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men of libya, the neocons screamed for blood, shall the concerns of manning conquest about dwayne, which their banner administration has conducted these operation. the problem is not that he has done too much, however, and that he has done too little to achieve the girl of removing cathy from power. united states should bulletin in these effort, not trailing behind our allies. the next target was serious. a belief that if you want to get peace and syria, you can't leave asked and power. prominent u. s. economists, jeffrey sachs says that ukraine is the ultimate culmination of the neo con strategy . the warren ukraine is the culmination of a 30 year projects of the american neoconservative movement. the biden administration is packed with the same neocons, who championed the u. s. wars of choice. and serbia, afghanistan, iraq, syria, and libya. and who did so much to provoke russia's invasion of ukraine, endless wars, country after country destroy. and where is all it is prosperity,
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freedom and democracy that's been promised? not once as the neoconservative agenda lived up to its supposed ideals. but despite the hard lessons and the u. s. public being overwhelmingly opposed to further interventions, the war hawk world view remains alive and well as emma ala marvin archie, new york. or this is just part of our ongoing coverage of the iraq war and the mistake, the through the oil rich country into chaos, while increasing instability in the middle east. stay tuned as we continue looking back to the us led invasion over the next few months and for even more exclusive content, you can head to r t dot com. how
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ah, with i was also with all the go away a lot with the one you seem will avoid a new enough with all a couple of them by full $31.00 a month with my mom, a fortune with as really
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condense a picky store for said you made me money. got options and that'll go to the page i need you for we here with me. option mutual does go to canada because nobody is that much to spoil it again. that's it. that the phone with into denny is ukraine segregating one group or citizen this from another is sponsored at state level for sure. i was giving you a call about a boss. but with neo nazis
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monitoring the have key will evolve the portraits of former nazi collaborators with how is it possible that in the 21st century his 3rd decade naziism has become the ideology of an entire state and who has been assisting this process for decades with 1944 western ukraine, their mark units retreat. so dr. military intelligence orders ukrainian collaborators to use sabotaged to delay the red armies advance blinked to german military in ukraine. civil authorities bound arrows, followers act on germany's orders and receive arms, uniforms and other military supplies. fighting is stamped up against the red army
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in soviet partisans. tara is intensified against ukrainians with soviet sympathies, u. p. a. gangs dogs, the red armies rear. the subversion of reconnaissance. continue seeing euro against god. bless. know a when of a committee at an auto seem not to seem to be at this to get so sort of still stumble with them. but before gets the slip to she fuck a lot. nauseous, toys, symptom bump, bump it up simply by shame me chuck. what is the li seem use us by which it did yoke chill? i via ah, yes, legality to garcia? cut order for toilet. when did offset ordinarily cheerless, but they say she was just orchestra. so jasmine was us, you know? yes, long i had silly blurb her as a progress merely initially. ah no, no pretty near mogley,
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pretty desert to where you could come up with come to reduce is always video of good video service. probably c choice could. is it a? well, now this years to prove that the war, most of the usually the console is cookie fis, curly dick a daughter for magole miss invoice, down the week muggy, of what he says he's got clear, ah, variety of others too. but as of a 60 lea, a post i meet them. yeah, of course. right. when come on monday it up so that bradley is norma, need to put will in i didn't. if she did, you still? i'm you talk. i think miss dudley abnormal, isn't lindsey at to be look wall of i was little believe that you did a chest yet through believe no evidence of her river crimes like this isn't just found in the yellow pages of criminal filess today, the ukrainian army,
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subversive units, are assigned similar tasks. one you might have stored vash will not feel principally knows that when you start a business along the sodium in no, can i ask in this and that is the is point. thank you them. yesterday i thought over there, i bought them out and he is out. so christ christmas and i need to be sure they sat there sort of how it would it supplies like in nancy. wal keep but knocked. you think i dunbar? i spoke with miss all 9 years, sort of sense to look at your point here as somebody mean, you know, i know what to say is that those are some why has this sadistically that come? uh huh. of ukrainian nationalism. crystal was
