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i get on the foreign minister of bela root has unexpectedly passed away, according to local officials slot, a mere mckay's death came without any warning. the cause of the 64 year olds of death has not been revealed. he died one day after meeting a vatican envoy, reportedly to discuss a peace plan for ukraine. he had been the foreign minister of bela ru since 2012, and was an advocate for a strong partnership with russia. and that's all for now. be sure to check out our t dot com for all believe it's breaking news and updates. we'll see you right back here at the top of the hour. with look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order to conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great truck rather than a very job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot most protective phone existence with a pair with arise and is reading a known one rationally with the realization implementation of article by no one rational
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wants to go to more which washer, which has just logical outcome the nuclear exchange in the end of life 100 i'm my name is frank liberty from philadelphia. got in the movement in age 13 going on 14. we were violent towards those people because we believe that word is raised . we're here 1st and this is our country being part of the moment i got a sense of power. when i felt powerless, we got attention when i felt invisible and accepted when i talked to level life after hey, is an organization that was founded by 4 o skin, neo nazi white supremacists in the us and canada. and they found each other and they knew that they wanted to help other guys get out is 2 parts to getting out of
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a violent extremist group. the 1st part is disengagement, which is where you leave the social group. and then the next part is d. radicalization work belief systems audiology are removed. it was very impactful. when someone finally came along with no fear, no judgement, you heard my story did nothing to challenge it validated with a real sensor god is thrown in
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september 2022 and now go down. the ukrainian military shells, the city ceaselessly targeting this apple rogia, a nuclear power plant, residential buildings, schools and kindergartens. a wooden us young book with o, bolts night at double watching. are you seeing major dark storm louis? literally. yep. across the bush with any sort of thing. the affordable cell block i wish was, which was see if i was still up to assist me on will sure handle i will shoot you slash roller awards at the present, but not, not sitting motor wishes, deepening. you mom did you know he was filiano because but not just wanted to make sure that those that are getting. yeah, those are the very much wafaa speaking. i don't want to discuss dishes that are going to pull up your jail because we missed a place to just automatic me
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a school with a school. what type of summer were short yellow role, least a few laws, all a complete games. dynamic words should be difficult, but i'm sure will community college theories dealing with those values before you know what the, what the people should have been with instructional are usually actually doing it. your auto sponsor upstairs with who she's home order. they're going you for you. my actual shift, i'm not sunchase on it. i me to show you mine. yeah. but it's sherry with
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an ever dad sides have been secured. you crane sabotage, a tax persist a couple of us. if it's another bill, it was easy enough. we'll go in september ukrainian artillery shell, the admin building on the body shop though, was to let them know that it gives him a little bulk. i mean, the crucial chest middle school and also from a process many other go obviously very soon. okay. and so seems alexander vulgar and their good dogs. civil military head survived several assassination attempts. the seniors would loan you should not have completed. you still will not afford to go to the old honorable national for the federal scout from this cons. clearly because caution from wesley media, a couple of both system or call us near any meal, coma called our school committee. pacific law latanya scope also follows the
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law. i'm going to produce food for thought he shouldn't use a little cautious. but when the gum walker couldn't at your facility, and this is timothy, still bundle sheila crisco and you're not gonna really shoot the school. that was awesome to proceed with visual will say, i owe you money. it was with my shooting the and basically really, really busy for a construction of the plan began in 1979. and what was formerly the u. s. i saw the 1st 5 energy units were commissioned in the 1980s. with the launch of the 6th unit in 1996 south rogia mp became europe's largest nuclear power plant. since 2001, it has stored air called spent nuclear fuel in $380.00 concrete containers at
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a special isolated site of the power plants. many worry about what happens to nuclear waste is to use reactive fuel in the nuclear fuel assembly is a major radiation source, his book until a radiation and heat levels decrease with these assemblies kept in a pool of water. but here are the plans usually in the future, the waste could be reprocessed and recycled via the reactor and use assembly's la jolla safely protected 8 under a strong concrete dome of cooper that black brick. you'd also say yacht thumb, both they beat on their bullish gun from bolster reesha. cosima someone will have no credit dealership on your washing, which was a pos portion of you know and then your she, the will, is not just the young the system. what do you skip studio? what was left with usage office?
