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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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happy to report that commissioner was funding the youngblood coleman tennis and basketball courts from the reserve. commissioner levitan is also proposing funding for the grattan park tennis courts also. commissioner low is proposing funding for the improvements of the herz play ground courts. over the last weeks the project team including the operations staff visited the sites. we visited the youngblood coleman and herz sites and with community stakeholders are here today to talk about this. also the gm was there to see the conditions of the courts, and all can confirm that they're in need of immediate repairs. the project budget as i said is $416,000.
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the source of funding is from the commissioner's reserve itself of the open space. i will be happy to answer any questions that you have. >> we do have public comment. we have lena. is it liz? cacost? antoinette and vanessa. >> i am [inaudible] improvement association who thoroughly endorses the improvements and this is a much used space. there are kids there all the time and it really needs to kept in condition so it's not a trip hazard for people and i urge approve this. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. i am liz cacost
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and in support of the resurfacing of the courts at youngblood coleman. this is part of a larger initiative for the youngblood coleman initiative which is a collaboration between community based organizations b magic sf arts everywhere, butcher town association, recs and park and we have been involved in reinvesting and reactivating coleman park in the last year or so and we want to see this move forward. we have having our back to school event at youngblood coleman in august. we expect over 4,000 people like the past and we give out backpacks so we really want to see really want to see this
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back in shape. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning commissioners. i am happy to be here this morning and thank you for caring about our local park. we are very excited. we've got a couple of days of services coming up at the park and for the most part i want talk about the theme of get out and play. of course the bay view is a very challenging community; right? its perception on the larger scale is it's a little scary there and parents hold on close to their children. they truly do and they don't let them come down to the park because there is no one to oversee their kids so they would rather have them in the housing developments and where i live there are children -- i mean families there and
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there is no play ground, not a single play ground and there is new development being built. new families have moved in. over 30 as i count now. there are still no play grounds. there might be one a mile away but what mom -- they don't necessarily take them, but there needs to be places close by and we have youngblood coleman and this community is growing. children are going into the middle school. hormones get to racing. they want to explore a little bit more and they really got to be in a safe environment. the parking lot is not a place where they can play football and basketball and throw the frisbee and enjoy the out doors because it's unsafe there too. it's important to get this park activated and we are here as friends of youngblood coleman
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to help out and i want to thank you for your great leadership and kipberly for habitat for humanity and b magic and our residents. we're rocking and rolling you guys so let's do this together. >> thank you very much. >> here is a flier so if you want to come out on any of those days of service and just go on a tour of the park. okay. we welcome you. >> thank you. >> good morning i am vanessa banks and i have a different approach on youngblood coleman. i am one of the leads on the friends of youngblood coleman park but i am also -- i grew up in youngblood coleman park. that was the park that sort of saved my life. i had somewhere to go. i had somebody to be. there were recreational leaders there to help me develop and
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transition and be athletic and learn sports and i just really wish that each of our commissioners would find space in their heart, in their budget, to give us back that park. we have children up there suffering. children sitting around. it's discouraging because i believe if the park was operating and functioning that we could get the park in there with the proper staff and really get our south side east side of that population really going and back motivated and i believe the park is a great place especially if we get this backpack give away there and it's brand-new and make it more hopeful and joyful place to be. i would like to thank the commissioner that came out with us on march 1 and our gm that came and met with us. we're trying to roll and do this and
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if you guys can really find it. i know things are rough here in california but we can do this. we have done many more things and bring smiles back to the families in that area. thanks. >> thank you. >> would you like to comment? you're okay. thank you. >> my name is ed steveer. i'm a new resident. my home adjoins -- we're practically neighbors. i am right next door to the parks and rec and those unfamiliar with youngblood coleman. this park was founded by dianne feinstein on the death of two young boys. wasn't gang related. it was an accident because they had no place to play and if no funding is received for the courts, to maintain the trees their deaths and efforts would have gone in vain. i also want to make note that this park is located in a
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buffer zone between the industrial area and bay view and the residents, and it's the only park to those residents on the hill that provides clean and fresh air, so maintaining the trees is also very important. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else that would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. >> commissioner arata. >> i had the pleasure of going and touring youngblood coleman ecialier this month. it's such a beautiful park. i don't know if you have been there but beautiful jew be. >> >> >> >> views and i know the courts are needed and i know we talked about painting and i don't know if this is part of it but i was promised it would be so hopefully we can paint the
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bleachers and the courts and like they said if it's done by august with the backpacks give away and i don't know if that is possible but i wanted to put that request in. also i wanted to talk about the structures and there is the big kid swings and the slides and i would like to see younger kid play structures for the moms and with younger kids and i think that is much needed in the park. >> thank you. commissioner levitan. >> and i want to say why it's my pleasure to advocate for the grattan park tennis courts. i believe when we talk about rehabilitation about these areas and we have to keep all ages in interest and when we talk about soccer fields and that's great but let's not forget about our courts and play surfaces and
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it's a high dense congested beautiful part of the city but if you have been there any day of the week or anytime it's packed, so i think this is a great use of our funds and i look forward to seeing this finished. >> thank you. commissioner low. >> it's march madness and i love basketball and in fact probably about 10 minutes ago by beloved cal bears tipped off and i wanted to say go bears and if they don't win my brackets are screwed. anyway i had the pleasure of visiting herz play ground and i always believe you should be able to run games free of violence, and i had the pleasure and phil took me out to herz play ground. they showed me where the project is going to be and i heard horrific stories of kids trying to play
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basketball and i think this will go a long way to improve that community's recreational opportunities and i am pleased to sponsor redoing building a safe place for kids to play hoops and i took it for granted when i was a kid and i am glad to be part of this project. i wanted to note this came before the capital committee and we approved for recommendation for approval. >> thank you commissioner. seeing no other comments do we have a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? >> aye. >> unanimous. thank you. >> we are now -- as a reminder item eight is off calendar so we are item nine. the soma west skatepark and dog park.
