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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2013 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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doesn't memorialize the monies that rec and park will be responsible for. shouldn't that happen as part of this mou? >> for give me commissioner i don't follow. >> yeah, we're saying we're going to incur these additional costs. yearly basis; right? >> yeah. >> shouldn't that be for future generations part of this mou, so that from year to year this liability or this responsibility is assumed by the department by future administrations? >> well, i think that while the exact amount of the fund suggest not outlined in the document the responsibilities that total to that $85,000 in annual costs are outlined in the document.
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>> right, but it doesn't -- it says that -- it mentions the $66,000 but that's the extent of it. it doesn't mention -- >> that's the 66,000-dollar that dpw required and up front. >> right. but i don't see -- >> the responsibilities -- >> [inaudible] >> the responsibilities that we're required or we are committing to in the mou they're outlined there. we didn't do a cost estimate. >> [inaudible] >> we can include that cost estimate as an attachment but to be honest 20 years out i don't know that we have an accurate sense of the costs and it will be $80,000 19 years from now. >>i am thinking it gives the whole picture if we do that. if we don't down the road there is
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i think some questions raised about incurring these liabilities on an on going basis. >> okay. we will include an estimate of the cost of the services the park will be providing as an attachment to the document. >> so that is part of your amendment when they make a motion with the mou, correct? >> yes. >> so they didn't have to vote on it. >> i really appreciate that. thank you nick. >> i just have one comment. i am delighted that the city's refunding this cost for 20 years but i'm surprised at it. is that because the board has a provision it can't commit a future board to obligations like this so we have to pre-fund it? >> you're on the right track, but this is an mou so this is not going to the board and we
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can't have future boards appropriate funds in a certain way so this is something we could have them move it in the budget and have the board approve it before we take over maintaining and operating the facility and we would have the certainty that this funding source was in play the next 20 years. >> with that we're through public comment. i don't see anymore commissioner questions. can i explain a motion? >> moved. >> and seconded. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? so moved. >> now we are item 10 which is general public comment continued so joshua, jeff and richard. >> thanks for waiting. >> no problem mr. chair. sorry for being premature in the
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agenda. i am executive director of bright line defense project. we're a nonprofit community advocacy organization worked on policies to promote sustainable communities and one of the things that we do is target job opportunities through programs like the city's hiring program which park and rec is a successful partner in and promote wages and conditions that support and sustain working families and community work force. i have a letter that has the concern i want to kind of raise to the commission. i do want to thank the general manager handed me some information i think is going to be important for us to disseminate and we heard there are more and more concerns about the apprenticeship program with laborer which is successful. we have heard a lot of things and maybe not come to the commission's attention yet and the general manager gave me
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information and thank you for that and i look forward to learning more about the issue, but we have an issue we hope is not a trend and treasure island develop authority and taking everything that you do with the apprenticeship program and wages and targeting the work force and when you issue private contracts for the same work. in this case landscaping and treetopping and all the maintenance of the public spaces and at treasure island we saw the great things for workers disappear. it hurts the community and hurts standards. this maybe going for the private contracts for the same services. again not to jump to conclusions and it's such a mesh there we needed to have public hearings and protests. it took a lot of time to get information from the staff and without jumping to
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conclusions what is happening with the contracts? are they providing the right wages? . are your private contractors driving a race to the bottom for workers? at treasure island we found landscape workers paid less than minimum wage if you can believe that and in all cases across the board. not the benefits that you worked so hard to create with organized labor, the benefits community that is near and dear to our heart and outline of the issue. general manager gins bers is ready to step up to get the data. we need four years of certified one payroll and one of the companies and not to jump to conclusions and with staff and i didn't get the information but
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with the commission's help we are looking for all of this information and let's answer the questions and we will report back to what is going on. thanks. >> thank you. >> jeff and then richard. >> good morning president buell, commissioners. i am jeff rocker and a nailtive san franciscan and five generations long and live on the west side of the town. i are here to talk about issues that are near and dear to my heart. we started a nonprofit in san francisco and help kids k-12 and small donations and work with infrastructure working with the kids. did a lot of coaching and not so much baseball but soccer
