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tv   [untitled]    January 22, 2012 7:48pm-8:18pm PST

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the willie brown institute. we sponsor them, because we are looking for the next m. c. hammer. [laughter] mr. mayor, you are indeed blessed. you have attracted a crowd like know whether inside city hall. people from the national level are here. i should probably go on with a program that martha has put together. i should identify some of them with your permission, because when you speak you should know who is here to listen. because when you're born to make a pitch for high-speed rail -- [laughter] you start with the minority leader, nancy pelosi and paul pelosi, who is here. [applause] my colleague and seatmate from the legislature, all of my votes
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were cast by advice seatmate, congress woman jackie spear. [applause] i will have to pay for that one much later on, but i have the microphone. and [laughter] mr. mayor, there are some of your mayor colleagues that are here, and i have been told -- i saw two of them last night. the president of the u.s. conference of mayors, the organization that you're very much a part of nationwide, the most powerful voice for local government in america, that is the president, mayor antonio of los angeles, california. [applause] and the mayor that are really
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have an affinity for and relationship with, because i look to great things as his future unfolds, the mayor of atlanta, georgia, christine reed. [applause] the mayor of oakland, calif., a former colleague of yours from the old school days when you live in oakland, before i convinced you to moves. . [laughter] mayor jean quam. [applause] from state offices in this state, the former district attorney of the county for san francisco and the attorney general of the state of california, the hon. carmela harris. and [applause]
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the insurance commissioner for the state of california, the hon. david jones. [applause] and your state senator in the state of california, mark little. an[applause] his colleague, state senator at leland neyeat. [applause] member of the california state assembly, fiona ma. [applause] and a majority of your board of supervisors are here, which is a good thing. [laughter] the president of the board,
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david chiu. [applause] the rev. of the board, sean elsbernd. [applause] and the three women that are always undying loyalty you in support almost everything you'd do, and i will introduce the three of them together -- jane kim, leah komen and carmen chu. [applause] mark farrell. [applause] scott wiener, member of the board of supervisors. [applause] eric mar, a member of the board of supervisors. david campos, a member of the
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board of supervisors. [applause] you have some other city officials who are here. you have, of course, the man who takes all of our money, the treasurer, jose camos. [applause] campos would like to be there one of these days. i am so focused on campos, he owes me one. [laughter] the public defender, the man who he looked to -- you look to it you got arrested and are broke. -- if you got arrested and are broke. [applause] and the city attorney dennis herrera. [applause] and the man who supplies most of
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jefferies client' client becauss -- because he insists on are arresting and prosecuting people. [applause] and then of course there are members of your school board who are here with what jerry brown is doing to them in sacramento on the budget side they certainly will be coming to your door quite often for assistance, so they are here. president of that board -- actually works for you, i do mendozmendoza. [applause] there are other school board members whose name i will get in a minute.
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then there are as the remainder of the official family of san francisco, and before i goethe to those official members, however, i think i should identify some of your real friends. you are identified now is the high-tech mayor in the country. every high-tech organization is looking forward to doing something in san francisco. the other day i saw a newspaper that 400,000 square feet had been acquired for 18 years by and is the second step and justifying your title in that role. i think that should be appropriately and knowledge, and people like ron conway to work here as part of that effort. and of course of your own
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chinese chamber of commerce incidently involved over there to my right. and [applause] sending notes. did she send us notes? all right. and i suspect that. there are other people that will be introduced, but diane is on the schedule, which she has ever one else on a time schedule, and i am already passed the time. i am about to ppresent to you so there can be a formal swearing-in, and then i will come back and finish up with the introductions. it is important to do that, because they came to be introduced. and [laughter] so with that, let me ask the
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senior u.s. senator, former mayor city and county of san francisco and also force in the public decision making of this nation like canada it for reelection, dianne feinstein. [applause] thank you. and >> thank you. just a word if i might. for me, this is a time of hope and opportunity. i was sitting here, and some of it was bittersweet. i was thinking back to november 22, 1978, when i took my first oath of office as acting mayor in the mayor's office. then 1980 when i took my first oak of office 32 years ago as duly elected. i was thinking about those times and how sensitive this city can be, and how much we need to work as a team, and
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there is someone i would like to introduce to you from those days, and she is a wonderful woman, mrs. jean a moscogina mo. [applause] now mr. mayor, i would ask that you would join me at the podium right over here, and anita, tanya, a aurianbrianna, if you s well. mr. mayor, if you would read your -- raise your right hand and put your left hand on the bible and repeat after me.