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let me know. okay. yeah. almost stickler. supposed to renew, rejecting the 3 shifts at that point on all the girls and i bomb. mm. yes. the annual get additional. they'll be multiple walk butte oval if honestly it's deep already that the article tools really was more trauma. blackwood it plays the floor vision or to really marshal mirror godsa. sheila mathis, the marshall up still early. so policy gives you what i will know what you put the most on use book will still couple suit the work, but by li ball bus fancy wish. mm. mm
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hm. warranty shows it brill nicky way them off crisp white coca cola las postal. and i live see it here. the last game with teachers gives all bullshit here. what's below yet. and where which i mean typically school will be to holcomb football is do not rama for women because of the will of serial to full name. ugly is lenimosa cooking which may be others for them, for controls. ah, this from us conveniently, school is a guy who did old some a brochure. a school can put up really feel up would be look more the falls this general. but he also one still for a job allows me is this will you stupid? oh, good in missouri, also as a prosecutor,
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you of me when you are city of all to bring your college will junior college law music you up with all those. i swear to the we do to list ah, director and stipulated all bureau laportia yard or mottos. michelle, obviously spanish. in my bells on the studio. thresh, hello. there. toyota bought a bottle. scott, on my fancy practitioner to us it lip low chest. if i didn't get out and wire media void. mm. them, yeah. me. which did you got them wire at the law. some info bubble near gym. the case of the nick of will of worship or to peter will part you will be jury hawley put on the shorter the floor. the doors to last will cause to will to negro are shaker than us for 3 of them. the polish, to columbia. it's a nice tool to pick when they precisely buy them more tricky or put as cable cranes
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come night. mm. with the new 40 story of movies they deem molly's dickie wasn't good luck a job, but more than i think i did call the fifty's. got you? yes. the lou dvd, well, they knew they were with up shoes. we didn't you video pics that would be really cheap. whatever. but he looked at that short go what napoleon, you know, at the neal you can, which are true. what's bushed? virginia, the free, slee, 14 ticks of garage. can you sort of either? if you didn't want to cut what i really poor just came so that when you short gossley syrup last bureau, since you best or wiley bonus too much old ship nor golden, obsolete allegory deserves little control by the ukrainian army nickel and magnets other cities from which is epa rogia
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n p p is being shelled. the ukranian military file, $155.00 millimeter nato standard. heavy caliber rounds, which travel up to 30 kilometers and on average rounds reach their targets in 90 seconds. to photo would you apply? yes, you would. you could tories my or to talk to lose concert trucks, li, big bison. mm hm. we would actually national tech o g to la could tori and they should to. so you might say to me, but this the williams really need to talk to jim salinas around the world can linear watch him look us up when he comes a bottle south of miss townsend couple to do to clearly is where to stop. now when we saw bullshit, come on, did he's, he's and when you told me to believe italy, she forgot to look. this was school it's not done with was upholstered in wisconsin . we deal goals, gleese, q organizational emission supervising operations. ross at representatives are
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always at the station. all the m p. p 6 energy blogs have been halted, but no one's ever switched off a nuclear reactor phony. so while shelling continues, the risk of a nuclear catastrophe remains. those me, me photons, toll and that'll go block to clue with fortunate t for torres, with national daughter, boy and good him sorts him sitting all ocean in august speak with nancy. and when you pull out in the gym as i'm the lab, i shook my approach nice to at the line that of you, i'm look up, need way more increase. should your tech or your come some i looked at the little spy in late on the pity dish, at the pier wife got away with. but he asked them the idea, she said, how would love to stay on the sheet of nol? ah 3 a bullet awful again. yet just as he chose without an unwashed, it's a boy in for us to put him look at his concert. nick, don't use us that a horse was off for nobody to anybody. the. it's my dad,
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them you sure you must say in the now realize nikita at the keel rosa. yeah, that may be a pos mr. yeah, bush. so potter said the war with this fiji. i any particular shared mozilla that was dancer sweet? and you pretty good to shed light of the water. so i. e ha, g 's, framing, garage done, then ducks a flaming bush to flight terrorizing. the city of atomic scientists persisted even during the international atomic energy agencies visit down to a few months in advance. at the last moment the visit was nearly cancelled due to increased are still it is near the plant. the people with you, some we me, she does is the motionless dishing you see. i'm not sure even though it's just when you look on museum, look up and say on that almost done so nicely that will cut some way ultimately stand sleep, but thank you pretty pretty good for me on us tuning. you know,
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we need for you to push into a moment annually. ah ah ah ah ah, this it does a pretty jayla. you know, there was a training. yes. mother your machine with switches to 2 nights with.
