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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2011 8:30am-9:00am PST

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chosen for this. i know that there are many teachers who work hard and inspired many. i was fortunate enough to be recognized and promoted through this process. i have done the work to get here, however, and i have been a cheerleader for many students over many years, and is great to be supported by my friends and family and have my own cheerleading section here. i have calculated that i have roughly taught over 600 students in my time, and that is a number that is larger than any student body. i know these children have influenced me over time while i have been at san francisco unified. from what i can tell, i have been lucky ones who have also influenced them, and have distinct honor of being their
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very first formal teacher. this is a special event in my life which could not have come in at a time. i will always remember this recognition and kindness shown to me in order to make this happen on my behalf. [applause] that up congratulations, trudy. she joins us at our home plate ceremony with the giants on wednesday, so we need to take the teacher awards ceremony with the san francisco united institute. thank you for coming out to the ball game. >> tickets to the asian art museum. >> asian art museum vip tickets during wonderful. thank you. our october teacher of the month is karen from galileo academy of science and technology. she is our map and academy hospitality tourism. susan's fired by one of her students who was missing class, not connected to school, and did
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not seem to care. she joined her academy of hospitality and tourism class and stay connected to her, even when she left for a bit to continue busy to attend a continuation high school to catch up on credits. she returned with a new spirit and commitment to graduate. karen will be here and will be most proud. karen, congratulations. [applause] >> thank you. it is an honor to be up here. first, i have to thank my husband who supports us every day and never says, "when are you going to be downgrading those tests?" for "are you done with that lesson plan?" or "you are leaving today to drive eight kids to disneyland?" to my grandmother who at 93 and fires the family with her determination. to my colleagues who support me every day and work with us to
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really give a great education to our students. i have a wonderful administration who supports all the teachers and really inspires us to be our best. and to the students to make teaching so much fun. thank you. [applause] >> she is going on rocket boat. our november teacher of the month is from yellow elementary school, a third grade bilingual teacher. [applause] she has always test, and kurds, and inspired when his students come back to see her to report their accomplishments, such as being accepted to lowell, getting excellent grades, are winning awards. there are few greater satisfactions in life than since coming back to thank her and tell the -- tell her how well
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they're doing. [applause] >> i would like to thank the mayor and other leaders, the organizers and supporters for this event. this means a lot to me. i never thought or dreamed that i would be honored in this grand city hall when i came over to the united states in 1993, and this is truly an honor that i will never forget. and i think actually i am getting on it, and it is in my name but actually belongs to all the people i have invited here. first, my husband. i would like to thank him for being my encyclopedia, my advisor, my personal chef, and house cleaner.
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[applause] and i forgot -- also for being my personal clout and making me laugh. i would like to thank my principal for setting up very high expectations for all the teachers, creating a very efficient systems, and an environment where the teachers can learn from each other and work effectively and make the students learn and protect their potential. also, i would like to thank the volunteers. they are retired, but they are still dedicated to my students, and i would like to thank them for their love, their devotion,
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and their time to do all the work that i do not have the time to do. and i would like to thank all my colleagues and friends for their friendship, their support, and they are my phyllis, and each one of them should be here instead of me. thank you all. [applause] >> i think we need to get your husband and i had -- an ipad. our december season of the month is david from babylon high school, one of our el teachers. he has traveled the world and settle at balboa because it is basically the united nations, a kaleidoscope of ethnicities and cultures. his goal has always been duplicitous riggers and give them a shot at the dance.
