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but i'm not said i would just do that. she, she is going to learn the swing of wishing cargo of slip. we'll get to choose who talk quarter. he's the mark for. but honestly, it is a sub headlines on, off you international as the local authority say russian troops happens so called the ukrainian health city of trouble. and they don't have to republic that it's just a day off. the russian soldiers cut off a major supply route for the ukrainian military. a twitter account, citing alleged usaa bio labs in ukraine, goes viral off to being reinstated by the platform. it does, however, support numerous claims on the issue by the russian ministry of defense pakistan's, national currency plummets to a historic low against the u. s. dollars. the i m f, the bonds,
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the removal of exchange rate controls and demands pakistani to pay higher taxes. we hear from local, some of them is saying the i m f is actually making the math with. i think the i'm, if is just create a new drama. when actually i'm at the job, he's meant to be to help stabilize economies if they need financial help. but here's the i'm up is driving us to a default. also in the program, a man who served as a top advice that the former british prime minister bowers johnson says the u. k. government is boss, please couldn't controlled by a state of ingrained officials with a severe lack of democratic over with wednesday, february the 1st and we are live from moscow with a big tally of your world wide welcome to do stock. now with the latest news from the battle for on bus, local authorities say the ukrainian held major city of
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r tramaso, also known as bachmann, has now been encircled by russian forces of his comes as a russia's ministry of defense set on tuesday. the village of bridal baton lawyer in the transcript public has also come on to russian control. and by taking that village, russian forces have cut off one of the main supply routes of the ukrainian army in arch. almost. there has been intense fighting in the area in recent months with western media reporting that ukrainian forces have been suffering very heavy losses . meanwhile, hotties senior correspondent moran gas. they have caught up with some of the fighters on the front lines. bad task is to target the enemy from a distance a pair of combinations, plow the ground on route to that positions the enemy is far away. safe until they start firing. coming from a productivity from o'corrley. this is a to s one goes deacon's, self, propelled howard surf. good for enemy troops. vehicles,
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fortifications its biggest plus is its mobility, and we can fire and be gone before the enemy reacts more than $10000.00 of these were built these fully amphibious and can sail with very little preparation. that's quick, reliable, and packs a punch. lazy down with target at the me, infantry on the move. the crews are veterans of the 2nd army. cool. they are lugens glucose and many have fought here the nationalist since the beginning. almost a decade yearly snip nose though. no, i'm not sorry. i understand that we have to do, i have my children, family,
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and parents. we only have one bath look forward to victory. russian forces have broken ukrainian lines around the cities of buck morton's ugly daughter fighting there. he's ferocious but smaller limited assaults are under way elsewhere. ukraine's military reserves are stretched thin losses. evidently, our enormous service aged men around the country are being kidnapped and forcefully sent to the front lines. don't need vision, i go no opposition. no resistance is tolerated. any one who speaks out publicly against this is branded a russian agent to collaborator, to the said, is crushing hundreds, even thousands of civilians are mobilized every day. corner that work in the streets and even at home. and had that a one way ticket to
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a battle ground from hell more i'd gazda of r t from logan's will i likely your hear about this in the western press but rushers, ministry of defense, as of has obtained thousands of documents, confirming us efforts to develop biological weapons in ukraine bonus to se during the period of the special military operation, russian serviceman received more than $20000.00 documents, reference an analytical materials and interviewed eye witnesses and participants in american mil to rebel logical programs. this materials confirmed the focus of the pentagon on the creation of biological weapons competence and their testing on the population of ukraine and other states along the perimeter of our borders with are supported numerous other claims of alleged u. s. involvement in biological laboratories throughout ukraine. a post by 8
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twitter use a who's a self described whistleblower about these allegations quickly receive more than 800000 use less than more now with our correspondent equals to the age of elan mosque on twitter began with a shake up his style of shock management meant that personalities previously harsh and outright band got their voice a new along with some really huge names. smaller accounts were restored to and now one of them has drawn the attention of millions. jacob creech self described bioethics, whistle blow, were posted, the very information that had earned him a ban. and oh boy, people are reading now that i have everyone's attention, allow me to address why you establishment politicians are sending tanks, jets, weapons, equipment, and a $100000000000.00 plus to ukraine. it has nothing to do with ukrainian citizens and everything to do with deep state assets, secrets in ukraine,
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and apparently with biological weapons. see, according to creech, the stepping stones of the project were laid by the then senators, barack obama and richard lugar, in 2005. they went on a tour of ukraine's chemical and biological research facilities. and agreed to fund what they called countering the spread of bio weapons. washington effectively bought the equivalent of a controlling steak in some of ukraine's labs. from that moment on, the u. s. were calling the shots there only to keep dangerous substances out of bad people's hands. of course. the possession by hostile states or terrorist groups of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, or related materials or means of delivery, represents the greatest threat to the national security of the united states in the 21st century. now, according to crate ukraine's labs were put under the supervision of meta by your
