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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2013 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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different programs that both of the of us mares are concerned about and just because the state was able to balance the budget we are always making sure that we are investing in the right thing and what is around the corner for san francisco is $4.4 million unfunded healthcare costs for the employees of san francisco and we have to make those right so that they don't come back and hurt us and so these kind of fiscal things it's not because we are lucky i think it's because we have made smart division and is we have to continue that process of making smart decisions and we have to continue creating public/private partnerships and not run the government the way we used to run it and try to have good government cover and everything that is why it's important to have the business community get
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us good jobs and invest in education all of these things are going to help us be more successful and so focus more on that and try to keep my colleagues on the board of supervisors saying this is the smartest thing do and if we have money let's make a good investment of it. >> okay let's talk a bit about economic develop as it has been frontally mentioned here today we have the -- pleasure of hosting government rick perry recently for i think -- public blissity stunt but on a more serious level there has been a definite increase suns november about countries that are -- them sense against california company and is one is prop 30 which
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raise raises income tax on high earners and why should they come herein instead of somewhere else? first of all, the pressure of our locally grown skeet successful equips are growing and if they can grow within the bay area and so, i'm alms -- between san francisco and oakland, that you believe [inaudible] employee and is i had you raise your hands already and you are going to expand the idea that meet leading edge companies say they want to be with the talented and with oakland being the liberator and home of the -- technology in general and thriving arts and
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cutting edge innovation in general in areas we really have the talent here in the bay area and i think that is critical and also, i think we are looking at investors internationally and frankly at an -- promising a lot of our time to chinese investors and really an international economy but we are looking at not just across the country but to invest and -- in the bay area and it's not goal of -- 50% there and to ed we are a region and many of these companys are going to be make this horizontal and vertical -- chinese investors in the entire bay area and so they have to have it's a different game. and you know, texans have to live there. the reality is that this is one of the most beautiful places with the best whrr and -- [inaudible] company that is going to for
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tech assistance on your software and you get somebody in india well they are actually -- because oakland they are putting a call center in oakland to get a quicker turn around and -- in many languages and that is an innovation because of the diversity and depth of the talent in the bay area. >> prop 30 doesn't make economic development harder or is that an issue well it may be a challenge for certain types of companies but i do think that our investments as mayor khan said increasing the quality of life here for the talented employees that is being sought for these companies is a good part of the answer and housing and transportation systems and infrastructures that support these systems we have to be business firsthandly and recognize that if they are here, we have to think through with them as we did with our change
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in our payroll tax eliminating that to a gross receipts tax but doing it in a way that every industry of our city, is entitiled diswietd to come in and tell us how do they make mundo they make sure in this transition we do it by not hurting any of the industries healthcare, commercial real estate and financial and we solve a lot of problems through that collaboration and so i think by having good pollcies and tight communications with our business community and supporting them when they do create jobs with good idea for them and exciting the employ jesus having reasons for wanting to be in the bay area and best foods and investment in the arts is really helpful because the creative mind want that support from the art commune and we are doing that literally on such a market to attract employees. >> oakland had a good -- on a
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few year ago on tech companies pandora and -- in terms of headline making companies that seeps to have gone cold recently is that unfair impression or is there something that needs to be done to recharge tech companies. >> i think it will follow the office space but the companies that we have habe they are to the making as many headlines as the headline makers and particularly in product production and the companies we have have expanded and so longevity is almost taking up the varietiable office space and jack on london square and so he has been here since -- [inaudible] can the pandora is growings and they have a cluster around those -- foundation and
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is-head up more technology those of you who remember back to our college level the software, the founder of that foundation officer and would be the [inaudible/incomprehensible] small technology company it doesn't seem that small, certain we are about half the size of san francisco but when we have these clerks of people comeling forth into that industry hundreds and hundreds of people are there and i don't know why they are there but after the -- [inaudible] yeah, we are being blockbusters but we have-newborn [inaudible] have been trying to lure other companies -- and oakland you can attract the berkeley base -- there. so there are a lot of people who
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want to live and work in the east and that is happening or and more. >> may be you are lucky you didn't get -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] i know i noticed. >> mayor lee for san francisco you can turn that question entirely on it's head so much of the city's prosperity has been from tech company leastings and hiring and there are signs that, that might be slowing in 2013 and 2014 at least from what it's been in the past and so does the city need a plan b for economic development or should they study issue those. >> i'll not depend upon one industry to solve all of our plummet tech growth is very visible and dominate right now and as i stated earlier, 1800 technology companies employ 42,000 people is huge but having
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said that there are other industry that is just as important to pay attention to our healthcare industry by-the-way, scene .7 billion industry today employees 400,000 people and it continues to glow and that is why to get the campus to be built at ucsc. general hospital, st. lukes mission bay, they are building and they will be finished in probably a year and-a-half and a couple of years and these are incredible anchors to the healthcare industry along with the what regents and others are doing in the pharmaceutical research and design areas and we are going in the healthcare pharmaceutical health design area very rapidly and the tourism these incredible international events that we host whether it's blue grass or america's cup or world series we
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are going to continue to try to get those huge hereto and the super bowl that is a bay area play poshly with the capping olympic and is the world soccer can possible be here as well and i'm trying to organize the first international pink pong tournament to come here and so hospital amount x healthcare industry and construction of course, is very strong and construction is very correct me if i'm wrong strong and clear tech and clean tech companies are growing again investors from other countries including china are suggesting that they would like to have their north america head quarters here in san francisco and we have five of the larger solar companies here and they are looking at mission bay and thes point to locate some bio-- some clean tech and
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biotech chem companies and inc., baiters that would start the same thing that we did in mission bay and by-the-way, we also have ideas to create mission bay too if you have not heard about it already to income and work on the foundation of the success of mission bay that is now filling out there rapidly as something that i do not want to put you on the spot about here, san francisco did for the america's cup, the clear message was city taxpayers are not going to get the guardianship and private is going to take care of all of the city's costs which are 30 million and change. it's [inaudible] isn't going to do the job fundraisers do their thing and -- [inaudible] [inaudible] and so if san francisco taxpayers do he wanted up getting suck with the bill for 15 million-dollar or more the intft so huge that -- [inaudible] .
