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station with belief systems, a was very powerful. when someone finally came along with no fear, no judgement, you heard my story didn't nothing too good. with home clothes in nigeria, as i progressed most populous nation's largest economy chooses, it's next president and lawmakers. ukrainian force is debt to nate, down in the key city, a volunteer amongst kit, in an attempt to stop the relentless advance of vog. though, according to the russian military group, thousands rally in berlin, calling for peace talks for ukraine and condemning that government bombing key is also this, our ah,
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multiple blog leave at least 19 athletes wounded assa mara, phoning west and cameron with a local separatist group, claiming responsibility a very one. welcome to you. this is dorothy international with the late as well news update is very good to have your company. now we start with the general elections in nigeria, where africa's most populous nation is choosing its next lead on parliament. and the polls have closed down, the counting of boats is on the way with bringing you all special coverage off one of the continents. most significant political events this year a while the voting went smoothly in most parts of the country. some places have seen
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unrest in the or show the district of legos, state unknown gunmen disrupted the elections according to local media. the attackers arrived on motorcycles and started shooting to sky vote. as the way the assailants also grabbed some of the sealed ballot boxes and set them on fire. several suspects of reportedly being detained are africa correspondent, corolla toddler, who is currently in the nigerian city of legos, that these tensions are running high as a nation edge is closer to finding out who will leave the country. oh, ting is winding down, but emotions are halting up here in the capital in the in at least law goes and everywhere else there is a feeling of dispute that will forever marred these elections. people feel disenfranchised, especially in some voting areas, where voting material didn't even make it in some way. hearing reports,
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that thugs have gone as far as to destroy voicing material. notwithstanding the voting, the polling stations, rather where, where they, where the tolling started late itself. if in areas like this, as you can see behind me that emotions, i keep wretched thing up as people really want to know what's behind some of the major nations that they have seen from. i neg, that's the independent national electoral commission in areas such as the one behind me counting has already begun because the number of people that are registered on the polling list have already voted you hearing a lot of skirmishes, a lot of back and forth. people are talking about what they're interested party is should be getting there is a lot of saudi to with labor. and there is a lot of youth disenfranchisement throughout the country. the youth almost lemming that there is a conspiracy theory,
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at least that the the are being fought against the by the establishment as it were . a lot of youth is really excited around one candidate than that is the candidacy of mr. p. towel b. and they're saying that this are, you know, these problems that we've had from the independent electoral body. i really just a way of, of causing a hurdle in, in p t r o b, destiny. rather march towards 2, the presidential seats as it were. and that is something that we're hearing around . no one, not even the big news cast does not independent bodies are going as far as to say who is leading this election because the information, as i say, is very scattered and no one really wants to pin there. they're here to the mast as it were to say, who's leading, and that information is only being related to by party agents. and i don't think that is really
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a source that you can trust because they have vested interest with regards to that dissemination of the fed information. a legacy, particularly when one looks at the security password. now that's been deployed for this election well over 400000 members of the security personnel that's, that's our me, that's police and other security agencies that are here to safeguard the selections, are now on edge more than ever before. more than even in the morning. and as you know, we wouldn't necessarily see pictures like this with people scattered around whether nigeria, when voting commences, everything shuts down everything we're talking shoves. we're talking schools, we're talking restaurants, we're talking anything that you can imagine barring, of course, hospitals for emergency services. but everything literally shuts down in order to encourage the electorate to go out there and cast their vote. but this one, in particular, having seen the kinds of growth that we have seen. an exponential growth,
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especially in the registration of people between the ages of 18 and 14, that showed up by itself some 48 percent. and the youth are really expecting that to be more than just a number. they expecting it to translate into votes and hence the thing that they feel that at their strongest, that's where they were most sabotaged. the police can try and be there and thereabouts, but they really can't be every way. and it's a very large country. there's been a number of sprague, incidents of thugs being able to get their hands on material of polling stations, really not as hearing to some of the, the guidelines that have been encouraged with regards to where we get the voting to go. despite the deployment of the number of people here, the number of security personnel, nigerian police apparel and authorities, can not really guarantee the safety of every polling station. the voting went
