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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2010 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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promises to actually come true is the consensus of many voices and votes on the board of supervisors. that is why i do think endorsements are important. that is why i'm proud to have the endorsement of supervisor avalos, who is in attendance tonight. i will leave his support to make sure we get things like local hiring initiatives. i will need the help of assembly member amiano to make sure we get state funding for state programs -- school programs. i will need help from senator magee in order to make sure we get help from the state to make sure our housing projects are built properly. i have the ability to create the consensus. i have proven that not only through this campaign, but through my tenure in district 10. i want to do it as a supervisor, not on a micro level, but on a macro level for all of us, and i have the proven track record in order to do that.
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>> my home phone number is 341- 8040. the reason i say this is i think a lot of people in this room already have it, and it means that for the last decade or more, i have been answering that call to leave the neighborhood and the district. we need a supervisor who has the experience and skill set to make change happen and the commitment and value to do the right thing every time for the next four to eight years. it is wanting to talk about the budget and another to ask what you will do on that in july at 1:00 in the morning when the mayor says we're going to cut the budget for health and human services, and that is how we are going to get the budget, or else we're not going home. who is going to stand up for that? let's say at 3:00 on friday morning at 3 -- there is a mental health expert at a shooting scene to make sure there is hope for the families? i will be there. ask yourself who will be there and who will not. it is about time we raise expectations from what we
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expect from government. love and fairness, courage and compassion, better ideas, and hard work. thanks. >> i want to first thank you guys for being here. in these tough economic times, you really want someone -- i mean, we have a lot of broken promises, and as a member of the community college board, i talked about bringing city college closer to the community, and that is why we are expanding our city service program, by adding 200 glasses so folks can have access to of the -- to affordable, high-quality education. district 10 is at a crossroads. do we continue to be a place for working-class people in san francisco, where do we come a bedroom community, do we sought to attack our 40% unemployment rate? that is bangladesh style unemployment. do we start to attack back in a real way to create real jobs? do we even asked the question
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what type of jobs and what type of housing will we have in our district? those are the questions i will be asking. those are the questions i have asked. that is the kind of approach to government that i will take, that i have taken. please put your trust and faith in me. thank you. >> vote for me, and if you do not have to wait until november 2 because of early voting starts in less than two weeks. i want to thank everybody for hosting the form, especially our time keepers. it has been like synchronized swimming. speaking directly to you is one of the best parts of this campaign to me, so thank you for being here. i believe on your choice for supervisors because i'm informed. i started learning about the issues here -- the challenging issues well before it was time to run for the campaign. i was talking to people on leland, san bruno, third street, well before it was time to collect signatures. i've invested in his community. i have a 30-year mortgage on my home, right at the crossroads of
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every change coming out of my issues are ever was issues, and i am independent. i have not mentioned my personal background. i am a business lawyer. i have started three businesses. i drove myself to panama and back. s risks ad do the right thing, even if it is an unpopular decision. we need that kind of informed, independent leader. please vote for me as soon as possible. >> thank you. this is the last each year after year for tonight, and i want to thank you for sticking it out with us. thank you to the community we live in that we call home, the community i have been working in for all of my life. i was born and reared here in san francisco, and i have a background in public policy. i have been working both in washington, d.c., as well as in san francisco, and their three things need to think about me -- that is commitment to keeping district 10 residents healthy, keeping them working, and keeping them safe. those are my #13 priorities, and
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i would love to have your support. -- those are my number one three priorities. we need to have a consensus builder because issues come and go, but a person's values -- are they trustworthy, can you believe them, will they be there when you pick up the phone? that is what counts. land use and development is very important. yes, it is critical, but will they be there for you when your back is against the wall? will they listen? will there be transparency? will there be open and honest dialogue even when you do not see eye to eye? i would love to serve you. >> thank you all very much, candidates. i think we all agreed this is a pretty impressive panel of candidates. [applause] district 10 will be in good hands. the president of the league of women voters san francisco. >> i just wanted to say thank
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you very much to all the candidates and to echo banking -- thanking all of our volunteers from the league of women voters, especially our timekeepers. [applause] and encourage all of you to join the league of women voters of san francisco. go to our website, i would also like to thank our hosts here tonight at ucsf and introduce paul takayama. [applause] >> i would like to thank all the candidates for a very interesting evening tonight, and i hope a lot of yot invaluable information. this is a really great event. i would like to thank tom for running a very tight ship and getting us out of your on-time -- out of here on time.
