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tv   News  RT  November 28, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EST

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a finance national z m u shyly yours is when you buy it. when you sit down with that, buy mia? ah, nato's chief in your state should hyphenate belts and provide more support to kids . despite many europeans already been exhausted by the crisis. a, everything is getting more expensive in australia. we don't know how it will be in winter when it gets hard, whether there will be enough to heat. if the government does not take measures including social measures, the things out, then we are sliding into a catastrophe. hot the speak to a german rapper using music, the cold for his government to get out of washington's grip. i'm just all ties with russia. and the great fear
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a nightmare of americans for at least the past 120 years has been the interaction and friendship between russia and germany. a and massive riots break out across belgian and dutch cities after morocco upsets the football giants and the kids are world club. dozens of people were detained with it's 11 am and, and you weeks getting underway here in moscow. my name is peter scots and welcome to 30 minutes of news and analysis aeronautics ever made. so chief stultz and burke has admitted that europeans are bearing the bronze of financial support for ukraine, but he insists the west should keep bucking here in the conflict with russia. rising food and energy bills mean hard times for many households in europe,
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we can strengthen ukraine's position at the negotiating table if we provide military support to the country. whether his comments come as hundreds, so to the streets and the germans city of leipzig, to rally against us, involvement and arms delivers to ukraine while also calling for german sovereignty and negotiations with russia. protestors were seen holding signs urging americans to go home and accusing us of wanting to germans to freeze under crossing the austrian capital processes of also rallied against sanctions on russia, while demanding neutrality from vienna. demonstrators gathered outside the austrian foreign ministry holding banners, calling for peace with russia. and an end to the conflict in ukraine is while some of the protesters in vienna had to say, oh, pushed into europe is facing a big problem. the sanctions are industrial and economic suicide, especially here. if the government does not take measures including social moses bonus, things out than we are sliding into a catastrophe. no, your interest rate your realtor, everything's getting more expensive. an austrian and we don't know how it will be
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in winter when it gets hard, whether there will be enough to heat most most people heat with natural gas these days. we'll see how we get through the winter community up gus. sanctity on n. as in sanctions, i dont think they make any difference and yes, the are a breach of neutrality. they had no place in a context of neutrality. ethan, they're not here and natalie beat me thus as ease steps up its support of keith with a new unprecedented aid package of up to 18000000000 euros. and that's in addition to the 16000000000 sense so far from the you. what concerns are starting to emerge about some smaller members of the alliance, exhausting their potential and storing to continue their supports as their weapons stockpiles on low. and this all comes from western law enforcement agencies have want of arms smuggling in europe, where weapons supplied ukraine are ending up in the hands of criminals with the ukraine widely seen as a hope for illegal arms traffic. and even before the conflict begun of veteran
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greek dipper, monthly and i discussed on 4 policy, says that europe pins on go over pain to higher price for the conflicts would likely trigger political changes. what the sick, the gender of nato said. it doesn't make sense. i mean, why should we, the people of the west suffer? just because it's a, just because of the governments of the west want to create a difficult situation with, with the russia and to, and to make a war against russia. i mean, we see the demonstrations that are taking place in europe and these demonstrations are going to affect the governments. we will see government changes in the european union and the nato countries. and the only by the fact that these, that these sanctions were adopted by the european union without even examining what
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effect they would have on the european people. it shows that these were, that these were measures taken because the united states wanted these measures to be taken that plus the european union leaders do not care for the welfare of their people. more than half of east german residents say the confess, doing enough or even too much to provide the military and humanitarian aid to ukraine us. according to a recent survey, the latest polls suggest the worst thing. energy and cost of living crises have $10.00 most germans against goals to increase support the ukraine. find more on this story. busy and much more on websites often dot com a german rapper has released a song calling on the country's government to regain its sovereignty. unrestored ties with russia. it will say can find there was
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a spine point there. was that the issue done with the contract 6 point lease got lost and maybe that was then that's for the swedish question. this one says, i'm not buying thousands in session. big maciek said a b, m a z. he has ordered a rouge. no new buddy for his stay talking stance on berlin's foreign policy. the artist was labeled the angry german in the song he called on germany. it's of course, his own national interest 1st condemning western politicians for provoking ukraine, conflicts as well as on to russian propaganda. yes, if you're really interested in geo politics, you need to look beyond the mainstream media or talk which always spreads information only on the surface. never going deeper with you. but if you have really been studying the issue for many years, and then of course you understand that this anti russian campaign was orchestrated