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i, edwin lee, do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation, or purpose of evasion, and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties, upon which i am about to
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enter during such time as they hold office of mayor for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations, mr. mayor. [applause] >> now ladies and gentlemen, the 43rd mayor of the city and county of for samsung could sann lee. [applause]
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>> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. and thank you. thank you very much. please, thank you. thank you. good morning. weren't those lovely performances from our own symphony? let's give them a big hand. and [applause] 8 and to the incomparable, charlotte mirer shultz after whom this very staircase is dedicated. thank you for another wonderful celebration. and we're so grateful to you and
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george for your friendship and service to our city. thank you. and senator feinstein. a year ago i had honor of being sworn in by your daughter, and i am honored today that you can join us here. we all know how much you have given and still give to our city. i will never forget our conversation last year outside the white house about what a special city san francisco is. worthy of every sacrifice. and thank you for your continued service and for your constant advice and counsel to me and all the former -- and to all the former mayor's here today. senator, we are looking forward to having you in washington looking out for us for many years to come. and [applause]
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into house democratic leader, nancy pelosi, thank you. [applause] thank you for all the amazing work you do for san francisco and for our country. whether it is leading the charge for health care reform or protecting funding for the treatment of hiv/aids, we are all going to work very hard to return speaker nancy pelosi to congress this year. [applause] congress woman spear, we want to return you to the majority in washington so you can keep fighting for san francisco. thank you for being here today. [applause] i see a few other mayors have come here today. i better do all right, or i will never hear the end of the of the next conference of mayors. i am so glad my friends from los angeles, christine reed from
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atlanta are all here with us. we have a lot of work to do together this year for our city. thank you very much for being here. [applause] into mayor willie brown, lt. governor newsom, frank jordan, mayor art agnos, it is such an honor to stand before you and take this oath of office today. over my 23 years of public service i have worked for everyone of you, and every major benefits from the work and efforts of the mayor's that came before, and i have learned so much from each of you, and we all benefited from your leadership and service. thank you all very much for being here. [applause] and to my mother, my brothers and sisters, and my whole family who made it down from seattle, what an incredible journey it
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has been. thank you for your support and guidance in being here today. [applause] and of course, anita, tonya, brianna, you are my constant inspiration and strength. i would not be standing here without you. thank you for putting up with me, the long hours, and for tending to laugh at my jokes all these years. [laughter] [applause] junea year-ago i stood before yu and tumble league accepted the honor of serving you as interim a year. it was a historic day in so many ways, a time of transition for our city and proud day certainly for our chinese community. [inaudible]
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there could be no other answer and no greater honor than serving my city in this capacity. i stood before you then that as a different kind of public official. and i was someone who would never run for office, somebody who had been in the trenches of government for many years, and before that and activists to work from the outside to change government. finding -- fighting for the rights of tenants and immigrants, working to make government more fair and accessible for everyone. i came in determined to apply what i have learned during all those years. i came in at determined to bring a new level of civility to city hall. and [applause] and despite a few rough patches, it was an election year after all, for the most part we work in an atmosphere of mutual
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respect and civility. we actually manage to agree on a lot and get a lot done. when we disagree, we worked through it and did not get bogged down in acrimony. i want to thank every board -- member of the board of supervisors for your hard work and dedication to the city the past year. thank you very much. [applause] we even met once a month in your chambers to the exchange questions and answers. i knew some folks found those steps in the tip, a mutually- respective sessions a little boring, but that is ok, as long as we're getting things done, and do not mind being called boring. i came in determined to make san francisco work for the people of san francisco. of course i started with the benefit of a great team in place
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with me and the mayor's office across the city departments and with city conditions. let me stop for a moment to acknowledge gavin new some and all that he did for our city that allowed me to hit the ground running and build on his accomplishments. a few comic added. -- thank you, gavin. [applause] together we set out to achieve five goals of office. police chief, put some of kids go back to work with new jobs and to local hire program, chart a stable course, to balance our budget despite steep deficits, and tackle pension reform -- one of the most boxing challenges every city in america has faced. we got them all done.
