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tv   News  RT  November 15, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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and then you paid us a couple of hours to a when are you with with poland says i cannot confirm who is behind an alleged missile attack on its territory. this moscow denies any involvement, noting that the fragments are not related to russian weaponry use when you crank. meanwhile, the u. s. says, is unlikely. the missile was russian due to a trajectory. while some native states have already called to implementing alliances article by triggering a collective military response has caught $27.00 continues africa, accusers, western countries of exporting trillions to pay for global pollution,
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which the continent is at least responsible for africa has an opportunity to be on leave on view to their own economy without following they stoical for do with us by police. plus, while the west continues, it's to push on the ukraine agenda. most of the world wants a feasible solution. that's the message from russia's foreign minister at the ongoing g. 20 summit with from lost out of the world. this is our international. i'm rachel blevins here with the top stories of the our welcome to the program. poland says it doesn't have any evidence to confirm you might have launched an alleged missile attack on its territory. that says, the russian defense ministry says the fragments which ob, reportedly been found at the site do not resemble any armament currently used by the russian military statements by polish media and officials about legit russian
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missile strike our deliberate provocation aimed at escalating the situation. the russian military has not conducted any strike on a target near the ukrainian polish border. the fragments shown by the polish media do not pertain to russian weaponry in any way. these are unverified images, reportedly from the thing you can see damage vehicles in a rural area. missile fragments reportedly found that the site are also visible. the polish foreign ministry said the missile was, quote, russian made not stating who exactly launched it. that's a, some reports say the alleged fragments are from a soviet as 300 air defense missile type, currently used by the ukranian armed forces. the polish military is on high alert with the countries leadership in contact with fellow nato members about the incident, poland nato allies in the baltic have accused russia of directly attacking the block and calls for an immediate reaction. ukraine's president zalinski has said,
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russia should quote, be put in its place. now under nino's article 5, an attack against any member say is considered an attacker knows all of the member states and therefore may lead to a collective military response. it's one of the alliances core principles. article 5 has only been invoked once following the terrorist attacks against the u. s. on september 11th, 2001. what is considered an attack is decided by the member states as poland as part of the alliance, a military attack on that country could trigger direct involvement from other nato forces. however, nato's top military power, the u. s. has tone down its partners, will in to invoke article 5. joe biden says the missiles were unlikely to be fired by russia, with the pentagon admitting that washington can not confirm whether they were used by the russian military. well, i think we want to deal with facts, and so again,
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we've seen the press reports. and as i mentioned before, i walked in here no information to corroborate these reports at this time. but again, we're taking them seriously and we're looking into them. and so i think it's incumbent on, on all of us to get the facts before we start speculating or jumping to conclusions . and then we'll go from there. now it appears so far the united states has given us somewhat measured response, while some members of nato seem to be calling for an immediate escalation. we are hearing washington say that they need time to investigate and determine the truth. here's what we heard from the state department, just after what we heard earlier from the pentagon. i don't want to speculate about hypotheticals, and we're working with the bullish government and our allies and partners to gather more information and assess exactly what will happen. what are going to do that we will determine what will happen in permanent for written next steps. now, joe biden is currently in bali for the g 20 summit. however,
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we understand that he has been briefed on the events on what has taken place. and now, as we've heard from the nato chief himself, the question remains, if this is a situation which article 5 would be involved in that would mean an immediate military response, or rather, that this is a situation in which article 4 would be involved in which it would be important for countries to consult with each other. we understand that the nato countries are at this point in touch with each other, trying to determine what happened and it appears the pretty solid position of washington. at this point is that more investigation is needed to determine exactly what happened while there are voices that are speaking loudly and calling for escalation the position of washington at this time from what we're hearing in their statements is that they need more information before making a solid decision, the incident branded by polish media and officials, as a missile strike,
