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tv   News  RT  November 3, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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oh, the medium on that? no, that'll be what am i in my chair to assess laura doesn't month i had faxed them, but i know it's up a minute or breaking news this hour on anti international. it's form of pakistan. prime minister im ron cons survives, and a parent assassination. attend a teacher shot during a protest march details to come at least 3 civilians that will do it after ukrainian forces shell, the center of the city that is according to local authorities. also ahead in this hours program, state channels and newspapers who are trying to justify ukrainian ultra national synopsis, theme of italian journalists, revealed neo nazi items uncovered from formal ukrainian military positions in bon bath. and japan's largest power supply considers hiking electricity rates for
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households for the 1st time in a decade. the global energy crisis fights, harmony with kicking off the dock with breaking news on our t international in the wake of an apparent assassination attempt. the former pakistan prime minister m ron kong has been shot in the leg during a protest march. he was leading this march to the country's capital islam about we can show you the alleged gunman who shot the former prime minister. and as the pictures continue to flow here, you can apparently see calling in a few moments being carried away after the attack. pretty difficult to work it out there. that he, along with his follow, it just started another leg of their long march to the capital to demand fresh new elections. now, a prominent pakistani senator was also caught in the gunfire at the march. a cons manager, along with a former governor, were also hit,
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bringing the total injury to 7, and we heard from witnesses at the march. i was standing just behind emron hahn when a gunman appeared on the left and opened straight fire on him. one bullet hit his leg, people protected him by covering him. i was standing beside my leader, him run hot on this truck at the front when a man attacked him. a bullet hit his leg, but fortunately he is safe. however, the attacker tried his best to kill him. we love hon and pray for him. amen, which has been enforced by this government is doing pressing the red line a literally in the center of the body off a long model. i our, this is sandra city. there was a gun man on that is high. there are people who are covering and for me
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for laser and just mind woodland in, in raymond, on cons, left leg room and then you mother, you moved to the ambulance and for all members was not the organizer said that im on town become back on that deal, he really done this award. mm hm. and he is not going to this place. are we are we are renting more or less, get some more on this or developing breaking news. hornets international at speak to i international, a lawyer and a geopolitical analyst. there is right there. hassan, a slum, shot a very good afternoon to you. so thanks for joining us during this breaking news coverage or not. you international fair to admit that pakistani politics has become increasingly volatile as of late. but are you surprised by this attack? thank you back we the show. look, i'm not surprised. this was bound to happen. iran has been strengthened at the at the trick that only been increasing over time. unfortunately, iran has not taken it to kennedy very seriously. that is the reason why it happened
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. this was expected, always broad. it's why it's called the one of the reports are coming in at least one, but what had been killed now to be awakened for 40 wrong because this is not supposed to be to be the people who want to and there are plenty of them will not stop before they deliver, they did so therefore should be for the future. be sure on diction, around if any good without the public. but mr. mr. sharp, you say this was bound to happen. you call this a wakeup call to him. wrong call. and if that's the case, will it force com to rethink or will interest him? bolden him and his supporters. well look, i mean the thing about him, ron, is whether you like it or you're just like it. he's a model based. he believes that when the time is up, he's going to go. now that's all when it's good. i mean,
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all people think that there is someone in that but at the same time, the doctor make sure that we take the protection required to take it down to community. you know, i just told that this time it brought the whole to the want to know i want to get, i'm going to prevail for the been that he think the biggest security on that brought that david don't know him to go on the security protocol and i guess choice, but to be a guy has come with a call and group of people think springs on the beat that bronze time is our red line. and if you cross that line and you're inviting the bucket on, so it's going to be a big deal,
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but not get to that point. but let me look, it was, it was back in april 2022, wasn't it? it was, it wasn't long ago that a no conference motion was placed against iran con and his government, he was removed as prime minister. he's been struggling to get back ever since now he's been leading these tens of thousands of people on this. what 5 day march to the capital calling for fresh elections. what do we know about the gunman so far? are you thinking a lone wolf missed a shot or could that be something bigger at play? i don't believe the person was shot had been wrong, would be there would be others behind him. unfortunate be the present government of focused on contracts. the people who don't have big, but it's not the crime in the person scenario will give us the political law for the longest time, but it will be streaming, right?