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but we are fully vested in our kids having access to athletics. having the process open and fair to them and we run across something in youth baseball we're not happy with. a coach who have been for years coaching two teams in youth baseball has been removed from coaching with really no public input. you can what did he do? did he pick up a trash can and throw it at a umpire? no. did he push kids? no. he was talking about an after season tiewrnment and emails and the commissioners vote that's it. it's final. this gentleman cant coach. we have 60 parents fit to be tied. he coaches 30 of these kids. he came from the wrong side of the trucks. these kids respect him
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and he is very, very just -- i mean the kids are just crest fallen and i am asking this commission to shoin a little daylight on what is it with rec and parks youth baseball? we got an email to show you. his decision is final. there is no one to appeal to. this is not what we want to teach the kids. if there is a legitimate reason that's fine. if we could have a discussion about it let's do it and show the kids this is the mistake he made. now if we're just going to treat them as disposable when they don't meet our needs and whims. i worked for rec and park and after school funds and under gm burns and robinson and i was told as an employee we're there to
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serve the public. our petty disagreements with somebody doesn't quiz qualify them from participating in this. >> >> and it's like me getting an argument and you can't come to my park. sometimes we can disagree and have intelligent conversations. we don't have to take it out on the kids. give me 10 more seconds. i came here to head off. we talked at supervisor chu's office and come here and go in peace and try to make something happen here. that's what i am here for. i would love to entertain a discussion with the commissioners to come to a resolution to this problem. put the kids first. >> thank you. >> richard fong. >> i don't want to get in the way of all of you and your
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appetite getting close to the dinner hour, but i just wanted to make more comments about animal control welfare. they're dealing with the issue of licensing, dog walkers, and when there was bob palaceo as commissioner and [inaudible] was here, the acting superintendent, a big fellow quite a while ago before he went south to bel air. what happens there was a discussion on whether or not such and such dog walkers would use the park facilities. the issue i want to bring it has to do with insurance, whether or not they have insurance. there was something about the grandfather clause. that wasn't voted on when it was before
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them but for myself i would think people with responsibility if there is an accident that comes up a mauling or a dog fight there is insurance. it wasn't when they issue the permits and try to apply the grandfather clause so when it comes up again i will be present and i hope i would have the support of the commissioners. thank you sir. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else that would like to make general public comment on item 10? seeing none this item is closed. we are now on item 11 which is closed session. conference with legal counsel. anyone that would like to make public comment on item 11? public comment is closed. commissioners, we do need to
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vote whether to hold closed session so i need a motion and a second. >> moved. >> second. >> it's been moved and seconded. so moved. >> >> closed session. >> motion not to disclose. seconds. >> moved and seconded. all in favor? so moved. >> great. thank you. we are on item 12. commissioners matters. commissioners. >> >> i'm sorry commissioner bonilla. >> i am waiting to be called. >> just nodding off here. >> okay. yeah i would like -- because i think we have some questions that were raised on beacon at halter house park because there are questions
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raised about transparency and i am dumbfounded on who really supports the creation of this . i have not seen any supporters in previous meetings or in previous years in terms of the creation of this , and because i have questions about where the resources would come for the creation of that i think this item needs to see a lot more sunshine and i think that we need to consider putting it on the agenda for future discussion. >> commissioner, if i could respond to that and we are happy to handle it however you want to handle it but i think there is confusion about the process -- >> [inaudible] >> okay. the answer is this
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will -- as a factual answer this will come before the commission before a trail is built. we go through a approval process and it ends back with you. >> right. but my understanding is the decision is made to do this trail and we're only looking at is the design elements, not for this , and not whether to do this or not to do this so i would like to see us have some discussion on whether we do the. >> commissioner harrison. >> yeah, i agree with commissioner bonilla on this. also i would like some explanation on the treasure island thing and the comments on the coach if that is possible.
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>> i'm not aware of the issues that came before you in public comment so i will research them and figure out an appropriate way to report back. >> thank you. >> any public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. item 13 is new business agenda setting. commissioners public comment? no public comment is closed. 14 is communications. public comment? seeing none it is closed and 15 is adjournment. >> i move to adjourn. >> second. >> thank you.
