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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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>> hi, my name. >> lord of mercy. i am lavina -- the treasure island clubhouse. we are one of nine clubhouses. we are the only youth program from 6-18 year olds. thank you, mayor and everyone. i have a few members that would like to share a bit about them. >> she's been dying to do this. >> thank you. good evening, everybody. my name is vonya and i am a member of the boys and girls club on treasure island. i am 10 years old. my brother and i have been in
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the club for five years and this is my home away from home. i come from the club every day after school and every day when there is no school. boys and girls club is the only youth program on treasure island. my family and i love and need the club as it provides me with the skills needed to help me with my education, life skills, and to be a young lady. [laughter] [applause] >> the club keeps me safe and out of trouble and i am surrounded by people who love and care about me. in order to help me grow and be successful, we need your support to help programs like boys and girl's club, and san francisco a
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lot. thanks to everyone and our supervisor, jane kim. [applause] >> i am linda wong, representing the tnederloitenderloin boys ans club. there are a lot of programs and many kids had experiences like mine. basically, the boys and girls clubs help me. i was not thinking of going to college, because i thought that they would cut the budget. taking everything away from me,
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and when no one believed in me, they believed in me. thank you. >> i will call another group of speakers. we have about five more minutes. i will call these names. henry carnilowitz, scott piper, daniel landry, jaela anderson, and john mark johnson. >> good evening. i would like to thank jane kim for making this happen. south of market -- as we know,
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small businesses are the economic and cultural engine of a city. this needs fuel to keel to keep running. the organization i speka of ak of is urban solutions. i would urge you to make the funds available. particularly in areas like sixth street and bayview and tenderloin. i urge you to set funds aside for that. and one last thing, good to see you here. one speaker said, the police station. we would like to see it happen. thank you very much. >> hello.
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i am john mark johnson, and i work in district six. the city contractor with the direct access -- i wanted to advocate not to throcut funding for the direct access program. the relocation of 109 people would leave 109 eoplpeolpple who are homeless homeless. it would cost around $2 million the first year. it doesn't make sense we we would cut -- we would cut housong aning and leave our most vulnerable people on the street
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without the support that they need. [applause] >> first, thank you. the supervisors -- the call in the town hall meeting. i am daniel landry. i was born and raised in the western addition. what i hear is about economics, i am a small-business owner and was impacted by the redevelopment era. my question, and my thought is that, can we find a way to make certain that those who have been impacted by the redevelopment agency have opportunities, economically, and for housing? the beat goes on. it may seem like the sunset of the redevelopment agency may be happy for some state officials,
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but some of us have been left behind. a few years ago we took the delegation to vallejo, and warned ossie dviavis they were on trouble. the city went bankrupt. this is about how you treat the poor. at the end of the day, nations and states and localities have failed because the poor people do not have an opportunity. i want to put that in the front burner. i thank you for coming out and sharing the information you have on the city budget, thank you. [applause] >> fantastic ideas that we have heard here today. thank you, mayor and supervisors were coming out to hear these ideas. the arts are an incredible value
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add to san francisco. we bring in an enormous amount to the tourism budget. we hvave some funding with the hotel task fund. it has gone into the general fund, and we have a chance that is about to be completed for the 1% for public arts, and is being expanded. thank you, to a large amount of the soma area, and we want to make sure we don't lose this with the new housing developments coming up. there are chances to feed into this and it benefits the members of those programs. consider reinstating these areas and as we discussed
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affordable housong foing for the redevelopment agency, make sure this is included. i hope to see a continued san francisco existence for us. thank you. >> can we give it up one more time for everyone who spoke today? [applause] i know we talk about dollars and cents, but it comes down to how it effects people's lives. all of us, business owners, artists, we make twork togethero make this the best city it can be. this is just the start of the budget process. there will be five more of these and budget hearings.
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we have heard from everyone about a lot of important issues. i ask you to be involved and bring your family to see how these issues effect everyone's everyday life. thank you all, one more time. [applause] >> and so we are going to close. >> give it up for lisha. [applause] >> thank you. it is loud. thank you agian. my role is to thank you. this is your valualbble time. thank you for coming out. i want to thank tenderloin elementary school. and just an example -- this school was able to develop a partnership for free dental care.