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>> good morning commissioners nick [inaudible] director for the parks department. the item before you is an important step towards creating the new soma west skatepark and dog parks. as you know we have four skate parks in our system. they're popular. if you had the opportunity to visit the new baboa skate park or at waler street and attest for yourself just how incredibly popular the sport has become and how important it is for us to fill that need so we're exciting to bringing forward this item and another skate park and fills the ever growing need to accommodate dog users in the city. the new or the proposed skate park and dog park would be built underneath the central free way at mission street and stevenson
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streets. this project came out of a very long community process really ging after the 89 earthquake. there was a significant dialogue whether the central freeway should remain or torn down. eventually it was decided to market street there would be elevator freeway and beyond octavia and the citizen's community identified projects to be completed to mitigate the impact the freeway run through their community and both the skate and dog park were included as part of the cac's report to what would be beneficial uses. the city since that time have worked diligently to bring us to where
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we are today. in 2007 the department of public works began a capital planning process that included over a dozen meetings and workshops with various stakeholders regarding this project. there have been countless interdepartmental meetings to coordinate between the office of economic work force development, the city's real estate division and dpw on this project and we have also -- they have also almost finished negotiating lease with caltrans for the lease of the space. as the park parcels are underneath the central freeway the city doesn't own them but we will enter into a 20 year lease for those parcels. the items
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before you are two fold. there is mou which i will address first and amendment to the park code. the mou is an interdepartmental mou between rpd, the real estate division and dpw and outlining each agency's responsibility in the creation and management of the dog and skate park as well as adjacent parking lot that will be on the site but adjacent to the park and managed by the real estate division. rpd's responsibilities under the mou are essentially to maintain and operate the skate and dog parks for the 20 year lease term. there is an identified funding source for the majority of those costs. we estimate maintenance cost at $85,000 a year. we identified 66,000-dollar a year
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in funding so there is a little gab there, but our department feels given the importance of both of these amenities in our park system we feel comfortable in recommending that we move forward despite small spending -- small expenditure short fall. dpw has been responsible for designing and will be responsible for building the park. design drawings are almost complete. you should have in your packet a copy of those drawings. hopefully to have it completed by the end of the year and real estate will be responsible for actually having the lease with caltrans and working with them to ensure that the city meets all of its
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responsibilities under that lease. before i move on to park code amendment i did want to speak about an issue that came up at the operations committee. some community members had questions about security, not just for the two park parcels but also the adjacent parking lot parcel which is managed by the real estate division, but we'll be a parking lot for human agency vehicles. dpw has worked to ensure that parking lot is a secure facility. it will be a fenced and locked facility. only open and accessible to city vehicles, so for the most part utilized during city working hours. additionally the real estate division has a security team located at some of their
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mission properties which are about two ploks away and they're adding this to their routine route of spots to check in on to ensure there is no security problem there and doesn't become a homeless encampment or another attractive nuisance and obviously we additionally have been working with the police department to make sure they're aware of these issues and they will be doing enforcement and checking in on these sites as well and real estate informed it's a similar plan they implemented at other parking lots in the area used by city vehicles and they are happy to report they're been successful in stemming the homeless tide and other things in the parking lot and while that responsibility ultimately falls to real estate and the parcel is managed by them i wanted to address the questions that were
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brought up at the operations committee, so the other item that you have before you is an amendment to the park code, and moving forward on this mou it became clear were we to be responsible for maintaining a lease property not under our jurisdiction we couldn't enforce the code. our rangers couldn't go out to the site and cite violators of the park code, so we have brought forward an amendment to the park code that would allow the department to enforce the park code so that we can take advantage of the provisions that are relevant to the city parks. that amendment has been introduced by
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supervisor kim at the board of supervisors and we are hopeful they will approve it in the next month or so so with that background i would like to talk about a proposed amendment to the mou that you should all have before you. at operations committee there was some questions about the certainty of the funding for the maintenance, the 20 year maintenance program. i think we're very happy to report with the mayor's office and dpw we reached a compromise that will have them pre-fund all of the maintenance into an account that is delicated solely for this purpose, so upon the completion of a project the department would receive $1.6 million and that is that $66,000 in maintenance funding for the
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next 20 years with certain escalators. we would receive that money up front. it's a dedicated account we would draw down over the next 20 years so we can make sure moving forward the funding is there. we have -- we are still working with the controller on the exact -- with the controller and the mayor's office on the exact language of how that account would be structured, so we have asked for the commission to delegate the authority to the general manager to implement this amendment. i took the intention to ensure that our funding is certain moving forward for the next 20 years so with that i make myself available to questions that the commission has. >> let's go to public comment and we will see if the commission has questions. >> okay. i have one card.
