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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2010 5:33pm-6:03pm PST

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first, i want to say that i see that commissioner roja is not here because it is entertainment night at the ballpark. it too bad. i got a call from another commissioner, and they said it was sold out. the next issue, i have been watching the meeting is on line. i am a little concerned about an issue about the role of the police at these meetings. the officers are attending these meetings, so i am wondering who is fighting crime on the streets, so this is just a rhetorical question. a what to say that i am concerned about the role they are playing here, so i am putting that out there.
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saying something about the hip hop event. a lot of violence occurs. you cannot make it a racist issue, but the issue is i am thinking about the officers at the end of the event in the parking lot area outside of the event, ecker because this is a society issue, a socioeconomic issue of what is happening in society today. this is not something they bring on themselves. they are trying to blame the clubs. maybe the clubs have to get together, i suggest, and work together. to work this out.
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i was hoping that i would see commissioner alan here tonight, because i want to say goodbye to him. i want to say that she is great. for the community and the city, and i hope that you keep per for a while. thank you. commissioner: ok, thank you. state your name. >> my name is -- and i would just like to comment on a story that was covered by channel 5 at, -- channel 5, joel vasquez,
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and he basically was talking about clubs that were beefing up their security to make sure that the patrons were safe, and i think those were all great steps in the right direction, but also think that you have a corridor. it is almost like an occupation, a police presence, that more steps need to be taken, and i think one of them is to maybe take the corridor and make a drug-free zone, no gun zone. you can have predatory people come from outside of the area. they range from everything from what we call parking lot pimps to those that do drug activity. you do not see bubblegum thrown on the sidewalks, and there is a reason for that, and i just want to make the message loud and clear that a lot of times, the police can write all of the citations, but we cannot arrest
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ourselves out of this. if you do blow a cap off, or if you do cell block -- drugs in that two-block corridor, -- so i think the message will get out quickly that this will be no tolerance zone, so it is one thing to give the commission more teeth, but i think we need to sharpen the teeth here to take a bite, . -- take a bite out of crime. commissioner: thank you. step up, state your name. you have three minutes. >> piss thank you very much. my name is david. i am a resident in the facing this. commissioner: if this is about
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this other item, you have to wait until the item is called on the agenda. this is about items not on the agenda. >> ok. i will save my time for then. commissioner: any other public comment? there is another one on these. commissioners, i would like to entertain a motion.
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public comment is closed. the minutes for may 25. commissioner: we do not have a quorum. commissioner: second? is there public comment? the minutes of may 25? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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item number three in your package. that would be great. this is to let you note -- itknow, -- this is to let you know, in front of the board of supervisors, 1060 and 1070 -- does everyone have it? i have a copy. ok, so the revisions of 1070 require the entertainment commission, a report of specific
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information. this is as well as one-time event permits. we also gave to the committee and spoke about ongoing databases that keeps track relative pitch to complaints, whether there are noise complaints or other activity, notices of violation. i think this may be attached to the back of this memo, the very last page. to look get it and contract with the violations were and what police districts they are in, what venues we are issuing them for, as well best -- the list is
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growing. we can no longer have them out by memory. we have presented that, as well, to the public safety committee. they were representing the sfpd, and there were two suspensions we recently did. at the end of 2009, we wanted to be clear that they are valuable. we have been able to use them in good order very quickly before they escalate and more violent potentially could happen. again, this is ongoing reporting.
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we expect it to be back in front of public safety in october, and what we did on july 21 for the tschida house restaurant karaoke lounge -- the china house restaurant. the owners and managers run a karaoke lounge. we issued them a seven-day suspension of their place of entertainment permits based on an extensive gun battle that happened minutes after they closed.
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it comes under entertainment. we imposed a new security plan. this was also attached to this memo. this is a brief note old permits forward to your note -- bringing old permits forward to you. again, this is something we just received. we sat down at the venue. we came up with a variety of ways, a security plan, which essentially becomes part of that permit.
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we said that by email and hand delivered to the manager at the karaoke lounge, and that would take effect 10 business days from date sent, which was friday, july 23. again, the actual section is attached. because the permit was issued in april of this year, -- this area. i wanted to adjust quickly to update you on the file number that came before you in may. this was heard on july 19.
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i do not know what the outcome was. it was on the calendar. that is as quickly as that is going to move. i promised the commission and update on the citations, procedure, per, again, the revised section, and i did not get any written update. the creation of a cetacean issuance form -- citation issuance form come a long drawn- out issuance process -- form, a long, drawn-out issuance process.
