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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, what was the westbound ukraine? it would work on this kid what to invade him older than breakaway region of trans demitria. russian people have been stationed for more than 3 decades. china has called on the west to stop abusing you to launch or sanctions and do that. and the escalating the war in ukraine. same dialogue on negotiation, all the only viable solutions for the complex and an interview to going on the ground where now the investigative journalist seymour hersh quick found the alleged to us proper tosh benoit, stream pipelines which we think the exposed bomb shell reports. it's been denied by washington. that's the rationale for the mission to make sure that europe or more
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senior keeps on funneling supporting the door and keeps on falling arms into into what is clearly a proxy war against russia. a very welcome view. this is dorothy international with the latest world news update is good to have you with us this friday. our top story, this how the russian foreign ministry has issued a warning to the west and ukraine of an appropriate response. if kiana invades them all dive in breakaway region of trends, demitria, we warn the united states naval member countries and the ukrainian wards against any next provocative steps. we consistently advocate resolving all issues through political and diplomatic means. at the same time, no one should have any doubts that the armed forces of the russian federation will adequately respond to the provocation of the key of regime. if one should happen.
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russia has been warning of this possible provocation in moldova, where of course, it has a true presence in the self proclaimed republic of trans mystery. now ukrainian saboteurs dressed as russian troops are at let you be planning to attack trans nivia to provide a pretext for a ukrainian invasion. why does it matter, though? well, moscow's had a peacekeeping presence for 3 decades following a bitter a 2 year long war between a pro trans mystery. in truth, some pro mo, dove, and forth, is it left around a 1000 dead. now this call of course, came towards the end of the, the last years of the soviet union and many citizens in trans mystery, a hold russian passports. it's a majority. russian speaking region declared independence from modo roles. this is not internationally recognized. are russia how broke? are p stayed in 1990 to the end of the conflict and it's had his troops stationed there ever since now it's worth noting the am. moldova was awarded
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a you candidate member states as last year on the same day that ukraine received it, but it is not a part of nato. well, talking about mold over what was his response? been what moto was her pro western prime minister? his appealed for calm, official with a dismiss, the allegations of this so called a false flag invasion as russian psychological operations. they claim that russia wants to install a puppet government there. now tensions have been escalating for some time last week. moldova pans, citizens from serbia, belarus, and montenegro from entering the country unless they could prove they had a good reason to be them, the group of opposition mold open m p. 's a, raising the issue with the o. s. c. and this is also, they will rush over the possible provocation with ukrainian drones reportedly flying overhead. now we don't know the numbers, some media outlets. so putting the figure at some $20000.00 soldiers a master on the board is but this is of course unconfirmed at this stage,
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moldova has responded. it said that it is not identified a threat on its ukrainian border, but the russian defense ministry described the numbers as significant his statements. the russian defense ministry has recorded a significant accumulation of personnel and military equipment of ukrainian units near the border with transistor. the deployment of artillery and firing positions, as well as an unprecedented increase in flights of unmanned aircraft, of the armed forces of ukraine over the territory of the trans mr. republic. the implementation of a plan's provocation by the ukrainian authorities poses a direct threat to the russian peacekeeping force deployed legally in trans mr. i think it's worth pointing out. the tensions have escalated moldova house pulled out of a number of treaties and agreements that were made off of the collapse of the soviet union. the former president of moldova has urged ukraine to resolve this matter peacefully. as we've heard,
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russia is committed to dialogue over the contested area. but so far, ukraine has may remain tight. knit on the issue. no davis, former president ego. he's also the nation's top opposition leader. as long as the current government's policy and has called the nation to avoid the stabilizing the situation in trans nice area. while the us boys mode overseas, washington has no evidence that ukraine planning to invade trans. denise talia is come to the country. faith is political turmoil, with 1000 protesting against the government and high energy. cylindrical analysts told said, tess allows rhetoric is ended pleasing the west. angie waitlist isn't in you. you should demilitarization of trans nestor is on the one hand, the official position of chest now. but on the other hand, such a declaration in such a tense time causes great residence because the modern government does not always voice such a position. the fact that they return to the term demilitarization,
