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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2010 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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are ramifications for all of the hard work you have done. >> hello. the court is now recruiting specific grand jurors. we're looking to have a pool of candidates. >> we want to provide a broad range of points on the civil grand jury. >> if you would like to work with others and it is yes dick citizens, i encourage you to consider applying for service on
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the civil grand jury. >> this is a good news week in san francisco.ood news week in
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i just finished signing 12 pieces of legislation associated with the shipyard development project that has worked for word 17 years from 250 community events to a committee hearing, to board hearings, to all kinds of reviews, and finally it made its way to my desk. extraordinary work. [applause] >> the navy decided to pull away from the shipyard. 30 years later, we transferred the first parcel, parcel a come up to a private development
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agency to begin the process of revitalizing the shipyard. but today, we take it to a whole new bubble. -- level. 10,500 new housing units, 33% of them below market. 300 acres of parks that will connect the community and water from -- waterfront. it is a world-class mixed use housing development, the opportunity to put over 900,000 square feet of new retail in the sites.
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a new hotel will be out here, along with 2.5 million square feet of research and development space to anchored this item. we are trying to provide a catalyst for the green technology revolution, the entire state and country, and over $83 million set aside for community dollars. we have said strong to vote for this project led by incredible work, faith, competency, and
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devotion for half their life. sophie maxwell deserves some credit for steering this process along to all of you here. >> thank you all for all of you have done. we have to continue to be vigilant. yes, we have got a good plan, but we all have to be there to make sure it happens. thank you. >> $84 million will go to pay and assistance loans and other commitments, all kinds of commitments codified in this legislation, including commitments that are part of this project. community leaders, faith based leaders making this possible.
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i can honestly go on. it is not intentional, it is just limiting our amount of time. hats off to speaker nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein. $515 million of bonds the government to clear up the shipyard. we are getting serious about it. 7 and $14 million has been drawn down, and they deserve tremendous credit for making that happen finally, and michael cohen, it could not have happened without him at the mayor's office of workforce development. supervisors have come and gone
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to help with the proposition and get voters to approve that. help us with a framework for conception and agreement. a proud moment in a proud history, promoted and promised. we want to promote a cleaner and more sustainable future as a planet. $11 billion increases in property taxes. $6.6 billion. at the end of the day, it is about human beings and real people. branting take shape -- financing
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takes shape in the southeast sector. this is another thing i'm proud of that we are able to support, and that is great, great news. also, 522.2 million, balancing the budget without raising taxes, laying off firefighters, expanding health care. we have invested money to repay
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our streets. this is a remarkable story, and i do not know if this story is being told and other cities, but there is oakland, the firefighters in san jose. a lot can be done. thank you to john avalos and all the memebrs -- members of the board who have worked collaboratively to help budget get passed. it is a remarkable budget, and most notably there is a kindergarten-to-college framework that got support and
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the budget, allowing us to the together a savings account. this is the first city ever to do this, and i have always believed that if you can stoke the expectation of a young child that they can go to college, their community leaders and parents will sure that expectation that everything is possible and that is what it is about.
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i thank them for all their great work in the private sector. thank you for the great work and an outstanding job moving forward. a lot of good work is done collaborative would. and thank you to naval. would not be here without them. we simply could not have done this had that foundation not been laid. thank you for stepping up and contributing. this is why we're able to keep the community open, libraries
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open, and other health clinics open. it is because of public employees. thank you to all of the folks that came together with this. pec, public employees committee, just did an extraordinary job. we were able to announce a 61% restoration.
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there would not have been cuts at the not been concessions for every other public employee. roughly a 6% increase that pushed us back in terms of deficit. it was inevitable as a trade- off. now with the restoration, the light rail, services started from 178,000 services putting us in a pat of commitment that is crucial, crystal clear to get these things restored.
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we will have a plan in december to get us there and look at augmenting other lines. i'm not talking about having exactly the same service. we have got to modernize this according to real utilization patterns and look at making augmentations. that is the commitment of this administration. 75% performance this year. new quarter numbers could put us up with the highest performance we have ever had in history. we need to raise it.
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so that is the good news for the week. this is the biggest redevelopment budget in our city's history. it is a difficult backdrop and difficult circumstances. but we're working across the table for collective bargaining so we can benefit from good news and provide a little bit of relief but service cuts. -- with service cuts. a little bit of reasonable good news. have a great week.
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