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tv   News  RT  February 7, 2023 3:00am-3:31am EST

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ah ah with a day after one of the strongest earthquakes ravaged parts of the country destroying homes and living thousands dead and injured a new contract, a w r pulled from the rebel as disasters after shock, syria, more than 3000 people have been confirmed dead and her in syria and the deaths all is still rising. routers, foreign minister survey, robber, all visits molig to improve relations after tensions erupt. it between the west
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african nation and the un, as molly, expelled the un human rights envoy. ah, you live from the russian capital. this is our t international. i'm rachel blevins here with the top stories of the our welcome to the program. turkey has been struck by yet another series of earthquakes just a day after a more powerful one. detect it out of magnitude of $7.00. rot, have it in the country and, and neighboring syria triggers president air to want described it as the strongest earthquake there in almost a century. more than 3000 people have been confirmed dead. the following footages from one of the hardest hit areas. and just a warning you may find it disturbing. i'm living with home.
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oh, a elderly residence from a nursing home more forced to flee into the freezing cold as the facility was heavily damaged with the outside temperature around 0 degrees celsius. this footage shows local, some of them seriously injured, exposed to the elements without wearing winter clothing. images are also circulating on social media, showing people in tears, trying to support one another as they wait for news about their loved ones and affected areas. i guess you all know them this moment, just after a building collapse was filmed by
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a journalist during a live broadcast in southeastern, her kia the footage shows locals frantically running away from the structure after it caved in. those are not there yet, but also being on at least 10 turkish provinces were impacted and tremors could be felt hundreds of kilometers away. among the can. trees of fact, it neighboring syria, already crippled by years of war, suffered mass devastation when seismic shock spread into northern parts of the country. let's take a closer look now at the extent of the destruction. now, so far over 3000 does have been confirmed inter kia with more than 20000 injured syrian authorities have reported more than 700 killed and 1400 injured. we heard from some of those who had lost their loved ones. ah
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mm hm. they have torn my lot, were completely broken. no, for the new modem, ah, a
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or a ms. ross was a new families under there. my sons, my daughter and my son in law, they are still under the rubble. we hear their voices, they're still alive. there's no way to get them out. there's no machinery, there's a with my grandson is 18 months, so please help them please. we can hear them have not got any news from them since the morning. please go on the 12th. oh, we can't reach my family, my grandson ah
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the syrian city of aleppo near the turkish border was one of the area's most affected. residents were forced to flee from their homes and have been gathering at shoulders where they are provided necessary accommodations. the facilities were chosen because they are far from tall buildings. as residents fear there could be further tremors. we heard from some of them as they shared their terrifying experiences. unless noticed by that man who could feel the ass moving under as like windmills and the shaking was getting stronger and stronger. all the things in the house were fooling. we could not get ourselves together. we didn't know what to do, and i'm going to be the lead people to let from their homes. and we decided to come to this comment. this is there more area and there are no tall buildings there. we went out to the street to see old people standing there. there were in
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a disastrous condition. hi leon aleck, that was there more than 750 people in the convent. we're providing all we can for these families. we give them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as providing heating and bathrooms, and the most important thing for them, which is safety. as syria tries to cope with the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes, the u. s. has again refused to lifted sanctions against the middle eastern country state department spokesperson ned price recently deflected a question about that policy, claiming it is actually the syrian government. it was to blame for the overall disastrous situation there. government, they are in power to run the specter operation or obligations would be registered and just show it to the faction basically, you know, it would be quite r roddick if not even counterproductive for us to reach out to the government as
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brutalized. its people over the course of a dozen years now, asking them, slaughtering them, being responsible for much the suffering that they've endured. human rights groups have warned that western sanctions, particularly from the u. s. r, blocking aid from entering syria after the earthquake media outlets have reported that transport companies are afraid of making deliveries to syria due to a risk of punishment from washington. we heard from analysts to lab abraham, who says that the us is only looking out for itself instead of considering the plight of the syrian people. it is very clear that the might of states probably see in middle east they have has one before when goal is to undermine the state, they do not care about human problems or human issue. they want to put aside the homely tim issue. indeed,