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which implies the withdraw of the russian peace keeping contingent from transit. esther is perceived both in moscow and theresa pole as a provocation. this was unexpected and suggest that just now is not afraid to use such a term and it's dangerous and to lead to consequences. but one way or another, most of the population of moldova is in favor of neutrality and does not support radical solutions. according to the latest polls, i believe that the current government of ma dover wants to show loyalty to the west and to kiev. as things are going very badly for them in social and economic spheres, the use the theme of war to show society that they are doing something useful solving some serious problems. but they are creating these problems themselves. that's the way i think the government wants to keep its rating from falling by whipping up fear. they go to the latest from the front lines and dumbass now where russian troops with the van could agree,
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believing the assaults have taken control of the village of the house. god knows the ukrainian how city of axiom mosque was on his back. nate, i see him on concert, is that oh, the village that we're talking about is only about a 7 kilometers away from the city of out of jail mosque. which of the ukrainian government have remained as a box or just a few years ago. now they are taking of this village is part of a larger offensive by russian forces aimed at advancements on the front lines, including and offensive for arch almost. now this latest development seems to further deteriorate the situation for ukrainian forces inside the city as it makes a re supply more difficult at the moment. now volunteers of the wagner private military company have been widely credited with taking multiple ukrainian positions in that particular area. this in question to day, according to the head of the wagner group of guinea, pr, goshen,
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or russian forces could capture arts almost sometime in early to mid spring. now he noted that the exact timing is now difficult to predict because kia continues to receive military aid from the west. now our toll mosque is of paramount importance, both for russia and ukraine on the strategic and mental side for key of it's important to hold on to the city, to keep up the morale in the army. and that keep in fact, it's 70 kilometer defensive line. while for russia taking control over, it's almost will mean a direct route towards the cities of slug downs and crumb a tourist. now both of those cities are a part of the nest people's republic, and their liberation falls in line with the goals of russia special military operation. meanwhile, this friday, monks is that came on year since russia started special and military operation into protecting civilians in the dumbass, you are still being targeted by ukrainian forces. earlier we spoke to the chief
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editor of the patriotic news network, janish put conan, he's nathan dumbass to 8 years. he says that despite the conflicts being a hardship for all parties involved, their permits, multi polarity, as russia is now showing nothing but strength. for us. everything started one week earlier, when no crane started the full scale at back in the 7th, the end of the february, 2022. and of course, for us, russia finally came to help the doing the defenders. and it was a very crucial moment, very important of off year behind from, from, certainly from all parties for dawn, but people for the don't the defenders in russian army. but i'm quite optimistic because i've been lived there for already 8 years. and i see the improvement the don't because it's a russian world, it's,
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it's the russian reactor in the side of it. and the whole independent, russia after the soviet union relapse is the building itself, not only physically and economically and geopolitical if it's also freely. and the whole russian heritage of what be a rush. it has been christian, has been by the massacre of the russian population in the east crane. and of course, russia cannot lose the war against its own heart. you know, that's where the future rush is. both the viet, today's rational and under i think the rush is showing great strength in protecting its mainland. russia represents the move to pull our world, which is the fact truly the real world. the full world and the west is
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a power structure of power union. where is no border lives there though, it's all will be on national. it's corporate that rule. it's done from the warned on washington and other power cent yourself, the west. many great powers to even turkey nowadays are joining even saudi arabic joining for the move to pull our world. we are talking about 80 percent of the land masses of the people and land mass of the world war north. in these western lead to the international community of what, what they are, the talking is the, the golden 1000000000, but we are 7 of 6000000000 other people not included in their wealth community. i think that we will see because geopolitical changes forward on the west is losing. it's a hedge morning for sure. and will i thing that we will see the fall of dollar the
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economical side of this. it's coming coming like go be carry train. i think the, the west is getting ready to escape or the big sea to words the, the fortress of the united states. and they take chief, yet in stoughton back stands for further arm supplies to t f. as he claims this will help achieve peace. china has branby us sled military block as having a cold war mentality which is only escalated the conflicts he thought in stoughton berg has hit back back criticism. china doesn't have much credibility because they have not been able to condemn the illegal invasion of ukraine. so meaning that if he want a peaceful, negotiate the solution aware ukraine pervades as a sovereign in the pont nation. then we need to support ukraine military. now. military support today is the way to achieve