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without a hitch in many nigerian cities including cono, where else locals there to describe the experience. and he had a little bottle florid, no fighting look machine. everything went on on people. i am on the list to dennis or even after i got him, i would i think i was on when or somewhere my wish was a was lose moving for now i was probably i just look with, oh you do. i'm going to purchase our button in this or we are, we are. these are good to go to more than 90000000 people reportedly registered to voted one of the almost 177000 polling stations across the country. as the
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candidate, samsung rather stiff competition also is 18 people are running for the presidency with over 1000 buying for 109 seats in the senate. and another 3000 for 360 seats in the house of representatives. here on some nigerians expect the election results to pan out in stock in having the same same set of governance. you know, over and over we just want something new. we want. we want to have hope for beth and engine light came on. well, my expectation for the next governance government 1st, the 1st type in the security and then i'd expect you to do the boxing sports. i believe it's the right fit in the right direction. nigeria based political expert told us that the
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election process has been proceeding according to plan i. this is mit all cable people. a professionals. i'm yeah ha, even if that has anything like that with it. mother. i've talked with linda and it was us on the one edition themselves out of the hand of a sad always, why didn't i get it be a problem so that not yet it does not get really hot and africa and, and done. so i as b, usually europe, and it is a little cold in a international. i mean it does on why not. we're not given my ass wednesday kind of did is i was with them it. and it is likely to lead to the again, they give it a positive. i'm saying that it didn't missed this. i don't be enough money done on behalf of the ha wanted yeah. when, when the home,
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i honestly did it is just in bravo. ukrainian force is how designated a local down in the embattled city of austin law school, so known as back, moved in the don. yes. republic, as, according to russia, vomiting military, which is now pushing deeper into this is a after months of fist fighting. i'll tease women concert has the dad's house. in an effort to slow down the advancing russian troops, ukrainian troops blew up at them in a city of r. tell mosque at the local reservoir, according to the press service of the wagner private military company. according to the officials, there are already reports that said, people's houses are being flooded. use of the rising water in the area. those who were forced to hide at basements and on the ground bomb shelters are now being forced to flee once again. and it looks like the crate an army have resorted to
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bombing of the dam, falling success of russian volunteers who managed to take control of darrell scott village on friday. and just now on saturday. both villages are right next to the city of art, all of squished the crate and government renamed as a bach votes just a few years ago. the taking of these villages, the sport of a larger offensive by russian force is aimed at advancements on the front lines including an offensive for almost. now this latest development seems to further deteriorate the situation for ukrainian forces inside the city as make through supply of the troops more difficult. at the moment, holland tiers of the wagner private military company had been widely credited with taken multiple ukrainian positions in that particular area are almost, by the way, is of paramount importance. both for russia and ukraine on the strategic and mental side for key if it's important to hold on to the city, to keep up the morale in their army. and also keep in fact as 70 kilometer
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defensive line. while for russia taking control of our tomo of school mean at direct route towards the cities of slowdowns can crumb a source, both are report of the nest people's republic and their liberation falls in line with the goals of russia's special military operation. meanwhile, log in to members have released this authority showcasing a dutch mate, infantry fighting vehicle. they ceased from ukraine and the now using against key of troops. the i a fee which is a modified version of an american. apc is taking part in the fighting for autumn august. around 50 such vacancy behind devotee, a crane by the netherlands, that most have since been destroyed on the battlefield. may mon and berlin a destroyed a russian tank, shipped all the way from ukraine has been decorated with. rose is by jim an anti war activists. direct vehicle was initially placed outside the russian embassy to display support the key of against moscow. however,
