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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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already many parents that are already struggling to make ends meet.excuse me. now that there is going to be more money sent to many of the schools, isn't there any way possible the district can find another way to fund our programs and not cut the money from our budget? the staff, teachers, and parents have waited so long and hard to get moscone where they are today. we ask that the district find a solution and work with them to solve this problem. thank you very much. [applause] >> good evening. i am the mother of a second grader. as a member of the parent club at moscone, i respectfully ask the board of education to reconsider and find a way to avoid cutting funds at our school. our children have their own
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dreams and goals to achieve. they believe their voice is not heard by their school district, keeping the promise to their families to achieve an education. we are doing our best for our children. we will continue to do so. please do not punish our children for doing academically well. do not take our teachers out of the classrooms. we need them there to teach our children. please do not take them. please do not take our program away from them. thank you. [applause] >> my name is edward and enriquez. i am a father and a licensed clinical social worker. i have been connected to the school since 1990. i worked at balboa health center as a counselor. i worked at golden gate's early intervention program at the
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mission for five years. i am familiar with the budget crisis that seems to be ongoing. there never seems to be a good time. it seems to be bad times. i am here to suggest maybe it is time to start to look at budgets and the way we address problems with but it's a different way. there is a full-time grant writing department -- there is not here. looking at other school districts this size, there probably are full-time grant writers. we have seen a possible end of a dynasty here at moscone. the parents are running out of steam. the teachers are running out of steam. the children understand that if they do well there school gets less money. it does not make any sense to the students. it does not make any sense to you. it does not make any sense to the community.
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start to think of different ways to deal with an ongoing crisis that never seems to change. it is time to develop grant writing as a department. it is time to look at good schools and maintain those good schools. it costs less money now than later, ok? [applause] >> [speaking spanish]
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[applause] >> good evening, everybody. i have a second grader. i wanted to say please do not take away the programs that help, like moscone, and send them to other schools. that helps our children to progress, to go forward. it takes them to a better future, to become presidents or someone important like you. i fought as a mother to get my son into moscone. i put him into a waiting pool for two years. they have supported my kid to go
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forward. i have a daughter and and she is in mills college. she was very motivated to go forward as well, and study, to become somebody, a professional. she wanted to help her country. she wanted to become a teacher. she became an honor student as well and she wanted to become a teacher or a physician. please help all schools so they can help our children become better people. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. >> i am a parent of the mosconi student. >> [speaking a foreign language]
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>> i have a first grader and a second grader in the bilingual class, and due to the budget cuts the first grade bilingual teacher has been cut. >> [speaking a foreign language] >> therefore, my first grade daughter has to be trained in a combination class.
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it is a combination of kindergarten and the first grade together. i feel the teacher does not have enough time to teach the first grade and the second grade students at the same time in english and also chinese. >> [speaking chinese] >> we are not happy about the cuts to the chinese bilingual teacher. it is not fair to have additional cutting, loss of a
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teacher, and a loss of other resources. >> [speaking chinieese] >> at the end, i would say i feel like we are being punished because we are being good. it is not fair to us that we have to pay for everything by ourselves. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. i would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here. i am speaking on behalf of bayview community and thurgood
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marshall academic high school. first of all, i would like to thank dr. patricia gray for supporting us parents of thurgood marshall high school, for hearing our voices and the voices of our children, the children in the bayview area. we would like to thank you for working with our principal, who is doing an excellent job as our leader. we would like to thank you for the positions that were restored and not lost. we would like to thank you on behalf of our student body, staff, and parents. but we have a request, and our request is that if any additional funding becomes
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available that you would please restore our computer tech person. our computer lab cannot run our functions without him. his expertise and his knowledge brings so much to the classroom. children in the bayview are faced with crime, violence, and social issues that we cannot imagine. students on the other side do not even know about them. it is so difficult for them to him go. the cannot focus in school. our teachers need support in their classrooms so we can attempt to close the achievement gap. so many years, i have been in the district, and i keep hearing "closing the achievement gap."