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a group with pretty much i love working so hard to was. this was historian alexander mason. he coff has organized an ambitious exhibition about the history of the south of russia. thousands visit the exhibition every day. he was with mason cove is well versed in the regions long history. he believes violent, ukrainian nationalism was fueled by a strong foreign support during world war 2, the boundaries receive assistance from nazi germany is not share or sell bunker. oscars really are brill our fuel or cedar, was the boss no one on us up with leading lashona, dean, gas people to log in. you get a minute if i get them or talk to pussy wiley was at the kentucky and we'll put those in with them. so nathan, she would do them through josephine, you describe it after the full of berlin. in the spring of 1945 ukrainian
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nationalists began collaborating with us intelligence source, gothic with our current genuinely that show a colored new orleans solid fornia push through zillow with owners. no, i do totally new 3. if i of course, are you that you would talk about foolish, but any mural for bunker settled when you're able to live in a brown and nice and dilated executors also. aw, zone on the bus. i will get em console and them you mr. somebody with less or more to have lessons u. s. intelligence cool. the operation to form an armed underground movement in west, in ukraine. aerodynamic actions against soviets were launched under this code name, in 1948, pulling the countryside, and killing her or greyboard, inconveniencing. i a goodly number of people. this of course was designed simply to show terror and the idea of terrorism terrorize and also to demonstrate that the soviet union could not maintain order in his own country. ah,
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the de cranes were pretty join the realm. ah fool. my reagan administration official, michael spring man is i'm surprised by news of the ukrainians shilling sap irosia nuclear power plants and blowing up dams on the service get done. it's river he so the same thing since he, i reports on the activities of full may hitler, collaborators, they've been sent into soviet territory. the end of the 1940s. they were running a secret underground and the secret above ground army stocking with weapons trained spies, material radios, and all sorts of other equipment to support them and to engage in essentially terrorist activities within the ukraine. in an effort to separate it from left to russia, toward the mother soviet union at the time. the striking thing about these documents is the brutal way ex nazis flown in from the u. s. carried out operations,
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cia co founder frank business estimated they were responsible for at least $35000.00 casualties. is mosque. we're pretty sure the 14, the d. e in sit against that, are still positive and i was still now it's tunnel are more cranes can the finale slip, but those i get this idea. see what's the why and then usually or congestion of but boy yeah. ok. that's poignant on the printer. do you normally, or you've wor, bob, which videos could pretty yeah, for a serious go. cray in there was cooper, that was cusick. he let, i was a pull back to the school to provide him here to somebody. but rosalind l'm video, he published cosette, isn't the had you listed bella chests, the blue with joking with will sort of do up to go to just more sub smo just for for w, wlan. cooper on middle school bus from rowen, isabel was sure
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a substitute credit for your school. hello, most marie appointment. no papa come up. he's the go to the store for dips. the ship. could you put it on my mobile just to show you a bobbers code. the mobile still it should is good, but almost up there to the curb. we'll be missing a couple of weeks early sim. you say a score enough for sure. we're usually about short. you're pushing you sort of early, send me a moment service focus. if it's you know, i'm scares restore christmas there early causal, but she earlier. well she said you were finished a little commuter on it or she could are for isn't it well the starting middle wait a start that it's stupid t v the weight that just this gym framing and it's the key. yeah, i read the cup. so be one that weighs the chip with buddy's, she must know on you. i have to design yes, your form will give me dieties,
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cesspool from the with the smile. you and your, your saudi with a good yet eagerly fort knox. you wouldn't lie in north dakota. shabby. would be a lawyer or what's the new cough that goes off? you're going to put that on the mouth. oh, a little to quit fighting. go look at it both on the cross blue her way in the in the week of the day it will be only a little cool. i mean it. so i'm, we're still not only will be live honey xhylia, a public school in a crispy alley. despite that brutality and ca support by the other 950 is the nationalist in agency had
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almost been wiped out by the red army or actually a chest possessed. how nice stuff could yield. number of school, either front of t. v shepherd, the ocean for she b e share follow. in the early 19 fifties, the see i abandoned a ranked support for saboteurs operating and the soviet union. the next step was to use ukranian nationalists and an ideological war against moscow. ah, oh, well, it's showing wrong. i just don't hold any new world yet to shape out the same becomes the african and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. i had recruited collaborators to write articles and books and things and ah, broadcast to the ukraine. are they at one point i came up with something like 200000 newspapers being printed ah, 5000 path was being distributed as something like 1200 hours of ukrainian propaganda broadcast into the country. or the subdivision of what was in soviet union. brumbalow park show was, gosh, no metal carmel to sit is the most money for the months. so what are your currently based on the level insurance occurred mariama loma chose not sure of