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this seems to have been the trick. it's about that you don't get broad and the day to pay, but i'm sharing with you what i what i pink off the mr. shot. the moment i heard about this is estimation attempt. i immediately thought have been as a boot, or maybe i'm showing my age. was it 2007 there, a striking parallel to the bed as a boot, or was that a former prime minister herself who was trying to return to power? and she ended up assassinated during a protest rally, didn't she? absolutely, the spot on the and the moment we heard the news, it brought back memories all in a do to put that mission in 2007. unfortunately boxed on is not a history to get a follow up. ad it is someone for the front street. was it
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80 to 90 percent of the people that are rounding guy did the trick to pocket it. god forbid something up, the street brought it 10 times more than what would happen if somebody like been able to profess all the report before i brought to make sure that security is beat up. and as i said, the, i know that i see social media wrong. people come forward even with iran popping to get security. betty buried us on a thumb shot international lawyer geopolitical analyst. joining us here on this breaking news on our team international. really appreciate your time. thank you very much. alright, the latest developers not from don bass, where ukrainian artillery had struck the center of the city this thursday, wounding at least 3 people that is according to local officials. i will show you some of the latest for the job we got from the scene where one of the shells landed near a bus. you can see it took some damage with passengers on board. also getting hit
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by all types of debris and shrapnel is a report out from the scene with our teeth. roman cousin ukranian nationalists continued shelling residential areas of the nest. this time this struck the center of the city. once again, there is not a single military position around here, but plenty of hospitals and shops. now, this bus was frog. this is where 3 people were wounded. he can see the blood is still on the ground. now the victims are now in a nearby hospital where another shell had at landed as for the bus itself. well, not a single window is intact. now this is a where shell fragments struck the passenger bus. he then preceded on another 2025 meters just rolled on, but the point of impact itself was in this apartment building. as you can see, the cars are also without windows, so that means
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a shell. fragments are absolutely everywhere. now this is one of the busiest streets in the neck is right in the center of the city. there's quite a lot of for transportation routes. now there are quite a lot of shops and as i said, there are a hospitals here as well. schools and kindergarten, so absolutely purely at residential area. now, according to the criminalists who are working on the scene, ukrainian nationalists might have used to cluster munitions, which is designed to inflict as much damage as possible. now they're saying that this could have been a 152 millimeter caliber weapon. this strike by ukrainian artillery took place just after it's an a m, right after this store opened its doors for customers. now the fragments of the shelf flew absolutely everywhere. take a look at these holes in the walls. i miraculously no one was
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killed in this and sack. however, the owner of the store said that fragments of the shell hit his clothes and said, this is his account of what had happened. buick looked what's available. we were in the store, the 1st shell hit the building itself, and then there were 4 more explosions near by. the fragments flew towards us. you can see them everywhere. it pierced through everything while we were running a piece of shrapnel hit my jacket. it's a miracle i survived. thankfully, no one was killed in this particular instance, free people are now in the hospitals being treated for their wounds. however, over the last 24 hours, at least 3 civilians have been killed in the nest people's republic and multiple were wounded by ukrainian artillery shelling room on call for. have archie dun ask republic all made while in the a hearse on reach and officials are saying that a ukrainian force is attracted administrative building of the city of oak
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a lie of kristen and no one was wounded despite the damage inflicted on the building. while i meanwhile, a team of italian journalists examining positions abandoned by ukrainian military forces and bon bass, say they've uncovered pieces of neo nazi paraphernalia. will show you some of what was found and the donates can look out for public spun a swastika in the middle of an unofficial ukrainian battle flag in a banner of the notorious as of battalion with its neo nazis, wolf's folk emblem with a greek and austria and flags are left scattered to this among that of the former ukrainian positions now extremist battalions particularly, i doubt. and as all, far officially, a part of the ukrainian military, the un has previously accused such groups of committing torture and rape during the past 8 years of the don bass conflict. italian journalist vittorio to angelo, and he says at western media outlets have been glossing over neo nazi forces because, well, there are an inconvenient truth in the establishment narrative against russia.