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you did the mark williams garcia. uh huh. yes. awesome. well, good to talk with us before. yes, let me go to its course here. proceeding lawyer is behind you. couldn't you by give me a little daughter completed gavera that did it go straight your way or what vehicle for it? oh, you're welcome to one nurse. i've noticed that her modern you said you sure. you know what? thank you. what is your daughter for the mom blue a month washing machine turn go nash the or stay on top of what you read. you can much range from. that's it. oh um. okay. but yet concise, those are being fishing with. okay. so my allowing my issue,
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my shiny piece to her. i good old somebody because when you are lucy, mister smithfield, mental south along. can you you participated utilities, a prospect on this? don't say yes. material middlebury the stolen tossed up, even though so could you me to locate those. and i don't know if you look in it, it doesn't. they'll probably keep it to a bill up because a lot will if my cousin and miss thumbing is senior, old daughter is, well, can you hear you on the top noa yet? the thing is the training. yeah. of both on the way you get a lot of new zappa rosier and b. p. 's power lines and hydrogen receive
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a facility hid the empty piece hel center destroyed here on the bronze admin buildings and adjacent areas sharing of a holiday village near the m p. p and field fire gate on admin buildings. roads damaged by shell fragments or tags on the m p. p sick bay. a drone attack the nuclear plant was intercepted a neutralized by an electronic warfare system. cafeteria. a special building in the plans and cooling systems hit the ukrainians attack the plant damage power lines and communication equipment in one blog or the spend in the lowest in the christmas dancer. comfortless causal, she wouldn't was unusual creature, sofa bolted minium logan stella. by now. it would go to with magus fell upon. yep. of just me be see on the go to a couple doors for me. i'm looking at the spiral. is 00 ascii. 40 lou. fine. yeah. of course. unless someone get on those people daughter is up at oscar, them his thoughts that after his visit the i a e,
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a demanded an immediate stop to the shelling of sample rogia m p p. but it didn't point out that ukraine is doing the shelling on the i a, a board of governors even passed a resolution calling on russia to withdraw its forces from the plant. the key, distilled those. now probably could i, this is casey. did i not? did you do it is about oscar cut my stamps. it's not to handle. no the nonsense at the body. it but that most of that would be at the cut to ms. thompson. those guys . so what i need e. she's go figure outs in the idea, she's a duty seal on the cb at the eastern is which because teams material upstairs which will daughter after ladies keep where come we need to be away from the military's use little room and go with us dunphy in to a voice the course 13 each school,
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a blonde there from visit the kings i shit that i can visit the la guardia chimney . my. it's for those who are here. what did the speech you with the funny, if the full peanut of each squeeze a sheet that was conditioning from port oregon? is that c d song the free, you know, she was more me there to get them. if you did, you do to show on the city of the with the group. i mean with chrissy mobilize on my bishop, i should be sure it stands for, you know, i teach him a, we stay the chair by you. well, how are you in this kindergarten in nevada with shell by the ukrainians? on september the 1st, the day i a e a inspectors arrived, a shell exploded, but he's a junior groups, bedroom, windows, an employee agreed to speak to us fearing ukrainian reprisals. she asked not to show her face a nash se out there that she didn't speak with lots. they thought ask wasn't good enough them for them. because the question,
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your one year is conducted here as knowledge, the board, the dns man, this is jessica, but an appeal green, yet you said it on board too much i'll, it's a lot of what you're mr. walker got off the coach. now of course as a settlement which is of yes, yes, blah name and i so my teachers year plan with you, your question does have a number that's the most like most coca cola model krinski. mm hm. and you go by the way, nettles them talking me it's sort of crazy mixing additional price come on, but i would like to keep the fries non. yup. and remind you this thursday with a new bill. you're aboard ship a blog post with you know what i thought the