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t. m. a u. s. firm with expertise in dealing with deadly viruses. like abolla, the source claims that the company even billed secret, bio lab companies in ukraine after the 2014 revolution and washington was very protective of its secrets. they started the civil war, they picked their puppet to run the government, creating a deep state proxy. now with complete control of the ukrainian government, then the biden's began their dirty work bite and visited ukraine, 13 plus times securing u. s. funding for ukranian. oligarchs then use his power to fire a stay prosecutor who figured out biden's kick back laundering scheme. when russia accused the u. s. o facilitating biological warfare research on ukraine soil, mainstream media did everything to disparage and down cry. the storm, it was a crazy conspiracy, a disinformation campaign, and anyone who dead as much as try to see if there's just
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a kernel of truth to it was labeled a trade him actual russian propaganda trader is. russia also said the luger center in georgia was making zombies, tulsa gabardine, parroting false russian propaganda. her treason this life may well cost lives, and in this could coffee, any of months slinging. it was quite easy to miss what some officials had to say on the matter. like when seen american diplomats? victoria newland voiced, concerns over russia, getting access to ukrainian labs or the world health organization recommending cave outright destroys evidence. does ukraine have chemical or biological weapons? ukraine has biological research facilities. we are working with the ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from
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falling into the hands of russian forces should they approach so may be american guns, bombs, and now tank sent to crane on just men to protect key of but rather washington secrets as numerous well, leaders have been focusing on strengthening economic ties with africa. a put, francis has warned. the western powers must end what he described as the exploitation of the continent. mothers comments on a visit to the democratic republic of congo, where he accused a foreign powers of literally looting the country. last weekend, hands off africa, stopped choking africa. africa is not a mind to be stripped or terrain to be plundered. may africa be the protagonist of its own destiny. after the political colonialism once unleashed, with placing people into slavery, this country which was widely looted cannot take advantage of its own resources.
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the paradox is that the fruits of its own land make the country of foreign entity to its inhabitants. the poison of greed has made its diamonds bloody less that the pope is a week long visit to africa, which also includes south sudan is focusing on areas with sizable catholic populations, but which are also struggling with internal conflicts and poverty. and the church as long maintain substantial influence in those locations. we heard from robert jaga, a catholic priest in nigeria who condemned what he described as neo colonial policies by certain western powers. now, is it unimportant speech, or when will it will only earl is in was the physical presence of european powers on the african continent in african countries and the physical expropriation of the resources of the african continent to the foreign wald. now, in new colonialism,
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the western must us do not need to be physically present. what they do is now to use, or should i say they are cronies? should i see the african agent? first of all, the kind of indication we have received enough regards been pretty much a lot to be advantages to the west, disadvantageous to africa. so you have people who are in power some times foreign policy in ways out of elections in order to get you who can honda to the old wind some cup races. so the you know, how african. busy leaders who bel pretty much to the mustang and you through them, they continue the same plunder that existed in the red gym, or one of the allison protests broken out on the streets of the west bank and gaza . as the u. s. secretary of state met with the top is really and palestinian
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officials to basically discuss recent tensions. and we heard from the head of the palestinian national initiative a political party. he says the people of palestine believe the u. s. a siding with israel unjustifiably. what here to protest against the american positions which are totally by us, to israel, and to send a message to mister lincoln that he cannot hide away from the massacres that are committed against palestinians. and that day and i just states has done really nothing to stop the fascist government and israel from committing crimes against the listing. and every day in the state has consistently funded with israel no matter what. and that in itself, that betrays the principles that the americans claim regarding self determination, equality, freedom for all, all this. they say it as
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a theory. first, when it comes to practicing it, specially with the listing of people, it doesn't exist. s. s any or we're here to express our rejection to lincoln's visit to the region, which comes within us some limited support for israeli occupation, which carries out aggressive actions against the palestinian people. the u. s. still sells only lip service to the palestinian people. one of the military in the meeting with the u. s. a secretary of state, the palestinian president said that israel is not being held responsible for violations of international law. yeah, this gum swell is really is being over luca and without being held accountable for its unilateral actions, including settlements, actual annexations of lunch, generous shirtless storm in palestinian territories, murdering displacing and demolishing dal dispos dns days in jerusalem. desecration of oxen mosque season fonts along with ethnic lansing and apart sites. the u. s.