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some demonstrated employ in weren't quite happy with that miss. this is as they showered the tank was so as to pay their respects to all the victims of the war while calling for peace. some of the activists so so placed their letters on the tag, one of the notes written incorporation was a wish of eternal glory to our russian brothers who died inside the vehicle. another letter in german was dedicated to all the victims of the conflict on both sides since the may down q and 2014. some germans are now watching that government to resort to diplomacy. this is very important. we have 2000 roses to decorate the tank. so our government's confine, you start negotiating with each other and with others. no, so need to supply arms, but to establish diplomatic relations and not to act in a rushed manner. that is the most important thing. we have to talk to each other and we are not enemies. we are not against ukraine, all russians. we are friends. we have been building this relationship for 30 years
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. while that comes a 1000 more have taken to the streets in berlin, demanding the government stop. fueling the war. our german correspondents, dominic reichert, brings as no l. well above 10000 people year to basically show their support for the manifest. so off piece, which was a started by his ira van, connect, they're popular left during politician and alice swats are popular feminist and germany. they started this manifest search was signed by 600000 people. and then they also did invited everyone to come here to day to also state their support for this. what this manifesto is asking for, it's asking for a massive piece initiative from the west, from germany, which also should be willing to make some compromises in order to achieve peace. as soon as possible. i'm here to stop more and more weapons from being delivered to ukraine. and to stop the killing from being prolonged and worsened. i'm here for
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disarmament and peaceful coexistence with ukraine and russia. our government should now stack talks, if putin ends the lansky and declare that it doesn't make sense to continuation war, as it will only prolong the suffering because it won't get any better. he can start the talks at any time to make it. oh, stop. the person has been, i'm so disappointed with the foreign policy by mrs. burbock, and i've seen it time and time again in conversations. people are just angry that unqualified people are trying to hold office for this are protests. there are a lot of reports from the mainstream media, especially here in germany, that it would be supported as well, by a far right groups than dad is because the politicians are van issues are very popular left. ben politician also has followers on the right who agree with her takes, for example, on covert or on the warren ukraine. and she did not
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a distance herself too harshly from right wingers. so some of them did show up here and there were some conflicts between left and right wing groups. however, i'm in general, this was a very peaceful pro. test a very large protest with, as i said, well above 10000 people showing their support for this manifest off piece between russia and ukraine. and anti war events healthy no to nathan group has taken place in london with participants calling on britain to leave the us lead block as international tensions a spiral over ukraine. the campaigns, main goal, is to prevent the u. k. from being drawn into a direct conflict with russia, the attendees say nathan's actions have saved only aggravated the conflict, and they claim that britain would be safer and better financially outside the alliance. ahead of the event in london, most pools and use reportedly pressured to refrain from hosting it. one of the speakers at the conference, don ca valley told us that britain is seeing
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a rising wave of resistance against the country as military support for ukraine. but yeah, the main goal of the rally is to urge the u. k. to stop supporting the war and ukraine to stop being a vassal, the united states. and yet, ultimately, to, and nato, which is in alliance, which by the way, is not working to the benefit of europe as we see right now at which frankly is an antiquated organization. the poll showed that people knew you k are beginning to turn against support for specifically military support for you crime. they want their money to be spent at home, and that's another call of this organization. and that is to spend money on housing to spend money on health care to keep the n h s health care system alive, which is always under threat. and did you that they have to stop setting money out
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the door on military adventures, including the one of you. there is a lot of fear about repercussions for taking any stance against the nato, against the alliance with nato, and against the nato support for the war in ukraine. this is probably not probably, this is definitely the most censored and under covered and, and miss covered war certainly in my lifetime, it seems that 9 rounds of sanctions didn't do the trick for the e. u as brussels as now approved his latest 10th package of restrictions on europe's trade with russia. we now have the most far reaching sanctions ever to pleading rushes were arsenal and biting deep into its economy. you stands united with ukraine in the ukrainian people. we will keep supporting ukraine for as