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[applause] today, one year later, i stand before you even more honored, even more humbled by the responsibility you have placed in me. whether you voted for me first, second come third or not at all, i want to thank all the people of the city for giving me this historic opportunity to serve as short elected mayor. thank you. [applause] as proud as i am about what we accomplished together in this last year, i am here today to talk about the future of our city and the road map ahead.
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as some of you know, in the chinese calendar we are about to begin the year of the dragon. the most powerful of all the animals in the chinese zodiac. therefore, the year of the dragon is a time for confronting challenges, taking risks, and embracing innovation. my fellow san franciscans, i can think of no better time than this year, the year of the dragon, to take on the challenges that we face together. together we will realize the amended promise and potential of our people. but let's not kid ourselves. these are challenging times. the news out of sacramento and washington every day reinforces a reality we have known for some time. local governments will continue to have to do more with less. as is so often the case in our history, from the gold rush to
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the great earthquake, to the deepest recession we have seen in a generation, san franciscans must once again look to each other to lift us up and forge a path forward. we will find that half vote -- path forward, because this is a place where great thinkers and innovators from across the world have come. irish, chinese, italian, african american, latin american, gay, lesbian, trans but -- transgendered people, hippies, techineiees, you name it. together, we all build a city like no other on earth. we made san francisco the innovation capital of the world. [applause]
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today, more than ever, san francisco is uniquely poised to innovate on the future right now, by capitalizing on our greatest resource, our people. innovation is not just about technology. it is about a different way of thinking and approaching our problems. it is through innovative approaches to crime fighting that san francisco remains one of the safest big cities in america. last year, violent crime was down by 6%. it remains at historic lows not seen since the 1960's. pension reform is another prime example of what i have been talking about. the key to meeting our challenges in the future. across the country, pension reform was a wedge issue. it shut down governments and
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divided people. here in san francisco, we once again showed that we are a city that knows how. we brought everyone to the table. be put in the long hours. we had tough negotiations and reduced the pension reform measure with business, government, and labor standing side by side. we did it in a way that reflected all of our hard- working city employees. where else have you seen that across the country? while we are on the subject, let's take a moment to remember [unintelligible] [applause] war and was at the center of reform, as he was with so many great causes. -- warren was at the center of reform, as he was been so many great causes. we will always remember your measurable contribution. we miss you.
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pension reform reminded us that we can solve the problems, if we just set aside small differences and focus on but we agree on, roll up our sleeves and get it done. that is the spirit of innovation that we must embrace to meet the challenges of today and down the road. let me tell you where a little innovation can go a long way. in your city government. in 2011 we saw the power of innovation in new technology. most importantly, the power of people united to unleash revolution around the world. today those same technologies, many of which were developed right here in the bay area, are changing how we communicate, interact, and share information with each other. weather across town or across the world. we must not be afraid of this destruction, this innovation.
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we must, in fact, increase it. one year ago when i took office, i did not have a twitter account. today i will tweet my first in photographic. -- info graphic. [laughter] there, how about that? of [applause] that is a little disruption, but it shows how important i think innovation and technology are to rebuilding our government in future. i believe that some of the smartest people on the planet live right here in san francisco. they love this city, too. last friday i joined the team at code for america to bring hack culture into city government. for the first time, you will see
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hackatohns at city hall, where we will engage some of the world's most innovative minds. from transit to better service delivery for residents, we must innovate our way to solutions. [applause] in doing so, we must always make sure that we innovate for everyone. whether you speak english, chinese, spanish, or all three. whether you are young, old, or have a disability, this is san francisco. true technological innovation must leave no one behind. [applause] the need to innovate and take responsibility for our own fate is nowhere more evident than in the challenges that we face with the elimination of our
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redevelopment agencies by the state. let's be candid. the legacy of redevelopment in other parts of the state, even our own city, is far from perfect. in recent years, we have leverage the power to build more than 11,000 units of affordable housing, create a growing biotech hub, and a new sales force campus. we have world-class convention facilities and museums around the garden. we are on the verge of 10,000 new housing units and acres of new parts and commercial space at the renewed hunters club shipyard. for that many of you that have worked so hard on these projects over the years, and to our investors, you have my unwavering commitment that we will make good on these promises.