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by the current world's power of the united states. and there is no getting away from it. oh us, this is an empire. the united states, a global power and they don't want to be at peace. they want to stay in power. this is their usual strategic goal. these are the so called american interests. they must remain on the power. and this includes, among other things, d, elimination of any competition and the great fear and nightmare of americans for at least the past 120 years has been the interaction and friendship between russia and germany goes together with russian power and energy resources. this would become a nightmare of the anglo american axis. ramstein an air base along it. when we americans bring all the politicians to ramstein, it looks like ancient rome, the roman empire, as once all the vassal states were summoned to the roman temple. this simply should not be, it is obvious, argued emissions enos gonzalez. i've had
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a construction company for 17 years and i communicate a lot with ordinary people who buy and they see my car with the sticker saying people stop being enemy law. and at the bottom, there are 40 russian cities listed, think about which i've already visited in this car, moves what they see the word piece written in all languages on my car. and when i say to them, i love russia, it's a great country. they all say i was once on the vulgar or i visited moscow. i st. petersburg there was done while others were on lake by call. it was done and they all speak enthusiastically about the russians. he's in these people are so nice, modest. i really wonderful people, hospitable medicine, many german submit line. all the doors are always open in russia and tables are set . it doesn't matter how much russians have to share. that is exactly what they think. a lot of people clearly understand. this is a game of big geo politics that does not care about people. i also that that's why we have been organizing these drew's buzz,
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a fucking car rallies for many years. i. we encourage people to look at our neighbors who is being talked about badly in our press by in sports news, riots have broken off in belgium and the netherlands after morocco's shock victory over the belgian scene of the work hoping could saw the following. morocco's the 1st when the world cup since 998 riots ruptured in brussels with funds lighting fires and throwing bricks of police. but he thought to close all the areas in the belgian capital as well as the port 50 of and what a security forces use was to come in unfit gas to disperse the rioters with dozens being arrested metro stations. and streets also sealed off in an attempt contain the violence. meanwhile, in 3 cities, right police, the 1st moroccan football fun celebrating that seems triumph videos. so police with buttons unsealed, weeping. the $0.50 of i'm so dumb me one in the pulse. if you have lots of dom
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offices attempted to break up a group of around $500.00 football supporters who were throwing fireworks unblocked and security forces and moving on. now, indian farmers have run. so we've cultivation by 11 percent in an attempt to cope with record prices that were triggered by the war and ukraine as well as unseat russians. sanctions. ortiz wanted me to take a look at how india is plowing through the crisis. it is the beginning of winter in north india, and farmers have started sewing wheat crops. the hope this season will be better than the last, which saw the government stockpiles or wheat slashed in half. how did he know we'd love more for more 40000000 tons to just about 20000000 tons in a year, india, the world's 2nd largest wheat producer, was expected to full the white caused by supply chain disruptions from the mean
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global bread basket, russia, ukraine would supplied almost one 3rd of all read exports in the world prior to the conflict and subsequent western sanctions. earlier this year, more than a dozen countries from african asia approached india for wheat. new delhi said it would help, but was unable to do so. at the last minute and imposed a weed export ban in me, which the g 7 countries criticized in dell said it had no choice but to prioritize would security for its population of 1400000000 people thought this is what happened in the us. hottest march, they say are an or a 100 years heavily affected the wheat green size, and the crop output do got to me, but the heat wave was so bad that it destroyed 40 percent of our we believe we suffered heavy losses in the dark. and for that reason,
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due to the sudden drop and crop yields, wheat rises reached to record high in the past few months. weed and the 2nd most consumed food korean in india, off to rice. so if read is expensive, every one feels the bench, anything and everything made a wheat. bread, bombs, biscuits noodles has naturally become more expensive to. and most traders have had to cut back on production. my other borrego, i'm will process a week. drugs and customers don't want to pay more 100, you have reduce the size of bonds, bread and everything else to make here. but the in the be able to export or not, i don't. and so on. current pollution. we may not be able to open the exports and june 2023. i don't think so. we will be in a position of exporting from india. the hope is that the coming of
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a season will bring some relief to the distressed farmers. can view more urine, india and around the world range and sharma. dish r t and moving on. no, no, jerry has launched a new oil drilling projects in the north of the country and it comes up to decades of exploration and billions of dollars invested in the sector with the $7000000000.00 barrels of crude oil reserves. nigeria is one of the world's largest oil produces the country currently puts out $2100000.00 barrels per day, yet is gripped by economic crisis. earlier, we spoke with german oil and gas consultants. he says that the old export based model has failed, and the country now concentrate on supplying its own economy 1st. and then maybe you may jo development project that will be done for domestic consumption. so that's, that's very key when agitating for this for a while, that would change the model for oil and gas development to prioritize domestic
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consumption and value capture rather than f books. so this, this part, it will help was achieved that got priority as a nation at this point will really be on how do we supply to make sure we have the in there? do we need to travel a economy 1st before with that we're in about as what we've been doing as well for 50 is frankly, hasn't, hasn't quite low for the economy. it hasn't been paid off. so this is the 1st major reg, true for the country. so i'll say it is a very good news, it will help expand our production capacity beyond what it is now, but what importantly it will have there. but if i supply of product, and i hope that when that's done and successful, that future projects will adopt the same model to essentially help was not just to produce oil and gas to process and