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he used to sit at the excelsior mcdonald's in the morning and a genius to preschool. now, they are in first. the class is. david, congratulations. [applause] >> this one is for my dad in heaven and my mom and my brothers. i want to say that when i got my first teaching job for the peace corps in morocco, i never thought i would come back to the united states, and i took a lot of teaching jobs and climbed all over the world, and they sometimes intervene in the very same way. 14 years ago, i was allowed to interview in high school that nobody wanted to go to in san francisco, and a net even inspired fear in some community members, and that was balboa. i want to tell you that it was the best place for me at the
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time, and it is still the best place. i think it has become one of the best high schools, and it is because of all the teachers and students who have been there in the last 14 years and sort of made it what it was. i would not wish to be anywhere else. thank you. [applause] >> i give. so our january teacher of the month is julie from ruth asawa school of the arts, who is our humanities teacher. what inspires julie is when a student's sense for you to video or brings her a book and says, "this reminds me of what we were talking about in class." she considered declining the
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award as many of these amazing people did because it seem self- serving in light of the economic crisis but accepting it allows it to reflect on the reasons why she would not choose to spend her days in any other light. congratulations. >> i can top-of teenagers all day, but a roomful of grown-ups -- [laughter] they do wonderful work. they gave me a grab my second year teaching that helped me so much. thanks to my friend, my colleagues, my family, and my students who are here today, and those rooms overlap a lot -- marvels over about a lot. my husband is a colleague. my daughter and got that our students. they have been willing to have me several times. and thanks to the city of san francisco and the school board
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and realized that this will dedicated to creating artists and the patrons of the arts is something that we need. thank you very much. [applause] >> she is going on in will trip for two. our february teacher of the month is ken leon from francis scott key elementary school, and she teaches kindergarten. [applause] karen works on treasure island with many students who are homeless or victims midday or had a family member who was murdered. she found a connection with her students through knitting and taught them to be in patterns and math. gave his students the self- esteem and hope to be someone
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with a goal in life. the best part of all the -- the best part where all the hugs and smiles from students when they would come to school with a sense of peace and hope in a world that could be a better place for them to live. our february teacher of the month, karen. congratulations. >> thank you, everyone. like the other teachers have said, it is different talking to a group of adults. i'm mystified girls. anyhow, i want to tell you i'm very thrilled and honored to get this award. i could not do it without all the wonderful people i work with. our principal and all the teachers and our staff -- we have such great families at our school, and children that are amazing.
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thanks for coming. i have to tell you, a q story. this is my 30th year teaching, so i am really excited. about getting this award and about 30 years ago, i had an little boy in my class in my kindergarten class, and he grew up, he got married, started a family, and lo and behold, he had a little girl, and his little girl is now in my current kindergarten class. so he is actually here. michael, can you stand up and say hello. [applause] those are the kind of stories that make it really cool to be a teacher, making all these connections and developing relationships and bonds with
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people, so i want to thank my family, especially my mom and dad for being my rock and for teaching me to always work hard, doing the best you can, and for my husband and sons, andrew and sarah, for giving me a quiet time when i go home, and knowing that if i need to be by myself, that i'm not trying to ignore you, thank you for being so supportive, and thank you to everyone that i work with and all the people in our community. you guys have been wonderful, and as my kindergarteners would say, teachers rock. [applause] >> eat baked city bike rentals and taurus for two. you are in trouble now -- the bay city bike rentals and tours for two.
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>> our march teacher of the month as robert ross from mission high school, a social studies teacher. nearly all of robertson's have a self -- have his telephone number, and he is in constant contact with him -- men and their families. a visit students in their homes, meets with their parents, helps with applications for college, writes that was applications for jobs and scholarships, and yes, he attended far too many funerals. fighting for equity has been the touchstone of his entire teaching career. equity means ritter, a teaching and high standards, but it also means getting to know your students, crossing boundaries, and being patient. thank you for all your hard work. congratulations. [applause] >> thank you, everybody.
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my mom is here. she is only 91. [laughter] i wish my dad were here. he passed a couple of years ago, but i know this will have any special moment for him. my brother is here, my friends, my teaching mentor and partner, my principal, my wonderful daughter, and my students representing mission high school here. and i wanted to mention that because they are why i am up here, and they are why we are all up here, and they inspire me every day, as do so many of my other students. at a time when public education is under attack, at a time when immigration laws like in arizona are challenging our student body, it is a time that is very
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important for us to honor public education. i have been a teacher in san francisco unified school district for 22 years, and all four of my own children have graduated from san francisco public schools, so i'm proud to be here, and i'm honored to accept the award. teachers do not expect recognition. we do not often get it. when we do get it, it feels a little strange, but for a t- shirt, $500 is not bad. all right, thank you. -- for a teacher, $500 is not bad. >> $50 gift certificate. [applause] i want to acknowledge what our teacher award recipients last year.