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with 70 kilometers from the nearest reported target struck by russia. moscow husband conducting strict on multiple targets around ukraine. throughout tuesday. poland military is reported to be on alert, as well as nato's joint forces in east europe. the alliance has scheduled an urgent summit to be held later today. it is also that the international experts, including from the u. s. are going to investigate the incident. these off the record, so called government spokesman, could get us engaged in a war and res hysteria. it already has got the, the corporate media all fired up, claiming that it's all the components were russia, russia, we don't know that we have no idea what, what they are and what they're to. it could be some piece of equipment from something that the ukrainians got from the west. who knows, we got to be very careful because the next step in this is. ready something that
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could, ah, in it involves a world war and that's what we're trying to avoid at all costs. this thing could easily mushroom, this is a, a, where we're at a very rece important crossroads. and we've got a tread very, very carefully on this. and this should go before the you, when the you went, should appoint the examiners of the equipment, ensure that the debris rather to ensure a some objectivity so that both sides can accept certain conclusions. and that's what right now you don't have either side trust in the other and their so called experts say, so we really don't know. the only thing we do know is that some debris that fell into a foreign field that was not an intent to aim at. military targets, where's the military target? so this, this is hysteria on steroids. all those comes as ukrainian cities remain
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without electricity after russia, as you reportedly conducted around $85.00 strikes on ukrainian infrastructure. that's according to authorities in key f. r t correspondent moran gauze. viet has a more details on the blackouts affecting the country. ukrainian government has described the situation with electricity as desperate even bordering on catastrophic into regions. and ukraine have been plunged into blackouts, outages of being observed, observed over the country. lowball network operators limiting services in the bid to keep others rubbing, such as basic phone calls. in t f half the cities said to be with our power in oil. this is, this is as a result of matthew, a volley of cruise missiles and other strokes. of course, ukraine launched by the russian military. the euclidian side had said,
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the claim that $85.00 various strikes, most of them cruise missiles launched at various critical infrastructures such. but you claim claims that 70 of those missiles what was shot down. these should be of course taken with a grain of salt. all of this information goes through military censorship, across the border in the russian region of fog, or at the city of shit. back enough, has it been shalt by ukraine? that's according to the local governor who says at least 2 people have been killed and 3 others wound at moscow has not yet commented on any of these latest developments. russia has previously said that it targets ukrainian military and energy sites in order to degrade the countries armed forces. ah, as comp $27.00 continues, there seems to be more bad news for africa. the consonant needs to pay trillions of dollars to fulfill is nationally determined contributions under the paris agreement
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. according to the world economic forum, african countries will need to point 8 trillion dollars to meet their obligations under the paris agreement, minimizing emissions. the african continent produces less than 4 percent of global emissions, which pales in comparison with the 19 percent produced by the u. s. and 13 percent by the european union. the demands sparked protest among ecological activists with cop $27.00 gas saying that other solutions must be found for africa. not can we be paid for the damages, so flap caused by extraction before we even sleep down to see that we need to have like structure was benefiting entities for makes no tough. so if africans to develop, let africa, they don't look for solutions that are african and decide they said the solutions we are going to take africa ms to go there. we africa has an opportunity to be a leader on build their own economies without following the store capaluto spots
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was because if we said competing with historical polluters, their systems are very well developed. we might not be to them, but we can bid them by going green weekly, bid them by being to the yearbook, where me, us artes corolla, explains how the west helping hand is actually damaging south africa economy and putting the countries energy independence at risk. an 8500000000 dollar pledge made at last year's cop 26 climate change conference in glasgow is finally coming to life rich nations of the west, who through their own industrial development, created the climate crisis. and now giving out globally to south africa to get it off of coal. it's called the just energy transition plan is a deal between south africa and 5 other governments. the united states, the united kingdom, the european union, germany and france. but what's in it for south africa?
