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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2012 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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>> (roll call). >> commissioner levitan communicated to me she's on her way, so we expect her.
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i'd like to call on commissioner low. >> thank you, president, it has come to my attention that our law firm has recently been retained by the transbay powers authority to represent it next with public finance matters, i'm consulted with the city attorney's office and i have a duty of disclosure to make and while there might be a question on whether a conflict of interest is present, i think it's appropriate that i make sure that there's no appearance of inpropriet and i propose that i be recuse. >> move to recuse. >> it's been moved and seconded, all those in favor? >> aye. >> opposed, hearing none, it's ewe nan nows. >> thank you, commissioners and
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public, if i may, >> i'm sorry, commissioner sugaya? >> the firm that i work for did some historic analysis work for the tgpa for the plan, since this concerns generally shadows on parks and not the project itself, i don't believe i have a conflict of interest, and can be impartial and fair in decision-making, so i'm just revealing that fact. >> okay, with that, are there any other announcements for request for recusal? seeing none, commissioner, i just want to point out that for the public especially, the joint commissions will hold one public hearing for both items on the calendar and when you come up to speak, you will address both items because you'll only have one opportunity to do so.
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following the public comment from the members of the public, the planning commission will act jointly with the recreation and park commission to raise the various shadow limits that could be shadowed by development pursuant to the district plan and incorporate additional qualitative criteria for two additional parks also listed on item 1 below, and the recreation and park commission will then following that action consider making a recommendation to the planning commission regarding the possible adverse impact of shadows on various parks listed in item 2 below, and before i call the items, i would like the remind all of us to turn off or silence our cell phones. i'd also like to make announcement that this is a public hearing, for the
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commissioners be able to actively engage and hear everyone, it's important not engage in secondary discussions, if you want to engage in one, please take it outside, we would appreciate that. commissioners, i'm going to call both items because there's one public category period, so item 1 is case number 2007 .0058k, 295 actions relate today the transit center district plan, this is discussion and possible action by planning commission and recreation and park commission to amend the section 295 implementation memo adopted in 1989 to raise the absolute cumulative shadow limits on serener park properties, union square, st. mary's square, portsmouth square, justin her man plaza, maritime plaza, willie woo woo wong playground
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and boy decker park and that could be shadowed by development sur taount to the transit center district plan and b, incorporate additional qualitative criteria for nine parks plus woh hei yuen park and chinese recreation center that describe the quantity, coverage area, duration, times of day and times of year of new shadows and 2, adopt findings under the california environment quality act, and number 2 is case number 2008 .0789k, 101 1st street, also known as the transbay tower block 3720 lot 001, this is the recreation and park commission to 1, recommend to the planning commission that the net new shadow from the proposed project at 101 first street will not have an adverse impact
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on union square, st. mary's square, portsmouth square, justin her man plaza, maritime mraz & woh hei yuen park, chinese recreation center and boeddeker park as riper by planning code section 295, 2, allocate net new shadow to the proposed projts at 101 first street for the following six park property union square, st. mary ice square, portsmouth square, justin her man plaza, maritime plaza, and we will ask that you then open the public hearing. first staff? >> good morning, commissioners, my name is karen, i'm a planner with the recreation and parks department, as the commission secretary has read the items out to you today, we're going to have -- there's two items for your consideration, first is a joint item for both commissions amending the 1989
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memo to adjust budgets in several parks and adopt certain qualitative criteria for evaluation or shadow impacts and response the transit plan, the second item is for consideration by the recreation and park commission only for a consideration of specific shadow impacts of the transbay tower, planning department staff will provide a comprehensive presentation that covers both items. the planning staff has provided an overview presentation of the recently adopted transit center district plan to the recreation and parks commission in late august, at that hearing, several commissioners requested additional information on a number of topics and staff pr the planning department, the mayor's department worked on these addressing these questions, this memo is include ined the parks and recreation packet and was provide today the planning commission. at the presentation today, the planning staff will also highlight some of those items.