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secretary of state came to ramallah in the west bank after a wave of violence that took the lives of both palestinian and israeli and intensified idea of military raids. especially in the camp janine in the north, although complied west bank that made january the deadliest month for palestinians . and several years was at least 35 people killed at hays meeting with lincoln. president a bus said it is time for the international community to interfere at his meeting with abbas here in that i'm allah. blinking said it is important to ensure that his rallies and palestinians have equal rights. but he did not make any comment on these rally policy that is far from serving this goal, we uphold any or by either side that makes that goal more difficult to achieve more disease. and we've been clear that this includes things like settlement, example the legalization of demolition is an eviction structure to the historic
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status of the holy site. and of course, in fighting and acquiescing to the violence. just days ago, the country's new national security minister gave a green light to house is demolition and eastern jerusalem that israel considers were built illegally. the move that puts thousands of families under threat of being left without a roof. israel also reinforced its military troops in the west bank and made several statements and promises to strengthen and expand settlements there that most of world sees as illegal when teen came here to the region to ensure that washington is committed to the idea of 2 state solution to these rarely publish tina and config, but the ra actually knew particular tabs towards helping these go come true off the jerusalem and ramallah, the secretary of state blinking is expected to visit guys on wednesday. and theories are that not only it will be able to help the tensions on the grounds,
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but it will make it worth western knox policies have been sparking some discontent and asia. for example, the pakistan's national currency plummeting to a historic low against the us dollar. and recent days, that's after the washington headquarters. i am f pushed for his mom about to lift controls over the exchange rate, but also raise taxes for every day pakistan is we heard from locals, who believe the international monetary fund is actually worth sinning? pakistan's economic crisis bus to got up in the past. life was good. but you know, the recent price hikes on bearable bill in the past we were surviving. but now it looks hard at a job, no labor, no wark, everything is expansive. it's very hard to own bread for the family. if prices go up, we would have no work. i mean, what did i, i think the i m f is just create an a drama. when actually the i m f job is meant to be to help stabilize economies if they need financial help. but here's the i'm
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of his driving us to a default. if the golden claims they are signing a new program with the i m f and everything will be fine. i don't believe this for many decades. we have seen that the i m f. programs have done nothing to better our economy. actually, they've destabilized our economy. i think the i'm of can play a positive role about the i m f program is not how can the poor, but it's very useful for our rulers, this political system is for them, not for the people that are well, pakistan has been and talked with the i m f as essentially it's been trying to unlock funding from a 6000000000 dollar i m f loan artie contributor christopher m takes us through what's happening in pakistan and that of the role of the i m f. pakistan's prime minister has announced that the government is seriously considering cutting energy subsidies to the countries export industrial complex. this is in order to obtain a $6500000000.00 bail out loan from the international monetary funds. pakistan's
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industry currently relies on vital subsidies in order to reduce the effects of rising energy prices and inflation running at 24.5 percent. the chaos in shoed after prime minister among can, was ousted from power. the pakistani whoopee is in free, full trading as low as $270.00 repeat per one us dollar. this crash followed pakistani authorities decision to remove exchange controls between it sovereign currency and the us dollar. according to bloomberg about 30 percent of pakistan's population up below the poverty line with the majority of them relying on government subsidies just for the bad necessities. it is also being called into question. as i m f mission chief, a pockets on nathan porter arrived in the nation's capital is lama bob. undoubtedly been with a big red pen in order to flash government spending for his overloads in washington, d. c. the effects of this will be catastrophic. not just for the economy of