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we are using the transition to put yourself in debt in circumstances where we're not even using the transition to creating the best help over the yearbook. we just wanted to spend one on a weston money. the, the, the, the, the equipment is gonna come from china and we just want to be the subject of the debt and the image. so i'm sick, i'm, you know, i'm still skeptical about the strategy can. so the benefit, the long term benefit percent of 97 percent of the $8500000000.00 will be loaned while 3 percent will be grant protest in germany have already kicked off the process by depositing 3 $100000000.00 euros each to the south african treasury this will be a 20 year loan, 5 years included of grace period, and they will be at an interest of 3.6 percent for france and 3 percent for germany . but south africa says more grants and less loans would work better. while south
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africa welcomes low interest or concession loans, a substantial portion of this funding needs to be in the form of grants. the move towards lower carbon emissions is imperative as the toll will begin to weigh heavily on south africa's economy. the list of interest rates rising is the one the issue of south africa had been taken. the loans in foreign see is only going to exacerbate the problem. because the currency, the south african rent will continue to be, can i east all and all major currencies. but europe is essentially a fossil fuel addict and can not currently survive without them when russia reduce this natural gas supply to europe, leaders of italy, france, and specially germany came rushing to africa seeking the same fossil fuels they used to buy from russia. europe wants to turn african to its gas station. we don't
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have to follow the footsteps of the rich world that actually caused climate change in the 1st place. and the also so seen those schools, i mean, cold from south africa and i'm guess from the rest of the continent, that's the focus that i think we need to be looking at and see what does it mean depths of this loans and this touch, the bulk of this a point 5000000000 dollars 90 percent of it will be used to the commission. south africa's coal fired power plant, while $700000000.00 is here month for the green hydrogen projects. $200000000.00 will be used to what's the electric vehicle industry over the next 5 years? it's taking into account that they chosen technology itself is inefficient and there's no body of evidence in europe in north america. that is actually doesn't work. now what is gusting for me is that they're going to insist that we use wind
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turbines from germany, and we use solar panels from other parts of europe, including france. when russia actually has developed a solar panel with 42 percent efficiency, whereas the solar panels that they are going to be provided just to get results from this deal only of what an energy efficiency of 19 percent. bending 2 weeks ago, the world bank approved a 497000000 dollar concessional loan facility with south africa state utility ask them to repose the commodity. coal fired power plant using renewables and batteries can barely keep its life line. and it's $23000000000.00 dead remains a liability to south africa. so it's up to actually close down it base loot source when you are currently sought. i mean we've been in rotating for, for, for,
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for 4 months now. but we closing down, you know, based on that does not, you know, it's not even an expense. we know the results. we are, we are making our grade even much more under western nations, apparently taking a huge gamble on the south africa being a successful model for how developing countries can transition from high to low cupboard. while south africa is itself taking a huge gamble on the west, then green agenda, and some commentators say it is being done at the peril of risking energy independence and sovereigns. good, i will, as i can pull out of tea. and john is book overshadowed by growing tensions. the g 20 summit opened in indonesia on tuesday. the world is watching to see whether leaders can agree on a closing joint statement as divisions deep it over the conflict in ukraine. ah.