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regarding the shadow analysis, rec park staff, myself and others have requested of the planning staff to conduct a thorough analysis of the potentially affected parks including doing usage able sis of key parks and creating the videos to supplement them in the environmental impact report, several build rinsing this plan, how they would create shadow on various parks, the transit center plan is a comprehensive plan, the first plan to look comprehensively on a major part of a downtown and before the 1989 memo was adopted. the plan includes a major expansion of a public open space system in the downtown and provides new funding for open new space improvements for the new planned area, they are identified as such in the recreation and open space element of the city's general plan, particularly nr the area
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south of market and district 6. while the specifics regarding the management and design in some of these new areas are to be specified in the next few year, recreation and parks department will be off the table for these decisions and have the opportunity to [inaudible] i'd like to clarify in my staff report the third paragraph of the summary, i mentioned there will be an additional staff report, the staff report that i prepared for the recreation and parks dmition is a combined staff report for both items. thank you very much for your time, i'm going to introduce josh squits ki from the planning department. >> yes, thank you, i'm joined today by scott buell, also
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joined by adam from the implementation program to answer any questions taf presentation if they arise regarding our implementation program. if i could have the slides, please. the transit center district plan has come a long way to get where we are today. i would say the first milestone started back in 2005 bh the city adopted the transbay redevelopment plan that covered part of this plan area but focused on properties along folsom street that were transfer prd the state of california to the city and all this was to the ends of building the new transbay transit center and the downtown neighborhood, at that time and coming out of that plan effort, the city in the inner act si effort led by the mayor's
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office commissioned a report that recommended the creation aof a new broader area plan that covered a broader area around the transbay transit center to consider the land use patterns in the future of downtown growth in the context of the new transit center project. so, we engage ined that public process for several years, culminating in a draft plan in 2009 and towards the end of 2011, a draft eir was published on the plan and then this may, the planning commission certified the eir and adopted the plan, following that the, the board approved the plan and the mayor signed it and they are not reflective, so the next step and key step in the implementation of this plan are the item that is are before you today, particularly amendment of the jointly adopted 1989
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memo that the implemented section 295 particularly to raise the budgets on a number of park ins the downtown in response to the adoption of this comprehensive plan, and then secondarily to act on the first and most significant project is the transbay tower on 101 street, they will consider that at the planning commission when they consider the other entitlement actions related to that project. so, i won't go at length into the plan itself, but just to recap the core components of the plan, this is -- the plan represents a realization of dropping growth into downtown away from the north of market area and to the south of market area, this plan has been widely recognized as a statewide and
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national model of environmentally appropriate transit oriented growth, it has a potential to raise up to close to 600 million dollars of net new public revenue, four major public infrastructure of where 400 million dollars would be directed to the transbay joint powers authority and the transit project currently under construction, additionally close to 160 million would be dedicated for expansion and improvements to downtown open space system. the transit center project is sort of the focal point of the downtown's evolution and of this plan, it is a multiphase, over 4 billion dollar project which consists of two major phases, first is the transbay project which features a 5.5
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acre park on the roof, it is currently under construction, and then secondly, the downtown rail extension is the next and more expensive phase of the project which is the extension of rail from the current fourth and king terminal to cervical -- california high speed rail. it's been the subject of substantial voter and public support over the years, this is just an example of several of the recent voter support for the project over the last decade, starting in 1999 with prop h, which directed the city to extend the rail line to the transit center and then most recently with a substantial voter affirmation of that vote in 2010.
