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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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teachers are bringing students to the library and we're not able to get into the classroom. we would really like to. there's a solution. all right. solution. >> and all of the kids we get ask about jobs, but we realize that a lot of them are lacking in science, math and technology skills how do we get these kids resources soy they will be able to function in a normal environment? >> what is the solution? >> we /tpwhaoed to get people to have these underperforming schools more assistance. >> how do we do that? >> margaret mentioned these community school things where i know i third of our kids, they
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don't speak english. so there's that disconnect, like we're trying to get ahold of the parent. we need to have a place for parents to go to get training. parenting skills. we are finding it's a systematic thing. if i kid is in the gang, maybe someone in the family is in the gang. >> can someone enter that challenge? giving that kind of support. we are focussing on solutions. >> i am a school bus driver. in answer to his question, the superintendent is wearing a prop a. as i understand it. prop a is meant to funnel more
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money to the under served schools where the teachers teach outside those. step one, vote for prop a. all right. we have eddy. >> my name is eddy zing, one of the solutions i wanted to process is a speaking circuit. we would go to the schools and start giving presentations dealing with the juvenile system and responsibility and having to understand the rights.
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>> on the may 30th. we are going to participate in that. i want to provide those type of the speaking circuits with utilizing excons and people in the streets. but from the latinos. we do a city-wide out reach. we go to the different schools to reach out to the wellness centers and check in with sro's, i would really love to make that happen.
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we are offering our services to the schools, >> edy zing is a shining example. he was down for 2 decades. let's join with eddy on that. rebecca. >> would it be possible will to have coordinate with muni where the bus stops are. the bus is going to be there within 10 minutes of the final school bell so they don't have to wait 20, 30 minutes for a bus. and kids have to transfer. it takes 45 minutes to an hour to get home. if it would be coordinated between the school district and muni that buses arrive and
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coordinate transfer stops. that would help kids on muni and maybe have a person on the bus stop. >> we have time, sorry just one more. >> okay. all right. peer pressure. >> my name is rudy corpus. give a big shout out. i think one good solution is to focus more on elementary school kids. educate them in a way they can comprehend. if they can recite a whole e-40. you know a first grader came to school with a gun.
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focus on the elementary school kids. that's a solution. thank you. and rudy corp >> i have 15 job openings for kids in foster homes. we currently serve 120 kids. we have the seneca center where we are building a family resource center so the parents who go to san francisco unified school district can come get food, clothing and all of those.
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please, i have information on the back. take some, hand it out. call me. >> okay. now we're going to have to break for lunch. we do have lunch that we provided right outside. we have delicious sandwiches. this is an opportunity for us to talk. once again. please fill out your form. if you have ideas. these will be incorporated by larry roberts. we are going to come back. we have youth performances. be back here. we are going to celebrate john osaki. >> thank you so >> and it's my honor and
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privilege to introduce my boss. this will be a very meaningful workshop. >> terisa. thank you patty. people say talk is cheap and events like ours invoke a lot of talk. be worried because today, talk anything but cheap. the bill coming due and writing off the next generation is not one we can afford to pay. let's make today a day we squeeze the value from walking.
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when we leave today, we must walk the talk. our dynamic panel that will get engaged on this topic for today's topic. guns and violence, what's working, what's not. first we have mrs. smith. she's's senior advisor to mayor gavin newsom. david onick.
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malik senfero. director of bay view safe haven. children youth and families. cheryl davis. momagic. last but not least, we have jenay. >> we have tyre and then we have cheryl. john. i have a question for you. i hear there's a summer school safety plan that started in may 2007.
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>> they were 4 partners that collaborates on looking at summer school sites. the 4 were the mtap with muni, the youth services with san francisco police department and the security guards through the san francisco unified school district and d.c. yf. we rolled out responsibilities and it was within the scope of work we were doing and to form what that looked like. they are going to be the primary lead but have support of m tap to deal with
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interventions outside the perimeter the school. and the police department was a supportive roll if it escalated. previous to this, there had been incidences almost riots at different schools. lots of arrests and last year there were minimal, if none. >> this was last summer? this was the first time you had this in place. >> what did you do? were the teams on the campuses when school let out? >> yes. there were level assignments where there were reps from those 4 entities. they checked in and talked about what that particular day brought. >> that's going to happen again this summer.
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>> i want a concrete example where this worked where you went in and diffused. concrete example. >> at burton last year, in the first week of summer school. there was a gun related altercation. they took the conflicting individuals away and ended up through their case management relocating 2 of the folks that were in this conflict. transfer them to is a. after that first week. it died down. >> when you stations at all schools? >> i think there were thee sites where there wasn't the full collaboration. but this year, we have fewer
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sites. so we're going to be at every site >> why do we have fewer sites this year? >> this was a decision by the school district? >> do we have fewer resources. >> we expect there will be similar or hopefully, some of the same success. but it was about coordinating. >> basically having folks on site is a good thing and seems to have worked last summer >> i will like to ask you, if you can elaborate on what plans are in place this year to make it success. >> last year, there was a wave
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of violence. we tend to see an up tick. the mayor created a program. we have reconvened this year and started meeting in february to coordinate all the city's violence preventioning. we are circling around to conveners in the hot spot neighborhoods to ensure these are coordinated. we have activities on going through the summer in the hot spot neighborhoods.
