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tv   News  RT  November 16, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EST

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a government with grave on you have to run it almost a headlines on our t international colin's make. they, you turn all the content that killed 2 people near the border with ukraine as worth or admit that miss all apparently came from key ebs defenses and was not launched by russia as early as suggested with key point. the finger at most go on, cold, on nato, to weigh in with 4th, despite the blocks chief saying there's no indication that miss alt crash which likely came from ukraine was the neighbors. well, that russia is seeking to talk with the south african,
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the keith western countries of trying to capitalize on massive loans instead of grants to the cash dropped constant. which helps to pay for global emissions with africa is least responsible for africa has an opportunity to be a lead. i'm due to their own column without following the store capaluto spots with 6 pm here in the russian capital. and this is the international with the very latest world news update. very well. welcome to you. of the polish president has made a u turn on the missile crisis off the initially blaming moscow president, due to a now says he has no evidence that the missile, which fell in east in poland, killing 2 locals, was launched by the russian military. he's also admitted that ukraine's that defense is what, like a responsible for the instant. most likely, it was
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a russian made as 300 missile at the moment. we have no evidence that it was a missile fired by the russian side. much indicates that it was an air defense missile, which unfortunately fell on the territory of poland. now, as chief is also doubled down on the fact. there's nothing to implicate russia in the incident which was apparently caused by a ukrainian at miss are the leader of the u. s. lead block also says moscow. it's clearly not trying to target their lines, but no indication that this was the result over deliberate attack. and you have no indication that the russia is preparing offensive military actions against natal. the insolent will slightly caused by a ukrainian air defense me sign, fired to the friends ukrainian territory against russian cruise missile attacks. but let me be clear,
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this is not ukraine's fault. rashaw bears ultimate responsibility ass. it continues. it's illegal. war against ukraine here, meanwhile, refuses to accept that the message came from ukraine and demanding representatives be allowed to visit the site to investigate a correspondence, donald quarter takes a closer look. this appears to indicate that warsaw may be more interested in just pointing the finger at russia and risking in all our global war than it actually is interested in getting down to the facts as to whose weapons actually killed 2 polish citizens in this impact near the border because let's not forget, poland began to imply that this was russia's fault after it began saying that these missiles that landed there were, or rather missile or missiles were actually russian made. and after giving into all this hysteria, giving rise to it in the western media among western politicians, it only then said it was going to have an emergency meeting to discuss what is
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actually known about the situation and then decide what to do from there. so naturally this evoke to not so nice reaction for moscow. we heard from the kremlin spokesmen who said, basically why didn't war saw just tell the truth to begin with. poland could have immediately told the truth about the missile incident. then everyone would have immediately understood that russia had nothing to do with it. but 2nd of all, we have to think about the timing of all this because we're saw as reaction actually came just just moments after we got reports that joe biden was saying that this was likely a ukrainian missile that hit in the in polish territory and kill those 2 people, so now we have a situation where basically washington and warsaw are actually towing the line of the russian government. because we also heard from russia's defense ministry. they said that the rockets that were shown are the remnants of the missiles that were shown in the pictures that came out from that territory were actually indicative of surface to air missiles that came from a soviet made in missile the air defense system that was only used by the ukrainian
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military, so that's definitely something interesting to, to, to take into account here. we're talking about s 300 missiles, which by the way, are at 300 missile systems, rather which by the way, cannot even hit ground targets instead of waiting for any of the information to come out. basically, after this became known, we heard from ukrainian officials immediately pointing the finger at russia. we heard from ukraine, foreign minister, who on twitter said that the now widely accepted story of events, which is which is that ukrainian missile fell on polish territory. was a conspiracy theory that russia was spreading around. that's what ukraine's foreign minister said, and we also heard from lot of mirrors, lensky, who said that there should be consequences, there should be action taken against russia for this. i mean, it was as if that were, the ukrainian president was ready to sacrifice his entire country in the 3rd world war over this scheme. how many times, as you claim said that the actions of the terrorist state will not be limited to
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our country alone. pissing nato territory with missiles. this is a russian missile attack on collective security. this is a really significant escalation action is needed. russia now promotes a conspiracy theory that it was allegedly a missile of ukrainian air defense that fell on the polish theory, which is not true. no one should buy russian propaganda or amplify its messages. this lesson should have been long learned since the downing of hash m h 17. now it's also important to note that right after all this took place, we started hearing talk among western politicians and the western media about nato, potentially invoking articles 4 or 5 of its charter. and just to give our viewers an idea of what that is, article 5 of the charter says, an armed attack against one shall be considered an attack against all. so as the story was unraveling and it became clearer and clearer that it was likely kia was to blame for this, many were wondering if nato would come down on kiev as hard as it would on moscow.