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importantly, the realization of the rail project and the transit center itself hinges in the implementation of this plan, after many decades of trying to get a funding program to realize this major infrastructure project for the city and the region, the region has come to terms with a realistic funding program which requires the city to contributed 450 million dollars to leverage even more amounts of federal dollars to meet that 450 million dollar obligation, this plan would provide the vast majority of that. with that, i'll turn it over to scott buell to say a couple of words about the transit project. >> hello, good morning, commissioner, my name is scott buell, i'm an outreach community manager at transbay authority, thank you for the opportunity to present this
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morning. i know you're all familiar with the transbay project and i want to tell you the benefits associated with the project and emphasize how important today's action is for the project's budget and schedule. with the new transit center, san francisco is going to be at the forefront of transit oriented development, a national model for high density development that brings jobs, housing and transit all in close proximity to each other, open space, retail and other amenities, there are numerous benefits for the city and the region that include from that proximity and those amenities, the most important of which relate to the economy and jobs. at the temporary transbay terminal, we are already serving 14 thousand bus commuters every day and when we move to the new transit center,
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that number is to grow over 35 thousand daily bus commuters each day over the course of the next two decades, as the extension of cal train at fourth and king, 1.3 miles into the new transit center in the heart of downtown, that's projected to add about 16 thousand daily riders to cal train and the reason for that increase is apparent when you look at where the jobs are located in our city, according to the census bureau, in the half mile, there are over 180 thousand jobs compared to about 18 thousand jobs in the half mail regarding the cal train terminal at 10th and king, it is a 10 fold difference, that makes a significant difference because we're bringing people in to the heart of downtown, in addition to the economic benefits, there are significant environmental benefits
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associated with increasing access to transit and increasing that proximity between jobs, housing and transit, it's estimated the new transit center is going to result in an annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of at least 36 thousand tons every year, and the new transit center is going to be a lead goal certified facility, one of the first facilities of its kind to receive that designation and there are other significant benefits in terms of housing and open space, josh has a slide on housing that's going to go into more detail but in the transit center district plan area, we're going to be generating about 4500 new housing units, over 1400 of those are going to be affordable housing and in terms of open space on the rooftop of the new transit center, we have a 5.4 acre rooftop park, that's going to double the amount of double space that's currently available in the south of
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market neighborhood, soma is the district in san francisco that currently has the at least amount of open space, 5.4 acres is equivalent with south park combined so those are just a few of the benefits associated with the new transit center, given those example, all of those are reliant on the funds that flow from development that's made possible through the transit center district plan, again, as josh mentioned, the project is divided into twao phases, the first phase is the construction center itself, we broke ground in august of 2010, phase 2 is the tunnel that extends cal train from fourth and king into the transit center into the heart of downtown, in terms of phase 1, we have land that the state donated to tjpa to rebuild the old transbay terminal and to provide funding for the new transit center, we're selling a parcel of that land to a
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developer to build the thousand foot tall transit tower that you're going to see images of later in josh's presentation, the revenues from the sale of that land are a significant component of our phase 1 funding plan, and with today's item, we would be on track to receive the funding from those -- from that land sale by next spring which would keep us on track to continue construction without any delays and complete the transit center in fall, 2017 as planned. in terms of phase 2, there's a regional funding plan that's on the slide that josh just had up that was put together by mtc and the association of bay area governments in the transportation plan that was recently approved and it includes significant federal,
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regional and local resources, a significant portion of the local resources of that component of the funding plan comes from the mellow rues and the developer impact fees that again are made possible by the development included in the transit center district plan, so today's action is a really crucial step for the project and we'd very much appreciate your consideration of this item and i want to thank the rec and park staff for all the work that has moved the plan to this point and with that, i'll send it back over to josh. >> thanks, scott, if i could have the slides back up, please. just to round out the summary of the plan, scott mentioned the housing component, again, this plan include thing redevelopment area portions of the plan area will realize the construction of over 4500 new housing units in a new downtown
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neighborhood of which over 30% will be affordable and this is a rather unprecedented number, it's over 1400 new affordable housing units will be created and the open space program over 12 acres of open space in a district of the city that is sufficient in open space, and in addition to the open space in the plan area, the plan has broader benefits, revenue over 18 million dollars for open space improvement ins the downtown area outside of the plan area and that includes over 9 million dollars for parks in the chinatown area, and on top of that, an additional 6 million dollars will be generated in the downtown open space fund that na* the recreation and park department manages. there was questions that came up at the informational hearing at the rec park commission regarding the future management and oversight of these various new parks that will be funded through the plan. we provi