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use it to fuel our fledge in domestic economy. and sticking with the topic of oil, the u. s. companies, chevron has been granted a 6 month license to resume activity in venezuela, following a restored line of communication between caracas and washington. the license which was issued by the biden administration restricts any cost payments directly to, but his whaler, north of bonds, any deals involving russian entities. chevron is unable to transfer any of the sales of new to the venezuela government or to the states. busy oil firm, we spoke earlier, a social and political analysts. it says that the us government attempts maximum pressure campaign against venezuela have failed. lovely cassandra lee said publication of general license for to one which authorizes certain activities by chevron in venezuela is likely indication of failure attempts to exert maximum pressure on venezuela by imposing oral sanctions. consequently,
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the u. s. has publicly stated that the relaxation of sanctions is the result of negotiations in mexico city between the been a swell and government and the opposition. however, this process is not directly related to u. s. energy needs. more precisely, this is the result of the strangulation that the white house tried to inflict on russia and which has completely deformed as a global energy market. obviously been a sale, a could no longer reflect the sanctions and as a result, the crusts knocked on the door of the white house and negatively affected oil prices and inflation in the united states. but as wally has been under us sanctions for years now, according to the new license funds from oil sales can only be used to repay the country's debt to the u. s. our guest added that the new license actually recognizes nicholas madura as the president of the country after the west tried to oust him it on a cassette lucrative treat. if a chevron published on the 27th of november recognizes nicholas madura in one form or another as the current president of venezuela, this is the result of
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a failed attempt at regime change. this fact rendered unworkable. the temper remodel of government form to bring about a political crisis and regime change in his cell. the strategy was handed down to biden from his predecessor, donald trump is one of them fulfilled goals. and of course, it undermined biden's foreign policy towards late in america. as decisions were made based on the managed crisis is common practice for the you asked to abandon one strategy, nodded to use another. so they tried to get out of the crisis by publishing to the general license for to one which is profitable for the american energy company chevron. in the news, a polish lawmaker has urged his government to respond to the appointments of the former ukrainian ambassador to germany, andre melnick, as key as a deputy foreign minister describing the move as a provocation. now it comes after the ukrainian official made a controversial statements about the mosque of poles involve in join world war 2. it is a blow to the all to the volume families. it is also a slap in the face for all polls. this is a man who relative eyes,
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the crimes of bond era against the poles, equating them to the alleged crimes of the pose. this is a scandal, and i am surprised that many polish politicians down play it. the masika was carried out by a ukrainian nationalist formation, led by nancy collaborates a step on bond darrow, when poland was occupied by hitler's germany. according to warsaw approximately 100000 people were killed. and in 2016, the polish parliaments recognized the massacres as genocide perpetrated by ukrainian nationalists andre mill. it was recalled as i'm busted to germany after a number of provocative statements. he could size bel invoice, sluggish support for ukraine, and brandon chancellor, olaf sold a quote, sulky, livid sausage for refusing to visit. here after the ukraine conflict, begun with boats of polish political scientists who say that you create in different months. so i'm, it says you are creating deliberate provocations. well, there's no more diplomacy, ukrainian,
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israel for 1st and no more professional diplomats there i guess. and so we have a group of commenters ready to leave a trail for a new person give. so one cannot talk about diplomacy when we're talking about people like me or she's a nurse and the people who are trying to provo page, that domain as much as many pro, 80 statements as possible. i just wonder at how it will be possible for me, for instance, to meet with bullish counterparts in the future. this might be quite problematic. he's not a single isolated case. there are a lot of people like him, like a, for instance, former ambassador of your brain, the 1st and who are also let us say,
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ideologically of follow or so on monday, extreme use your brain on nation. the russian defense ministry says that russian troops repel the number of ukrainian attacks in the done yes, on the guns for public on sunday with care of apparently having lost at least 200 soldiers and for missionaries is not the of has the latest. the situation here along the la guns people's republic, fraud line bordering height of region. it is stable, violent because the ukrainian miniature, the nation listened in many areas here. foreign mercenaries, ah, attacking they haven't ceased efforts over the past month renting. they've intensified efforts to try and find a weak link in russian defenses defenses, which of the past month of become here in the guns people's republic. somewhat
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formidable. we have heard russian to see a describe what the ukrainians of toys as bashing their head against a brick wall, heedless of the casualties that they're taking, the military casualties. some of the fighters stationed here who we have a working relationship where they, they shared with us a video, for example, for one unnamed for safety reasons, settlement where they took on a ukrainian offensive. we've also been told by the troops here and the command here, the that ukrainians are taking huge losses. that is the word they used to describe them in both killed and injured no way. is the fighting worse than the city of a thomas known as bachman ukrainian president lensky has dubbed that hell on earth . russian forces assaulting the city are entirely of the wagner p and she group.