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it is really amazing. i want to recognize the mayor's office of immigrant affairs for translation service, and adrian for working with us, and sfgtv for recording this, and you can watch it to test the words. i want to thank my staff, they spent a lot of time on this. there wil lbe more town halls. supervisor olague will announce her next, and thank you. >> i would like to thank ed lee, for years i have organized this event. this seat was always empty. i want to thank hom for engaging with all of us and sharing the
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priority for the district. as promised, there will be more opportunities for you to express your feelings about the budget priorities. we will have this pariapril 25 t the county fair building. there are fliers as you leave. i want to thank you for coming and sharing your priority with us. we will work hard to meet those priorities. thank you. [applause] >> well, we certainly got off to a good start. last year, when we started this, -- i will tell you, one
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reason why i think there are a lot of programs that are safe is because you conducted yourself in a way we listened very carefully because he represented yourselves well. people often say that we are a very rich city. i think that we are a rich city not just because we have a budget of $6.80 billion, we are rich because of the diversity represented in this room, and you are willing to give us your involvement and your ideas, and to give us your passion. i have a lot of notes here and i know that the department's that our represented here took a lot of notes as well. when you talk about seniors and emigrants, youth, all of these programs, all of the diverse populations that exist here, we
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listened very carefully tonight. we will take this under very serious consideration when we make these decisions. it is these opportunities that we have, that tell us what is important. and we listened very carefully over the substance that you are saying to us. this will be reflected in the balanced budget. thank you for your courtesy. thank you very much. >> and i want to recognize dominica henderson and judy bee, and thank you, thank you for coming. have a good night.
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>> good morning. good morning. thank everybody for being here. what a wonderful, marvelous day in san francisco. commissioner david stern is almost clairvoyant in such a way. he is a marketing genius. years ago, he came up with the slogan "i love this game." when people say that, you know exactly what they are talking about. they are talking about an nba
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basketball game. one of its marketing slogans from this season is -- big things are coming. we had a great season. we are having a big playoff run right now. it is more than certainly appropriate for today because five years from now, there is going to be the most impressive of arena in america sitting right here on the spear -- this pier. i'm not sure there is any bigger news in the nba, except maybe that the warriors got a big man, but it goes along with the whole thing. today is the culmination of incredible vision by a mayor and a group of owners, who are 100% committed to creating something really special for the citizens of the bay area, not only basketball fans, but everyone interested in entertainment. it is rare that a sports team has the ability to impact an entire region.
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the building of this venue in the country will have positive ramifications on fans far and wide. that is unique, and that is what makes a tremendous day for the city of san francisco, the warriors, and the entire bay area community. i would like to introduce to you some of our speakers on the day is today. the city's 43rd mayor and the city's first asian-american mayor in the city's history. he is from seattle, i'm from tacoma, and we have that together. he is known as a job as mayor and an innovation mayor for his focus on job creation and economic development. ladies and gentlemen, san francisco mayor, ed lee. [applause] mayor lee: thank you. good morning, everybody. welcome. it is great to be reunited with my long-lost brothers, separated at birth. david lee, his younger brother.
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i just wanted to welcome all of you. we have a great representation of the whole city family here today. commissioners from our port, staff from our ports, the recreation and park department, our planning department, we have our board of supervisors from hong all of the different districts. we have representatives from chinatown, bayview, sunset, bernal heights, ever with this city is committed to working with the warriors to make sure we have this i read a billed by the 2017 nba season, and we are very committed to getting that done. the warriors have in the bay area's basketball team for 50 years, and today sets the stage for the warriors to be our bay area team for another 50 years. [applause] all right. it has been 41 years since the
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warriors played here in san francisco, and in my humble opinion, it is time to welcome them home. [applause] this new sports and entertainment facility will bay area residents. it will generate tens of millions of dollars in economic growth each year, and games and events will bring people from all over the region. the money they spend will benefit our local economy and our local businesses. this project will be more public transit accessible than almost any other are rena in the nation. it is accessible to bark, and unique, the ferries, and our new transbay terminal that will be up and running in the next three years, making it easier for people from all over the bay area to come to games without driving. this project will also be a responsible development. we're talking about taking a
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pier that has been the home and host of our ships coming from the military, and international cruise ships from all over the world, canada, and europe, but it needs a lot of work. it needs major work. it needs cleaning up and strengthening the site and making it usable. we are not developing on any existing green spaces. we will be adding new ones and bringing thousands of people to the waterfront. this project means enormous economic growth for our city. thank you for being here. i'm looking forward to a dedicated five-year joe and peter and all the warriors team.
