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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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going to give you a concrete example of one of our member really stepping up to the plate and helping to create a stronger bay area. thank you so much. (applause) >> thank you, milicent. next we have nate blajarzek, co-founder of air b & b. >> it was november of this past year when super storm sandy hit new york. it was an unprecedented event for the region. and in the midst of this disaster, we were really inspired by something we saw within our own community on air b & b. users of the air b & b platform were updating their profiles to say if you're a new yorker and you need a place to stay tonight, i'll take you into my home, no money. and we started seeing this, and we were really inspired.
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and we asked ourselves, what can we do to promote this further? and so over the next couple days we sent e-mails to our community, encouraging others to open up their homes. and we fundamentally changed how our system worked. we did away with the concept of payments so people could open their homes for free. we did away with our service fees and we created a landing page to organize information and get the word out about what was available to those in need. and through those efforts, after several days, over 1400 homes were made available free of charge to the citizens of new york city. and looking back on that, we did a lot of good, but it also took a lot of work to organize. and i think if we had been a little bit more prepared, we could have done so much more. and, so, that's what today has been about, is starting a conversation with air b & b and the other members of the sharing economy about how can
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we do some proactive thinking about leveraging the greater community to help come together and be organized in a time of need. for air b & b, we've taken that functionally it that we developed for hurricane sandy and we made it such we can deploy it next time within 30 minutes, whether it be here in san francisco or anywhere else around the world, to rally, to rally support and provide services. and, so, in closing i just want to thank our city leaders, mayor lee, president chiu, the department of emergency management, the bay share and the sharing economy companies for getting this dialogue started so that we're ready when it's needed. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, nate. and thank you all for coming. this has been a great day today. we are going to get -- go back into our meeting and continue
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our dialogue, but mayor lee and president chiu and i believe nate and milicent also will be here to answer a few questions if you would like to. so, thank you all for coming. (applause)
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