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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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we got some students from martin luther king junior high school out there. and we'd like to give a special shout out to assistant principal braxton. we'd like to present something for you to think about and then come to your groups and talk about it and hopefully we end something and hopefully we don't end our lives in tragedy. this isn't tragedy like the ancient greeks used to do like sophocles and euripides. we have our principal characters and a greek chorus (music).
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>> i'm an ares, i'll be playing the role of the prince. that's it for costumes, guys, we're on a tight budget. what makes a tragedy a tragedy? the ancient greeks would say it's from a king falls from grace. he was once a great king but a few scenes later he was blind and starving. it's the choices you make that determine your outcomes. now, before we begin i want you to guys to remember this story is based on true events.
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this is fictionalized. >> we didn't paint that on that wall. >> look at my store. every time someone paints on my wall, you show up. >> i'm sorry, but according to the city's ordinance. >> according to the ordinance, it costs over $200. you know who is doing it, what are you going to do to stop them. >> are you the police? >> code enforcement. >> code enforcement, the garbage man, i don't care. i called over an hour ago. just because my door faces the boulevard these kids treat it like it's their own personal billboard or something. i mean, look at that. >> probably have to come down --. >> you going to write a citation. i can't believe this. i been victimized twice, first by the kids and then by code enforcement. >> please, can't you do
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something about it? this is the fifth time. we pay our taxes. >> yes, ma'am. you see, this is a bad situation. when private property is vandalized innocent people are stuck with the expense of fixing it and when public property is fixed, tax dollars are spent cleaning it up instead of providing other services to the public. you want to know who's doing it? >> yes. >> (music). >> hey, check this out. i
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think that's ed. >> what you got? let me see. that you? >> what have you got? >> no way, man. >> no way, man. >> don't nobody believe you. if you are x, prove it. >> hey, sure looks like it to me . >> oh, man, he's x >> let me see. well, well, well, can this be true. little danny plimpton is the infamous x how can they be, danny boy? why x, you trying to be malcolm x or dmx or racer x or something. >> my first name is xavier
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daniel plimpton. >> how did you get to the walking bridge on i-5. >> and the fire station over on 14th, how did you get all the way up there. >> didn't i tell y'all? spiderman is my cousin. >> man, i don't believe you. >> so the infamous x, serious, i don't know x, i seen that tag before. seems to have a bad vibe. >> you mean like x marks the spot? >> no, like x finds the buried treasure. >> no, like x is a marked man. >> chill out, man, we just playing. >> i'm not lying, though, i think it means you are claiming something. >> you mean like some kind of
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gang? i'm not some kind of gangster. i don't want nothing from those gangsters. >> if tivo is right, you better be careful. >> some of your best art work is being crossed out. >> that's cool, i'll move on and do another. the q's, quality and quantity is my game. >> you better quit, spiderman. guys like you, they got no back-up. >> true. i'll run with you guys. >> look, you can't decide you are kicking with us, we don't bang, we don't want nothing from your gang. >> you mean to tell me if a gang crossed you out, you do nothing. >> i do this for the fun, the thrill. you start banging, i'm quiting. >> the gang, x1, city-wide damage. i don't want any of that. >> we'll see, man, we'll see.
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(music). >> (inaudible) dangerous element but it's all about fun, right? until. >> hey, mr. torrez, are you all right? >> they ran in, they grabbed all the money out of the register, they even grabbed a case of beer. >> i'll call the police. >> what is that going to do? that's it. you know they are coming back and next time i'm going to be ready. >> i'm worried about him. he can't sleep. he keeps hoping
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-- hopping out of bed every time he hears a sound. >> i know what you're going through. my boy would have graduated high school this year. >> i remember him. he was such a polite boy. just in the wrong place at the wrong time. another innocent victim of random violence. >> why do so many children have guns anyway. isn't there anything we can do to stop it? >> i don't know. i just don't know. i guess all we can do is hope and pray. >> what is the value of a human life? maybe that's what we need to think about. the ancient greeks had a word for it i think may be part of the problem today, hubris they called it, excessive pride. it's what they called a character flaw, the kind of
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flaw that can bring down kings. (music). >> man, nice, nice, you do nice work, man. so what's up? cleanest tag ever, man, what you planning. >> i'm not planning a thing. i'm trying to express myself. >> (inaudible). >> no, man, must be a misunderstanding. >> come on, we know they make all the new recruits do all the tagging, it's part of your initiation. >> i'm not planning anything. >> you know i'm really tired of your disrespect. >> you're x1? >> no one man is x1.
