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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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we had the opportunity to talk about you, and i was sharing the the rev. have brought this forward and it was a wonderful opportunity. on behalf of the city and county, i am pleased to recognize and honor the first ever african-american female principle in the unified school district. she is still one of the most active community members. she continues to inspire students, teachers, and staff to ensure that all children receive an equitable education. her tireless education for providing services to the residents of san francisco has been truly commendable. the early education school, best of luck to all of your future
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endeavors. use at my hand and cause a feel [unintelligible] our mayor of san francisco. congratulations. >> what an honor. the last thing i should have said was that there will never be an opportunity again.
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you have this to look forward to. they rarely come to retirement celebrations. i escorted her to her retirement celebration. [applause] i am pleased to present this honor. she sends her congratulations. she is still sorry that she cannot be here this evening. a certificate of honor, city and county of san francisco. the board of supervisors of the city and county of san francisco authorizes the execution of this honor and appreciation for public recognition of the
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distinguished. excuse me, please. in recognition of her contributions as the first african-american woman school principal of the san francisco unified school district. and to honor her education and students to the students and families of the districts. and then the recognition of the development center to the early education school. i give the seal of approval, april 12, 2011. and it is signed by all the board of supervisors. congratulations.
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>> this board of education of the san francisco unified school district, and to each member of this board, and to the superintendent of the san francisco unified school district, and all of you that are present here this evening, i just want to say the two words, thank you. i thank you for accepting reverend brown's word and his information that he gave you.
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concerning changing the name to my name. and i am just a little overwhelmed because usually, this doesn't happen to a person who is living. [laughter] and i can see why. i do want to say thank you. this is an honor that i had never thought of. of all of the notes that i had written, and do this, and the other, so on. this has never been written on a list.
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i had never thought about it. i suppose i had not thought about it because it just isn't done. and this is really a wonderful honor for me. i am very humbled by it. i am very thankful, i really feel blessed. because my pastor had a hand in this. he got it started. i want to thank him for thinking of me when he saw that something needed to be done. and of course, with his influence, when he speaks about
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something, you automatically believe and you are brought over to his side because he expresses it so well. and you just think, why didn't i think of that. maybe you could not think of it, but whatever he does, he does well. i want to thank him for bringing this to your attention i want to thank each one that spoke tonight. i am thinking about one final they, my final day is the final day. as of the things that were said, the felt like this was my final day. [laughter]
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but i want you to know that my heart is jumping. i am very much alive. i am humbled and i am blessed that this has been done. and as long as i live, i want to uphold the fox that you had denied her when you voted that this would be done. i want to ask my relatives. i mean the kid folks.
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i only have a few here tonight, but i would just like you to see them. would you please stand? [applause] thank you very much. i have my brother here. i don't see him where is he? my brother is here. he came from fairfield and he called today and said that i will be there. he is here this evening. he brought the other family members with him. my sister in law is here. the wife of my oldest brother that is deceased. my son is here.
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in the oldest son who is in the d.c. area was unable to be here because he had a little surgery. he will be coming home as soon as he can. he lives back there, but he wanted to be here. he said i must call what i get home tonight. there is a 3 hour difference. i will call them. i want to thank everyone who came for this particular purpose. there are others who called, and i appreciate that. i appreciate them coming. it wasn't easy.
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i hate to call just one name, her but i can't afford to call any other names. you have given me so much time. you have continue to bless me. thank you very much. [applause] >> i was getting a little emotional before, but the wanted to recognize and thank all of a retired san francisco unified school district administrators and teachers is.
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so much, you honor us with your presence. we tried to honor your legacy with our work. president mendoza: this is a good time to break. we are going into -- and i am just letting you know. we are going into item j, speakers regarding general matters and i have a whole list. as you exit, i am going to start calling names. if you could please exit quietly and quickly, we can continue with the board meeting. we would appreciate it. thank you.
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we have quite a few speakers this evening on a number of different items. how are you? good. ok. i will call your name, please start lining up. i apologize for botching your name if i do. [reading names]
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as you can see, how did you guys give me a card?
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did you not hear your name? what is the matter? that's fine. this is the time to speak about what is on the agenda. i also have a list. i will go through them again. [reading names] andrea i already called.
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[reading names] that's you? ok, great. could i have kaitlin and victor? are you guys here? can you guys go first, please? so that was the list. as you can see, we have a bajillion people speaking tonight. we're going to give you a minute each. i will go through the names again if you thought you did not hear your name in the list. young man, you are starting it
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off. press the red button and state your name. >> my name is victor. president mendoza: sorry, mr. hampton. d u mind closing the doors? -- do you mind closing the doors? >> i am a freshman at george washington high school. i chose george washington high school because i heard it was a good school. there might be as many as 10 teachers cut from our school next year. i am asking you to keep washington a grade school. this program gives me extra help with math and other subjects. i am planning to go to college. please don't let budget cuts affect my education at
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washington. [applause] >> my name is kaitlin. even though we have a large number of students, my teacher gives us one-on-one attention. they make sure we understand the curriculum. if our class's get bigger, it will become more difficult to understand the material. this will result in lowering grades and test scores. i heard that washington might have 200 fewer students at schools next year. this will really hurt our school budget. i don't think it is fair to deny a sentence to washington if a student wants to come to our school. i am a good example of that. there are more applicants than openings.