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a peaceful agreement to morrow that had an issue with all these major crisis shows that cold war mentality will lead to division and confrontation, although the cold war concluded over 3 decades ago, the 0 sum game and it's mentality still exists, more confrontational leads to conflicts, and was nato is a product of the cold war, but it did not add with the cold war and has expanded an escalate of the situation and has become the major factor in the conflict. nice. well that comes as china has asked the world to prevent the conflict from further escalation. thing leaders must come to the negotiating table and resume piece talks. is foreign ministry published a 12 point political settlement plan, which includes condemnation of western sanctions placed on countries across the globe. china poses feel actual sanctions, unauthorized by the un security council. relevant contra should stop abusing unilateral sanctions and long arm years diction against all countries. so as to do
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their share in the escalade in the ukraine crisis, and cray conditions for developing countries to grow their economists and better to life's of their people. china believe that any kind of the unilateral sanctions that is unauthorized by the un security council. what should be a post and it also in a statement, it says that the unit, actual sanctions and maximum pressure cannot solve the issue. and that can only create new problems. so how china handle the current issue is not posing sanctions and not providing weapons, but a calling for a, a political resolution with a statement has a several layers of logic. if you see the flow of the logic, it's quite agree clear. on the 1st of france, it calls for all countries to respect the sovereignty of all the nations and abandoning the cold war mentality. and the 2nd layer is about the crisis itself calls for seating hostilities. resuming peace talks,
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resolving the humanitarian crisis, and protecting civilians and prisoners, and also it focused on the opposed a fact brought by the crisis, including keeping the nuclear power plant save reducing strategic risk and facilitating grain exports and stopping unilateral sanctions keeping industrial supply chain stable. and also promoting post conflict reconstruction. so it's a layer of promotion of, you know, based on the basic base on the grounds of talks meant also different layers of idea . given the current to situation, china has been always, are calling for peace. and china has me all the saying that it wants to play a constructive role in this re hard, including mentioning that the dialogue and negotiation are the only visible solution to the ukraine crisis. and the international community should stay committed to promoting talks for peace. so not only the 2 sides,
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but also the entire international community should support the people resolution or political resolution of the current situation. joseph gregory mahoney, professor of politics these china normal university says that ne, so is exploiting the ukraine conflict. nato is opposed in part because nato is a military organization, one that's led above all by the united states. now the culture of u. s. military is always oriented towards fighting. there's an institutional aggressiveness that only understands one way forward. and this is doubly true here because nato is exploiting this conflict to expand in ways previously unimagined with soaring budgets, prestige empower, but behind all of this is a u. s. g o strategic game, one that wants to reinforce it's a gemini, over europe, knock russia down, and then leverage those gains if realized against china. ante,
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china, hawks, and nato are nothing new. that said, the nato chief appears sympathetic. it seems to washington's ongoing efforts to expand nato to confront china a given his recent trips to asia. i don't think the e u in an absolute sense is opposed to peace. the rhetoric i'm saying from e u and european national politicians, aside from a for a few including i think mac wrong, who i think is slowly coming back to us. census is consistent with washington and western mainstream media narratives that have simply overwhelmed the discourse. the russian foreign ministry, st. moscow that happened to achieving the goals of the military operation. ukraine through a political and diplomatic means and does also thanks paging for support and contribution to peace, but in care. president lensky says he has no faith in china's peace plan. he told reporters that beijing was merely expressing its thoughts. meanwhile, across in germany, hundreds of people have gathered in dresden to cova talks between russia and ukraine,
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and in berlin. local say they want they government to stop fueling the context by sending weapons to keep a copy. and i think this conflict can only be resolved through negotiations, not weapons. it's only going to get worse. and i think that america asha should solve their issues among themselves. law, me like this is my personal opinion. i survived a war and i don't want it to happen again. loving, darker and worthy of more participation in the conflict element. i think what we are doing at the moment is already a lot, and as for the military side, i would say that it is not worth interfering in this conflict any longer. because then the danger of war in europe, or the danger of the war expanding, is very great anus could. i'd was mission as or i think germany is already doing enough to make. meanwhile, the german people are suffering from ag prices and everything else. i think it's better not to interfere and to let russia and ukraine resolved the situation