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pakistan, but to pledge the nation into object poverty. in anticipation of his visit, the government res, gasoline prices over the weekends, increasing the suffering already being inflicted in my view. this is yet another example of us financial wolf that 1st by influencing the ousting of a lead to friendly to russia. consequently, bringing the country to its needs to the u. s. dollar. and now the final qu, degrass full thing, the country to become debt slaves to themselves, and their allies through the i m f, to which the u. s. is the largest contributor and the largest voting blog holding effective vito power for most decisions. one can only hope that as we enter this new mostly polar walls, with the rise of bricks as a significant rival to west and back to institutions. countries like pakistan will begin to see that there is another way, the way of peace and prosperity for all. 25 down here in moscow,
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u. s. military weapons left behind during the hasty withdrawal from afghan, installing 2 years ago, have or been reported a research thing in that of a well another conflict in south asia, pakistan, militants, of allegedly been using a u. s. m. for an m 60 and assault rifles in that dispute against indian soldiers in the kashmir region. and us republican congressman and now calling for a thorough investigation house. republicans warned this would happen yet. there was 0 oversight or investigation into biden's disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan and nancy pelosi rest assured we will be holding hearings and looking into the consequences of leaving so much military equipment behind. now the whole kashmir region has been a persistent source of tension between india and pakistan. what's been going on for decades now. the region shows borders with china and dentist on the initial conflicts started off to the partition of india in 1947 as both india and pakistan . they claim to the entirety of that region that now india controls roughly 50
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percent and pakistan roughly 30 percent of the land. now more than $7000000000.00 in u. s. funded 1000000 military crippin was in the possession of the afghan government when it fell to the taliban in august 2021. according to the u. s. defense department report published just last august. that included more than $20000.00 u. s. military humvee vehicles. a quarter of a 1000000, automatic rifles and almost a 100 us combat drones plus ammo and other hardware. some of those weapons now appear to have resurfaced some other parts of the world. and local kashmir authorities 1st reported the use of us made weapons last year. after alleged insurgent was arrest terrorist, kaiser cochran neutralized identification of 2nd terrace, being a certain incriminating materials, arms and ammunition, including one usa made rifle, one pistol and other materials have been recovered. we heard from the editor in
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chief of the as i'm about telegraph, who says that us made weapons left behind and i've got to start flowing into kashmir. they say washington is responsible now for the civilization in the region . we have seen what happened there in our what happened there in syria and america was there. and there, soon after the video from over there, the american american technology, the rapids, and everything has been on sale in the international market. and america are solely responsible for this disaster, after destruction in a brand on the american move to your brand. and i think it is a lot of mean for the piece. the vol has to take notice of it. it is highly likely that these, these a high end can be acquired and can be, you know, by, in the market on the market in the border areas,
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because pockets on our brand on they have actually transformed into a back market. so it is very easy to fight and weapons high and dry for the best mind and other type of explosive, from a one. it's honest man. i once again, let me, let me conclude the us v dawn has actually dance form this region seems to zak smartgate of weapons and i solely whole. and that comes as possible for this disaster. i am telling you so good to have your company today, or the greys own news outlet says that leaked documents from the british military intelligence shows that the u. k. is admitting that a so called kremlin narrative was actually the truth. the report said that despite the admission the u. k. deployed a psychological warfare unit to the balkans to counter a growing russian influence another barrier to combat in this information is the
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fact that certain kremlin backed narratives are factually true. for example, one of the country's most prominent pro kremlin narratives relates to russia's ongoing support for belgrade. in the course of a dispute, which is true, responding to inconvenient truths as opposed to pure propaganda, is naturally more problematic. earlier my colleague or you know, neil i spoke with reports, author grey's own u. k, at his or kit, clara. but now he says that london's main tactic is to undermine russian influence around the world. the tatic is simply too well is done by demonizing moscow. yeah, well i mean, i think that they just, i mean the access from a file to talking which an internal foreign, which discusses the difficulties of combating russian disinformation in this context in order to use the inputs right. states to the british, nita undermine russian quote unquote influence on the need to demonize moscow. the