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>> i still look at america's cup and i personally attended of the world series events this past summer they were incredential and the first introduction to the blend of new technology and the visualization of being able to see this race pack and other jurisdictions where they have actually had to take a vote out to see it on the shores of san francisco bay this is an incredible big change and so the mean please of it has been a little bit of a change chalg but now, that we have this behind us and we know what it is to really establish a good invitation tall of the visitors that want to come in and participate in this, we know how to do it better and it's not as big as it originally was. and because it was not, some of the things that were expenses of the city that created the 30 million-dollar are going to shining and they are trying to get the right numbers in while i try to raise the money and the
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capital raise moneyreach that gap and spesfy that it's still about a 20 million goal but we think that it's going to shining in the next few months and we are going to donate private moneys to conduct that and it's important for us to do that and that is why -- one s f was created to use upall that to create our nil droppic effort under a similar umbrella because as we succeed in this event and hosting others we are going to take care of expenses of a superbowl and other event that we can host in the future and we are organizing ourselves a little better to take on the obligations. >> mayor khan i have to put you on the spot a little bit too about crime and whether it's fair or unfair the reality or perception, crime if you talk to oakland residents and businesses and they think that a lot of
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issues #1 is big these days so what can you say to give oakland residents and businesses that the police force is going to get a handle on the situation in the near future. >> pat callahan the president of the city counsel is with us and it's probably been the most aimable and -- and civilized counsel meetings that i have seen in the bay area recently and i give a lot of criminality for that. and really, in oakland, have the highest concentration of poverty and we have been working really really hard on that and on jobs and partnering with large schools
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and city public schools are now the best improvement early school districts and over 50% of our schools now long way around -- [inaudible] fifty% of our schools now are above the state average and that was not true -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] the schools are always among the top ten in the state and but what you see is over 50% of the schools throughout the city are now above the state average and making some solid improvement and so that is good for the long term and if i can make sure that all parts of town kids graduate and have this opportunity, that is the good news for the long term and i spend a lot of time on it and why i'm trying to get 2,000 or 2,000 jobs for the 2,000 kids that apply for jobs throughout the summer but the city as i said, earlier we are taking a lot of our economic growth and we are having a
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maximum of -- [inaudible] that we can have so that the number it's may be up and quite frankly we need more police but it's not just the numbers and so, you have read about the transfers of the scene that experts have been bringing in that includes brat and the others because of the techniques in the past used and alongly and this has been approved and he is still the best expert in the country and communities think this is critical to inner cities but in oakland where there have been a history problems with the police department and having the community -- and trust -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] out of the cars and walking into communities and now, really, assigned by geographic areas where every neighborhood should
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-- know where the -- office are and have cell phone numbers and that is my goal by the end of the year and i can't bring down crime unless -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] and if you remember at the beginning of the year since he started the -- program and it's a program that was both police enforcement and community improving deputymary something that we have been working on and community church toss work with -- [inaudible] people reckless crime and what we see is -- [inaudible] mulletting ahead since the beginning of the year. but when i was a -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] so i want to think about minerals and stereo types and when i was a student my first year 20 year
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ago, the murder rate went up by one 80 and about 100 of them are now -- and they still different -- in the city and the last year, was the rate was higher than it was last year and so some of this is merge and some of it -- even one life is too much and so what we are tryingdo is make these top institutional changes that will turn arrest the issues of violence in the long term and so that is on the one hand having better and more application and second is [inaudible] who are most likely to do all of the crime i'll give you a sample. [inaudible] did a study of kids in consumers and disci% of those people were getting in trouble with the police and so it's not like something that you cannot handle and also trying to get 2,000
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mentors to do -- [inaudible] those are the kids that want to get job jobs this summer because we can change their live at that point so using our social services in a smarter way and even if you have just -- at the table if i think if i can get the violence flattened from the mayor and job platenned and i think if i can get 3,000 jobs this summer -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] because it is there are just too many dents in the stright streets of america and change the long term situation may hem mean time the police chief is doing an excellent job with the resource we have and we work constantly on the federal monitor and we are getting close to debating and finishing the -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] after ten years and i'm just
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very very much focused on organize the community and partnership with the police on a [inaudible/incomprehensible] level and that is long term change. >> okay i wish we had a lot more time and there is a lot of subject that is we didn't have a change chance too touch on today but i want to thank you both and it has been very informative for our audience and i wish you the best of luck in the upcoming year. >> okay i have a valentine's day gift for you -- okay.
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