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our objective has not been met itself, but the annihilation of the ukrainian army and a reduction of its potential, which would also be bur advantages for the front line areas. several where reports which have escaped through ukraine's web of censorship, have painted a green picture. reporters claim that hundreds of injured gradient troops are brought to a hospital and bottled daily hundreds a day. and that's just the engine and all the wall. the prospect of a mass russian counter offensive looms more. i'd gasdio archie from la ganske region and finally, hundreds of people took to the streets of beijing and shanghai on sunday to protest against lot down st. jude, the chinese 0 cove policy. and it comes amid a resurgence of virus cases, which the government says is fine. hearts contained to save lives. public outrage
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was triggered after a deadly apartment fire, where some blame to strict antipathy measures for hindering rescue efforts. but mass testing and regional dance continued to be part of beijing 0 tolerance policy towards the virus. according to reports, the process were organized uncoordinated on social media, with posts encouraging people to bring their friends to the demonstrations and suggesting slogans for signs. so my, let's say that individuals affiliated with western media outlets or even direction to protest using telegram. i'm trying to open the run by western media journalist that i see in china as a journalist, but actually working as a regime change agent. i give you a few outlets. there is a cnn. these are radio free asia, the outlets of funding gone to sector funding gong, which is financed by the u. s. a. g m, the propaganda of the us and isn't so the new york times. so basically you have
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those shirley lease that actually opened a telegram channel and they were giving indications on where to go. what to do, how to protest. i've come across the latest post. they actually translated to please book of color revolution in chinese. they're actually hosting pictures on how to do a petrol bombs. so you see this is in china, people tired of coffee, 0 got tired of the restrictions. so here is, this is a movement which is the beginning. it starts legitimate, like any color with allusion, but then it is hijacked by foreign elements. so this is what is happening in china . we need to really pay attention the way the, the processes are behaving and the whole process. they are following the playbook of a colored revolution. and you know, the convolution. the stage is about provoking violence,
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doing violence and provoking violence from the police. so they are going to gather content, or supposedly police being violence. but the reality for the police will do is actually responding to violence and they start to amplify finding people just to kill us people. and they start with, for example, he call it, they could start like saying, well, we complain about the lockdown to complain about the conditions we complain about the economy. and then slowly turns into regime change the start say well we don't want to c p c. we want more freedom. well, that's all for now to be sure to check out our t dot com, our web site for the latest breaking news, no dates. i will be right back here at the top of the hour. for
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race, his on offense bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk in needs to come to russian state to never. i've stayed as i'm phoning those landscape div asking him i'm not getting calls. i'll slap a group in 55 when. okay, so 9 is 25 and speaking with we will van in the european union, the kremlin. yup,
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ah, ah, hello, i'm manila chand. you are tuned in 2 modus operandi the show that explores the methods and patterns of u. s. foreign policy all around the world, and the history that reverberates in our lives. today. this week we'll examine latin america, america's neighbors to the south have taken center stage in u. s. domestic politics. whether democrats and republicans sparring over the mexican border, or president biden. and donald trump. how speaker nancy pelosi? recognizing one why don't as the president of venezuela, the u. s. has a lot of clean up my head with it's southern neighbors.


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