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most of the world has not cited with the west on the ukraine conflict. that's the message from the russian foreign minister leading moscow's delegation at the g. 20 summit in bali r t 's maria from ocean are, is there with more details? well, many expected this year is d. 20 to be tough for russia. ahead of the global gather in here in indonesia is bali longdon for example. sad that the venue could be used to confront moscow and call out booting. also, we expected to see some extra moves towards even deeper isolation, both political and economic of moscow. that was the german tensile as appeal again before they summoned officially started on the u. s. also had plans to turn this event into an anti russian platform. it's picking up the press conference that he gave at the end of the 1st day of the 20 here a foreign minister law of rob said that's far from everybody's ready to support
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this rhetoric. we are pushing for a story and the answer is very simple. no one except the west in its close of satellites joined the anti rushes sanctions. it is impossible not to touch on this topic because the west makes a priority to fro the ukrainian situation into any discussion the for 3rd well countries a calling for a peaceful settlement for agreements they know perfectly well with this process as hindered by ukraine, which is legally bomb negotiations with russia, and i have to say, we're heard a lot here proving that the indonesian president, who is the cost of the j 20 summit, has asked the western leaders to tone down their rhetoric against russia. well, china said that russia too important to be excluded from global formats. in for years we support russia and it's where the role in the g 20 summit russia has strong influence in various spheres of cooperation of the world community. no one dares to deprive russia of its true right to participate in international
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multilateral negotiations. it seems that the razor division within the west itself, we more and more often hear words such as peace and negotiations from different west and politicians and officials. the view now seems to run out of sanctions imposed on russia. i had a chance to ask for mister la rog, whether we actually can take this as an official shaved on it. so what could we expect? let's take a listen. jervey do shop. i told you, you know, the know what's going on in someone else's mind. short periods of mutual understanding with the european union evaporate quickly. just today i had a brief conversation with president micron, reaffirmed his intention to maintain contact with lot of my opponents or to find some kind of agreement and resolve the whole situation. as he put his voice, i told him once again, all the problems are on the ukrainian side, which categorically refuses any negotiations and put forward obviously unrealistic conditions such are inadequate in this situation record to the man intrigue of this
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years to 20 was and still remains whether hates members will be at all able to come to a consensus over the final declaration as the group which brings together 19 of the world's major economists. philosophy you is torn apart by internal divisions over how to approach russia, ukraine conflict. the document is to be signed on wednesday instead of a law, bro, voracious or minister is sad, but some western countries wanted this document to be politicized. and they wanted to include condemnation of russia's special military operation in ukraine on behalf of the entire group. that would mean russia included in that as absurd, of course was india, china. saudi arabian brazil refused to move and they refused to accept this condemnation. so now we have to wait for the end of the summit here to see what the final edition of the declaration will look like.
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former us president donald trump has announced he will be running in the 2024 presidential race. this amid speculation that he could face fierce competition from florida's governor rhonda santa to become a republican party's next nominee. 2 years under joe biden had been a time of pain hardship, anxiety, and despair. as we speak, inflation is the highest in over 50 years. gas prices have reached the highest levels in history and expect them to go much higher in order to make america great . a glorious again, i am tonight announcing my candidacy for president ha resident trump akin to run and win without the support of the establishment. republican party, in fact, them not getting behind it will actually encourage and engage not only the conservative base, but also the independent voters who initially voted for him,
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pushed him over the victory line in 2016. however, one of the appeals to trump was that he was an outsider, that people thought that he was going to be able to work the miracles. i'm to find out, he did it, and that's one of the reasons why he lost in 2020. so now not only does he have a win, but he has a loss on his record, which can be very damaging for any candidate, but especially a presidential candidate going into a 3rd run. it will just depend on how well he gets out there. how will i convey that message? how well he tries to make people remember the hope that he inspired in 2016 as opposed to despair that he gave. he gave us in 2020 a senior iranian human rights official has slammed coverage or protest in the country by u. k. based media, calling it an unlawful anti iranian campaign, and comparing the persian language outlet to terror groups. the official also claimed the british government is responsible for the negative coverage. this comes
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as the western media claims that 15000 protesters have been sentenced to death and are wrong during the past 2 months of demonstrations to rod says that these reports are baseless. no more than 220 members of the iranian parliament have asked the countries courts to punish those re possible for the protests. however, the lawmakers have denied making any calls for mass executions. che ron has also slammed. would have caused unsubstantiated claims on social media where some activists are condemning alleged crimes against humanity while calling for iranian officials to be held accountable. and american democratic congresswoman has also weighed in with her criticism of tehran and despite some previously violent crackdowns on protesters in several western countries. some european officials now claim that a ron's handling of its rioters is somehow out of line. something unprecedented is happening. the grand children of the revolution are carrying out