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thank you. good morning, everyone. wow! [ applause ] wow. we just won the super bowl. good morning, everyone. thank you for coming this morning. a few weeks ago here we announced that my intention to appoint supervisor carmen chu and we made a commitment that we wanted to make her replace many appointment soon after we had time to talk with
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residents, businesses to get their in put the about a replacement. if i have learned anything i have learned that the residents appreciate the leadership. it's been very strongly felt by many people, from park side to ocean beach. it's just in credible how that large group has appreciated the work. i have a strong push that continuity was important to the residents and the businesses in district 4. that they felt there was so much that the city had gone flew through and the
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district and certainly understood the team to help her legislatively, help her look at the district, implement and communicate and all the supervisors i want to thank and all the officials that are here all of them for their constant work with carmen and to know that they have a member of the team that would present that very strong continuity for the district. i spent the last several weeks talking to the residents, having not only coffee but a number of different appointments. i talked to individuals who were interested in the position as
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well. i know we have one of the finest, legislative aids who knows the board and being a presence in the public finances and helped supervisor chu work budgets, help create the plan to establish the two year budget with our office but also really talk through district and the rest of the board members in understanding deeply what our budget concerns are and then i think on the district side truly representing the interest of this district and all of it's diverse views about what it needed. so, i want to introduce my appointment today katie tang . [ applause ] . katie has lived in the
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district since she was 1 year old. that might have been 13 years ago. [ laughter ] you will note and i'm sure it will be part of the stories we'll tell that it was the same age as carmen when she was appointed. her parents also live in the district as well and not only a resident but someone more interested in the district and representing all the issues, and graduate of
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lowel high school. both of my daughters are blowing kisses to me from new york as they also graduated from that fantastic school. she has a very distinction have gone to u c davis. obviously some very strong intelligence, a double major, of course it is a proper time to thank mr. and mrs. tang for that great lineage of parentage that is demonstrated there. i have no doubt that katie will fulfill these incredible obligations responsibly for the district, representing everybody. she has been literally every corner and again the residents have continued to say can we have
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continuity. we want to have things done. we don't want name calling or disputes. really the collaborative experience that this board is demonstrating, they wanted the same thing representing district 4 which is something they felt in supervisor's chu's representation for the last five years. i have no doubt that she'll be an effective representative of the district and also can be having things running and as you know we have an election coming. part of these conversations is how can we make sure we have someone that can balance all of these things and be true to commitment to getting all of
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these don's done that have been on the agenda for the last couple years, whether it's painting or a park, all things that we want to see completed and carried to the future in a most responsive way. i know we are going to have a great colleague especially from the comments that i have heard from the rest of the board members. they feel very happy with this choice as well because they know katie, they know her work and they know how she's communicated with them and certainly katie's had that great collaboration already with our key agencies in the city. so with that, i would like to introduce our appointie
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who we will swear in tomorrow and have that done in haste so we can get on with the production of the city. may i introduce katie tang. [ applause ] >> good morning, everyone. i guess the suspense is over now. i want to thank everyone for being here today. all the community members, members of the city family, members of the board standing behind me, my parents. my partner justin, but i especially want to thank mayor lee forgiving me the opportunity to represent the district 4. i also have to be
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completely honest here. this is a very bitter sweet moment for me, as someone who has lived in district 4 for over 20 years, i'm happy to represent the district that i grew up in, but on the other hand as a district 4 resident i'm sad to see supervisor chu leave as my supervisor. everyone says that work is work and you have to separate your personal life from your work life. for me especially in the past five years, work is very personal . when i first started working in district 4, people came to the office and wanted to rebuild the playground. i remember my own fond experiences at west sunset and thought people should be able to enjoy it as much as i did. with the pool
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open, i couldn't help to feel jealousy because that's where i learned to swim and then eventually teaching lessons. when i go to my parents house and look outside of the living room window, i think wow, that's the largest solar project and our office was there. whenever i think of how i first learned how to ride a bicycle, i remember how my parents supported our businesses. they bought our first bicycle. right now i spend so much time with the businesses our district. at the same time, i'm so glad that place that i went to an as child are still there. so as we talk about job creation and
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economics situation of the city, i hope to continue to work with local merchants. i think of how we are so lucky to be able to work with the beach. when we talk about access to our district and public transportation, i think about my experience writing unigrowing up. there was no 311. unihas made improvements. more needs to be done to help residents who have the largest commute to the city. one of the parents called our office distressed about the school system. i was lucky to be able to walk to and from school with my friends. i'm so proud to be a product of the public
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education and the san francisco unified school drink district. as you can see i have a hard time separating my personal life from my professional life. i look forward to continue to work and make sure that our residents have parks and playground to enjoy. making sure that our representative are well represented when it comes to budget discussions and making sure that we have a thriving local economy. people choose to live in the outer sunset for a certain quality of life and i hope that i can contribute my part to ensure that people if