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question you're stuck aqua sneak a boiler. she went back but by some other type question you cut by almost always a she she made this with david. you just give a little closer, but you don't do much to muscle to get any questions. com while we were filming gallon, to noticed a suspicious man near our van and the kindergartener's front gates. he was taking pictures with a mobile phone or a pool. a sure thing you know, ah, you go to with your phone, you will perform a new modem with
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no, i don't cup of, oh no you that the sort of the crystal ability to pitch on up little was this been bulk on them. what are the children a bit nor donald a really to log in, suck up over little new york address because i don't have to put as a written it about this. you're pretty hard to get out of your position or not because i will be away. stop on finishing your garage, mark on bella hardy, i'm just gonna get your way. thank you for watching yet. messer's the national personal look ideally should offer the good i for you to release the mileage. but i'm austin bayshore harman, your bill i was, was, i was not a, doesn't i you all in other bull of a chip. that's one appraisal greenish of the propaganda. living as
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well as such a day as long but your own, but i feel we need to put on media or ski according knowledge. my grand scales get more albums, carl's gonna stop, or your car now for federico won't go do an as, yeah. did you actually try to list it for bear with me and he was throwing up my brother's could daughter was there was that i will it with the water it but we are. those are just now pushed the usual ski coordinate with yahoo! a vision issue. if you both come home or you can choose to, we don't need to yellow will. graham, yellow will grass given your ios to. she thought she'd knew are listed. you know, that's a good piece that you must, my seems stupid of border with but here some video and you know, he has the, the pressure to ski. my younger, you're the person you need the kristi, yahoo, you pursue your poster. her jewels written out of mine like i just don't. why would
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have uncle bob settler would a shift on this now? the years almost, and i'm just going to study neetha store when you're losing it is too much, melissa. just a silly or did you know what even got a wooton screenshare, but i'm still when you're motional versus the terminal. mm. ah, this would you? yes. my name, but yeah. i mean, but yet the still you can always, they does or, or thank you for that much then. yeah, my, your senior a, i business a base 3 with a gun company. rush, the merchant. mm hm. you certainly your customers with your model, what is orders to you to put you on them? so you will be you should just, i'm sure that it's a double schedule. last
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dancer, a dealership flush out cold, wind storm e m a and b. c with shane you could give away in the politicians, kills of that from over 20 staff should be in order for us a good deal. if i get a decent or, you know, a i, c, d o, christie, tommy b accumulates. amazon. mike is partners, concert place we did not match. the problem is either which way to launch the relay much. number presley's mom, i was issued, the, which is at the me being that me, she go, she returned as a country. if this nuclear terrorism isn't stopped the world, my face, the catastrophe 6 times worse than chicago. a book probably which was
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the subject by this. what kind of a sudden medical post office asked us shall sports or is it a capital for peacekeepers? stay on the launch. a luminous choir yet, so we're still normal shuttle telling me what the system condition you're doing and also in union of illusion discipline because the fall out a little rain down on ukraine and western european countries is suicide. because those involved in this nuclear terrorism, other one will suffer 1st me
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ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic, a development only really and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk with . all right, and it's reading a known one rationally with the realization implementation of article 5. no one rational
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wants to go into more washer, which has to struggle balance on the nuclear exchange. at the end of life under ah ah, and our parliament is saturated with unconditional hatred towards russia. least. parliament will support any measure that goes against moscow's policies. even if it will not bring any benefit, the sponsors of these resolution wants to push us to war. a member of the european parliament reject our resolution to brand russia as a state sponsor of terrorism over it strikes and ukraine. we take a look at the west and community, a targeting civilian infrastructure in wars past and a warning. our next story had some disturbing images that had the un now says the video showing.


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