learn that government soldiers killed every day? to day my children also refused to go to school. they think that it could explode at any moment, some a motive in study because of the stroma when we decide now can form a better unit been, you know, my life has become very hard. i even have trouble eating because my family is stuck in richard room yet by this war, separates us from our families and is at the root of the current economic and financial crisis. both ny one,
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ramification of the ukrainian conflict has been not. it's depleted us weapons inventories on this not appearing to create opportunities for other global arms dealers. south korea for one is increasing its own arms exports to the european market with expectations of i pacing washington's deals. sol has become the worlds fastest growing, clear in weapon sales, with its arms exports expected to be equivalent to 10000000000 dollars this year. in terms of the european market alone suck korea has penned a deal worth $5800000000.00 with poland to provide hundreds of tanks and rocket launchers to the nato country. for former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter offers his thoughts now on why warsaw has turned to new suppliers. poland was asked to give up. some of its so he had era equipment, t $72.00 tanks and, and other of your combat capability
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a to ukraine on the expectation that the polar would receive modern tanks and as a replacement to pull and was hoping for the in one 0 abrams tank. and this was not forthcoming. so what poland is doing is taking matters in the loan hands going to south korea who produces a tank. that is the equivalent of the m one. we're, we're not in a position to replace the soviet era equipment that we've asked of many european nations to pride to ukraine. so i think you can start looking to south korea to get the, some of these weapons that they've been seeking. meanwhile, u. s. l is south sun to the alarm over europe, turning to asia for arm sound the financial hit that would entail states i. it comes as the side, korean president recently shared plans for his country to become one of the world's top 4 weapons suppliers. not such a rosy, i'd like for the current leader weapons experts though, following its massive giveaway to keith. the united states has supply ukraine with
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thousands of javelins, but the u. s. inventory is dwindling. the united states has probably given about one 3rd of its stock to ukraine. thus, the united states is approaching the point where it must reduce transfers to maintain sufficient stockpiles for its own war plans. us defense industry is now more focused on trying to make up for the significant amount of equipment in the united states is transferred to ukraine in replacing us stocks. we have been providing ukraine with ammunition that is being expended at war time rates, but we have any pre start production. and what this means is we've been dipping into our war time reserves to supply ukraine to the point where we no longer have enough ammunition to last more than a few weeks of sustain combat. love is where we leave the news, rob for no an r t, but stay close for more programs getting there starts in moments. rory will be here
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at the top with all the days. developments so busy you say do hope you can join in the oh i i when i would show the wrong, why don't just don't the rules yes to shape out the same because the african and engagement it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, during the 2nd well, when nazi occupied, poland valencia was a farming region. today,
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it's part of ukraine. between 19431945 members of the ukranian insurgent army led by step on bendara. nasa could thousands of polls and valeria in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the murders were particularly horrific and brutal villages were burned and property looted of aline. a massacre is without doubt, one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. why are ukrainian politicians still reluctant to talk about these events? how to modern day ukraine and poland view this tragedy of the past? and why does the memory of aline still divide people ah
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ah, she wrote in a village is 20 kilometers from mary you boat. it was once a resort by the sea of us all with a population of about $1500.00. for the past 7 years, it's been called a ghost village. the as of regimen took it obey in february 2015, 80 percent of the houses were destroyed and people had to leave the nationalist battalions and the ukrainian army mind the place for 7 years. in march this year, with the beginning of the special military operation, the dpr people's militia gain control of the village, russian sap as a working there now. for the 1st time in 7 years, she wrote in a residence have a chance of returning. or you heard of what i'm, which is why not my choice is sure to get us the model. you don't go to near donna no stood up with students so to build it up with each know of shift. mm hm. a piece on our with our


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