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between themselves. it's none of our business thought of the u. s. sabotage on the north stream pipelines which washington has denied. it was aimed at cutting off europe from affordable russian gas, as, according to the man who broke the story, pulitzer prize winning journalist seymour hersh, speaking exclusively to african latency on going underground. the people doing it thought this was in a bad idea. they gave the white house some options to maybe bluff or convince of putting that the cost is going to be very high. and but then when the white house blue book by talk publicly about this, within 3 weeks of the briefing, information he got. and victoria moved both within a 3 week period and late january, early february of last year. both said publicly, well, we know we can stop it and let me be, let me, let me. so the news kind of is, if, if a we will stop the north she wanted and the president was asked after he said that by a reporters, it's a fame. it's all on tape. it was a on a nightly news report said, well how will you do it? he said, let me tell you,
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we know how to do it. we can do it language like that. and at that point, the guys in the group were upset because it was supposed to be covert operation. and by the time they finally, they did their job, they made it possible they, they planted the bombs with 8 of the navy divers and. and then it just sat there. the bomb sat there for months was planted in june. but by wish, by so when, when the war look, you look like the ukrainians were doing ok by late september there was certainly evidence of a serious a serious issue. there wasn't going to be a cakewalk for the ukrainians. like some people in the press route, at that point, the group that made it possible. understood that he did it for political purposes period. it's not going to help the war. what it does, what he was doing it for was a prevent germany and western europe. if case, winter came quickly from opening up the pipeline, the german government had,
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they had done the sanction. they stopped the pipeline. but the german government, the right to open up the new one. and that was wanted by, that's the rational for the mission to make sure that europe and western europe keeps. i'm funneling supporting nato and keeps. i'm following arms into, into what is clearly a proxy war against russia that's being fought right now. published on february the 8th, the report alleged the pipeline to a mind by u. s. navy dive in june last year, that journalists that washington used at nathan military drills as cover for the operation with assistance from norway. according to the reports, joe biden made the decision off the 9 months of consultations with the security advisors. the claims have been denied by both washington and the e. u, with officials dismissing harsh is fine things of speculation and even fiction. or for more revelations, when the man who previously exposed us war crimes in vietnam under rock, we have the full entity with simile, hash on going on the ground right here on our
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t. there's not today. meanwhile us that house minority leader. how came jeffries was grilled by journalist jose vega about the node stream allegations? speaking to gloss, a direct question that the u. s. involvement in the sabotage of the pipeline for lawmaker was accused of putting american lives at risk. i want you to say something about the bombing, we're going to continue to stay with ukrainian. do not, you are not hurt more again. if we made car about a not later when it says cross latch the man himself. now jose vega, the american genesis inductive is to in the video growth the congressman joining us live from new york. many thanks for joining us this evening. it's good to see you. so i understand is not the 1st time use that play todd ball with a us politician over the no extreme,
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blah snow. the 1st time an official has tried to brush you off. what do you think it pro difficult to get any comments on the revelations? well, you know, i think they're trying to bury the story and you're right. it's not my 1st time i confronted my congressman richard torres about a week before i did the jeffrey's thing. and even before that i was going after. alexander doesn't pale on the fact that we need to end this war. i mean, look, you know, the chinese have put out this 12 point plans that can completely end this war and also change geo politics completely in a positive way. and the united states needs to respond to that, but the real reason they don't respond to it is because you have people like victoria newland and even joe biden, in the past to express that they want to use your credit that we look, we changed the government of ukraine, and what this is, is a proxy war. and victoria, new and unashamedly continues to push ukraine as they say,
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we're going to use ukraine. so every, every last ukraine's and if this is true, what site hers is reveal which i'm very inclined to believe this can, can end. they know this can end geo political relations between the united states in germany for a very, very long time. and that's why it cannot be discussed and they cannot comment on it . we have is that this bombshell report come out by see more massively respected journalist, know, many of voice concerns since that. and besides you and a few others in your opinion, why more people, more journalist, especially picking up the story and demanding on says, well because they're part of this as ray mcgovern who testified at the un security council with jeffrey facts. but you know, the media industrial complex because the media is just as complicit in this as the military industrial complex is complicit in this. they are working hand in hand. and i think, you know,