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but based on sultan burges recent comments, it's clearly not going to be the case. immediately after this happened, we started seeing a headline saying that this was a russian attack on polish territory. and there was no shortage of sensationalism either. we saw headline saying that it was a shocking act on behalf of russia some saying that this is going to be lead up to a 3rd world war. one even said that russia had bombed poland and also in what on western television screens, there was no shortage of this kind of hysteria. either nature, he shouldn't be restrained, at least in its language, in its message to russia, where the us need to adjust its force posture there. and there is actually a lot that nato could do. and this is, in fact exactly the kind of scenario that journalists like myself, have been posing to nato. what exactly does it mean that you will descend every inch of the alliance territory? so that's going to be put to the test. now, what would that mean?
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now, for this conflict, and whether it now spills toward, elicits a reaction from nato, these kinds of reports. they're definitely shocking, but actually not very surprising because throughout russia, a special military military operation. we've kind of seen western media just blindly parenting what key of the saying about the conflict without doing any sort of critical examination of that information. so here again, we see this the same kind of thirst for a 3rd world war that came out of key of is seen basically republished in the western media. when i tell i lived in the baltics had been singing the same tune as ukraine accusing russia directly attacking the block and calling for immediate reaction. rush and miss south, hidden the territory of denay to members a very dangerous escalation by the kremlin lots they express his full solidarity with our ally, poland, and will support any action deems appropriate by poland. russia will bear full responsibility for all the consequences. latest news from poland is most concerning
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. we're consulting closely with poland and other allies. estonia is ready to defend every inch of nato territory. we are in full solidarity with our close allied poland. australia spoke to dr. stephen gay, a professor at the institute of european studies in val. great who say it's an escalation and the claim conflict is in no one's interests apart from kia. i honestly did not expect an escalation, but i did expect a lot of hysteria. unfortunately, i, in many eastern european societies, are there is this war mongering unless the culture in the last a couple of months, which are really that is growing out of proportion. i think they're very responsible, especially for countries bordering, ah, bordering russia, that are members of nato because it's the last thing for tara national interest
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would be to actually on get involved in a conflict and, and for the conflict to escalate. i mean, i expect it to be down play, look at what happened with the investigation about the north stream. we have an elephant in the room. ah, and we have germany and france which became literally a punching bag for, for london in washington. even give, ah, and they are not even almost, they're not even allowed to talk about the, you know, who was the perpetrator. what i see is not only censorship, let's say when it comes to do the lives of, of people who are cra cancelled. but also it seems that certain countries are being muted. and especially i said, the core of european union that the biggest victim of the war is the e. u, which is being shipped from from powers. and by the, by the anglo american coalition,
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the u. s. department of homeland security secretary has said americans shouldn't worry about the nuclear escalation in ukraine as any destination in europe wouldn't reach the us. although the united states has expressed concern about the russian nuclear unrest, we do not anticipate that a nuclear detonation in europe would have direct health consequences in the country . me while for me, you as president donald trump announcing he would run for president in 2024, accused the global community of overlooking the nuclear, thrice. the green new deal. and the environment which they say may affect us in 300 years. is all that is talked about, and yet nuclear weapons, which would destroy the world immediately, or never even discussed as a major threat. can you imagine they say the ocean will rise 18th of an inch over the next 200 to 300 years. but don't worry about nuclear weapons that can take out
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entire countries with one shot. now, great bass, professor steven gaia to again says, didn't atmosphere of global paranoia over the situation in ukraine is creating a real nuclear threats. it seems to me that we live now in an era where a nuclear threat is imminent and the people got used to it. i really think this is more dangerous. not necessarily because somebody wants to to, to go ballistic for literally. but because it, because it creates an atmosphere in which a paranoia is so high, that certain events can be mis read by the other side. and then i, things can go out of course, just because of a series of mistakes. and i think that we are in a really a grave arc association of possible aah,
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global nuclear conflict. the global warming is important, of course, the levels of the ocean all that. but this all comes after we're done with the imminent threat. and the g 20 summit, green shipments and world hunger with 2 of the main topics on the agenda. russia's foreign minister were agreed that russia is interested in an extension to the great deal, allowing russian as ukrainian wheat and fertilizes to be exported through the black sea. but only if it goes to those who urgently need it. on the sidelines of the summit, we spoke to the russian minister of finance about the grain and energy crises, and he spoke of quote, rushes isolation saying that despite efforts from others moscow participated in all talk with yes, indeed, many issues were discussed at the summit that directly relate to the russian federation, such as the energy crisis, grain, health issues. we also actively participated in discussions and digitalization.