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when there is any human italian for them, like what could happen to be, we see that the united states is a diff nation. they will not hear anything. they are only looking for that and services and they are dripping on the floor. they're a political agenda and now we didn't hear any instructive reaction from the side of the might. the states rush and rescue workers have been providing assistance in earthquake stricken areas and turkey and syria. 3 planes with russian emergency personnel have arrived in the southern target city of a donna. another deployment is headed to the earthquake epicenter. the russian personnel are tasked with operating the area around the clock in syria. more than 300 russian soldiers, as well as 60 units of military and other special equipment, are assisting and rescue operations and clearing debrief. the soldiers have been
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providing humanitarian aid to local syrian residents. the russian military has setup assistance centers in the syrian cities of law and talk. yeah, i mean other areas we heard from security and defense analysts, murat, aguillon, he's an earthquake with such a high magnitude is significantly rare. and as the recent disaster came as a shock to local residents, i know that it's a big question mark, you know, the collapse of all the building medical concerns in mind. the fact that you, the craig is 7.7, that's really, really not sure. the 2nd thing, it has become not only one location, but in many different provinces. it should be covered, maybe $6.00 to $7.00 provinces. in the meantime, with minor differences in another 3, you know, it trusts in syria, greece collapse in some cities, and also 11. and this is the essential reason,
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i believe, because one this for a quick region with different episode. why do we, we not want to collapse to many buildings of course a life. so if you go to the image, if you can see light into the earthquake and all buildings on top has collapsed. so it's not only about construction, but the magnitude of the week. i believe the president eric want has described one of the earthquakes as the worst in almost a century. so what else do we know about this devastating theories of natural disasters? check out our website, r t dot com for more details and the latest updates. molly's foreign minister has a greed at his russian counterpart survey, la rob, upon arrival in the country as their top diplomat is on a tour of africa and the middle east. la rock is also scheduled to meet with
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molly's interim president and conduct further talks with the west african countries talk diplomat. the focus is expected to be on expanding bilateral ties in various fields, including economic and military issues, as well as upcoming deliveries of russian. we fertilizers and petroleum products. meanwhile, french officials have condemned the malia and government's decision to expel the un mission human rights. chief molly said that dismissed the envoy because he was conducting, quote, de stabilizing actions in the african nation. this measure follows the destabilizing and subversive actions of mister and dolly, in flagrant violation of the principles and applications that must be observed by united nations officials, and any diplomat accredited to molly. the government emphasizes that mister and dolly has never succeeded improving the objective criteria which enabled him to identify the representatives of civil society that he used marley's. interim
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government hes accused the head of the un peacekeeping mission in that country. who is the head of the human rights division of musical as for us, on an android and in 48 hours to leave the country. the foreign ministry declared william and dolly, who is the head of me, newsome as human rights division as his own and andretta in a statement. molly's foreign ministry accused mister and other of these stabilizing and having subversive actions against the authorities. but there is history between the you and the human rights schieffer and the marine government and the united nations security council, a 1000000 civilian or choose the government and groups associated with it of a widespread allegations of human rights abuses and by associated groups here, this was a thinly veiled reverence, of course, to the wagner group,
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which has been operating as part of the 1000000 government security voices. it must be said that the presence of russian military partners alongside demarion and forces, and of course, their valor is commendable. however, their presence does not make things easier in any way. these actors are involved in a serious violations of human rights, international miniature, in law. these violations have been documented by maryan civil society organizations and have been reflected in official reports, including those of the secretary general and minis, may as well an independent incredible organizations. on this testimony, the un expert agreed that there should be an independent investigation. molly, of course, was not please, and it's res once accused nathan valley and the witness of having no proof of such claims that they are making and that they couldn't find any of it. the government went on to further point out that there's been a decrease in mud decrease in human rights abuses. and that molly stands ready for
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elections next year. having of course, come into a military coup that's currently ruling the country there from 2021. 1 can only wonder how much of this really has to do with the russian factor, and it's become a pattern of choice for the traditional maryan government. and this was the words there was echoed by the foreign minister of molly, seeing that russia and no blame year, and that they remain committed to the partnership cooperation between molly and russia is a state to state effort. molly will not continue to justify that choice of partners . these choices have been made in a unique context. and the distinguished representative of the russian federation has just indicated to you that this cooperation in terms of training and equipment is being carried out with full respect for international norms. in this regard. we hope that that will be duly noted so that our country is able to carry on