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>> this is a big mistake. >> shut up. (shouting) what's up, that part of your work? >> of course i am. i don't belong to x2, i'm x xavier. >> looks like x to me. >> your pride is what's going to bring you down. now we got to do something. now we have to make an example out of you. >> help! help! help!.
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(music). >> so what's up, man? i was asleep when you called. >> there it is, what do you think. >> talking about the freeway. >> yeah, if we tag up there we're going to get a lot of respect. >> i don't know, man, sure you're going to have enough room. >> look at the outline. >> you are not doing --. >> shut up. >> yeah, i am, he said i could. >> i ain't acting stupid. >> shut up, stupid. >> start right here and flow down the side down here. >> what's it going to be? going to be a masterpiece. >> check it out. after the outline going to do this area right here light blue and then put bill in big bold letters right there.
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>> oh, man, that's going to be tight. >> here comes crass with more paint. >> crass, i want you to do the top. >> this all the paint you brought, two cans of powder blue. >> this is ridiculous. >> what was that about x >> i was just asking if you guys seen him lately. >> this isn't fair. i need more paint. >> where? >> no, wait, i think torrez is closed. you're going to have to go all the way to broadway. >> torrez is closed? no problem. i know another way in. >> why do you bother with him, man? he's dumb. >> we got to bring on the dumb ones, right? what were you saying about x >> have you guys seen him lately? >> no, man, why.
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>> i saw his mom talking to the police. said he hasn't been seen in two days. >> maybe he went to disneyland. >> his mom was crying. he looked in the alley and then on the way over here, a car pulled up on me, i'm carrying ought all this paint but all he did was ask a bunch of questions about x >> we gonna do this or not? >> chill out, we got all night. >> what are you doing out so late. >> does your mother know you're not in school. >> school? >> come on, boys, let's go. >> all right, just be careful. >> all right, who's gonna go first. >> i'll go first then you, hey
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--. >> no, i got it. (music) (screaming) (sound of police sirens). . >> the question has come up, choices have to be made. >> mrs. torrez >> i'm sorry, i have to go.
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>> mrs. torrez, how are you holding up? >> i'm fine, thank you. >> how's mr. torrez >> he's doing his best, still trying to raise bail. >> first they murder and then on the very same day. >> that was no accident. my husband shot that poor boy down in cold blood when he bought that gun he carried it with him everywhere hoping something would happen. he had so much rage. now he just sits there and barely speaks. he knew that boy. the one they call ill, he knew him since he was a small boy. but it was dark and all he could see was someone coming through the window. why must there be so many guns? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> and then those boys, paul,
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the one they call pratt, falling to his death from a freeway overpass. what was he doing out there so late at night. >> the kid was climbing up the freeway sign to tag it and lost his footing. they said he was hit by two cars. >> does life mean nothing any more? what can be done?
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(music). >> all right, listen up. this ain't kid stuff any more. this is war. everybody attack, all the gangs beating on us, now it's time we take back the hood. we're going to tag it up big and reclaim the store. my cousin coming strapped for back-up so if anything happens. >> hey, what's up, man? >> what y'all planning. >> we hit them back and we hit them hard. >> listen to me, all of you. go home. go home before you get yourselves killed. >> what are you talking about? >> can't you see what's going on in your own hood? you think
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we're going to let that happen? no, i'm not. >> come on, tibo, you're a leader. >> yeah, but i also want to (inaudible). >> i want to lead as many of these kids out of here as i can. >> we ain't playing no more, this is real. three of our kids are dead now. >> a coward would stay home and let you get shot over something stupid. >> go home and lead. the rest of us got work to do. >> you don't have to do this. you don't have to buy this kind of trouble. you can good a little further and do the right thing. >> what's that? >> i don't know, but it ain't this. this is negative. kids die young over this kind of stuff. >> we're in a war. >> no you're not.