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you're asking about continuing the grain deal. it's true that many g 20 countries proposed to continue the deal because we all see the situation with hunger and the number of african countries. and so the flow of and so to these countries, was a major topic of discussion. the russian delegation drew attention to the grain deal and the source of communication with colleagues. sir. j love rob, speaking of the summit of leaders said that russia is for the continuation of the deal, but only for grain that is supplied under the black sea agreements to go precisely to countries which urgently need grain but not to western countries. and countries with a european economy as is happening now. therefore, we spoke in favor of continuing the deal under the control of grain dispatch points . so grain would go to countries that really need it. we also talked about the need to control the volume of energy supplies and prices about the various restrictions that western countries impose. and that these restrictions hit them since they lead to price increases. and such increases hinder the growth with the economy and the
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well being of people living in these countries. therefore, we are in favor of removing all barriers to the export of energy resources. removing all barriers that prevent us from exporting our energy resources to other countries. and to day, there are many barriers. this homes, the world economy, and the g 20 itself was always considered the issue with the world economy and its dynamics. all of this was stressed by the russian delegation, and i think that the western countries heard this village who am i was kroger cosigner to delegates, and gregory's on behalf of our entire delegation. i can say we do not feel any isolation here. yes. in the speeches of an individual western countries joining the events of the g 20, there was a certain tone in terms of restrictions and call to rush at the end. it's special operation, etc. but no issue was discussed without russia on key issues. since our country is a significant part of the world economy and not a single issue can be resolved without us versus clearances. they use the
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energy crisis, marked by the blocks on sanctions against russia, is now pushing some countries to desperate measures. poland says it will take temporary, compulsory management have gas from sharon, the russian jamar gas pipeline system inside poland. that says the use economic powerhouse germany is moving to nationalize a former local subs the dairy of russian energy, giant gas, proud as berlin seeks ways to maintain energy security, emit be looming winter in order to secure the gas supply. in germany, the federal government is transferring ailing gas company, securing energy for europe into federal ownership. the reason for this is securing energy for europe's over indebtedness in the commercial balance sheet and the resulting threat of insolvency which would jeopardize the security of supplying germany. the german government announced plans to nationalize a former subsidiary and germany of russia state own gas from which it seized
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earlier this year. the company called gas prom germania has been renamed to securing energy for europe or se f e. so where did berlin get the bio cash from? from brussels to the tune of over 225000000 euros worth of aid. and now poland plans to do the same with gas problems, euro poll gas assets inside the country. they're just the latest of a wave of nationalization that have hit european energy companies. already this year, france nationalized gas and electricity. supplier electricity did a false or death, which also sells gas by the way. and berlin did the same with uniform. the countries talk gas importer in order to prevent the countries energy system from collapsing. it says we're being told that the nationalization are necessary to save these companies because russia left them high and dry. but it was just back in
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september that you commission president ursula vander line, and now the decision to confiscate a 3rd of european oil gas and coal companies. quote, excessive profits as a so called a solidarity contribution to help european household struggling with energy prices were not exactly sure how that's paying or translating into any kind of really for them. that hasn't been detailed. it's so hard to imagine that investor confidence in european energy companies wouldn't have been spoofed by that kind of move, even more than the u. sanction of it, of its own energy supply from russia as a part of a deliberate ideological and virtue signalling strategy. are you really serious, we need man on russian oil and gas before you will have yourself. it started on netflix bond, so in my opinion, it's time debt after the americans and the british. also we decide on of for
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temporary ban on russian oil and gas as long as this. a gretchen anc is continuing . nonetheless, russia repeated virtually non stop that it was willing to continue energy supplies to europe, even after gas prices. north stream gas pipeline system into europe was mysteriously blown up. russia is ready to start such supplies. the boat is in the european union's court. if they want it, they can just open the top. and that's it. you said what if such decisions are made by a european colleagues with regard to gast, supplies for their consumers, all necessary procedures will be carried out to ensure the supplies. so now the narrative being peddled by germany is that it has to nationalized energy companies, including gas frogs, assets, because russia cut off europe's energy supply. in reality, it's the e u that cut itself off and then was so oblivious to the damage that it had done that figure that it could treat them like cash cows on top of that to fund the damage that their own sanctions had done to european households ability to pay for
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the inflation and energy price heights caused by their own policies. and now just like someone who breaks an expensive vase in a store, brussels is having to pay aid to germany, to buy the gas from subsidiary that it broke. yet another resolving success for european economic policy germany as concerned about its internal security in particular fighting dis information. interior minister nancy phaser has demanded a strong domestic policy as she outlined a massive may cova of the country's security strategy. are external and internal security are closely into bound an attack strong domestic politics to ensure a security end and for a country. a foreign states want to divulge a society with disinformation campaigns. the domestic politics, most react phase of speech comes to stays off the germany 2nd largest channel. as