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you can see that when i do these confrontations to these politicians, you know, i'm not really surprised anymore. at the fact that the audience thinks i genuinely must be some, some potent propaganda says they call me because these people really only do consume new york times cnn, mainstream media, and the blackout on this. her story is insane and i've seen it. and so i no longer get upset my neighbors when they get upset at me. and i feel i feel sad that they are be deprived of truth. and i hope that when i intervene, even if the media isn't going to cover it, which they won't, they can at least look it up themselves. at the time at the blonde see the stream, se pipelines weren't even operational in your opinion, what was the us? so worried about that it allegedly went on to take such extreme measures. well, you know, i was hearing jeffrey sachs just talk about this. also it was, you know,
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it seemed as if the ukrainians weren't going to actually get ground anymore. and it looks like they were losing, and so the united states had to do a desperate attempt to make sure that germany would continue to support the ukrainians and continued to walk hand in hand with the united states. i mean, you have to ask who benefit in the united states, the russians are going to blow up their own gas pipeline. right. and this only ensure that the war continues to go on. because now the germans have really no choice. their hands are tied behind their back, right? they have to rely on the us now. and this was only a grand geo political strategy to ensure that. and also as a reminder that we have a caller on the country of germany and it was the united states trying to make a state and saying, we can do whatever we want. and we will make sure this work continues to go on by any means necessary. in the video,
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we just saw you called for accountability. how likely is it that the guilty policy will ever be officially identified and how the countable? well that depends on the american population, and i know people are often cynical about americans, but i would like to remind my international friends. i'm an american to as is jeffrey saxon as his ray mcgovern who is former cia who's testifying at the un security council. there is a consciousness here and there is a blackout. you know, in france, i believe there were 3000000 people marching against nato. and here in the united states, we just had a rally called the rage against the war machine rally. this would happen on, on sunday, february 19th. you know, americans do not want this war to go on. and i would like my international friends to know that we are have we have efforts to make sure that, you know, our government is held accountable for prolonging this war. and for provoking this war,
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we are doing our best to make sure that people know that people like victoria newland were responsible for the 2014 coo and ukraine, which led directly to this conflict. and you know, we are exposing the fact that joe biden was shaking and with people like all like the box was the leader of the vote. a political party in your brain, a very prominent, neo nazi organization in ukraine. so there is a growing tension. in fact, here in the united states, a non violent, creatively directed action, we will do our best to make sure that we hold our government accountable. i'd like to come back to see more until he's reputation because you know, my husband has an impressive track record. he's want to pull a price, as well as some items award or integrity. what's your take on those who are now suddenly critical of the accomplish journalists, latest discoveries? oh, it's no surprise to me. i mean, they were really dealt a surprise backend on this because he is exactly the person who will,
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who should have broken the story. and they were just completely caught blind sided . i don't think they knew this was going to come out and now they're panicking. and the reason why they have their smearing him is because they have to do, right. it's the only way they can respond to this. because if they mentioned that even once it already brings credibility and it will pull american out of their, their head in the sand. and say, well wait a minute, did we actually do that? i don't think, i don't think people, americans who do support ukraine would support the united states blowing up the north stream to pipeline. and in fact, i think if the media reported on it, you would have a lot of those people who support this war would take a step back and say, well, maybe i shouldn't support this anymore. and that's why they have this near him. because if they legitimize him, it's over, nato would be over geo political relationships will be redefined for the next
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century. many thanks for joining about the program. say it's really great to talk to you and get your take on things we've been speaking to jose vega, american journalist on back to this. thanks. thank you. and thank you for joining us. a r t international. we're back in 30 minutes with more. i l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to create trust rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real summoning


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