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eyes of the local population, the leak implies that london is aware of some of what they call russian narrative, despite calling them factually true. what does that suggest about the agenda as a whole? but a year ago, a document showing that in both running before the government's climate communication campaign, which is very, very odd. this is done in total secret. it's never been publicized before. advertise london doing this, but since the start of the word ukraine, those documents took on and since the dimension versus soldiers have been deployed to the st. sorry, a among them counter disinformation experts quite wide. that isn't clear. but it just struck me that the same mechanism is the same tactics that we used by the participant harmony, clearly abroad to compel citizens to comply with the throne of virus restrictions, which was you know, terrifying people submission were now being applied. get to run up the post
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post threat of russian aggression and that will justify their own military deployment. meanwhile, the former chief advise at a boris johnson, dominic cummings is confirmed that the u. k. government is heavily influenced. got this by a so called deep state for which accountability towards voters or the democratic process is not a primary consideration. surprise, surprise. there are kind of deeply entrenched institutions which actually practically control huge amounts of watkins with 0 to very little democratic insight or even a knowledge and understanding the deep state israel. the deep state actually controls vast majority of government, and most of the letter people have no understanding or involvement. it will show you all. that's just a fact because a lot of what's happening right. it is really get screw shit, the shipper confusing and difficult. often what's happening is very good,
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sensible intelligent officials with genuine public service. you actually understand what the hell's going on fall better than the idiots who are elected archie trying to stop. did you chew or be elected, doing terrible things and oxford university graduate, who's been working in back rooms as a strategist for the past couple of decades. serving more recently a strategist for the pro brags campaign, and then as chief strategist for former british prime minister bras. johnson. what cummings is clearly suggesting is that democratic elections are just window dressing. it's all just a big charade. the former top 8 explains how these deep state actors hid behind anonymity and made decisions on things like coven related locked downs, travel restrictions, and anti cove. a job mandates. clearly they weren't worried about having to answer to the public coming, talks about the systemic, undermining of democracy with all the no sales of ordering up
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a pizza. and around the same time that cummings was musing about the deep state, a whistleblower came forward in the british press to disclose that the british army spied on coven lockdown critics, including high profile journalists. black i was doing should never have happened. this domestic monitoring of citizens seem not to be driven by desire to address the public's concerns, but to identify leavers for compliance with controversial government policies. fact that this political monitoring happened under the guise of contrary misinformation highlights how without serious safeguards, the concept wrong information is open to abuse and has become a blank check. the government use this in an attempt to control narratives on line . contrary to their stated aims, these government truth units are secretive and harmful to our democracy. so is this what cummings was talking about, sending the military to spy on those who oppose the narrative and rules crafted by
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the faceless, deep state actors he spoke of. who then used that information to craft responses that the 1st battalion of idiots and morons, otherwise known as elected officials, can go back out to the front lines and defend, in part by branding anything else that contravenes or contradicts the official narrative dis, information. how exactly do they manage to square all that with the image of britain as a free democratic and transparent system to which other countries should aspire? sometimes under the threat of sanctions, sounds like perhaps the u. k. should 1st try holding itself to that standard and see how it goes. and so if indeed the so called a deep state has its tentacles intertwined with the u. k. government, which other governments are on the world of essentially being hijacked by the deep state, perhaps take a closer look at the world economic forum and its front van cloud schwab.


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