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what does that mean? how do we do that? the achievement gap is a targeted population of african american students in my community, latino students in my community. all i am asking for is if we can help close the achievement gap at thurgood marshall academic high school and b and thea -- high-school and the bayview area. we trust and believe the superintendent will take care of us. again, i want to thank dr. gray for working so hard on our behalf. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. my name is patricia coka. i know many of the faces around this table because i am a mother of five. by now i have two children,
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boys, two nieces, and one nephew in the superintendent zone. i also want to thank dr. patricia gray and because she heard -- babies, come back here. you heard the voices of our children, of our parents. that means a lot because it shows to our babies that it does make a difference if they talk. we had a rally on friday. some of you may have seen us. the students were so perfect. it was so organized like this, but there were so behaved. i want to thank you guys because you showed to the students that you can make a difference with a softer voice. we do not need our fists. we need the wonderful people who are listening. i am also here as a bay view parents. i ask you to please help us.
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we are about to lose a middle school. that sends me as the mother of a second grader, another little one, and a grandchild. i want a school my student can walk to. i am just like everyone else. i appreciate all the gifts you are giving us and i hear all the cries of the babies out here. i have been fighting and being involved forever. we are asking that you please hear our cries. i do not know how else to call it. we really what you guys to hear us. we understand budget cuts, but we also hear on the( san francisco has gotten $45 million from the government, $1 million from someone. i guess i am asking that you come to our communities and you let us know. there were promises made over the summer. we are trying for grants. did we get it or not? [applause]
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>> good evening, ladies and gentleman and the commissioners. i heard everybody talked about another school. 7b1ci i have more than 150 signatures from the parents. i am the first person who is the signatum kindergarten to fifth grade. what i would like to tell all the students from elementary
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same middle schools. so far until now, it does not have bilingual chinese. they do not have bilingual programs and bilingual teachers. any communication with the parents. we are parents. we need one of good quality at the school. a0also, i would like to tell all the parents from monroe school g%"uñ receive all of the students from montrose school? will parents be given the choice of further good schools and higher api schools?
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we need equal opportunity to have the choice. i did not have a chance to speak to everyone. i heard a lot of parents talk district raised the money and the time to send a student to the schools. they are not talking about locations. they are talking about needing a high quality of schools. also, on our neighborhood school in our zip code, there is one very close to us. why do we not have a bid for another one? also, on my hand box, they are talking about a system. for example, the kindergarten -- >> you are at time.
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we already voted on this item. >> i know. >> i know. is the time ready to take us? do you have enough programs for all? >> we understand. if you want to hand over what you brought, i have to be fair to everyone. thank you so much for understanding. [applause] >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, members of the board, members of the public. i am the executive vice president of united educators of san francisco. you have heard from dedicated parents and educators from moscone about devastation further cuts to their budget will cause. we are talking about $46,000 cut.
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we have been told that at other schools there are serious cuts being made also. at one large school, they are talking about taking $400,000 out of the budget. they are moving people around. this is not an isolated case. but we also have been told that one school was told they have a $65,000 surplus and they have a couple of days to spend that money. we want to know what is going on. there has to be something very wrong with this budgeting process, when one school gets money, the other schools are cut. we have had school for a month. why are we making these changes now? why is this budget coming down at this point? there has been no explanation to the union. the school district has not chosen to share information with us. at the same time all this is going on, we know that the school district is getting federal money. where is that money?