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if i was to apply to high school next year, i might be one of those that are denied. in the short run, it affects my education and in the long run, it affects my district. [beeping] thank you. [applause] >> good evening, united educators of san francisco. i will ask you to look ahead to your next meeting when you're going to look at the budget again. you will look at the ending balance the you carry and you will see that it is fairly significant. you have the edu jobs money and rainy day fund in hand. now is the time to allay fears and start the sending layoff. you have a parent and teacher professionals that are out there worried about whether or not they have a chance to come back. you have the jobs money that has
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to be spent by next september. you have the rainy day funds that are brought back in order to avoid layoffs and keep things going as well as we can. while the superintendent motivated us at the beginning with the words about the impending doom, you have this money that is going to be there at least for next year. commissioner wynns made a reference to what the teachers are planning during a 9-13. and we expect to have rolling demonstrations throughout the district in california. we expect to have a very specific action taking place during that period. -- during that.
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i energy you looking forward to changing and starting to rescind those left out. -- layoffs now. president mendoza:than thank you, mr. kelly. >> hello, i am very sorry i am not as eloquent has reverend brown. i never will be. i am speaking regarding the move of the principal school, the move to the laguna honda side. currently, the school district spends $4,800 of instructional dollars per student. my understanding is that the new school has a 1-15 student to teacher ratio and a one to three students and faculty member
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ratio. i did not go to the san francisco schools, but to me, those numbers don't work. also the superintendent said that those numbers will soon be down to $4,300 per student. i believe i understood him correctly. although the locations for the students probably isn't -- [beeping] isn't as bad as the forty third avenue location, it is still on the northwest side of the city. a considerable bus ride for most of the students. i will cut this short period the inner sunset is in great need
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for elementary school. i find the concept of this questionable. it is expensive. it is a bad location for the school and a facility that is needed for other purposes. thank you. >> i am here to speak to you about the proposed move of the school. the principal center to the new location of what seems to be a very broken decision making process. without the information needed to make a sound decision. as he mentioned earlier, it is critical to have a plan. i was very stunned and upset at the lack of information, planning, and candor that was recently exhibited at the meeting to announce the move. for example, for different administrators claim to have no
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knowledge of crime committed by students at the school. i was victimized by students of the program. secondly, i cannot fathom why the district would want to put a school with kids with alcohol and drug problems somewhere where they can have easy access to drugs anytime they want after school. [beeping] the decision process, i ask the provide transparency to the activities and decisions made today. we have yet to see one. i would of ululate this decision and to make this process right. >> i have kids attending, i am a public schoolteacher. i also who wish to express
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concern about the is that this meant of 150 students, most of whom will be referred to by the juvenile justice system. it will require close supervision and this is incoherently plans so far. this is just another school. the principal center is not even listed at the san francisco unified web site. there is no school accountability report card posted her any other data. i am disturbed by the lack of transparency that has characterized this new use of schools. much more consultation is needed before san francisco unified make the mistake that we all requests. >> my name is often via smith, and i am here to ask the board to reconsider the decision to change what was let go the honda grammar school, my grammar school to a principle high
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school. we hear the budget shortfall, and we see that this principle high-school will be three times as expensive as any other high school. the inner sunset has endured the use of the school property and by newcomers and gateway high school. the neighbors that had increased graffiti, trash, and other problems with the students. we are now told that a principal school is a done deal with no input from the neighborhoods. we are given the statistics of the current school relocated at forty third. we are told the students are at risk. we are an easy 15 minute walk from the lake ha which every day
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you read their are drug-dealing of arrests. we are not told that this campus will be a closed campus, to make sure that the student gets to stay there. we are faced with many more problems with the high-school. this location was originally built as a grammar school. our demographics and our neighborhood has changed. i have gone from two children to a small and children, all of which have to leave to go to a grammar school. i would request that instead of a high school, whose location really needs a grammar school.
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>> i am a family resource coordinator. i am here advocating for parents that attend the after-school program that have had problems with tutoring in the after- school program. we had some parents come to the center to ask us to navigate the system to a maintain tutoring her based on letters they receive. we went through one of the schools and we are told that of the 500 students that were eligible, only 30 actually applied and only 17 were granted tutoring. i'm here tonight to request, obviously it is too late in the year. in the next year, if we can find ways to make a process more transparent, a lot of parents were unsure why they received the to bring that they were
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told they were going to receive. the students and their children can receive the tutoring that is important for them. president mendoza: is this note child left behind tutoring? >> i am not sure what the title of it is. it is students eligible based on their test scores. >> [speaking spanish] >> my kids attend betsy carmichael. i am here to talk about th