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he may have g state channels and newspapers are trying to justify ukrainian ultra nationalists and nazis. for example, in more you pull, they called the members of the off battalion new partisans, an anti fascists. turning a blind eye to all their nazi symbolism and essentially justifying their actions the world has tried to whitewash such movements as i dar and the ease off regiment . the public knows very little about the situation that has been going on in the dawn bass for the past 8 years. they don't even know that thousands of people have died there since 2014. the real aggression when ukrainian army sought to suppress its own population in the dawn bass has been hidden all this time. i believe that there should not be western propaganda seeking to hide the truth with their rhetoric about anti fascism in europe. ukraine is something quite expandable in this western lead into rushing game. few people in the west care about the fate of
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hundreds of thousands of ukrainians, had to be torn into pieces. the war is against the dawn, best against russia. that is the ultimate goal. was great to have with us for this program. japan's largest power provider was considering jacking up regulate electricity rates for households for the 1st time in a decade. of course, it's not surging fuel prices in a week yet and weigh heavily on its business. of a company posted a loss of almost $1000000000.00 us dollars up to 10. by this year. all of japan's or 10 major electricity providers of raise their rates as much as they're allowed to on the government regulation with all but one of them reporting net losses in the past 6 months. of course it does follow western sanctions imposed on russian energy resources. now the more figures that hide the issue, for example, the japan consumer inflation rate 8 year highs. the cost of electricity recently up by 20 percent or more gas prices also up through the roof. and the costs for the
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basic necessities is also increased significantly as well. well, this week, japanese government officials and oil executives explained that the country needed russian energy to meet demands and thus decided to retain a 30 percent stake in the major russian oil and gas project cycle in one. unlike europe or the us, japan depends on overseas suppliers for almost all of its energy needs. so it's not possible to cut off ties with russia because of the sanctions. in reality, we cannot survive unless we continue to import from russia, even if the volumes are smaller. audio we talk to expert, promote a could she who says japan is looking at tough times ahead. let's assume that japanese citizens comes 1st and then it's it oh, go on in its allies that you know, the lifeline of people. and so the bands on, in energy import your oil and gas prices are as well as it is the prices in japan.
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i hear you subsidized, and i think the government also announced it on you and increase the subsidies to keep the cost for household not too high. but i think having said that, a significant increase in price is inevitable. think around 8 percent our boil and gas import of japan comes from russia. so if the continue, if the st and continues, it's going to be a significant cost. and a new saleem project included him as an empty or so for japan today we'll have supply. it's energy sources and japan is heavily dependent on oil in board from the middle east and rachelle as an additional source. her option for japan, especially after that was shima. a cray says i saw at the stake is quite high
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for japan. add to the main inertia her. however, if the straight and continues, i think the band might be are increasing the under pressure from it's when it's done allies her how to deal with russia. german chancellor, olaf shoulds is on his way to china in a bit too. or should we say smooth over increasingly fraught relations between the west and beijing? china remains an important business and trading partner for germany in europe. we don't want to decouple from it. this is a great deal of material for an inaugural visit to beijing. we will see cooperation where it lies in our mutual interest. but we will not ignore controversies either for that is part and parcel of a candid exchange between germany and china. but believe it on all shots will be the 1st european politician to visit beijing since 2019 while, as always,
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with her take on the story. his rachel moss says over in china for claiming the importance of trade with beijing as a german economy suffers from the sanctioning its own gas supply from russia. but the same time just published that off ed warning against over reliance on china. so it looks like he's trying to keep business going with both china and with washington. exactly the same time. good luck with that. because washington is on a full court press to convince its allies to isolate china. american officials are heading to the netherlands next week to talk about blocking the sale of micro chip making components to china. japan is also under pressure to fall in line with new u. s. export controls targeting china, and those chinese made microchips. here's a former us official spinning this strong army as a wonderful opportunity the allies just couldn't possibly pass up. i expect addressing the common concern about china, then that creates an opportunity for the japan in the u. s. government's to reduce barriers on trade between japan in the united states. this will actually result in