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the new revenue we seek to have from this arena and this facility can be used with services for our local residents' needs and public safety. our schools. our whole repairs, public transit, programs for our youth and programs for our seniors. we look forward to working with you, all of the ownership, and i'm excited, and we are committed, and we look forward to getting this done. thank you very much. [applause] >> our next speaker led a distinguished ownership group in the purchase of the warriors had a record price of $450 million less than two years ago, and prior to owning the warriors, he served as a minority owner -- [laughter] he served as a minority owner of the boston celtics, including when the celtics captain the nba championship. now, his vision is to build a spectacular new arena on san
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francisco bay. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you come and mr.mayor. this has been a remarkable journey for us. we did pay the highest price ever paid for an nba franchise, david. [laughter] david just called me the tire kickers. i do not think he is doing that anymore to. we have had a lasting five months of interaction with the mayor of san francisco, ed and his staff. it has been a wonderful five months. incredibly positive. justa can-do attitude about the project. there will be many challenges, but this next five years will be as big as the relationship we have had over the last five
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months. [applause] so, as the mayor said, we have just celebrated the 150th season in the bay area -- the warrior'' season in the bay area, and now, we embark on the next eight years. with the cost of this arena, it may take us 50 years to pay it back. we hope to be here, obviously, for a very long time, right here on this site in this very beautiful city. we put a lot of time and effort into this search. for the last 18 months, we have looked everywhere. we decided what is the best thing for our fans, where do we go, what will be best for our fans at games? how can we make this the best possible venue and team in the nba? we decided on this site. it was not an easy decision. we looked at a number of sites, and, you know, we are faced with a pretty tight timeline. our lease expires in 2017, so we
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have five years, and it takes probably all of that. it will be a tight timeline, as we discussed. it will take all that to get this done in terms of getting the permits and of that and building the arena. we are very, very appreciative to the home we have had in oakland for the last 40 years or so. it has been a great community, but what people do not understand is that in fact, our fan base is really the key/50, and we do not release this information all the time, but it is 50% on the west bay and 50% on the east bay, so we are the bay area basketball team, and we had to find the best site to serve the majority of our fans and provide that experience, and we settled at the end of the day on this site right here in this beautiful city. let me leave you with four main points as to why -- first, we
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intend to build the most spectacular arena in the country. for all bay area residents, not just an francisco, that they can be proud of. and architecturally significant building on truly an iconic site. it does not get any better than this. we intend to do everything in our power to have a team as well that matches the standard of what this a real is going to be, both now and over the course of the next five years. let's not forget this -- winning -- where is mark jackson? winning remains our number one priority. this army that is about winning, just like the team on the court. -- this i read at jig thisarena -- this arena is about winning. it is important to understand we are privately funding this, and we think that is important.
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we know these communities are challenged by a lot of different economic issues, and we could go through those. we all know what they are. we knew we could have tried to get some public financing as has been done in other places around the country. the beautiful the stadium we have gone and seen in orlando, and others. we felt the right thing to do was if we could get the right deal on a parcel of land, a great piece, we would come in and build this arena. i want everyone to understand that it can be done and it will be done. it is going to happen. we are going to be year in 2017, and our neighbors to the south, the giants, have proven that a privately financed been you, a stadium in there is, can be done very well and work for everybody. the third point i would like to make is that we thought it was also very important to have a venue that could be accessible via public transportation. very accessible. not just for warrior games, but for conventions and concerts' and all the other events that
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will be here. this is not just an urban or basketball. that is -- what? 50, 60 events? i'm not sure of the exact number. 57 or something. but also all the other events that are year. this is more than just an army that. this is a live entertainment venue, a multifaceted venue that we're going to try to put year -- this is more than just an hour arena -- this is more than just an arena appeared retell, restaurants, a place to eat, a sports bar -- all kinds of things that will be at this site. it will be very exciting. it is going to change, just like the giants changed the on the embarcadero little further, we're going to change this part of the embarcadero for the city forever. thanks to the mayor for coming aggressively after us and bringing us here, and thanks to everyone who helped make this
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day happen. [applause] than the 57 games? does that include playoffs and nba championships, mark? [laughter] a prominent figure in both the entertainment and sports business over 30 years, he is the founder and ceo of mentally ill to attend a, a visionary of multimedia ventures spanning movie, tv, sports and in addition to garnering more than 50 academy award nominations, he has become actively involved in the theater business, in recent years in professional baseball ownership for one of his minor league teams, the dayton dragons, has established the all-time professional sports record for consecutive sellouts at over 850 straight games, which is quite a record. he now plans to create the most incredible fan experience in the nba right here on san francisco bay. ladies and gentlemen, the co-
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executive chairman of the warriors, peter gruber. [applause] >> wow. this is fantastic. i remember growing up in boston gardens, the balcony, and obstructed viewing. suddenly, we are talking about this kind of a venue. i want to say that i have a great partner in joe. he is just great, and that is one of the reasons why i think we will succeed, and it is one of the reasons why it will be fun. in a stage in life, i want it to be fun. the other three-letter word starts with an s and ends with an x, and that is fun, too. the commissioner i have done for a long time. i thank him for being my friend, really, truly. when you start a mission like this, this is the beginning of the beginning of the beginning,