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our april teacher of the month is deborah, and she teaches first grade. she is a lifelong learner and feels like she wants to learn about everything. her personal enthusiasm translates somehow into the classroom climate. the students and projects make her heart stopped. she truly values everything they do, and they know it. congratulations. >> i want to thank my principle of -- principals for coming and all of my friends and parents
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and students and teachers and colleagues. thank you so much for being friends and mentors. this is the greatest job in the world. most of all, i'd think i want to just that the children that i look forward to seeing every single day. i learn from them as much as they, hopefully, learn from me. thank you so much mayor newsom. i really appreciate this. thank you all. [applause] >> another rock the boat. good luck on that. robert forgot to thank his brother danny. danny, you so much for being here to support your brother.
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our major of the month is some third marshall academic high school. [applause] janet is a special education counselor and a teacher and works with the community access training, teaching severely impaired 18 from 22-year-old students to become independent -- in and attended skills and job training. when her students are in the community doing these activities, jet and her staff will take them to art museums, fitness centers, special events, theater, and anything wonderful that the theater has to offer. this helps them learn how to access the city, find out places that they can go once they leave sfusd, and find places they can go out with their friends once they're on their on. she has also been the primary " soccer, basketball, and track and field tenements when her students participate in the special olympics. please congratulate janet from thurgood marshall. [applause] >> i did not know quite how to start this, but i want to thank
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my staff, my paraprofessionals because without them, i would not be here, and my husband who put up with is all these years, and i have a student here as well that i used to teach, and she was one of the people that inspired me to write what i did. thank you. [applause] this is why i do what i do. because lovely moments like that our california lists, and i always thought it would be really fun to have a book called "a day in a lot of special education," because we have some stories. anyway, thank you, everybody, for this wonderful award. is what to do everything i can to enhance our students
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learning. thank you so much. [applause] >> another bookzine 50 delegates are last digits one month of june is tanya delajara. herbal, when she started her teaching career was stiff and scarlatina students to become front, biliterate, and by cultural citizens -- her goal when she started. she recognizes that education is a civil right, and through all of her work, she creates structures in her classroom and the larger school community that allows students to embrace that right. please join me in congratulating tonya. [applause] >> this is not the moment i was looking for.
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this is my 10th year of teaching, so this is quite a big moment for me. this year is what i have actually changed a lot of my teaching. to be very effective, especially with those english language learners. i just want to eradicate the achievement gap, and this is giving me the inputs to proceed, but i cannot do this by myself. it has taken a lot of people to get here. my road started with a teacher. one day i hope for her to be recognized because she has inspired many teachers in this school district. you need to wait because you are the one that made this happen. [applause] i just went in to volunteer in her classroom. i wanted to be a children's writer, and here i am. i want to thank also my school community. i had a wonderful principal who
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gave me the freedom to make the mistakes i needed to be a teacher i am now. also, i moved to monroe elementary, which is the school my heart is in right now. now, this amazing principal who had a vision for every student to achieve. i do not know where she is. there she is. then, all the teachers that work with me. i'm learning their everyday from every teacher working with me. we have a very strong, collaborative community. i also want to thank my personal community, my friends and my family. i also especially -- working as a teacher is really hard, and i have two young kids somewhere running around. i have to thank my husband for all this incredible patience,
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and my two little girls who have the money that is very busy. thank you very much for everything. -- a mommy that is very busy. >> i want to thank jeff the steiner also because monroe elementary is one of our community high schools, and also see gene. thank you both for helping with that. these are our winner is, but we could not have done this without the amazing support of someone who ran a program this year for me. i want to know he single- handedly solicit those -- american airlines tickets for you -- virgin airlines tickets for you. sunday in congratulating the 2010 principles of the year.
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teacher of the month award recipients. there are some folks that want to take some pictures with you, but before you congratulate them, we are going to be serenaded by the fabulous choir. congratulations. ♪
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