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even better cooperation between japan in the united states and fewer restrictions on joint development and production of advanced node items. so there's the carry, but watch of the stick. it may be western ally should asked b u k. how that promised host breads. us trade deal, kara is coming along is by even half the new prime minister's name right yet. meanwhile, canada is a national security to dump chinese states and 3 lithium mines. candice foreign affairs minister, housewife sheep shall pena said the country and welcomes foreign direct investment, but not when it threatens quote critical minerals supply chains, which is exactly the kind of friends shoring. reducing supply chain participation to allies only that washington conjured up and announced over the summer with the implication that countries are either on t, washington or there with russia and china. so, you know, pick aside saying national security to gain economic supremacy. basically. last
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month, china secured a stake in the court of hamburg in germany. now, an american state department official is bragging to the western grass that the share was reduced from 35 percent to 25 percent due to pressure from the american embassy in germany. the embassy was very clear that we strongly suggested that there'd be no controlling interest by china. and as you see, when they adjusted the deal, there isn't so, so it's is over there in beijing meeting with the chinese. and meanwhile, we have this kind of wizard revised behind the curtain here. a subtle hints from that u. s. official as to who is running to show you as allies in asia must be getting a bit nervous, particularly singapore. i was just signed a bunch of deals with china and member states including i'll be ceasing of hall, want to maintain good relations with both the u. s. and basing is for both the us and china to f overlapping circles of france. we are not interested in dividing, likes in asia,
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don't make us choose. we will refuse to choose well display being on the other side of the planet from washington. it looks like the countries in china is on backyard. like singapore. there could be the next ones to get a knock on the door from team america, world police ukrainian investigators of uncovered a pretty dusty old helicopter inside. a shipping container reportedly went in to me, smuggled out of the country from the port of odessa. and the discovery comes amid rising concerns about weapons pouring out of ukraine. and if the hands of criminal and radical groups just last week, a finish police said western supplied weapons have been found in multiple european countries already. meanwhile, the senior us army official is claimed to the media that american military personnel are now on the ground in ukraine. the reason given to keep track of the billions of dollars worth a weapons and other equipment that western powers have been supplying to key f. now
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there are poured come, says the u. s. government issued is 1st have a detailed plan on countering weapons smuggling from ukraine. it's mainly aimed at stopping supplies of javelin unsticking. miss ald, ending up on the black market and in the hands of criminals. washington has admitted it's difficult to conduct sufficient monitoring of that because of quote, the nature of combat. and we spoke with a former c i, a analysts, larry johnson, who suspects alteri motives could be at play with those. well, us weapons inspections in maybe in the next week or so we'll learn that there have been us casualties on the ground in ukraine. and that can be attributed they will say to they were doing weapons inspections. when you read some of the news reports on this, it just doesn't make sense. they said, for example, both these inspectors, they're not going to go to the front line. well, yeah, they'll go inspect time, ours and triple 7. and those are back from the front line,
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but that's where the russians are carrying out attacks. i think the fact that this news is coming out now is assigned sort of desperation and panic on the part of the west. they, the conventional approach was not working. they're trying to get more personnel and their help actually operate some of these weapons systems. the notion that these are guys with green shades walking around, just recording where the, where the javelins, the stingers, and the high mars are going is nonsense. this is, i think, really more of a cover story to explain as a, as it will emerge. i think in the coming days that there have been us casualties as a result of some of the russian missile strikes. the iranian foreign ministry has denied accusations that is preparing to attack saudi arabia, calling the reports biased and not based in reality, stems from wall street journal article based on the us and saudi intelligence. so which stated that iran may be planning an attack, but they gave no of the specifics of the western office were quick to push the