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why is that not being used to assist our schools, to do the work we know has to be done? the work goes on in the schools, in the classrooms, with the students. this is what is supposed to happen. the parents, the teachers, the students -- we want to know what is going on. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. >> i am the president of the united educators of san francisco. i am here to back of the things that were said by linda and the other people here tonight. when you created the superintendent's zone, you carefully carved out moscone, because it was achieving. now you have isolated it in another way. you have heard the parents and teachers talk about what they fear will happen with this kind of isolation. you heard the good people from marshall praise the work of the
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area superintendent who was able to get money back for them. that is the kind of story we would prefer to hear. at the same time, we know very well in the union has not been told about any of this. we hear from our members. we not only have heard the story of moscone and marshall, but others, including where teachers have morning and night shifts as custodians emptying the trash for the school. that jobs money is there. let us face it. there has also been a serious expansion of administrative personnel this year in order to create the zones. something has to be a little bit more open, a little bit more
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frank about how you'd chosen to spend your money. while it is good to have an area superintendent who can oversee things and bring the money back, there is an executive director in each one of those zones, a brand new position. a month ago, the union was promised that we would see a grid that showed that all of these executive directors came free, filling other jobs. we still have not seen such a grid. all we know is the positions are there while the third floor desks are in the hallway as all the offices are filled. the board of education needs to redirect the administration to look at the way the money is spent. look at whether or not you need to spend money on nua tonight, or would it be better to put that money back in the schools? look at what you are dealing with. it is the lives of children you
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are dealing with. thank you. [applause] >> my name is kim. i am representing monroe elementary school. my son currently attends the fourth grade there. there commissioner and superintendent, this is one of the few chinese bilingual programs in the school district that offers a kindergarten curriculum. it has become a model for the english learner support services with the chinese english by literacy pathway under the larurue plan. however, the middle school has not been a middle school for many of our students. apart from low overall student achievement, it does not currently have a chinese
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bilingual program. implementing the feeder pattern plan without consideration for incoming students leads to an inadequacy in the planning. you will cut short our students aspiration to continue their chinese education to middle school and beyond and contradict the school's own resolution to promote bilingual opportunities for all the students in the school district and the new language pathway. we urge that the board should take the following steps. first, develop a plan that would aid student achievement. second, have a chinese language program in place at the middle school before implementing the feeder pattern plan. if this is feasible at this time, equal opportunity should be given to chinese students in bilingual programs to enter middle schools with bilingual programs.
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that would ensure students can continue. we sincerely hope the board will consider the promise of these ideas and would appreciate your written response. thank you very much. [applause] >> that ends public comment. i'm want to thank the many parents that came out and spoke to us today. you can handle anything right here. >> i do want to recognize and thank moscone for the work you are doing. i have looked at your proficiency tests scores, particularly for latino students, and they are some of the highest in the district. thank you very much. our next item is item k, which
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is advisory committee reports. are there any board appointments? commissioner wynn? commissioner wynns: i would like to support someone to the committee. i will give you her intervention. >> our next item is item l, special order of business. it is a public hearing and action item. i am now calling the public hearing on this sufficiency of textbooks and instructional materials for 2010 through 2011. superintendent, do you have something to read us? >> good evening, commissioners and superintendent garcia.
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i am a supervisor in the curriculum resources and library office. we ask you approve the resolution regarding the sufficiency of textbooks and instructional materials, as required by education code section 60119, on pages nine and ten of the agenda. the report that begins on page 11 gives background for the resolution. the first part of the report gives sufficiency information. the last part lifts -- lists some of the barriers we have encountered and the action the district takes for us to try to begin the school year with enough textbooks for every student and then to remedy any insufficiencies we discover after school starts. we are here to report that all students do not have instructional materials in the
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core curriculum areas of reading, language arts, mathematics, history, social science, and science. as you can see in the report, we have insufficiencies at three elementary and 12 high schools in core areas. these insufficiencies' are noted in the -- insufficiencies are noted in the table on pages 12 and 13. those are due to late requests, late responses from sites as to whether they had remedy their insufficiencies, and to the fact that there are some materials that are out of print and were unavailable for purchase when this report was sent to the board. it is important to note that the district does not consider sufficiency a one time occurrence.
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it requires continuous attention throughout the year by central offices and sites, and it remains a high priority year round. in addition to the requirement to report on the sufficiency of instructional materials for the core curriculum areas, the board is required to determine the availability of high school science equipment and the sufficiency of foreign language and health materials. we have science equipment related to the core science class is, as indicated in the survey conducted by eric lewis, a science content specialist. that begins on 16 through 33, the survey reports for that. we do not have sufficient materials in all languages or in health to issue one vote per student. those tables are on pages 13 and 14. since 2008 to the