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i appreciate the lead for a really great organization. for those of you interested in district 6, we are having a debate here on october 7, 6:00 here. thank you very much. [applause] >> we are just going to say good night here. one more paragraph. on behalf of the league of women voters and our partner organizations, the potrero hill organization of businesses, the dog patch organization, the university of california san francisco, media sponsors nbc bay area -- we are proud to be here -- san francisco government television and educational access tv, and certainly, our thanks to the candidates for participating and thanks to you for being here tonight, informing yourself, being good citizens of san francisco.
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good night, everyone. [applause] thank you were coming home. i appreciate the short notice. we realize that every moment we
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delay on signing these 12 pieces of legislation is a day delay on getting us to where we want to go. of course, you all recognize that we have been patient for, arguably, a generation. if you are 30 or younger, you could go back to 1974 when the navy ceased operations in the shipyard, in 1988 when they shut everything down. in 2004, we got that first conveyance agreement and began to see some progress on the shipyard. of course, that progress is modest compared with the progress we are marking today. that progress includes the extraordinary effort of all of those you see behind me and countless others that made this happen over the course of these 30 plus long years. we are blessed to have had visionary leadership.
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members of the board of supervisors have come and gone. mayors have come and gone. and legislative leaders in sacramento, as well as the federal government, that have long recognized the extraordinary opportunity and the principal opportunity that we have to anchor the fate and future of the city in the southeast sector, and to fulfil the promises we have made for a generation to the people who live in the southeast sector, and were a big part of building the city for a generation. they watched that promise go away when the navy decided to exit the city and those jobs began to go with them. we are here, and in that light of celebration, marking this extraordinary milestone. what exactly are we doing? we are talking about an economic stimulus, the likes of which the city has never seen. some $11 billion when full
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buildout of the increased tax base, $6.4 billion to $6.6 billion in gross city product, as opposed to gross domestic product. we are talking about 12,000 direct jobs, upwards of 13,000 indirect jobs, all told 25,000 jobs will be impacted through the buildout of this project. we're talking about 700 plus -- you could argue 900,000 plus square feet of retail space will be developed. a hotel that no one seems to have remembered, a 220-unit hotel. you have a 10,000 seat arena or amphitheater, in addition to a 69,000 feet stadium for the san francisco 49ers, when they eventually reconciled their own
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-- [laughter] i will be nice. we're talking about 10,500 housing units. 32% of them below market. we're talking about $83 million of commitments for community benefits that include very formal and very detailed commitments for work-force training. commitments in terms of public health and the southeast sector. commitments for downpayment assistance. this is one of the largest community benefits packages that i have seen and our city in its history. this is something that has been codified through the good work of many, many agencies. i just want to point out, because a lot of thanks are due, and then i will ask supervisor maxwell and president chu to come up in a moment. i want to member thank some of the port commission, recreation and parks commission, the redevelopment agency, as well as
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the planning commission. all supported and started this process. six specific actions were taken by those bodies before these legislative items came in front of the board of supervisors. of course, to this board, for their stewardship and support of the process, as well as the old board of supervisors. the old board of supervisors said for the conceptual framework that allows us to move forward with proposition g, which was competing with the other proposition, which changed land-use and created a framework that allowed us to go to the state of california to get some state law changes. by the way, this will provide for over 300 acres of parks and open space. bay trail connect the waterfront
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to the rest of the community. i appreciate bonner and all the work he has done. [laughter] to rebuild one of the cornerstones -- there is reverend walker. he knows this well. one of the commitments was made early on, as the framework, as the foundation for any discussion about this plan. there are pac's, acc's, cac 's, and every acronym under the sun. [laughter] i can say i'm going to give a shout out. it is a little more eloquent.