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a revolution and are devouring it. the e. u strongly condemned the unacceptable violent crackdown of protesters. we stand with the iranian people in support, their right to protest peacefully and voice their demands and views freely. the iranian people could not be clearer, it's time for the regime to stop blaming external actors and start listening to the voices of their people. university of terror on professor. so i had mohammed mirandi says that the western media would have treated such protest very differently if they were happening in their own countries. so this is, this is how it works in the west. they can say anything they want about iran and get away with it. imagine what would happen in western countries if this was happening there. and if the western media, english language media was encouraging violence in the murder police officers in england off come would immediately shut down the tv station, the tv channel,
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and being with these people on trial, we know how huge a protests are taking place across europe, right? now, because of the energy and economic crisis where they're not reported in western media as the world cup football tournament prepared to kick off on sunday and guitar, the us national team has redesigned his logo to incorporate a flag symbolizing gay pride. homosexuality is a legal and guitar and the country has drawn scores from european lawmakers and human rights organizations for a ledge miss treatment of his l. g. b t. community. that's lead guitars, labor minister, to claim that western media is conducting a smear campaign on this country. saying that politicizing sport is unacceptable. debra, we do not want to close the door to constructive criticism, not at all. however, there should not be any politicizing and misinformation. the whole western political and media establishment have launched
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a campaign against casa in the run up to the world cup, despite the fact that culture is actually a key western ally. and i as a muslim and the editor of most of the website, i kind of find it really insulting. i think when you go to someone's country, you respect the laws. you respect the culture, even if you don't like any respect to you by the law. but what's the western media is encouraging for this particular one. the cuts cuts it is break, cuts very low. so cutter is a place where homosexuality is bam, it's legal. and what we've seen over the last year or so, his, you know, politics needs to be kept out of school, basically because it's in russian athletes band. we've seen all this, you know, pro ukraine propaganda with the world's most famous sportsman, being used as a kind of propaganda device. we've seen, you know, palestinians or arabs find and, and, and band. so kind of waiting, palestinian flags and stadiums to the way. ford is literally key politics asked for, we cannot agree,
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there are no universal human values. we can't agree. so let's respect each other and keep politics on sport completely. the canadian security intelligence service has ruled that the countries freedom convoy protest movement did not pose a threat to national security. revelation which clashes with the government's earlier decision to invoke the emergencies act. at no point to the service, assess that the protests in ottawa or elsewhere constituted a threat to the security of canada. canadian security intelligence service did not assess that any foreign states supported the protest through funding that foreign states deploy disinformation techniques or that any foreign state actors attempted to enter into canada to support the protest. last february convoys a truck driver's blockaded streets, an ottawa protesting against coven, 19 mandates, and government mismanagement. i'm calling for true those resignation. the prime minister then invoke the emergencies act and
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a bid to end. the protest then move extended the government's powers and was questioned by legal activists. canadian lawyer and legal commentator david fry heights says that the police response to the movement was too violent, especially given the lack of threats from basically per day to the very last day when the police came in heavy handed. holy militarize police force. so by don't be suppressed protest, everybody knew it was an overreach at the time. the justification at the time was that there was a blockade at the bachelor bridge critical infrastructure. for anybody who's been watching this public emergencies commission, we'll knew it from the time b emergencies act was invoked. the ambassador bridge blockade had been resolved, would be a court order by the time be emergencies act wasn't booked. there was no national threat, threat to infrastructure, threat to overstate what we're seeing through the inquiry is that even by true,
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those own recognition, the provinces had all the resources they need to put an end to it. but it went on for a little too long embarrass, just intrude on the special scale and his underlining, tangible. and all of this was were prizes and punishing the protests as to what they did. which is why a lot of people think he invoke the act on the one hand to punish them. but on the other hand, to try to trigger a while a response from them to sort of retroactively justify in boca yeah, that's all for now. be sure to check out our t dot com for all the latest breaking news and updates. we'll see right back here at the top of the hour. ah, ah ah .
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oh, when i was showing wrong when all through. just a whole new world. yes, to safe out. disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. in the ukranian oligarchs, private armies, a murdering thug had a salary of $1300.00 a month. for this, the well nationalist battalion fighters who were beyond the control of the regular army, had to do the dirtiest work, but not even the ukrainian special services dead to perform with.


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