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guaranteeing its security. molly, of course is looking to assert. busy itself in that country as not only a government by the government in control and able to make its own decision as to whom it runs to associate. and yesterday, the transitional government said that they were anticipating the russian foreign ministers visit to my lee this week. and that with that visit they hope to bolster the defense and poor operations that they have with that it still remains to be seen whether nathan, he will actually, he's the cause to has been requested of him to leave the country. or if he will actually, just, i don't know, ling the longer making the tensions, even more such we will see as the 48 hours expire. but this is just one of them, many a list of patients that have been experienced between the international body as
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well as this african country. the head of the known as g republic says the russian forces have gained a strategic advantage in northern and eastern parts of the embattled city of arts. him ask, also known as back mote. that's as russian troops have been advancing on ukrainian positions across the front line. as ortiz, mariah garcia, reports, kiev admit, backwater is on the brink. rushes, wagner group has launched an assault from 3 directions, north, east, and south, which limited our ardor. we'll get out of this house called barton. i see it's all burning. we're barely got out in small groups. our command is don campbell, and i'm telling it to you. like it's a school last more people to say to dad for injured in half an hour or these are all who are left. it's hell, they're not simply how i'm telling you. much sued of the battle for bachman has been utterly savage. it is claimed thousands if not tens of thousands of ukrainian
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troops killed and injured rare slips from ukrainian journalists and troops paint a terrible picture. yeah allison, i spent people who transport the dead and wounded at of back much and they told me that according to their estimates and i'm prepared. ukraine invite to survive in backward for only 4 hours on the front line. yes. that's a very negative statistic. i think they survive longer in zappa rogia than yet can le ganske russian forces are pushing forward slowly, but surely. these is the 2 s for 2 lip. a 240 millimeter mortar used to level
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fortifications, a garage rewards with blue particles, with the fall i may be huge. they certainly are, but they function much like their smaller cousins. and those are reg, regular, more dog cell mud is launched out of the tube flies in an arc and lands on target with the ammunition that they're using now. are those mines are rocket assisted, meaning that they can cover much greater distances. ah,
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it is somewhat grassy to a v. i think 2 of these guns falling together. one is usually good enough. mm. but it's a little finishing us to you. it's nothing remains of the enemy's positions of the shot. this system fire strictly up major targets and leave nothing standing. the 2 lip east, just one of the weapons that ukrainian troops and nationalists are running from in bombs and elsewhere. and every day, more weapons and vehicles arrive, rushes, military, industrial complex is in overdrive and the key of understands time. he's not on its side more i guess the f r t. look on squeezen. as russian troops advanced on ukrainian army positions and non mass, there are israeli media reports. the ukraine has issued
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a list of demands to the middle eastern country and the conflict that's as israel's foreign minister is scheduled to visit key at r t 's. maria for national has the details. this raley foreign minister, alec coin flies to key of to reopen the countries embassy in ukraine. but there is much more to that israeli media report quoted to a name senior officials, one ukrainian, and one israeli. that ahead of the visa, key of has issued at least of the month, the way israel will respond to it, will affect the 2 countries relations. so what does key of want? according to reports, public denunciation of russia's special military operation, ukraine, half a $1000000000.00 alone, medical treatment of your cleaning soldiers in israel, and to missile technology development, public support for zalinski piece plan, which includes complete withdrawal of the russian forces from all territory. the key of consider ukraine. so what the minister's answer will be hard to predict for now, israel has always been cautious in its approach to the war,
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not to support relations with russia has largely supported cave with humanitarian aid and efforts, but refused to send weapons. and was condemned by ukraine for that. i don't know what happened to israel. i'm honestly in shock because i don't understand why they couldn't give us air defenses. i'm stating the fact my conversations with israeli leadership have done nothing to help you crane. it was very honest and frank conversation, i tried to convince le bit that i think it's a strategic mistake, and i believe that it would be in the best or digit interests of israel to cooperate fully with ukraine. politicians in israel will be ashamed in the future because they didn't stand by our side at the time since december eyes were on the countries, new government and some of them started talking about the drastic shifting israeli policy. that's after the countries new foreign minister alley coin had a phone conversation with russia. stomped, implements that a gay law before he's ukrainian counterpart that but especially when statement that
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he made his inaugural speech with regard to the russia ukraine issue. we will do one thing for certain in public. we will talk less. we will prepare a detail reference from the ministry of foreign says to the cabinet, so they can formulate a responsible policy. in any case, the significant humanitarian aid to ukraine will continue immediately. a strong disapproval came from key of not surprisingly, but also from israel's clothes. ally washington, i'm glad to see mister cohen, israel's new foreign minister is prioritizing the us israel strategic relationship and supports continued him in terry and aid to ukraine. however, the idea that israel should speak less about russia criminal invasion of ukraine is a bit unnerving. it's really a rock and a hard place for months now with kids alleged ultimately with these roles seems to be left without room for maneuvers. and definitely the countries for ministers with 2 kids will be at tasks not only for israel ukraine relations, but also for you guys with both russia and the us. what's the outcome will be?