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there are the dollar amounts but that we are capable of putting on the citations, a situation of graduated fines, versus coming to the entertainment commission to direct staff, so we are clear on the direction the planning commission wants us to take out in the field. we are also working on an appeals process. this is obviously really important. with limited resources, we are going to try to be creative administratively to bring the commission to gather for these types of violations, and then making sure that we figure wrote -- find out that the spines are being credited to the entertainment commission note -- these fines are being credited
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to the entertainment commission. this is at least a zero-sum. we will continue to keep you updated. i apologize. coming from the city attorney's office, this was the best that i could get. leslie, this memo, as well, regarding commissioner newlin's re-appointment. august 5, as a understand it, and then final adoption by the full board, and the term is for four years, so i attached the balance of the sheets as i receive them so you can all see
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what siege number you have -- what seat number you have, and, hopefully, we will not have any confusion going forward in that regard. any questions at, or we can go to commissioner cavellini. commissioner: -- commissioner meko: what is holding up the citation process? >> commissioner meko, that did not come up in front of the public safety committee. i talked to supervisor chiu's office about this. commissioner meko: they want us
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to use these new powers while making it impossible for us to use these new powers. i am and will unclear. -- i am a little unclear. is there a copy here? working you verbally highlight the additions -- or can you verbally highlight the additions? >> i did not bring it with me, but let me just say that we will go over the conditions tonight, and it is very similar to those, so we will get to those. in conditions across the board about security concerns, in general, so you will see almost all of those. when we get to those items.
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commissioner meko: i understand where you are going, but the only tool that you had was the seven-day suspension. beyond that, then the only response -- as we go through the night, if you want to highlight it. commissioner: make note that commissioner alan has joined us. >> i just highlighted it. commissioner joseph: when you do that, remind me. anybody else have questions? mr. granelli?
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but as we start off, you have this before you. we had conversations and they have actually started to implement some of the improvements, and we have got limiters, new fans. and so forth. excuse me. we will do more in the coming weeks. that looks like that for that particular sound issue. the notice of violation list
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that commissioner joseph was talking about, the deputy director, acting director -- we can tell you from memory who we issued these notices of violation to. that was beyond our ability to do that. we want to give you guys and update it note mention of who has been warned and why. this has been sent to various police commissions. we're doing this as part of our new combined cooperation. this helps us be in more places than we can currently be.
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we can have more informed and knowledgeable enforcement. and, commissioner joseph, you're asking about this. commissioner joseph: what is that? >> i believe it is sidewalk obstruction. commissioner joseph: one is sound, and the other is no permit? this other but -- this other? >> one is sidewalk, in one is obstruction. commissioner joseph: and the other two are fire codes. >> correct. commissioner joseph: ok. >> manor west is on the agenda
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this evening, so i will save my comments for that time. i do want to give the commission an update on some other topics. we had an incident at glass cat. there was a fight that spill out onto the street. we have been in contact with the owner. at this time, " we are not talking about bringing them before the commission, but the acting director and i -- glass cat has been very cooperative in giving us their security manual, so we are going through that to find out what could be done differently to avoid these in
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the future. also, sfpd, each district has created a liaison. for example, there is one in southern. there is one in central. we are waiting to get the rest of the names, but so far, it has been great. it gives us a clear point and a little bit more direct contact. the permit officers are quite often working day ships. it is a great thing. it is very positive. the last day is about karaoke. karaoke was originally deemed as not meeting something.
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now, by the interpretation of the city attorney and the supervisors, they do have to have a place of entertainment, and there are a lot of karaoke bars and lounges, more than i think any of us could possibly imagine, so we have been working slowly and surely, but this is going to take time. those we have gotten to have been most cooperative, but there are places that are not. unfortunately, that may lead to enforcement against some of these, but we will keep the commission updated. -- out there, trying to get permited, i will say that every time i go, i find two others there. finally, i bring this up
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recently, doing the standard permit check, and checking in on the clubs, bars, and lounges in the area. we have got compliance issues in that area. this is something that i will keep the commission updated on. singling out one particular club or block. we are getting more and more complaints.
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again, and bring it up because i want to keep the commission informed. you will probably hear about it. commissioner joseph: mr. granelli, do we know these folks of come into compliance. amsterdam cafe, and so on and so forth? >> that is a hard question. some have, but some of not. they will come in compliance for the time being.
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often, what happens is they will become compliant for a while. commissioner joseph: so we do not know if they applied for a permit. >> most of them do not. commissioner joseph: commissioner meko? commissioner meko: four were handled by the police department, meaning 40 of them were handled by you, correct? >> correct. : : -- commissioner joseph: anybody else? commissioner newlin?
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commissioner newlin: you have them done by date right now, and i am wondering, arranging them by district stations, -- commissioner joseph: anybody else? >> just briefly regarding the notice of violation, i want to get a general sense. do these rise to the occasion of paying a visit to these venues? when they rise to the occasion if and when