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them in the dpr as prosecutor's office. files on crimes committed by the ukrainian army are stored in a separate room. the evidence includes books glorifying former nazi criminals within the ukranian nationalist ranks and been reading materials smuggled into ukraine. from his early is the 19th sixty's, as part of a new cia operation called prologue, got through the shores coldly away, not even to push the photo. we were without assess the steel, so it are both on not only level a dual credit. no, but it was for i see you have to refer to do and i'm, if you put a little cut through any more says without any security threat of superstring through the fed. up with a frank legendary who was running operation aerodynamics he was head of office of policy coordination, which is a euphemism for running covert actions abroad. ad for running
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a clandestine service, who's officers would recruit and train and run agents. and a, he was the man who worked hard at making sure this operation succeeded. mm. the operation included setting up the prologue publishing house. it was headed by nikolai or nicole. i live in one of the ukrainian intelligent armies leaders during the war. he was a german intelligence officer until part in the mass execution of jews. and polls are well ins. good. it is. yeah. but it was left video smart sort of $32.00 or more sort of start with the quinn. me and it was a yes. this is through she or is this the chase less problem?
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crime stiffness. somebody still in the bundle of not near to the boys from the cdm wasn't quite sure. the mistake of my given to point out that i've got theses me in reaching at 1.8 killed about 10000 polish citizens because they had run out of jews to kill me quoting in the rubber boot that had been strangled with wire and dismembered. and just tossed into the water the younger stopper voting cold we were in the machine i sub, according to sort of a pasta is throwing away a lot since the cooper b. o. such few scope student consciously credible grades with couple of woo, no sons into one of them. normal business. the 50 this portion pushes both my phones either phill, i'm was up a little crazy here. a vehicle from us. susan,
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would you believe me or lynn was still in a couple of his renewal thoughts from no reco muscle with different solo controllers. move this. so folks clean those up. a little crazy with agree, wrote apart from prologue to cia supported, other pro ukrainian organizations training personnel to whip up nationally sentiment in soviet ukraine. now change these out to god off it, but don't pass you to she cindy selby with me said they would say i needed to block off south danny, up again on the company that seat got dory. us clearly as well. say it's cause i use, i just get put money into it. i assume it will not pay more. goc not do, ah, ticket audio book shows i was course i use and i thought it was more just as back
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to what that chuck a tough one for a while and say this because i use one of the most influential associations was the anti bunch of a block of nations, ss leaders came up with a concept in the middle of world war 2. the organizations 1st, congress was under the watchful eyes of jimenez and gerbils, subordinates in 1943 near the ukrainian city of rome. now they carrying his other promotion a sort of more glucose up. a good natasha. them my assault that order on unique will the new chiseling, new zealand know what was in you said. numerous thought that the anti bolshevik block of nations was led by young slapstick cove who participated in the laval, pogroms and massacres of jews in 1941. settled in the u. s. he was a ukrainian nationalist leader of order for you a few more workers of course have been trying really cognition for a little winner,
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quickly produced a numerous thought of the rolling and going to see if you will hear functionally is our 2nd program with graham and i showed it, says tyler anderson, i wish i could share those on the phone in the crease keys for the kitchen. did she? this photo was taken in 1983 during captive nations week next to states co is jean kirkpatrick. u. s. president reagan's foreign policy advisor, the 1st female you as ambassador to the un. the doctrine named anti kirkpatrick allows us to support any forces, including former executioners and terrorists, if they can damage the soviet union. we, if let anybody should in to get something on this topic. some of the boys pulled wintery finished up, but just got a walk in the cinema. i spoke with her all sorts of katerina or katherine player
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too much income is the other woman in the photograph or probably the mobile home phone anymore. it forward that on not tomorrow when you move in, you are see a post on or could i knew was me books in parameter, missouri. journaling can dogma. how to model or went to your 5 yesterday and they went to receive extra didn't clear too much income. russian guy chacandra digitally got daughter be just, i'm going to be to baseline me agree me at c. m, in the board there as well. i will say just give us a user warner again with your husband, his us, and they did it, do it here. i needed to die and you my believe. now believe site you can provide it for you on did i, cisco, i to say squeaking. katherine too much anker's parents were active supporters of the room via phase another structure that operated during the cia prolonged operation. during that period, the calculator was live selling co owner, somebody will oh, the credit union,