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well report say the court is meeting with the current president zaleski is not confirmed, but will happen if kid is that is fine with israel's response. even if promises are made behind closed doors, this is how we will know where does israel's tend you is persisting on its road to renewable energy as brussels has now named africa as a key partner in these efforts, however, the vice president of the commission has admitted that they have an especially vested interest in africa resources. africa is probably going to be the most important partner for europe in terms of developing the renewable energy sector. the european union will need more green hydrogen than we can produce ourselves. so we're looking for countries where green hydrogen can be produced. a man came from brussel size africa suffers a fuel crisis of its own, even one of the continent's most prosperous nations, south africa, husband facing shortages and energy insecurity,
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including rolling electricity outages for much of last year. meanwhile, the e. u has been searching for a stable energy supplier. so this economic ties with russia were severed last year . after a series of unfruitful talks with countries in the middle east, the u is now lying africa for alternative. western nations have been pushing africa towards green energy for months. the u. n. she said that the world must end it's dependency on fossil fuels. while saying that africa is renewable sources remain mostly untapped. we heard from a geopolitical analyst who says that african leaders should not accept any deal with the e u without considering the needs of their own people. first, they will lead us to live deals as individual do with the you states or the member states that will influence them into making division. not necessarily on behalf of the population,
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but the political parties that elected those leaders should be the one to have policies that will influence that the energy problems need to be revolve within african state. so, but if the new leadership is influencing the policies of africa, it's going to be a very long road for african countries to deal with their own energy problems. so it should be the political parties that have influenced the leaders that are in power to make sure that they are in line with the energy plans for their own countries. that one come from you. that's all for now. be sure to check out our t. v dot com for all the latest breaking news and updates. we'll see you right back here at the top of the hour. ah,
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o. at this hour, american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free its people. and to defend the world from great with we will bring to the iraqi people, food and medicines, and supplies. and freedom with
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is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way, or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true was is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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ah, use people likely and in most cases it's good to be as close to one as possible. but of course the world freedom in it is quintin. all the allies of united states are in the top 10 of the index, all in complex or in the box. what does this say about the credibility and the criteria of the ranking? so i'm starting this addition of 36, we're going to ask is the world of freedom index, just a ranking made by the west side justification to involvement important complex ah, since 20000 index at the civil liberties has been published by candidates frasier institute, germany, the liberality institute and the us based cato institute. now the annual freedom index created rankings based on measures of freedom of speech, freedom of religion,
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individual economic choice, free association, freedom of assembly, violence and crimes. freedom of movement and women's rights. switzerland, new zealand, denmark, estonia and ireland rank in the top 5 with syria, venezuela, yemen, sudan in egypt at the very end with iran being 6 from the bottom. but just like with almost everything there is sometimes a large difference between what is being presented and what is actually occurring. sure, leaders from countries like the united states, great britain and france, can almost never go an entire speech without dramatically saying the word freedom. ask the citizens and those countries how much freedom they enjoy and their answers will be different. even more concerning is how many citizens feel they are enjoying less freedom than prior generations. during me now to discuss is ed martin, president of the official schafer egos as thank you so much bye.


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