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the d f published a documentary on so called russian propaganda stressing that despite an ongoing bond, many people in europe utilize v p ends to watches. a significant part of the show was dedicated to arti cuts to center russian propaganda machine keeps going and probably won't let the you, you stop it, russia to dave audio and push it today was banned in march. if you look at the history of search queries in google, we will see attempts to bypass this block in the west as well. for example, using a vpn to access russia to day, i was get that over. let's go live to it. martin dalton, our human rights lawyer and former member of the parliament for the for hamburg, less party money. thanks for joining us on the program. nice, nice, nice to see. so what's your take on the german interior ministers? decision to overhaul is national security. i mean, why now, and was she trying to achieve? look at best, we can see that in the face of the wall
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a collegiate or where there is a way, maybe to cation the machinery, your propaganda, which is working in germany because the mainstream media quite oh my god, i'm like a night. there is not much different in the report. so now there is the, the, that's a try off some x just in germany like the interior of that as well. to blend out to cut out different opinions. we had already some people who lost their jobs because they were bringing forward different p. m student will bring for those mom. she sions, for peace and we have of course, we have social media. we have still access to russia, russia today,
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or to russian or other countries, us through newspapers, through internet, social media, to bend that to my mind, it's not good for democrats. so despite the found on the document who states that many people are downloading vpn, so they're able to access it. so what does that tell us about about people that they just want a diversity of news? they want hotel, it, the voices or the art is just really popular. i think that tales, that of course, some people are clinging to the mainstream media, which all tell the same narrative. but other people don't believe it because they see that it's to one side, and so they try to get access to different use to use from all words to my mind. anyway, that is the best way to calm yourself if you want to know something,
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what is happening in the both of you are there where you want to know anything about. but if she'll be there because you and all the places in the lives of the best, to have the possibility to look at different kinds of media from different countries . and so if it's something which, if it's well country, it's rich. if it is possible to accept different countries meet us and if there is some narrative of enemies like russia is no enemy on like china. next, who should be an enemy? of the people are still using their own mind and many people want information and they want information on different sides. and afterwards they can build opinions that democrats and i think that the interior minister now wants to have a more restrictive attempt on that. that means to
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a tech democracy in germany and many other countries, you know, they like to champion free speech and said the old for diversity of opinions. and that's why they're trying to channels with turnitin narratives. was one of the most afraid of i mean we are in law, not we, we personally, we do not in wall there is that was going on in human that was going on in syria. but the most most important, let's say the cynic wrote conflict in the moment. it's a conflict in the ukraine and that european union and the german government decided to have a wall side. it's then on the side of the ukrainian government, which is as well supported by cautious and in this wall
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we had to seeing in germany in wall through the dice. so in that situation is an attempt to blend up to cut all the information from the so called enemy, i think this attempt is stupid because we in central europe, we should have an idea to bring us to diplomatic solution to the conflict. and if we want that, we should listen to every one. there is no enemy broadcast. like in the top right in the, not just hitler heights. and that's defined what the any broadcast has to be cut off. i think that is an attempt which we shouldn't bring forward and which was somehow progressing if we want to be an actor as the german
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population, as the german government who rings for freedom of speech, who wants to bring up the human rights, we should claim to them all of them shouldn't restrict different opinions if he liked this up in the law is a different call is a different case, but we should listen to the next very much go so many thanks for joining us on the playground, martin told the human rights lawyer and form a member of the parliament for the humbug last party. appreciate your time. well, the best. amid the ongoing hope 27 climate change conference. there's more bad news for africa with the well they can all make for and the saying that the continent needs to pay $2.00 trillion dollars to meet its obligations to cut down on emissions. that's just by the di, economic state of many african countries, which is deep in debt to western economies. however, the african continent produces less than 4 percent of global emissions,
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which pales in comparison to the 19 percent produced by the us and 13 percent by the e. u. the demands of box protests among the eco activists with some cop $27.00 guests saying other solutions must be found for the continent. how can we be paying for the damages so far caused by extraction? before we've been to the down to see that we need to further extract benefiting in this for me to not africa. so if africans to develop, let africa sit down and look for solutions that are african and beside the sub solutions we are going to africa, missed to go there. we africa has an opportunity to be a leader and build their own economies without following the store. capaluto pathways because if we said competing with each other, call pollute us, their systems are a bit well developed. we might not bid them, but we can bid the by going green. we can bid the by been to the new book where me us, thanks to joining us, asi international,
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this wednesday. we're back at the top of the hour with the very latest. see them. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, mm.
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ah, in 2014 t villers to so called counter terrorist operation against ukraine. se regions that had refused to recognize the code over the years. ukrainian troops committed thousands of crimes, many of which have no statute of limitations with you was was sure. oh, you did it in the old dominion real. the smiling on the bagley chilly ah.


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