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long as it takes. well, you have to think at this point that the biggest surprise, with these new european sanctions against russia is that there's still anything left to sanction at all. every single time the buses adopt new sanctions. so 10 times now, it's always accompanied by such strong rhetoric, the most forceful and far reaching sanctions ever says the blocks presidency right now. now every single time we hear this kind of rhetoric, we're maxed out. and every time we also learn what had not been bound up until now, which is actually really interesting and very telling apparently that you really needs russian rubber and was reluctant to split from that. some might also be surprised that the you still had not cut off, some russian banks alpha bank and the online bank tink off. we're still connected to the swift system, but are now targeted for cut off by these new sanctions. high tech advanced industrial parts that can also be used in weapon systems are no longer to be
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exported to russia. and apparently, up until now they were ok. another 11400000000 euro loss in export revenue for the e. u to add to its previous self imposed revenue cut of 32500000000 euros. it's also sanctioning members and supporters of the wagner military group, private military group. but for activities in mali and the central african republic, which last i checked were part of ukraine. sounds like that was a request made with love from paris. the arabic versions of russian linked media. sputnik and r t are also now under the same blanket online and broadcast censorship as other r t and sputnik affiliates from the wonderful defenders of press freedom. so the big question is, all this going to be at moscow to do what you want it to do? in ukraine, which is of course leave,
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let's asked the white house how it's been going so far with these kinds of measures . the russian economy is showing some resilience in a way. but that is thanks to extraordinary moves. the luckless to results of the sanctions in attempting to bring russia to its knees was reflected also in the shrill, aggressive comments made by western officials at this month's munich. save space for i mean munich, security conference about the need for moscow to be defeated on the battlefield. we often hear. busy that the sanctions are better than direct military confrontation which nato members routinely claim to want to avoid with russia while except for german foreign minister. and alina barbara, who apparently didn't get the memo, and said at a council of europe meeting recently, that the e. u wasn't war with russia, but the french military is nonetheless now holding a massive military exercise the largest in 30 years. it's called ryan 23. so
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a ryan 2023. and it was decided back in 2020. in preparation for what it's commander, nikolai didn't know, describes as quote, the return of big operations on french soil. orion 23 main objectives refocused training on armies on modern conflicts. in particular, high intensity, evaluate internal command capabilities for large scale operation. so this exercise comes after years of france focusing primarily on counterterrorism. and counter insurgency. seems like a really strange thing to have figured necessary way back in 2020, to have french soldiers storming the beaches of the south of france. 7000 francs soldiers are involved in these maneuvers and they last until march they started just a few days ago. it's getting increasingly difficult to hear western officials paying
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lip service to peace. under all this belligerent talk and belligerent auction among the newly sanctioned russian financial groups is mts bank, which is license to operate in the u. a. the gulf country, central banks, as it will keep dealing with the russians. despite the western pressure, the central bank grunted a license to mts bank to open a branch in abu dhabi as where they proved licensing procedures after the bank fulfilled the criteria for licensing branches of foreign banks. the bank contributed to supporting a legitimate trade between the 2 countries and service in the russian community in the united arab emirates, under the supervision of the central bank, mts high and the other. where is one of the largest commercial groups in russia they own? for instance, the largest mobile phone operates in the country se grounds the license which is allow, and russian businesses and individuals to be able to open bank accounts. but if the citizens o residence of the ever it and abroad,
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in order to be able to actually send money from russia and to russia with the u, a central bank and said it's now considering options regarding the status of mts bank. what options are the referring? say in my mind, they go 3 options. so number one option is that a bow their head to the americans, shut it down, which i think, call you unlikely. and options you might be. what other companies have done that operating in the area in the past last year? we don't go by now. the largest cryptic currency exchange in the while operate their main headquarters now from the u. a. and they decided to catch the tool limit to $10000.00 per day, the russian entities using that platform. that could be some of the they all number 3 could be they could just say bank because the build all of the criteria is not conducting an illegal activity in helping us to trade with our partner in our ally . russia, please go away. come, we expect you to uphold this neutral position, given the mounting pressure and how they've fed so far, so far the way of,