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>> it's a stupid war, then. go home, all of y'all. go home now!. >> hey, come back here right now. come back here right now. that's it, heat, you ain't my folk. >> i am your folk. >> you ain't my folk. >> i am your best friend. i can take that but i'm not going to your funeral, man. i ain't going to no more funerals. >> come back. >> let's look at what happens to (inaudible) and tibo
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>> yo >> what's up, man? >> not much, man. what you been up to since last we talked? >> i just been thinking a lot about what you said. >> i didn't mean to come off so hard. >> that's just it, you were right. do the right thing. i'm heading to college, art class. >> go ahead, i'm proud of you, man. >> bad boys, bad boys. >> believe it or not, for a tragedy, it does have a happy ending but it raises some questions to talk about like what is the value of your human life. what can you do as an individual who live a positive life? where does that begin? how will you choose? before we come to talk to you about it, i
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think you need to hear this.
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(music). >> now is question and answer time. well done. make some noise for wild and done. (applause). >> anybody have questions? any questions? >> what we did was i scoured basically the internet and found stories throughout the country and a lot of these stories that we weave together did come from sacramento. for example, jacob over here who was playing bill went in to a
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store to try to steal some paint and that actually did happen in sacramento, where they broke in, the guy was upstairs, he was the owner, he was being, you know, vandalized or stolen from and the kid got shot just for some containers of liquor. when we say these things happened, we did weave them together. is there a question back there? >> i was wondering on your personal opinion on the beating. >> our personal on gravanis, the whole thing is it's permission based. now, i know a lot of artists go out there and do gravanis art with
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permission, murals, commissioned art. for us that's not a big deal. there are a lot of murals in sacramento and san francisco that is all permission based. for us, we're kind of a sdae zero tolerance city in sacramento. you go out and you vandalize something, that's a crime. that's how we view that in our city. >> i tell them it's art, you got to express yourself but you cannot damage other people's property. i usually say how many of you have a little brother or sister, you don't want to teach them to steal. how do you feel when they mess up your stuff? that's how i approach it. >> also we try to leave that at the end where tibo, played by anthony over here, that's basically how the character evolves throughout the play, being this leader of this crew
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and, you know, he kind of teaches everybody but says, yeah, you have a leader but i ain't going to do what you are going to do. robert over here who plays damage, he's the antagonist. he's kind of damaged but at the end, you know, these guys, oh, hey, you know what, you gt a talent, let's turn that into some artistic talent, he's going to go to college to try to improve his artistic skills. that's the kind of direction we want it to go. >> question over here? >> what schools will you be visiting this year? >> we do a tour. we do two semesters so we do anywhere from 16 to 18 bookings in our school district and we do, like, elementary schools. so we go in and during assemblies on friday and we take, you know, it's kind of a -- it's
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good theater but it's guerilla theater. we do this condensed message in 30 minutes. >> it's about a 22 minute play, generally speaking, then we usually hang around for another 15 or 20 minutes so we usually get about 50 minutes and that's all we can get. again, a lot of these things are just based, we might not see a whole lot of schools but he has a whole other job. we used to go out and do two performances a week so we were doing 16 or 18 but it's just -- with the manpower shortage, since 2007 our theater department has lost like 40 percent of what we usually do. i know that noel's department, he's lost people and programs and hopefully things are going
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to get better. >> it says a lot for the program when in rough budget times, we're still around. so we meet a lot of students. >> success stories of kids who were going the wrong way? >> as a matter of fact, the first couple semesters, where we did a break out session, where we break out with the teachers and their students and one of the actual kids said, you know, something is going on in my house, my brother's a gang banger, the house is abusive, and that breakout session, that child actually reached out to us. we were able to get dps to actually pull her out of her house so it's a good venue for those kids to express that. >> i had a fourth grader who
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told me, he said if they think i can do better in the world. he was a fourth grader, they can feel sad or they can feel it's not good, but i had a fourth grader look at me and say, we are doing a lot of good. >> my question was also already been answered. has your presentation had any impact on the level of gravanis? >> that's something we have to measure. and that's something, that's when we actually go into the elementary schools because, you know, the kids, i don't know about san francisco but in sacramento, a lot of the kids that we catch are adults. they are from 18 to 27. so if they are


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