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so this year, we are focuses on the summer safe passages that john is leading with the sfpd. we are coordinating sports and recreation and reviving the basketball which started out of mlca. which has signed up 5 hundred kids to reconnect them to baseball. this is a collaborative efforts from the giants and black aces. it's being held throughout the city. we are connected with pop warner here in san francisco that do football and cheerleading. we will be having alive and free.
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it's going to kind of be like i hate sara marshall. how many folks so that? it was all over. anywhere you saw it, you saw it. we have to create a culture where we won't accept that. >> you have listed a lot of things going on. where are we going to look to see when its going to start? where can we look to see this is going to start here. we can hold us accountable. >> certainly, so our intention is we are developing a summer resource guide. we will be giving to the community conveners and community builders. and with the san francisco
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housing authority. these will be saturated. it will be on the msclb website. can you call 211, which is houses all the summer resources. >> it's at the printer. >> when can we expect it to be out? >> in the next few weeks >> can you give us one start date. let's say one particular activity that all of us his or her can look to that has a definite start date? >>on june 21st, the mayor will
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be hosting an alive and free event. we think we will be able to bring rizza from the wutan clan. particularly gun violence to hear from the youth voice but to create a safe environment to have a good time. we don't have many opportunities for them to do that. that's one of the particular things. another thing. we are hosting 7 events at public housing sites and partnership called unity evented. there are mobile services on site that people can connect
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to. let's engage a couple of our youth. jenay. what do you think it's going to take to have a safe summer >> you should get into a lot of programs. or get a job. i have a lot of job offers. i have 6. if you keep yourself involved then you won't be involved in gangs. people get in trouble not doing anything. if you keep yourself occupied. then you won't be able. are you going to fight this girl. no , i got to go to work. if you keep yourself involved
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in amount of activities you don't have time to get into bad stuff. >> jenay. >> have you 6 job offers. >> i just got one today >> tyree. >> i keep my focus on the studio. we have a program in the summer at the cultural center from 9 to 3:50 p.m.. 9 to 5 now. it's your momma's schedule. it's all positive or drama. like we do rapping. make beats. produce. that's about about it though.
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>> cheryl, do you have anything to add >> >> it's going to take the kids to stop the violence >> how do we do that? >> people need to step up and tell their friends. >> voices of the future. >> hall luia. >> john, i am going to pick on you again. crn. why don't you tell us about that. it's the positive things we've doing. i am going to follow up. how we can expand what happen you're doing and who you are going to need to help you move forward to stop the violence. >> the crn is community response network. it comes from many years of experience in the mission
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district. the crn took a turn to not have the responsibility on one agency or program. the idea is to pool together youth-serving agencies that target the at risk kids and collectively work together through a neighborhood. the 3 components is crisis response. but also ranging all the way to supporting familying during a homicide and working along side the crisis prevention team. one of the other components is
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care management component. advocating and day to day service. could be truancy court related advocacy. what their case management needs. and lastly, is the street level out reach. which is essentially, depending on the neighborhoods. canvassing hot spots. approaching youth on whatever corner block they hang out. try to link individuals with resources. get them information on what is out there. either try to refer them into our case management or try to listen them into a job fair or something they could go to a one-shot approach. >> it's interesting. crn canvases the hot spot
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neighborhoods to hopefully targeting issues. can you give us an example how you went into a hot spot neighborhood and how they worked and how we can expand that. >> first there are activities. there /sr-f already been identified 10 or 15 youth. we are going to take you to a warriors game. for a president of time. we are going to be with and you let you be kids. so there's some of the preplanned work that happens.
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some of the other activities within this general out reach has been intervening on gangville. there was one time on one of the friday night out reach. there was a group of 10 men in the mission district 24th and mission. there was about 20 guys that were going to jump these 10. we were able to mediate. we were able with the van that we do the canvases able to take the 10 men out and nothing erupted into violence. >> how often does this happen? how do you decide today is the day?
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>> is this predictable? >> we are in the western edition. there's a mission crn and then an asian pacific crn. there will be one in the sunny va le. they do an assessment of the out reach they need to target. what i mentioned was a mission related incident. some of the out reach that has taken place in the bay view western edition is working with those. there's out reach calendars. we produce as individual neighborhood based. >> crn program that needs to be expanded? is it? do you think, anybody does it?
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>> we have a hand over there. >> i am pretty sure, there's still people on the streets. obviously, you haven't done enough to focus on everybody. everybody isn't off the streets. where my mother lives. they started a program and everybody got involved in it. we have a garden. they have jobs. you got $100 a week. they got people off the street and every summer we do i basketball tournament. everybody likes sports. >> tyrer.
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who here. why can't we have more programs? jenay. >> you got it. you go girl. >> some people don't go to these programs. i am in up. i tell all my friends, you don't have to sing. you don't have to rap, and for leadership. we go out in the community and talk to people. instead of talking on the phone to me. why don't you go out in the community and talk to someone that matters. even if they don't come, a lot of my friends don't want me to come. i say, are you going to the up meeting. you have to pressure people to go to these programs. even if you put them