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richard fong. >> good morning commissioners and good day to you mark. i was kind of looking this over and everything structural, even the plapting of the trees and through dpw but there was one big flaw i was looking at. i have been through the various committees that the park has and the commission and the animals, the dogs there is a problem that comes up always. there is going to be athletic activity and dog play area so there is nice separation in the drawings which is good. the part i was bringing in whether fecal management, animal droppings. every time somewhere a dog is going to be running on the wrong side and a fecal mess or
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somebody throwing a bag away whether or not they pick up the fecal mess or not and i was for a long time trying to bring in a platform idea and if you traveled in the orient and the dogs can learn to squat down and go in the hole and some unit with a septic tank underneath or something that would directly flush. i notice in the plans they're going to completely tear out the sewer but what are they able to put in in the same interest of people using restrooms and the facility and something that dogs can use? and that is one part. the other part whenever you have people throwing away dog droppings it
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gets all over. people have it in their cans. people toss it in there. some way it has to be better managed so the fecal matter doesn't get all over and if you had a flushing and septic tank and better containers and facilitate people getting along there and the athletes and the skate boarders and the dogs don't always have a happy medium but i wish the project well. it's going to be successful but it's kind of small. if we can do this and disposing of fecal matters i appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else that would like to comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. >> commissioner levitan. >> so just to re-cap. we had moved this to the full commission from the operation
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committee without recommendation because there were some issues that needed to be flushed out and sounds like the department has done that with them and that sounds good. i want to say i appreciate you have done outreach regarding the security and there was a speaker that expressed about activities going on there so i want to be clear what we're voting on today. it's a two part resolution. one has to do with the mou with dpw to construct this and the second with the item before the board of supervisors related to enforcement of park code. the park code in that dpw property, but you mentioned something about the funding mechanism and i want to know if we need to amend what is before us? >> yes. you have a proposed amendment before you that would allow to finalize the changes to the funding mechanism. we ask that you move the mou as
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amended. >> okay, as amended. >> and the park code in the package. >> okay. so the resolution before us is as you want it to be moved forward. no amending? >> yes. >> commissioner low. >> i got that. >> we're running net 19,000 a year and katie is going to financially engineer this and flank the 19,000 to cover. >> it's prefunded. >> 66,000 ; right. q. yeah. >> the policy decision was made that this would be available funding sources that this was a cost that the department felt it could incur in order to move forward with building these new park amenities that we believe are important to san francisco park users. i should mention
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-- i fail to mention in my presentation there are significant cost for leasing the parcels that we are not incurring. real estate is paying approximately i believe 10 to $12,000 a month to lease the dog park parcel and they will be making an up front payment -- strike that. it's $12,000 for the skate park parcel and the dog park parcel up front payment of $2 million to essentially pay off that lease in advance. those are payments that will not be made by the recreation and parks department but rather real estate from other sources of funds and in light of the significant expenditure by real estate and then also the expenditures by dpw in creating and building the skate park a policy decision was made that we could incur a relatively small cost in the global picture of the -- in the total cost of
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building, designing and operating the skate park but obviously it's a policy decision for you guys as well. >> just a point of clarification vice president low. there were many people that testified on behalf of the skate park and produced compelling testimony this is under served part of the city that need this is activity. it was dismaying to us at that committee however that we run at that deficit but the overall policy decision was this was a good thing to support and move forward and hence here we are. >> i would augment a couple of things. we felt that the gap in funding for us it's a relatively small investment to add an important recreation amenity. we lack skate board parks in the city and within our purview and
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something for us to absorb and the way that the funding mechanism is going to work with dpw funding the maintenance and in our accounts and i was informed there is an escalator that helps and interest on the lump sum and help close the gape a bit. i don't know if all the way but it will help so it turns out that the last amendment to change the way the funding is actually structured may result in more interest funds for us to help close the maintenance gap. >> commissioner bonilla. >> yes. i noticed that in this mou it does memorize the $66,000 operating expenses, but