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abomination really yours. there are that even though greens are marshall of euro her, of to the really go with her junior or go synthetic i thought or what is will graham don't worry. a heap of wood helium. veronica crush an inner cover, wrote a scientific study on the reasons for the soviet union's collapse. hundreds of documents confirm her belief that cult such as ron vieira, lenti, ukrainian ruin circles being brought up to hate russia. philadelphia, you may wanna at least i didn't, i could i could, i feel pretty neatly catherine. sure. my chem kataria with foy enough polaris customer. it's to shock crowd talk ikea. mccardle. she yeah. must kelly? he said the i'm no that's the issue. cry in say,
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trembled completely. let's where you reason he special talk rain. strongly anti semitic, the cold call believe is the ukrainians or the chosen people. ah, ah, what are the symptoms for mrs. has been given the privilege of nickel than usual. when natalie she or garzo we any longer spoke of? oh garza into my daughter, even spoon mo, plead on it, but there is delaney. what honestly, look, are you there? oh, so shy, 32 hour or 2. roche, per se, a router wound video. oh, during her education at georgetown university,
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katherine lose noticed by live debris unscathed so as a link between the ukranian diaspora and the us government. yep, the ascii enterprise here. i'm to see me, not you. i've got dory yarborough's glass yoke across the g e upper. we got a deer as well as it goes. i use these as daniel to hugging is actually abriana. casey kia katherine too much anchor to post of head of the ukrainian national information service. ah, catherine allegedly shielded nancy criminals, settled in north america from fair justice on other ca, cigna, the pretty one you thought was gonna system it more interesting to you, the wallace. so now makes you think of water. ah, will no regular administration employee. michael, screamin says that when the usaa saw collapsed, the u. s. has an army of ideological ukrainian nationalists ready to go back to the
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homeland and hundreds of sleep agents in ukraine itself. when the time came, they began to act ah, at the end of the eighty's, a nationalist organization, the peoples movement of ukraine emerged in ukraine. it's me, those demanded changes inside the usaa as part of gorbachev's perestroika reforms. the ultimate goal was to create an independent ukranian state. the process is curated by an experienced soviet functionary and future president of ukraine. video need craft ciocca. taco, we read of the 6 years of watching 0. i'm going to register pneumonia. so yes, can i use you show nero's values you sure you have to destroy the sandwich? hideousness of gloves he holds on gam, willa zadvydas throwing again his are. so was your and i fear i was just williams listed by f gun that show i believe our thorough law nathan ali is one miss sadie.
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if can you walk with one of the messiah school? claim it, you scores of us, joseph walk, you were ma'am. your thumb is off. the black you, me for idea was, was in the thermal is his grade. i a rule by it. the more you will is for the one of them, for that as well as a rule. even knew that all the doors of our you got so i mean if i, if so i v e voicemail. a huge scheme i deal on part ukraine. leanne cut off to a lot of that. it is to work here. are
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don't cut president bureau because i spoke with people will be i need to bring the money with politicians connected to the people's movement is still serving in 2014 nita of the radical spot border. freedom party i leg tagging about was one of the crew details leaders, not my you bought some moss with him you must with his colleague andre barrow. b lead my down self defense forces. most of the youngsters who received special training in west ukrainian power, military camps, recruitment, science for future attempts. and since the beginning of the ninety's a bit, if we wanted to start a,
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a marriage with schools. if you look on the initial, be one of them not to get a can use to put value a new day or 2, but you also, there was a what
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i see. the student both is the little gear lation says diesel tutorial. dumbbell sub a grades are made by the american made. hi marcy, iraq. it, it landed right in the yard of this musical college right in the center of the city of the next more civilians are killed in the ukrainian shelling of rushes don't. yes, we're public. we report from the scene of one of the late with making sense, a clear message to washington, calling it the world's largest. amanda is trying to say thank you. why should we consider is policy of all mean? you train warning that the weapons could end up on the black mark a new us inflation reduction act report at least the record.


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