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to the community. i want to read some names. they deserve a tremendous amount of credit. i heard reverend walker. i want to thank him for all his strong support through this process. [laughter] i do not know if angelo kking is here. with a richardson, a miss bromo. [applause] there are thousands of view. and to the acc -- the new acorn -- and that is nothing to be ashamed of. and our committee, for sticking this out as long as you have. to the residents who were there from day one. they have been patient throughout. thank you. [applause] i want to thank our friends in
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labor. there were some heroes that really stepped up. mike casey really stepped up when we needed him. [applause] thank you, manny. there he is. mike, connie ford, and tim paulson, who wish to could have been here. thank you, tim, for your stewardship and support of all of this. i'm sorry to be long winded. i have said this. there's nothing more important. the first department head meeting i had was at west point and middle point. it was literally hours after i was sworn in as mayor. i said we needed to commit ourselves. to be back up where we are rebuilding those hunters point public housing sites, and we
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have real plans, real money, and real progress is being made. this is a point of personal privilege. we really consume ourselves and committed ourselves to this project and getting this done against a lot of hurdles and a lot of naysayers. i want to thank two people in particular. the predicate, the framework, the foundation that i spoke of -- that sits on top of the biggest impediment to this development, and that is what the navy left behind, and what that has meant to a community devastated by cancer rates and asthma rates. what is the big story, that deserves more consideration than anything we've done in a number of years in the city, is the extraordinary amount of money -- not rhetoric, hot air, or
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promise -- but money that has come from the federal government because of speaker nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein. [applause] i do not think people fully understand this. we have received more money than all of the other shipyards in america combined. combined. [applause] i will not get ahead of myself. we have good news coming up. i will just leave it at that. good enough never is. here are the numbers. $714 million. almost three-quarters of a billion dollars. $519 million since i have become mayor. i'm proud of this. i cannot impress more upon you. everyone says, what do you do when you go back to washington, d.c.? every year, our top priority is getting this money.
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speaker nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein have stepped up in ways that you cannot fully appreciate until you are really out there and you know the story. they have done everything to leverage this with their colleagues. they have done everything to make this happen. again, a big round of applause for those two for their work. [applause] now, it is my privilege to introduce a number of supervisors. supervisor maxwell first. no one has lived through this -- the good, the bad, every election, the naysayers. all the folks who i thought were arguing for the status quo. i always save the windshield is a lot bigger than the rearview mirror. she was always looking out, as opposed to looking back. i want to congratulate supervisor maxwell. no one is filled with more pride
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and more fulfillment. no one deserves to be than supervisor maxwell. [applause] supervisor maxwell: thank you. thank you. thank you. let me just say that all that belongs to the community as well. yes, this has been a long time coming, but it has been worth all the time it took to get us here. along the way, what have we done? we have united a community. we have united the old with the new. we have had meetings where we have had african-americans, asians, latinos, and on top of that, the ice cream on the cake, our whole city had a chance to weigh in on that vision. they had an opportunity to say, "yes, we want to see a new bayview, and they did
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overwhelmingly. for this has been a wonderful process. all of that is about democracy, about people also having a voice. we make project better. i also have to thank our entire city, because this is a city people have a lot of faith i want to thank lamar for hanging in there with us an understanding and seeing the values. i want to thank all of my colleagues to make tough decisions.
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they did it, and all of them that helped, i want to thank them, and i want to thank my staff, john and alice, for also hanging in there. this has taken the nation. it has taken local elective, state elective, and federal electives. this is not just the beginning. we are continuing the process for all of the people at the department of public health. [applause] that have been through it and hung in there, and we have to give them props. it is about the health of people in debut.
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thank you all for all you have done. we have to continue being vigilant. we have to be there to make sure it happens. thank you. [applause] mayor newsom: there was one nation that did not help. but i will be that there. speak the truth. i guess i hit a chord. i want to thank supervisors chu and dufty for their support.
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i see some here that spoke to the approach of this effort and community benefits getting across the finish line when it was needed. how are we feeling today? i want to start by asking folks to raise your hand if you had a
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question or concern. how many of the wondered? amen, amen, amen. the mayor and maxwell have said what needs to be said. on behalf of the board of supervisors, i want to help you. we were able to get it over the finish line, and thank you to supervisor maxwell. i think that she could be a poster child. what do you think, extending term limits? [laughter] all lot to think the mayor for shepherding this. [applause]
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michael's hair has gotten wider at this time. i wonder about his cigarette habit. as supervisor maxwell mentioned, it takes a village. today obviously is the end of one chapter but the beginning of another. what we're looking for to is the 21st century hunters point, bayview, and san francisco.
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on behalf of the board, we are 1000% committed to going over this line. we're going to get it done. thank you. >> we want to make this a mecca for green technology.
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we need to talk about how to redevelop it. i say this with admiration to every single person who has participated. no one has put more time and energy into the nuances and technical aspects.
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as i understand it, better than the person she just mentioned. i tell you, we simply would not be here to there, to stick around and get here and be dead of an economic development office in san francisco. michael? [applause]