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of how their end of the bargain. at the very beginning of the special operation, they said that they would not get involved and they would not pay sanctions president to can visited europe tobar of last year where the router of the united i'm read, i remember it is highness mohammed bins. i had said that hide the rush for a very important to the you, a specifically around oil and gas. but then again, we also have to take into account the u. a has a very large us military presence in the country. 3 and a half 1000 us forties are actually based in the u. a running the, the americans largest gulf command s and, and vital to the u. a in certain respects in terms of the conflict in yemen, which the u. s. or advising, an actively involved. it so the way it kind of probably stopped between iraq and hobbs here, but my pads within is that they will always want to maintain the neutrality and move them back to continue to hope that stop. so they've been holding all the way through since the stop to the special military operation. last year we saw the us
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together with pay plus refuse to increase oil production. what was behind that decision and how the tooth oil relations with russia developing since then we take, okay, plus the u e is a very prominent member of that group. that group is obviously led by saudi arabia, as we know, joe biden is not the best of friends with the, the root of saudi arabia. so you a really, in that group of things that we also have to look at the u a in terms of the number of russian companies that have actually an open new offices or really takes in some cases due to sanctions, to the a, a in order to conduct oil and gas trading in the country throughout the history. you know, put to the whole market. it is a place where everyone is welcome no matter what, what you how and i think they would try and hold that sort of traditional stance in terms of doing business in terms of, well we have one of the staying neutral when it came, comes to global conflicts, young young, he is washington of increasing tensions on the korean peninsula. i think some of
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its functions maybe see and even as a step toward the confrontation balances the u. s. has held joint military exercises with south korean and japanese forces the u. s. should bear in mind that if it persists in its hostile and provocative practices against the dpr k, despite the latter's repeated protest and warning, it can be regarded as a declaration of war against the dpr k young. as also a case, the 3 allies have rehearsing a nuclear war against north korea. i think that it would take unprecedented strong the action. the joint drills focused on the detection at tracking and interception of ballistic missiles. the u. s. and south korea also launched for strategic cruise missiles. washington and sol have been intensifying military drills for the past decades leading to an escalation of tensions in the region. north korea has also conducted multiple test at rocket launches over the years. asia analyst on that
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mcclane gill told us that such drills are not bringing the to careers any closer to reconciliation or the situation in the korean peninsula is absolutely vulnerable. and in fact, the case here that we're looking into is of course, the concert, or the chances of miscalculation when less calculations they can escalate quite abruptly to the planes that the regional architecture becomes obstructed and then the situation exacerbate. so of course, what we're seeing now is something that we haven't seen before, but of course um, looking into the structural shifts in the regional geo politics of asia, we could definitely see that there are more chances for miscalculation and miscommunication. here and in fact, south korea is it and by mouth on one hand it seeks to have a more proactive practical negotiation with self 3 or with north korea. but on the other hand, because of the instability in the security dilemma is forced to engage in other
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actions such as with japan or the united states. so everything is quite possible at this stage and transfer miscommunication and coordination. you know, they're pretty high. these particular drill also impact nor career calculations at a time when it seeks to really pressure the us and the west into adhering which demands, particularly with rolling the target and sanctions. and of course, accepting it as a defect, the nuclear power and state but of sports because of the discrepancy in terms of interests and perceptions between and among the states. such drills would be perceived negatively by north korea, and this may result in a force further exacerbation of the security architecture of the station region. many thanks for your company here, and i see international there saturday will be back at the top of the hour with the
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ah, i i imagine it's antsy and welcome back to going underground rural gas to go around the world from dubai in the united arab emirates this week marks one year since the international community began the long awaited fight back against washington. the gemini, as most of the world refused to sanction russia when its force is moved to the dawn bas ukraine to protect its population 8 years after us. back qu, it's or thousands killed within months of the e. u and u. k. responding by backing u. s. sanctions on vital russian energy. joe biden, antony blank and jake sullivan, victoria newland, and the norwegian government conspired to blow up multi.


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