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claim as well. but the u. s. department hasn't issued any luck to anyone, and the americans in saudi arabia or any americans anywhere else in the middle east recently. but it's not the 1st time that the u. s. saudi coalition has accused iran 2019. they placed the blame on the islamic republic for a major attack and eastern saudi arabia, which cut off, i should say, cut the kingdoms all production, at least and half of the hoot, the movement in yemen. claim responsibility for that. the current accusations come into escalation and pensions between the u. s. and iran, as washington has imposed more sanctions on iranian officials. off the toronto project down on demonstrations in september. we heard from a professor of political communication at the university of toronto, forwarded zante, who says the idea of regime change in iran has been on the u. s. agenda for quite some time. report came from the wall. that is very much linked to the u. s. government and these type of leaks have
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a purpose. i think the main reason the leaching that this type of news at this time is that it on and the united states in the hybrid war. and the us uses the, these type of propaganda tools to affect this hybrid war advantage, cyber goals. so you need to have some sorts of accusation against see that every day. and so yesterday was the issue of tackling so tomorrow i'm sure they will come up with some of the accusation against the and this is what they have been doing for many years. of course, with the city of failure in the policy. because the idea of the machine change in iran has been on the us government agenda for many, many years. and they have not been able to achieve that goal. and unfortunately,
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the u. s. foreign policy establishment repeats the past mistakes without any hesitation. and that is why the u. s. foreign policy is in chaos estate and damaging the standing in the world, whether it's in this part of that will do international good to have your company today. so kenya has announced this deploying troops to the democratic republic of congo for a joint operation against a regional militia group. we are proud to flag of a national contingent whose readiness formation is up at its highest, ever. our national and regional community holds tremendous potential to unite hundreds of millions of people in quest for shad prosperity. the
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d r. c has been struggling to find off advances by insurgents in the country east near the border with wonder reviving old animals today's between the neighboring nations and central africa. and more than 50000 civilians have been displaced by the fighting. refugees have sorta sigh limited local un cam with new arrivals, receiving packages of food and their results are building, make sure 10 of the b r. c has been losing territory in the conflict area with medicines from the so named m 23 group seating 2 towns over the weekend. a can shop the accuses, were wonder, backing those fighters, the claim or one to denies. the congolese government has also expelled the rwandan ambassador and recall the top and void from that country. and the un high commissioner for refugees has spoken out about the situation. thing is largely being ignored by the global community is not only you crane, where conflict has driven people from their homes, yet the other crises are failing to capture the same international attention.
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outreach resources, action. we are in the democratic republic of the congo where brutal attacks, including revolting accounts of sexual violence against women. i has added more than 2 100000 people to the 5 and a half 1000000, already displaced in the country. the u ends. envoys are the affairs, i should say, of that envoy. we just heard from that apparently very much supported by that have local residence. they say the world has been turning a blind eye to that plight. have alice so the model from about an apollo we were banned by the international community. we're showing all possible evidence to some neighboring countries are supporting this negative force. but there was no declaration. and they encourage us to move on to negotiations. with that idea of what of asia borg, how can we not be afraid? we learned that government soldiers killed every day to day. my children also
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refused to go to school. they think that it could explode at any moment. some a motive in study because of this trauma decides. now, coma that, i mean, you know, been, you know, my life has become very hard. i even have trouble eating because my family is stuck in richard rule by this war separates us from our families in his, at the root of the current economic and financial crisis medical center. i think for joining us, her naughty international. we did kick off his eye with breaking news and a parent assassination attempt against the former pakistani prime minister m ron kong. more details on that fluid story when we return the help of ah l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence. and the point obviously is to create trust rather than fear a take on various job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot most protective phone existence with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race move is on often very dramatic development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. very.


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